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  1. very good topic! as for me, nothing sensational, but a little personal: My father's name was Leopold. He often said that he didn't like his name. Our relationships were quite difficult,conflicting since childhood, we have never really communicated. For him, the past of the family, the roots were important, for me not at all, I had the desire to cut off all that rubbish and family was nothing for me. He died a few years ago. I realized only recently (I shut off the details)that my dad was really part of my life, and that roots should be taken in consideration to understand at least part of what we are. So because I can finally say that I love him although he is not physically there to hear what I say, I choose this screenname as a tribute: I like very much his name, I am proud to be his son, and I hope he can benefit from my cultivation where he is even if it is shallow. The avatar is too well known here, so I don't have to explain. L.
  2. How true! Thanks TheSongofDistantEarth Cultivation is real and tough work and not endless search of blissful states that give satisfaction to one or a few of the selves that build the anamorphous crowd of what we are in the hypnotized state: only mechanical beings. Take care, L.
  3. Hi dmattwads First, change a little your location when you practice (1 or 2 yards/meters away from the spot you practice)- It may be that you stand in a place where there is geopathic stress. Also,ime practicing outdoors really makes a difference Second,I don't know how much time you spent practicing the first position ( what Lam Kam Chuen names Wuji position with arms hanging on sides) but, if I were you, I would just begin anew with this posture until you reach 20 mn a day without doing any energy manipulation- just gently focusing on lower dan tian on each inspiration/expiration without involving sole breathing. LKC insists in his books that this posture is really important whatever level of practice you may reach there after. When you have practiced wuji posture 20 mn a day for two or three weeks, you may do the third posture in Lam Kam Chuen's Way of energy with hands in front of lower dan tien and built until you progressively, and gently reach 20 mn a day- again without any energy circulation exercise- just gently placing your attention on lower dan tian. And then you may go for the second posture( holding the ball in front of solar plexus) I don't advise selecting a different posture on different days before having worked consistently with each of them nor adding some concentrations or energy circulation exercise unless you are explicitly following a method that recommend that. If you are following such a method (I mean different from LKC ), you may just follow the directions in the way it is presented without adding or changing anything.Particularly, I wouldn't mix zz with chakras concerns etc...Otherwise you may disturb your energetic system and face some troubles. I am advising you all this this because: - this is what I have done myself without any trouble. - this is what I advised one person who had some trouble (feeling tired etc..) after the practice. When she began anew in a very progressive way, she stopped experiencing this troubles and found the practice beneficial. If you choose to do that, let us know how it goes! Thanks Leo
  4. Hi dmattwads, Do you practice daily? for what duration? Do you find it difficult? Do you feel tensed during the zz? Do you do it always in the very same spot/place? Are you just standing or do you add some special concentrations? What do you mean by "feeling odd"? Leo
  5. Video Gaming

    Hi Stigweard, I agree with you, and would just add that generally speaking the same observation could be made after a period of prolonged computer using; let alone the digital distraction that results from all the electronic devices (mobiles etc).
  6. Ejaculation control for "everyone"

    Hi pappamolla, Let me rephrase what I have understood: You like very much sex but according to your experience ejaculating too much caused you some problems. You don't want to learn and practice anything else than retention (no meditation, no others preparatory practices). I have some questions: When some people here tell you that it may cause you some major problems if you practice retention; are you feeling disappointed and angry because you are hoping that practicing retention only could be enough to solve your problem and you don't want this hope being destroyed? If yes, can you tell me more about the negative feelings you have towards the idea of having to practice meditation/other things than retention? Is it that you are afraid that having to practice something else than retention might turn you away from your immediate goal? Or is it that you are afraid that some relatives might ask you questions if they see you practicing some meditation etc? Leopoldson
  7. YMAA qigong material

    Hi Hundun,TzuJanLi, Thanks a lot for putting in some perspective Dr Yang's material and teaching. It helps a lot. Blessings to you friends, Leo
  8. Hi relaxer I have not practiced EB yet so I cannot compare.I practice MCO and after that sitting in mindfulness..it is a time when all previous activities,energies merge,settle and nourish my mindfulness so that sometimes there is only mindfulness In my experience my meditation is more profound after jing/qi cultivation. All the best, Leo
  9. Hi Ben, In my understanding,it has to do with cultivation: jing->Qi->Shen Of course, standing, moving, sitting, all work on the three levels, but is is a matter of proportion. By comparison, it seems that standing cultivate more jing, because it involves the legs. When you sit,your body structure is quite at rest: by crossing the legs, you redirect energy towards the torso,and can naturally stimulate circulation in Ren and Du channels (Xiao Zhou Tian) and concentrate on nourishing Shen by refinement after having stimulated the Jing, cultivated the Qi. You collect the fruits of your work in sitting. My 2 cents Leopoldson
  10. Yes! A great spiritual treasure indeed! Thanks!

  11. I love Epictetus and the Stoics! Spiritual brother, no doubt!

  12. Yes, exactly! That's the very reason I was driven towards oriental teachings, they are most of time 100% practical!
  13. YMAA qigong material

    If it makes sense to have a regret about something in my life, it would to be this: not being a real martial artist. I find Dr Yang's project very very beautiful. Have you seen his interview? I have respect for this:_/\_ youtube version+ text version -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5RRccIaE_U -http://ezine.kungfumagazine.com/magazine/article.php?article=887 Leo
  14. Hi Edward, I am just fine with your preaching, I understand what you are saying. That sounds good. Hi dmattwads, Yes, that's it, the body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. Too bad this aspect is mainly an intellectual statement in mainstream christianity! Leopoldson
  15. YMAA qigong material

    Hi dmattwads, Thanks for your review of the Five animals play! This is very interesting. Well, at some point, one has to choose what to practice, because, days have only 24h . Leo