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  1. I dunno, you might just be a fool...
  2. Greetings, I deeply feel and appreciate your integrity... Songs
  3. Desire for a different reality? Why do you think God invented drugs?
  4. Quoting Ayn Rand? Uh-oh...
  5. It's called Seminifeor, known as 'Satan's Testicle' (also 'Beelzebub' Left Nut'), and is thought to bring dismal fortune to the bearer. I recommend you chuck it into the Thames at the stroke of midnight on a moonless night, facing away, over your shoulder, whilst whistling 'Danny Boy', lest your best days slip away under a funk of funkeddy-funk-funk-funk.
  6. Gives me da chills. Can you repeat the effect on another day, same place and time, etc.,? If so, proceed to run screaming from your shadow...oops...on second (Cat head bumps don't count for anything, sorry).
  7. Cut down on the noodles?
  8. What is your source for learning the Swimming Dragon?
  9. It's a common delusion that the money trip is the thing keeping you from spiritual progress...
  10. um, you forgot about 'chem trails'... .
  11. "freewheelin conference room' indeed...! I don't think actually sounds too open-minded and 'liberal'
  12. PEA will mess up your chi and shoot your blood pressure through the left alone...
  13. yep, definitely what was so hard about that?
  14. Yes, New Age guys say that too...
  15. All the things the 'New Age Girl' says are not bullshit, just having a valleygirl say them in an exaggerated way makes them sound stupid. She easily could have said in her Cali girl schtick: "Oh, I can feel my own chi!!" "I'm in harmony with the Tao...", "Qi Gong is sooo cool!", etc., making anything but a materialistic viewpoint sound stupid and New Agey. I didn't really find them funny, the humor and portrayal was too broad and meant to evoke a response.