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    I'm quite new to the forum, lately the Wu Wei Qigong system has caught my attention, (It has nothing to do with the Taoist Wu Wei) I have the DVDs of Master Georges Xu and German Master Emil Sandkuhl and apparently the system of Qigong Wuwei is the grandfather or father of the Falun Gong Buddhist Qigong system. The following is noted on Emil Sandkuhl's website: "Wu Wei Qigong is a traditional Qigong formed by Buddhism, consisting of 5 sets of exercises. The exercises are suitable for beginners and advanced students and cover almost all the important areas of Qigong with unusual range. "Thousand Arms of Buddha" returns the blocked energy to flow freely and opens the network of meridians. "Standing like a tree" raises the energy level in the body through four meditative standing positions. "Heaven, Earth & Man" connects people with the forces of the universe and the earth. "The great cosmic cycle" deepens the results of the first cycle and brings energetic freshness to each of the cells of the body. "Seated Mudra Meditation" deepens the ability to perceive energy and creates mental serenity" In the Falun Gong sites I have been able to rescue the following list of exercises: The first exercises, called "Buddha stretching a thousand arms", are intended to facilitate the free flow of energy through the body and open the meridians. The second exercise, "Falun Posture," involves holding four static postures, each of which resembles holding a wheel, for an extended period. The goal of this exercise is to "enhance wisdom, increase strength, raise a person's level, and strengthen divine powers." The third, "Penetrating Cosmic Extremes", involves three sets of movements, the objective of which is to allow the expulsion of bad energy (eg, pathogenic or black Qi) and the absorption of good energy in the body. Through the practice of this exercise, the practitioner aspires to cleanse and purify the body. The fourth exercise, "Falun Cosmic Orbit", seeks to circulate energy freely throughout the body. Unlike the first to fourth exercises, the fifth exercise is performed in the seated lotus position. Called "Strengthening the Supernatural Powers", it is a meditation intended to be maintained as long as possible. If any of you practice these Qigong systems, I would appreciate it if you could enrich this post. That was it, I open the discussion.