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    Thanks Dainin _/\_

    thank you for bringing this to my attention. Is it possible to buy the DVD of this form anywhere?
  3. The Microcosmic Orbit

    @Rideforever The Mco is for refining qi you have accumulated, it is not for building qi. The admonition in most of the classic texts is, "trying to run the mco without qi is like putting a pot on fire without any water in ruin/burnout the pot." I'm paraphrasing but hopefully you get the idea. No water in the boiler, no steam in the pipes 😎 Best, Liam
  4. Hi Bruce,


    Do you still have the QInway Qigong DVD's for sale?


    I've wondered about this system for many years, as to whether it's simple qigong packaged as something more special or if it's the real deal. What is your view of the system?


    Kind regards,


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    2. bamboo


      Thank you for the warning,


      I am a Longmen pai practitioner since 2011 but before that when I was still searching for systems it was one that I kept harking back to. The price tag of $300 for the DVD always stopped me and I was suspicious about the qigong.


      What is your practice at the moment Bruce?


      Kind regards


    3. Bruce Qi

      Bruce Qi

      hey liam ,

      I am currently doing hunyuan , do you practice longmen with a teacher ? never really saw that system in terms of dvds etc


    4. bamboo


      Hi Bruce,


      I'm a student of Master Wang Liping.


      I tried the route of teachers and DVD's in the west but I didn't find what I was looking for - although I still use Dr Yang Jwing Ming's warm up exercises and Baduan Jin to get ready for a neidan practice session. 

  5. Ba Duan Jin by Yan Lei

    Hi Yuyu, I have trained with Shi Yan Lei at Shaolin temple UK. I have to say I'm not a fan of the Shaolin version of Baduan Jin/Eight pieces of brocade that he teaches. The benefits of Dr Yang Jwing Ming's ( Baduan Jin set far outweighed it - but that's just my opinion..
  6. Wang Liping's Mental Spheres

    I am no expert Mooninite but I don't believe they are the same. I don't know if you've ever seen the diagram of the 9 palaces according to Daoism but they are 9 chambers in the brain arrayed around the cerebral cortex I think. When I first started to practice Longmen pai I really wanted to learn the Bagua yi qiu practice - I would ask all the practitioners I met if they knew it and if they would teach me. Then finally I found someone who new it and would teach me - now I know it I never ever practice it. Strange!! We always want what we don't have then when we get it we don't even use it.
  7. Wang Liping's Mental Spheres

    The practice that the OP is referring to is the Bagua yi qiu/8 trigram mental sphere - it is not just mental construct. It is an actual exercises with regulated movements. The "Yi" is intention in this instance, and is so named because the intention is placed inside the ball made by the palms facing one another. It is quite rare for a practitioner to get these balls to appear - it is quite a high level phenomenon. Even though we cannot get the balls to appear the external movements still give rise to internal changes. One of the effects of this practice is working with the nine palaces in the head - besides the function of extracting the external organs and massaging them mentioned in the book. Best Liam
  8. Ming gong/Life force training - pertains to working with the lower field/xiatian and the body's jingqi. This type of training strengthens the root of your life and cultivates longevity. Examples of this within Longmen pai would be Basic sitting procedure, Pingheng gong/Equilibrium exercises and Ziran Huanqi fa/Natural energy exchange method (walking practice). Xing gong/Spirit or Essence training - pertains to working with either the third eye, upper field/shangtian or the mind. Examples of this within Longmen pai would be the golden flower practice/Taiyi Jinhua Zongzhi and Zhineng fa. Paraphrasing as I can't remember the exact original quote but there's a daoist saying that goes, "Cultivating only xing gong and you will be like a ghost inhabiting a corpse. Practicing only ming gong and you will be an idiot with a life as long as heaven and earth." It is therefor recommended to cultivate both together so as to avoid those two pitfalls. Otherwise you may end up with special abilities and brevity rather than longevity
  9. Sure you can do that Michael but it would be I'll advised. Master Wang explains that all practices related to the third eye and xing gong burn a lot of yuan qi - so if you don't have proper methods for refuelling then you are spending money from your bank account. Without a job, how are you going to deposit back in. That's why all the proper cultivation schools practice twin cultivation of essence and life force.
  10. Longmen pai is the main method for developing these abilities. It was Master Wang Liping that was heading up the group of 10 qigong master who were tasked by the Chinese government to run this national program to bring forth these latent abilities they refer to as exceptional human function (EHF) in the book. There is a brief description in the book of methods for developing the third eye - it is too Xing gong and not enough Ming gong focussed for most adults to be able to use it safely though. As master wang said, ' when the children sit they have no pain at all and their bodies are very comfortable.' When we all sit with master wang it is pretty painful so more ming gong practices are needed in order to have a good base from which to build on.
  11. Hi Synchronic, Nice to see you discovered the good stuff (white tea). Silver needle is my favourite tea also, I had to stop drinking it a few years ago though. I am a qigong/neigong practitioner and I noticed it has a pronounced cooling effect on the stomach and fact I would go so far as to say cold. This may not be a problem for you depending on your constitution and practices but just thought I would make you aware
  12. Favourite Staple Foods

    Sorry, I didn't mean to start a raw food war on the thread. I do not have green juice everyday but I do try to get in 3-4 a week - after consuming it my energy levels go through the roof and I feel like I could wrestle tigers
  13. Favourite Staple Foods

    Green juice!! Lemon ginger blast ala Lou Corona. This is probably the single best thing I consume in a day. Mine is comprised of cucumber, celery, spinach, apple, lemon and ginger. Nutritional powerhouse, hit's the stomach and goes straight into the blood with very little work on the part of the digestion. Green blood transfusion Whoops forgot this was meant to be "Staples". Well it's a staple for me
  14. Before meditation practices

    Nine tail, you need to stretch the body before meditation either using asanas or qigong warm up stretches. This will help to open the channels and increase circulation to unblock congestion. Meditation comes after asanas and pranayama/breathing practice in the limbs of Yoga don't forget. It's the same in qigong too.