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  1. Commanding the Mind

    I would agree with the second part that reasoning is a major spiritual discipline neglected by most. The New Agey types tend to see "all as One" except the cerebral cortex.
  2. Does Weightlifting Open Chi Channel?

    Protein's good. As for smaller muscles like biceps, forget the 1980s. You don't need an exercise for each body part. Our body parts are designed to work together as a unit. Go find a 200 pound rock and deadlift it. You'll gain new insight on how the muscles work as an integrated chain. Or, put 85% of what you can squat for 5 reps on the bar and knock out at least 20 reps. Even your face muscles will get stronger. You'll learn about jing and how willpower comes from your kidneys, too. You'll learn so much about your body and mind....
  3. Does Weightlifting Open Chi Channel?

    Just my experiences and observations: I bench, dead, squat, and sometimes lift stones. When I do those things my energy flows a lot stronger, I get more grounded, I get healthier on all levels, more emotionally centered, smarter, and I find I can apply my spiritual growth better to mundane matters. None of this is new. Before weights were manufactured people used stones and twisted tree branches. All the cultures did this. Jesus and Joseph were carpenters/masons as was Noah. Hard work ("kung fu" in Chinese) has a long history of bring cross-culturally associated with energy flow and wisdom in general. The naysayers tend to be weak.
  4. This is QiGong, right?

    So many options here. Here's only a couple. 1. Why does Kyle need to be there? Think on that... 2. Narrow camera angle allows him to watch (which he does) across the field and as the wind approaches he can begin moving his arms, timing it to demonstrate "powers'. There are even more options.
  5. Tolerance, Apathy and the Fall of Civilizations

    Too many people have a limited view of compassion. Compassion for a group can include taking a person out of the group.
  6. Why is enlightenment a mystery?

    I'm just going to put it out there. Some of you accuse people of not sounding peaceful simply because you don't like the way they deliver concepts. To a calm person sitting back reading these posts, it seems like the accusers aren't peaceful. I see this a lot on Daily Bums. Honestly, a person who feels he or she can confidently post their opinions as they are, is the one who seems at peace. Just my observation.
  7. Zhan Zhuang - Leg/Low back meridians - advice

    That's why we feel charged up after it rains.
  8. Is it the duty of a Taoist to protect Nature?

    None of those things separates us from nature. Its just humans making stuff that works for them at the expense of others. All other species do it too, we just don't notice it when it's on a smaller scale. When it's on a larger scale we do notice it. Elephants have been a serious problem for African forests and beavers will dam up the circulation of entire ecosystems completely displacing the species around them. Having a cerebral cortex and opposable thumbs just lets us do it bigger, but it's still nature. Theres no inherent morality in nature.
  9. Why are we afraid to die if it's inevitable?

    There's your problem.
  10. Why are we afraid to die if it's inevitable?

    Yeah, things don't exist in the sense they aren't permanent. If you misunderstand that you get hit with a stick or kicked. Do roshis still do that?
  11. Fasting

    Follow the flow of the land downhill and everything you need will appear naturally. Now, knowing what you need is the training part...
  12. Going Vipassana

    Congrats! I've noticed all truly awakened people do Vipassana. They either do it formally or informally all day long. Its good you are learning this. My advice is don't get caught up in all the Ascended Spiritual Masters who attend these things. They are experts at appearances only. Approach things like a mechanic. Focus on what makes the process work, the bare essentials. Otherwise you'll be convinced by these people that you need to attach 90 other BS lifestyle thingamajigs to make it work. Just learn Vipassana and why it works.
  13. Fasting

    Trusting God, abiding in the present and doing whatever works, Zhan Zhuang held in deep horse stance, seated meditation with total concentration on LDT, no grains diet, tracking and survival for days/weeks in various wilderness. That's about it formally, but those produce lots of other spontaneous spin-off stuff.
  14. Is rigpa really that simple?

    Here's a notion to play with... What if EVERYTHING is impermanent? What if rather than grasping onto awakening, we recognize all things come and go? Instead we can abide calmly and faithfully in the reality that the conditions which produced our awakening will naturally arise again.
  15. Why are we afraid to die if it's inevitable?

    I believe the quest for immortality is set in our hearts. But our bodies lie to us about what that means. The result is a huge cosmetics industry and lots of rich funeral directors.