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  1. No problem, glad to help :)

  2. No problem, glad to help :)

  3. Hey, Trogdorf...thanks for the lead on the Kabbalah!

  4. A Gift

    What is true love? Do people even know what it means to truly love one another? How can one get the help of the sages? Can it be done without a proper understanding of where one stands in relation to true spirituality? What is spirituality? What is the meaning of life?? There are so many people interested in spirituality today because people want to leave their old ego centered ways and venture into a more wholesome state. They know that it exist, they just don't know how to get there. There are some people out there who think they have spiritual attainment, but they never talk with any absolute certainty about it. They may talk about how to have a better life, this and that, but rarely do they talk about life's inner meaning... I tell you now that there is a method sent down from the highest order of the spiritual worlds to correct man and bring him to adhesion with the upper force, which is true love! This ancient wisdom is called Kabbalah! I feel myself as very fortunate to have come across a free course in the wisdom of Kabbalah given by the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Learning Center. There is a free course coming up in January and I would love for you to check it out. You can at least give it a go and see if your heart agrees or not. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain! Matt.
  5. Dr Liu's Dragon Gate Qigong Techniques Here

    I get a very dodgy feeling from that website haha!
  6. Hubble Telescope Photos

    Cool, I've never seen anything like that before.. Did they say what it is?
  7. Robert Thurman on The Dalai Lama

    Thanks dwai, I hope change will not be too dramatic.. It might have to be idk, maybe it already is.. The Dali Lama is right in his ways. We must try our best, be strong, be patient..
  8. Wassup folks!

    Hey S.O.N, I had a similar begining.. Peace.
  9. Tao Bums's emotional vampires

    There is a book on it, well there you go! It would be interesting to understand the psychology of it from a Vampires perspective, very interesting.. I have noticed they have a different way of seeing things, they have clairvoyant abilities and other stuff. This has been something I have wanted to know about in more detail for quite some time, so thanks Ralis.. It seems to be a balancing thing really.. Light and dark both have their place.. It is all still God, there is only God... The main question is whether this stuff is for God or is it for Self? Hence my interest.
  10. Tao Bums's emotional vampires

    The truth of the matter is that most people have some of these qualities and the ones who deny it the most are usually the worst. I read a book on this subject called Emotional Vampires - Dealing with people who drain you dry... It's not the best read in the world, the author is a bit of a ranter. The info is good enough though. The proper term for an "Emotional Vampire" is called a Personality Disorder and like I said, most of us have these traits. The worst of them are totally hypnotised by their egos though... If you have ever met such a person you will know how amazingly hypocritical their actions can be and that they really have no idea how insane they are! My Dad is one of these people and I can tell you now, if you have never had to deal with one, then you don't know how lucky you are! Or maybe it is the other way around hehe It was said that "they" are more likely to go after people with a lower vibration freq, I believe this is true. *** The main weapon they use is called ""Psychological Projection"", look it up, interesting stuff. It was also mentioned that the more you mimic their energy the more it will affect you and add fuel to the fire, which is also very true. Therefore awareness is your primary defence, for the most part.
  11. Hello

    Same here, I totally know what you mean Cute picture! Cya round, Trog.
  12. And so it is

    Nice summery Z3N! I think my head just exploded! *BOOM! I was wondering something; I had a strange dream last night that I realised all selfish desires are an illusion. Then I went into some sort of void.. I don't think it was the real deal idk, but it scared the beejeebers out of me.. I felt really lonely, it was desilate and extreamly quite (Zero sound).. I woke up after I realised I was dreaming and as I was coming back to reality I heard this strange static noise... Maybe it was real? :S
  13. MT

    Solar Fields - The Road To Nothingness (haha) Ott is good
  14. Different kind of polarities

    Thanks Pietro, I've enjoyed this one
  15. Grandmaster David Harris

    Found this video after watching the one you posted: There is no way that this would work! He does have a nice one inch punch though!