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  1. What are you watching on Youtube?

    these dudes jam
  2. Movement Arts That Are Non-Martial

    martial or non martial, good forms have good structure, its all in application and intent
  3. People should just stop using the word democracy, because nearly every time its used, its misused. A taoist would understand that an entrenched, unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy that can utilize the state's services to further their own whims and goals is a threat to ANY form of governing....unless of course you're shooting to have the government and security services from V for Vendetta, aka where the deep state traitor network was taking the planet...
  4. Qi/Energy Practice Over Years

    "You assume there is loss through movement, yet this is only because nothing is gained in stillness" As anyone who has actually attained real samhadi knows, your focus is either maintained, or byebye samhadi. Deep emptiness is most certainly quite full - but there's a significant difference between the words 'void' and 'oblivion'
  5. Yijing for meditation

    hehe, for the pre heaven bagua, you can think something like sfq's merging of yin and yang inside of me framework there yijing is an alchemy codex of sorts, but one needs a foundation (i.e. flux in energy centers) in order to execute its patterns - the huo hou tu depicts it pretty well.
  6. Yijing for meditation

    am I seriously the only person in the entire world that treats 'em as direct expressions
  7. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    I hope Yoda's path is flourishing no matter where he is, even if he's still doing what we may consider to be funny ornamental daoistey stuff. Its not exactly out of the question that one's master would advise against the shit shows that forums often wind up being.
  8. very advanced energy practice

  9. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    why ya hatin' on the luchador masks simply put, he just chooses to keep his face hidden. dont give away your energy he's like 56, absolutely shredded, powerlifts, can put his legs into lotus without using his hands, does splits up against the wall, he's got like f'n 37 inch quads. eats once a day. the dude is no joke, and I'm just calling balls & strikes. AND he is the *only* person to have understood my 3dantiens mco writeup without my having to explain it to him (the first one that was so oversimplified 'nobody' understood it, lol) now perhaps the thread slide here should stop, because lone man pai is off topic in this thread. folks can go gripe in drew's thread if they want to keep griping, and to what end, someone wants answers that they dont want to go look up or something, acting like a poor student and demanding answers of others. in the olden days, your master would beat you for doing shit like that.
  10. Why LonemanPai is just another fake alchemy website

    as if our brotha hasnt written about his past, as if its not there for the reading, if one chooses to go read....nope, more ignorant bitching. I like the quiet hope you are well homes I wonder what those daoist masters would say of certain peoples postings in these couple threads
  11. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    Regardless of what people's opinions are about the guy, it is a fact that when our dear ol pal Yoda got the visitors he kept wishing for and they would not stop bothering his entire family and would not go away when asked, Mak Tin Si's efforts saw Yoda's family have some peace from the now-unwanted visitors. I'm not saying it was strong enough to turn goat piss into gasoline, but the fu's and such worked in an actual we-know-this-guy case. Proof be in puddin' *shrugs*
  12. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    Who are you and what's your agenda? My first guess would be you are but one of the many sotg has turned away, and thus you now have an agenda against him. You're grapsing whatever you can to throw at a wall and you know nothing about what you're speaking of, you've conflated a handful of groups in the process, and you appear to just be a jilted non-student with a chip on his shoulder. Sotg isnt a daoist master, so why it is that you're talking shit about him for not doing daoist-ey things is idiotic. Its not "valid taoist training" because its not daoist training (its more like a toolkit of the gods, as it were,) and timing was perhaps the main reason he called it lone man pai - it was just after the "western mo pai" group had been jumping the shark for years here trying to say they were training mo pai with half baked scraplets and not only with zero blessing from the lineage, its elders, masters, and spirits thereof - but with their explicit rejection. Those guys had a forum, and when they let it lapse, sotg swiped the forum name and began teaching his own stuff there, and it has since moved on to other forums. You can maybe complain about perhaps glomming some traffic but beyond that you are off in left field. Your daoism, pai gripes are entirely inapplicable and are just you ignorantly bitching. Look, there's no such thing as spiritual welfare (sorry socialists, leftists, progressives) so you either put in da time or you dont get da shine. One has to have methods that work if one has made some decent levels of achievement. One isnt going to make attainment practicing garbage or a mishmash of shit. Is that an agreeable angle? I trained with sotg for like 4 or 5 years and served as a sort of forum elder there, helping train people - partly because when he showed up here and I interacted with him and got to know him, he's a good guy with a good heart - and that's why he didnt charge anything for a long long time, living pretty barebones the entire time. His practices are indeed super strong, which was partly why my breathwork material is included with all of his material, with my explicit permission. I believed in his effort and it was my little part to help keep a focus on grounding and energy balance, it was all time well spent. There were times he would do transmissions, and sometimes they were an entire weekend, nonstop. At minimum an order of magnitude stronger than the other ~5 I have met and received various transmissions from in my lifetime. (And that includes a similar amount of time training Max's stuff and training with him in person numerous times. Now perhaps I "never experienced his full power" or something, but offense brotha Max, wasnt even close.) Those weekend ones were so intense, at times it would almost be debilitating, like I had a 4 trillion candlepower lighthouse in the middle of my head, coming out of my eye sockets, my nose, the sutures in my cranium - he didnt even have to say when the transmission started, there was no mistaking it - and it lasted as long as the transmission lasted. So I dont know what your problem is bub, but here's someone with knowledge and experience in these matters to say that you are talking completely out of your ass. The 3 most likely places you come from are -rejected student, -"western mo pai," or one of Drew's students, since Drew rarely misses an opportunity to write 10,000 words and shit on anyone who thinks anything less than eternal celibacy is the one and only path to anything whatsoever. Originally the discussions about Drew were merely discussions about the celibacy angle, until "Drew heard we were talking about him" and thus developed a chip on his shoulder, as evidenced by his screeds in that other thread. Garbage shitposting like beachbum's (and drew's for that matter) reflect far more on beachbum than anyone else. This is not even on topic for this thread, which is Longmen Pai. That you cant even get this simple thing straight and just have to keep shitposting numerous times and slandering someone's name who absolutely does not deserve it - someone has to call this bullshit out.
  13. interrupted meditation session

    Its even more simple than that. As soon as you notice that you arent meditating/performing breathwork, STOP and IMMEDIATELY return to protocol. Forget about whatever the hell it even was that you were about to muse about, it doesnt matter. You dont even need to tell it to fuck off. You dont need to try and create a 180 out of phase waveform for every waveform going on in your bodymind - just unplug as many portions as you can without harming yourself! (=Turn the volume knob down until it is in the 0 position! This is exactly what you're doing for breathwork on all nonessential body parts. Extend that to mind! The refocus is proprioception!) Thoughts really arent going to stop until the neural conditioning is achieved, it is that simple. If you "let thoughts be" and let them exist and do their thing until their energy naturally wanes, then you really are doing little towards actually attacking the root cause of the problem you are trying to solve. You are not refocusing the base energy, you are not resolving the energy remainder and absorbing it into a more efficient process-paradigm, you are just letting the pattern continue as it may. In order to achieve the neural conditioning, repeat breath protocol, regulate until auto-regulation is achieved = "real" regulation, where the subconscious has been properly programmed. Then "real" "meditation" happens every single session. Keep it that simple, sustain the efforts - and it is impossible to fail.
  14. General theory of relativity a pseudoscience?

    Remember when I said GR was an approximation? So is the Pythagorean Theorem. Just like Newtonian Mechanics will give classically correct answers, its the same sort of thing here - what you're doing is no different than saying we have no reason to believe that Newton was incorrect at all, before the later things were "discovered." Its pretty easy to set up a spring with a release mechanism that shoots a small steel ball, set it at an angle, calculate, and then go put a piece of paper on the floor and hit it. Much harder to set up a .50 and go place a tarp somewhere and hit it. Now scale to relativistic speeds, and the classical equations simply go to shit, you cant even use them. Analogous, and a bit more abstract with the PT. If you want to get into the timestuff, check out electrical-isms whereby issues with large scale transmission lines were only resolved by complex math and maybe that'll give you something a little more concrete.