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  1. Bro...you're fun loving sense of humor tickles me. Thinking of you lots!

    Have a blast!

  2. May you fly free brother R.I.P. Cloudhand

  3. Who still doing Tao of Nature - Daosim?

    Having just finished the book - Chinese magical medicine By Michel Strickmann, Bernard Faure. What I say may have some weight. Most of the deity talismans usually require a deity seal. The seals for most of the Taoist deities are in sanskrit. This is no suprise as mantra were kept secret. They were translated as they sounded into Chinese. This is called transliteration. Ever wondered why you cant understand a Chinese mantra? That is why. There are some that are from the warring states periods. However most of the old and borrowed deities seals are all sanskrit. The added shock value is that the buddhists used the same sanskrit seals for the name they called the same deities centuries earlier. So even if you are wrong about what you know Rabbit, it doesnt change the borrowing of buddhist deities which happened from the very start of taoism.


    okay and I know gene simmons, and Mo Pai (more pie guy haha) And Kiss lives hands down the voing is over. I must admit I dont really believe in christianity. I believe in a higher power in a way. Wow, what do we talk about now? Pink Light
  6. Time of the Universe is slowing down

    Wow, dont know what hes saying but heres a klein bottle. Sounds highly theoretical. Sounds like some bumps on the road too, but hey its a good read.

    I guess thats what I get. Always the Jokester I am. But we dont really want Kiss to die do we? Time to vote. Pink Light

    Hi guys after noticing the other Christian type topic, I had come across this scripture that a friend sent to me. Now keep in mind, if you think Revelation is just a hoax, you probably dont want to waste time on this. If you do, then what do you think this scripture means? Revelation 11:18 (New American Standard Bible) 18"And (A)the nations were enraged, and (B)Your wrath came, and ©the time came for the dead to be judged, and the time to reward Your (D)bond-servants the prophets and the saints and those who fear Your name, (E)the small and the great, and to destroy those who destroy the earth." Of course this raises some questions, especially in a highly irregular book like revelation. Of course I was taught the earth would be destroyed, but then again, if it was meant to be destroyed, why would those who are destroying the earth be punished? I mean i am not defending these, but maybe you guys can give your opinions. Ill be gone for a month, back in September.
  9. The Serpent - Satan?

    I know there are several verses in the bible including revelation where he named as the original serpent. I know people youually quote 2 Timothy 3:16 (King James Version) 16All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: All scriptures of different kinds are tools, right? But if we over use them they become a crutch and we can not out grow them.
  10. The Serpent - Satan?

    deleted rediculous humor.
  11. Sharing the same brain

    I think we have another nomination for post of the year for 2010
  12. And the seventh brings RETURN

    Welcome back tao1776!
  13. Nuts about The Tao

    Yes Aflatoxins are mildly carcinogenic. But there is a little good Peanuts have reservatrol. Not as much as red wine, I think I read something about that. Dont remember what reservatrol does, but sometimes just like a dog I just do things that work but dont understand them. Peanuts and Reservatrol on WikiPedia
  14. Nuts about The Tao

    Yeah I think if we talk about anything but just nutty nuts... wait im kinda setting myself up for another one of those... aw man. Yeah i think i need to NOT refer to any kind of nuts as my nuts. yeah i think im getting in trouble for this.