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  1. Peace and Contentment! Or else!

  2. Hey SB,

    Did you get to read the Salim Michael book? What do you think?


  3. I love Epictetus and the Stoics! Spiritual brother, no doubt!

  4. Hey KC,

    Good place for you to hang out, there are some recovery folks here. You can look up past threads on 12-step topics.

    Can I ask what your D.o.C is and if you're still active in your addiction?


  5. Hey, Trogdorf...thanks for the lead on the Kabbalah!

  6. Go into your profile and edit your avatar. Play around with the numbers, and make the width greater than the height. Say, width 125 and height 100 for starters, and fine tune from there.

  7. Hey, happy Big Birthday!

  8. Keep on keepin' on, ralis!!

  9. Leon, you handsome devil, you can re-size your avatar so it doesn't look compressed on your posts. Keep the writing flowing!

  10. No, I wish I could play guitar like that guy.

  11. Hey, why are you so quiet grasshopper?

  12. You're asking ME what's real? Well, there's this thing called dependent origination, see...and...

  13. Love ya, dude! Just keepin' it real...

  14. Why all the ranting about 'Liberals'?

  15. I'm a have a great website, too!

  16. Hohoho, [email protected]!! woopeee!!!! XianTian rules!!!!

  17. Hey Marble! Keep up the good stuff-more Nietzsche!