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  1. Hillary and Trump

    I don't want this hag to win. I really, really dont. Media is ignoring the big wiki leaks revelation yesterday about Clinton, saudi, Isis connection. I fear we now need the FBI to come out with one more big revelation to take this thing over the edge and bring America back to the people. This is the only chance we'll have to hurt the establishment in any way, and it could slip away. Greatest candidate ever, most amazing campaign ever, and we could lose it. After a year or more, the hag can't win after all this time.
  2. Yeah this whole thing is sooo 10 years ago
  3. Here is a Documentary, showing how since 2004 an evil Conservative agenda has taken Canada over, destroying the country it once was, while continuing to oppress it's people more and more. Escape to Canada-
  4. Infringing on other people's free will- Prison Rape Information and stories of prison rape Video about Rodney Hulin This guy says it's not gay
  5. The Obama Deception

    The Obama Deception, Full Documentary-
  6. Convince me not to go out to nightclubs and sleep around

    Here's a more statistical chart, on the chances of getting an STD
  7. What films do you enjoy?

    Cannibal Holocaust, is probably the creepiest I have seen. House on the edge of the Park, is pretty messed up. The Last House on the Left, original 1972 version. Wes Craven and Sean Cunningham together. Blair Witch Project, is kinda creepy Hellraiser, is not bad Texas Chainsaw Massacre, especially the original is really good The original Friday the 13th is good. Friday the 13th part 4 is decent too. Some of these movies are on youtube in their full version. I could post some of them, but some are so creepy I am not sure if they are against TTB rules.
  8. What films do you enjoy?

    A Blaze of Glory
  9. What films do you enjoy?

    He went from being a Bitch to a Boss-
  10. What films do you enjoy?

    He has insane amounts of cash, he hasn't found a way to launder it yet, but it's not so delusional. Walter is extremely intelligent. It's like the next step. He may not reach his empire, or maybe he will. It seems the next logical step from where he is. He didn't start out wanting an empire. He started out wanting to pay for his cancer treatment, but hey, YOLO. I don't think you can say he is worse off than he was when he started. He worked at a car wash, and students from his school, would come into the car wash, laugh at him, and make him work for them. Total humiliation. To me that was the biggest tragedy.
  11. What films do you enjoy?

    I love Walter White. If he dies I'm going to be pissed right off. It would suck if Jesse died too. As much as he annoyed in me in the first few seasons, I think Jesse has really gotten his act together and gotten more serious about himself. I don't think of Breaking Bad as a tragedy, more like, Walter becoming what you always wanted to be, but were too scared to be. Or being what you always wanted your tv show heroes to be, but no one would make a hero like that.
  12. Child Slavery Protection & Rescue

    Today worldwide child sex slavery rings are running rampant. It seems the evil in this world are lusting after power and control over others at an unprecedented rate of escalation and aggression. The only balance is for good people to do what they can, every righteous action destroys a little bit of evil. One account is from the this Website, The Golden Rule Organization- Story about abused sisters. It makes Warren Jeffs look like an angel story on Oprah- I remember seeing on tv that when the sex slaves in some places reach a certain age, for the right price they can be killed during sex. One method was with a nail in the back of the head.
  13. Sex Crimes and the Vatican

    Celibacy doesn't seem natural to me.
  14. Sex Crimes and the Vatican

    Considering how much abuse has gone on in the churches of the religion of Christianity, it makes the whole organized religion seem creepy to me, and like it is organized in order to control people and hide the truth from them. It's no wonder this ended up happening. Huge Sex Abuse Scandals in religions and churches SEX CRIMES AND VATICAN-