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  1. One of the nice side benefits one has when the kundalini matures in a being is that one loses all or most agendas or desires or need to make other people wrong, interfere in their lives, or create conflict. Some might say one loses the desire or motivation to engage in any behavoir which creates Separation over Oneness and Unity. The Prime Directive (wikipedia source) becomes very real. "In the universe of Star Trek, the Prime Directive, Starfleet's General Order number 1, is the most prominent guiding principle of the United Federation of Planets. The Prime Directive dictates that there can be no interference with the internal development of alien civilizations." Kundalini has definetly made me into a "stranger in a strange land". I love my planet but my sense of being a part of All That Is has become unshakeable. It creates a center of deep, internal peace. The Inner silence that comes in maturity is refreshing too. It causes an increased appreciation and tolerance for self and others no matter where we are in their stage of development. May the joy of Shakti grow.
  2. A short note: Since having been on and moderated kundalini forums since the mid 90s I have seen alot. Wanting to awaken kundalini for enlightenment purposes is ill advised. Enlightenment can happen to both non kundalite and the kundalite. It is not necessary. A caveat: anyone who say they are enlightened is probably not enlightened. No one who is while tell you they are. Why? Because it is not important. Kundalini activation to full mature kundalini development is only still the beginner's path. The real adventure begins after it has become mature. For some that development happens more early and for others it can take their whole lives to learn to dance with kundalini. The end result, IMO, is people learn to dance with the Tao with spontaniety rather than continue to live in a reactive state with Nature. Age is no guarantee of wisdom especially in Kundalini development. Unfortunately, people "believe" once it is awake they have arrived and can sit on the Couch of Enlightenment, put their feet up, and grab a beer and the remote. Maybe but most likely not but for a few minutes. People with mature development smile and laugh...a lot. They have no need to fix other people. Their inner light and development extends out beyond the central channel to beyond the barrier of the skin. They are filled with the kundalini down to their very cells and the spaces between their cells. They walk and talk different. You can feel them when they walk by or put their attention on you...if they want you too. Just from simple observation of people over the years I would say there is more awakening is happening of a spontaneous nature than I have seen before since the early 90s. Deep stress, whether it is positive or negative, can play a part in activation. Most people come to me not teach them how to awaken kundalini but to show them how to manage and enhance their relationship with kundalini and how it is changing their lives. Fun times. Smile, be happy, and keep your tongue up. Peace. Kundalini theme song
  3. Love to have you in KAP classes with us. No one pays for kundalini but there is payment for the instructors time and over 20 years of knowledge and training that each of the instructors have. You can't buy kundalini otherwise you could get it at the grocery store down the street. We come from various backgrounds since kundalini is a universal phenomonen that occurs in all major spiritual traditions world wide. You will find an eclectic course that combines chi gong, Sufi, Yogic, Bonpo, shaman, Native American, Indonesian, etc approaches. No one tradition has the corner on what's going down in Kundalini development. Kundalini arising depends totally on the student, listening to your instructors, and doing your homework that is assigned to you. If you want to do it on your own: Secret Smile and Microcosmic Orbit, 20 minutes two times a day. Keep your tongue up to the roof of your mouth behind the front teeth to connect the front and back main meridians. Most everyone forgets to tell people that in internal cultivation practices. ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS IN THE PRACTICE! It will hold back the chi sickness, headaches, mental illness, general weirdness, and such. And ALWAYS stay hydrated. Eventually, once you get past all the chi/prana manifestations you will be on your way. Takes anywhere from 3-6 months of diligent practice without an instructor and you must possess a fearless heart. It can be really rough on your psyche and your body if you do it alone. An instructor will help you get past the tough times of pathological chi/prana that can happen prior to k starting to awaken. They will help you with keeping it safe for you and your body. That is all. Hey and love to all my TTB friends. Back to deep lurk.
  4. Kundalini/chi Insomnia

    Probably too much adrenaline running through your system. Secret Smile, Microcosmic Orbit, tongue up to the roof of your mouth during practice. Also do some heavy body weight exercise to help burn it off for 20 minutes otherwise you can fry your endocrine system.
  5. Chi Kung practice

    Did you take KAP1? If you did, PM me and I will put you on the grads list that is on Facebook. There you can ask all the practice questions you want.
  6. Hi, I'm a christian and my Kundalini is awakening. Please Help :)

    This book was written by a Christian mystic who had a full blown kundalini dramatic awakening int he 1990s. Phillip is a great guy. You can come and tell your story on the Kundalini Support Network which I founded back in 2003 or something like that. Please realize we are a lot different than the Tao Bums list. Make sure you read the intro on the front page of the site first. Although I can't attend to eveybody personally and individually the list is full of Kundalini elders from many different traditions and backgrounds who will be helpful. The signal to noise ratio is very low and there is respect of all traditions. No azzholes allowed. "Come at me bro," is not appropriate. We have Tao Bums on the list too. The list is scholarly and supportive. It has a significant female membership and perspective which is a bit different than here. The KSN list is considered a virtual sanctuary and a temple. Any and all are welcome. "New members will be placed on moderated status until I am assured no spamming will take place. You must have a good sense of humor, be courteous, tolerant and a serious student of kundalini." What you say and are doing is normal for a lot of kundalites. it happens to many people going through the k process. Stop focusing on your own misery. That just makes it worse. It is the purpose of kundalini to make thing more apparent for clearing. "If you were an asshole before kundalini, afterwards you become wide and gaping." Dr. Glenn J. Morris There is much that can be done. Search the TaoBums for the Secret Smile and the Microscosmic Orbit. If you are not doing that you will be prolonging your misery. Start there as a basic. Then see what happens. Give it good effort over several months of consistent practice. Be well.
  7. outlets for kundalini energy

    Yes, kundalini is viewed by some as yang qi. Snowmonkey was recently writing about his view to me on this and on Bodri, whose view is somewhat one dimensional and according to his teacher, in error. Maybe he will share that view here. And yes, qigong will ignite Kundalini. KAP utilizes a lot qigong moves and principles. Also there is yoga and Bonpo Tantricism and other goodies we teach.
  8. outlets for kundalini energy

    Kurt originally wrote that FAQ in the late 90s and the last revision he made I think is in 2002. We know more now. Kundalini is definately energy as is qi. Kundalini is not just qi. Kundalini has intelligence, some even say it is Supreme Intelligence, Qi can be moved by the mind. Kundalini not much mind moveable. It is more of a negotiation. Resistance is futile. Depends on which cultural lens we are looking through is how some people define K.
  9. outlets for kundalini energy

    Old Green messaged me and asked if I would comment. I have been out and about, here and there, and don't come this way very much any more. I am pretty busy IRL. Of course this is all my opinion, based on real life experience, and working with hundreds of people since the mid 90s or so about kundalini. Most of this is empirical and proven to work in life and in my life. That means this sometimes will contradict written tradition. My basic premise about kundalini is it is normal. The body likes it and wants it to develop fully. It is not necessary to awaken but it is a great enhancement in life, like moving from a minivan to a starship on your path. The world is pretty comfortable with and has a lot to say about how to move through life in a minivan but not so much in a starship. You can just imagine all the differences, difficulties, and new awarenesses pouring in if some day you went from piloting a minivan and now you are the inexperienced rookie captain of your own starship. Minivan manuals are relatively easy to find and use. We usually pick those up from our families, our culture, and our spiritual tradition. We know in time which manual handed to us was really, poorly written and which manual we are grateful to have. Then a goodly portion of us get the manuals somewhere in the middle range of instructions. We find the same thing about starships but not too many of us find any manual in our families, culture, or spiritual traditions. It's there for some of the more fortunate but we rarely hear about those individuals because their life unfolds normally in a kundalini context. A lot of us end up writing our own manuals based on our own experiences and reading other manuals that have been written. Unfortunately, like a lot of things about life, you don't know you have been handed bad info until you have results that you don't desire or maybe even damage you. I often say people need to have intuition and training to choose a good teacher. Unfortunately, it is the good teacher who will train you to have the discerning intuition and those are hard to find. So must of us just blunder along until we learn enough or find the right people to show us who the good teachers are. To make this briefer, I go back to that Kundalini is normal and I want to stress the normalcy of the process. It is because it is unusual and people screw up is that it gets such a bad rap. If you go back to when you were going through puberty and how unbelievably alien that experience is for most people, the intensity of feelings and bodily changes, that is a reflection of what kundalini process is like. Doesn't make it abnormal, just another expression of who we are as we grow. I can see all human growth and development that we learn in psychology classes reflected in the Kundalini process. It is just at another more intense level but we were all kundalini babies and we all eventually become kundalini elders. The way the path unfolds is between you and Kundalini. I don't know if asking what is a good outlet is actually helpful. Any outlet is good. It doesn't really matter what you choose. Your personal, individual makeup will help drive that. "what do I want to be when I grow up?" is just as germane a question and exploration to a kundalite as it is to the minivan driver. What matters is are you at peace with yourself and the world? There are no judgments and there are no attachments to what you choose. Are you influenced by what you think other people will think or your morals or? It really does not matter what other people think of your choices. What makes you happy? Choose an outlet that makes you happy. Choose an outlet that you think best serves you and the world you live in. The outlets are as numerous as there are people. Consider the world may be best served if you just go to school or work in retail. Shine where you are at. In my personal world, when I am choosing something that is good for me then the Kundalini bubbles over with more bliss. So check within on your choices and see what happens to the quality of the energy as it moves through you. Blessings, Shaktimama
  10. wonderful to have you back around : )

  11. We all have issues-

    Hi Twinner, I only glanced thru the rest of the answers so I just wanted to share my POV. Some spiritual traditions and from my own personal experience speak of us having lived many, many lifetimes. I also have understanding there is more than one universe, more than one dimension, more than one space and time, more than one reality, more than one alternate reality. If I am pressed I would say there is an infinite number of these locations for us to have an experience. Now if we let this notion expand into eternity and that we are eternal beings this will show how many lives it is possible to experience up to this lifetime. Enlightenment is the beginning of an experiential understanding about this lifetime, not all of them. Not all beings have a remembrance or feeling of what it was when Consciousness first knew Itself. When one does this does not guarantee Enlightenement but comes a greater measure of self awareness. To give an idea of infinite worlds, look down at a nubby carpet. Count all the bumps of the material and then imagine each bump is a universe that contains worlds and living beings. Then realize that all those universes are contained in one plane. Then think about all the ways alternate realities can present themselves as I discussed above. To think one person can clear themselves of the negative energy accumulations, that which holds them back, is a bit...well....egoistic. One can clear a huge amount in a short amount of time it is true and one can die quickly without the proper support quickly because the body is accustomed to sharing it's space with the ego and all these other energies. It is not recommended. I would, based on a teacher of mine, offer that it takes two to three years of introspection, examination and clearing to get to a base line of understanding about Self and Other. In some of the more traditional process, maybe 15-20 years with a teacher if you are just using meditation and inquiry. Under all those layers of accumulated lifetimes is the True Self.(It is why when we look at people energetically they look muddy or shadowy.) The beings you are looking for will not feel the need to prove themselves as enlightened. It is not important and is a false thought form of the ego to prove oneself. And, you will have an understanding of their state when you walk into their Presence. If you can see auras, their auras tend to be gold or a brilliant yellowish white gold color. Like a halo but it surrounds their whole bodies. For those who really shine it is hard to look at them with your inner eyes. Auras don't lie so because it is an electromagnetic signature. So yes, that puts the Christ and the Buddha into that category. Desires and wants are of the ego. Becoming ego less is a process. I am personally aware of people who drop the ego and realize that death is just a leaving of this experience of living in the body vehicle on a planet. They realize : "Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity." Ecclesiaste 1:2 The newer translations of the Bible, vanity=meaningless. It's true. When people come to this realization that this is so they want to drop the body vehicle. Some do by killing the body, committing suicide after the realization. I totally understand that reasoning. When my ego was dying I was ready to go that moment. "Let me go. This is so silly. I will come back and make another body" was a thought process that was unfolding at that time and what I told my teacher. I had a person assigned to me to make sure that during this period I wouldn't do something along those lines. I did choose to stay and continue to release all these negative collections from lifetimes among lifetimes. Doing so reveals more and more of our True Essence within. We become more and more helpful in assisting others to gain liberation. Why do we have a body? To play here on this earth, to have an experience. To leave without fully understanding that is a negation of our purpose to be here, to gain liberation and become a play of Consciousness. This is why the good teachers laugh and smile all the time. This is why they treat themselves and others with kindness and compassion. Still learning, still evolving.
  12. So simple but yet one of the most powerful exercises there are for internal energy development. Dr. Morris told me once a Buddhist Monk said to him, "why are you teaching this process to beginners? We make them wait several years before we teach this."
  13. Is all of this really true about QiGong?

    It's true having witnessed, done, and felt it myself. Have used it against a charging attacker. Hint: you unearth them is one way. There are others. Check also in Indonesian martial art called Silat. Most martial arts that are energy based have this at the higher levels. This is not something that will be discussed on this board for it needs a person present to teach you. It is all based on your internal cultivation practice. It is not a magical superpower but it is hidden from the public for obvious reasons. Letting people think it is stupid is one way it is hidden. If you want training, PM Vajrasattva (Santiago Dobles),who is a member here but rarely is on the board anymore. Be prepared to spend an incredible amount of time in training, training fees, and to show yourself of good character before those things are taught. If you have poor to average chi skills it's going to take you a loooooong time to pick this up.
  14. Shaking can lead to inner stillness. Shake your heart out and then be still. Inner stillness can lead to shaking. Quiet your mind and let your energy arise. Not talking about any particular branded experience. I learned how to do it on my own before being exposed to yoga or qigong. It's all natural. Something to explore. Just speaking from experience.
  15. We have produced quite a number of informal, informational videos lacking in dogma. Here they are all in one place. Enjoy.