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  1. Heres a cool explanation Michael blogged about earth chi as seen from the stillness movement perspective:
  2. Takaaki's "American Taoism"

    worth repeating
  3. Very Cool Seeker! Glad you were able to help that lady as well as your dog, IMO this is true power, the ability to ease/eliminate someone's suffering right when it happens, what could be a better deed. Speaking of easing one's pain, last night I was at a Holiday Party with the family and my Grandma who has arthritis in her right shoulder started feeling a lot of pain there. Right before we started to eat dinner, her shoulder began to act up like it has in the past and give her much pain if she moved it. So I offered my assistance with a short qigong treatment. As soon as I pulled out a big bulk of sick qi, I noticed that her face just relaxed and she let out a big sigh. Halfway through she said she could already tell a difference and after I was done with the session she said that no more pain bothering her. The ability to help in this manner is truly an amazing feeling. Did I completely treat her long term arthritis, probably not, did I give her relief and allow her to enjoy our family dinner without uncomfortable pain, Shoot ya I did! The world needs more people with these kind of skills, if you feel the calling to help people in this way I wouldn't hesitate to seek out a good Medical QIgong Program, whether that means Qigong healing from the Stillness Movement System or some other system depends on what speaks to you. If the interest is there though I say go for it, theres nothing as awesome a feeling as knowing you truly made a difference in another's life.
  4. "Spirit" - what is it?

    I think one could talk about the concept of spirit for hundreds of years, coming up with different interesting theories or ways of describing it, yet only ever talking "around" it, never truly saying what it is. Oh wait, this is what most of our human history has been . I think something as infinitely complex, yet so simple as "Spirit" can never truly be described by words alone, it is something best experienced and left up to the individual to determine the meaning behind the word. just my two cents.
  5. Happens to me every time lol
  6. Another interesting Case Study: Recently attempted my first try at a distance healing. Distance treatment is a technique within SM Medical Qigong that Michael teaches as a student reaches appropriate development in their practice. Anyways, I received a call from my Mom about her friend who was going through tremendous pain. She apparently had a lot of hip and lower back pain. She had been on heavy doses of pain meds for over a year trying to ease the issue. However being a nurse, it was against the rules to be using so much pain meds so she was forced to quit. The result was a return of the horrible pain as well as very bad withdrawal symptoms from the sudden lack of medication. So with my work cut out for me, I attempted to give it a try and do my best to help make a difference in her condition. I began the treatment and did it for as long as I felt seemed necessary. From my end of things it was an interesting experience, I truly felt like I connected with her energy while treating her. After the treatment I made a prayer for the will of the Light to be done and hoped it made a difference. BTW I never told her when or if I was going to do a treatment, I just did it. The next morning the email I got was no short of amazing. Heres a quote from what she said," I woke up feeling great. No pain. Not a trace of withdrawal. Unbelievable. "Thank you" doesn't even begin to say what I feel." This shows not only shows the unbelievable efficiency of this type of healing, but how it doesn't matter if the patient knows when it is going on so there is absolutely no placebo effect going on here.
  7. Neigong at the Beach!

    Wow...sounds like this sure was an amazing workshop! Truly wish I could have been there with everyone . I actually tuned into the energetics of the workshop during the weekend and WOW was it powerful. My regular SM qigong practice felt many times more vibrant and all weekend I felt a strong sense of timelessness. In fact during the weekend one night I actually attended a dream SM workshop where Ya Mu actually projected to me and I awoke feeling extra wonder if the dream attendees I met corresponded to the actual attendees last weekend . Kinda goes to show even if you can't physical make it to a workshop, there no reason you still can show up in spirit
  8. Hi everyone, I will be attending the Finland workshop and am greatly looking forward to it! I will be landing in Helsinki on tuesday morning and plan on exploring helsinki until friday when I will head for Billnas. I am writing to ask if anyone has a similar schedule if they would be interested in rooming together a few days before the workshop in Helsinki?
  9. I'll post a recent healing I did for my dad. A few days ago my father woke up with what he described as a super leg cramp in his right leg with intense soreness going from the knee down. My father had neuropathy affecting this leg a few years ago, however sometimes his leg still acts up. So I projected and pulled energy directly to spots of soreness as well as projected and pulled from the K1 point at the bottom of the foot. Afterwards my dad commented that he felt "something" be displaced or moved during the treatment. The next day my dad's leg greatly improved, and then today (two days after the treatment) my dad says that his leg is just about 100% back to normal.
  10. Living in the states I don't exactly know how it works, but it seems to me that anywhere in Europe is fairly easy access to eachother. Since you live in the UK I would definitely at least look into making the upcoming Finland workshop. The last UK workshop got canceled and who knows when Michael will get a chance to teach in your area again. Since you feel a strong connection to the practice, if I were you I would probably snag the Finland trip while its available even if it costs a bit more travel expense. If you think about, its pretty fortunate someone like Michael is willing to come to out to Europe and teach relatively near you, when Michael was learning he had to travel to China each time he wanted to delve deeper into Stillness Movement. Thats just my two cents. Best of luck -SB
  11. Hey Dreaming Light, Its sounds like Stillness Movement may be the practice for you. Thats awesome to hear that your already receiving so much benefit from the practice! As a practitioner of Stillness Movement myself I'de just like to recommend if you have time trying out Michael's Gift of the Tao 1 DVD, it truly compliments the practice and IMO is one of the most powerful movement systems out there. Also if you can make it, I would definitely look into trying to attend one of Michael's upcoming workshops he's doing. Once you receive the energy projection from Michael tuning you into the lineage, the practice truly takes on a whole new level. I think for this particular type of qigong, the projection is necessary to truly receive the full benefit of the practice. With that said though if all your currently interested in is personal development than one workshop is all you potentially ever have to attend, the projection you'll receive will last the rest of your life assuming you continue with the practice. If your interested in learning to heal others and going through his certificate program is when you will have to attend more to learn the techniques and get the hours for the certificate. In any event it sounds like your doing great and I wish you the best of luck with your practice.
  12. Neigong at the Beach!

    Hi Billb, I'de definitely recommend checking out the first Gift of the Tao DVD. Thats what I did before my first workshop, I got Gift of the Tao one and did my best to learn the moves from the DVD. I simply went through 3 moves a day and after about a week already had them all down for the most part. Even before I attended my first workshop I could feel the strong effects of this movement system. However its a really cool thing to compare and contrast how the moves feel before the workshop to how the feel during and after attending your first workshop, you may be surprised how big of a difference it will be.
  13. Hi Sinansence, I am in a similar situation to you and would be happy to tell you my loose plans for the future. I am currently an undergraduate student studying for a degree in Cognitive Science, which is similar to psychology but more emphasis on studying consciousness, perception and brain functions. I have also attended several of Yamu's Stillness-Movement workshops with the intention of completing his medical qigong certificate program. I know in my heart that I want spend my life helping others and follow the path of the healer. I also know that whatever I choose to do in life, qigong and energy healing will always play a big part in it. So like you, I have asked myself what is the best path to follow to pursue these goals in mind: I have considered Med School, however IMO western medicine is so out of whack at the moment, with doctors proscribing toxic pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer...I don't think I could push myself through medical school having to learn so many things I disagree with. However of course western medicine has its uses for example in stabilizing people after carwrecks, heartattacks, strokes, and other emergency situations. Western medicine simply isn't the path for me, though for many it may be the perfect option for others to pursue. I have also considered what Michael has also suggested in the past, getting a massage degree to ensure body touch is legal, allowing one to practice Taoist Medicine and Medical qigong without the legal issues. This would be fine, I could actually achieve this as soon as I graduate from my University as it has a massage program which I am planning on completing. However I feel that, being so young I mine as well get more education, plus I don't know if people would take a 22 year with only a massage degree that seriously So lately I have been seriously considering going to a graduate school in Chinese Medicine, however instead of TCM, I am looking into CCM, Classical Chinese Medicine. I found a school thats focuses on CCM My link, meaning that they try to teach Chinese Medicine as it was taught before the western industrialization of chinese culture and medicine. CCM has more emphasis on energetics, studying the classics, and they even talk about master student lineage transmissions. With this kind of degree I can open up a practice and be free to use the full scope of what Chinese Medicine has to offer: Acupuncture, herbs, medical qigong; but my practice will be heavy on the energetics. This is just as of now my current plan, however I may always change my mind and choose to pursue something different. All I know is that medical qigong will play a role in whatever I choose to do in my life. I hope my thoughts on this have been of use to you. In the end I've found to not try overly hard thinking about the future, just go with what feels right in life and things will work out.
  14. That'd be awesome, would love to go. If its planned for Veternan's day weekend like last time then I can probably make it
  15. I suppose if you define enlightenment as awakening to your higher-level self then enlightenment is just the beginning, not an end. But of course your right in that countless people view enlightenment as the finish line of reality.