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  2. Lets not trust video documented demonstration of physical phenomena. Lets trust books of scammers and psychopaths, hello alister crowley. Most of the sources you ever use or rely upon in life and practice have zero credibility, and contain more lies than truth.
  3. Sometimes requiring proof and evidence people become stupid. Anyone can feel qi. Anyone who can feel qi can move qi. Anyone who can move qi can accumulate qi. When you accumulate you qi, it can be heat and electric tingling. Shooting other ppl with electric jolts is just moving qi towards them. Anyone can do this. Bringing paper on fire is moving qi outside of body. Anyone can do this with some training. If you continue to deny all this, I would 99% suspect brain damage, and magic / channelling practice is known to cause irreversible mental damage making people clinically insane. Bcz most people have no ability to develop mental body. They grow its size by distension, corrupt blocks of information. (its like getting fat instead of getting muscles)
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  5. The Sixth Patriarch's Sutra

    Bumping this thread. This series of talks (it's up to 135 now) is essential viewing for those who are ready for the direct path. The wisdom expounded within the text and these talks is only for those who are ready for this teaching. I wasn't ready for this when I first started out on the path, most people aren't.
  6. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    Hi vonkrankenhaus, Words are not just words. I will not take words for granted Better a mental model without words. - Anand
  7. It is very tough and physically demanding. I'm far too old for that stuff now. You will learn ground fighting from the off. A useful skill for competition etc, but for self-defence, not so. Very good to take up if you're quite young. If a situation arose where you had to defend yourself, the last place you want to be is the ground. Boxing, Okinawan karate, open hand filipino arts may be more useful for striking etc or you could combine groundwork and striking. Even though I did BJJ for a while, I've always been more of a traditionalist and that's where my preferences lie.
  8. Oh I see. Well I’m not sure what demonstrations you’ve seen. Sounds like you’ve seen a lot. What I’ve experienced was not in a ‘demonstration’ sort of context, but more often in a healing context, during training or at certain ceremonies (Bai Shi ceremonies, some shrine ceremonies etc). I would generally avoid teachers that set up these big showy demonstrations... not necessarily coz they’re fake but because that suggests a certain approach to their practice that is not of interest to me. Incidentally I’ve seen fake demonstrations too. Not to name names, but it involved water, paper towels and aluminium foil sheets... completely fake (the water was not water). All done in a circus performer style in front of big audiences for money... just the context can give it away
  9. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    Well. I am a latecomer to this thread (at the moment ) , I will go back and read the rest when I have time, but the vid caught my eye so I watched it . Yes, I saw lots of things , including some like the moves from a whole variety of forms I do, but in a different way of course ; I could see some of the hakatsuru ( crane) form , '54 steps' , Niharchin forms, even some moves that looked similar to 'staff stealing form 'Oshimi Pasia' ! A lot in there . Towards the end I started to imagine a spiral / vortex energy around you , then, for some reason I was drawn toward the distant landscape and imagined similar vortices spinning up the mountains to take off on the peaks . ... then I thought , I wonder what its like to be there and watching and feeling in person ? More later .... gotta scoot.
  10. The sounds are made while in the mind because the vibration is stronger. Thoughts make sound on a vibrational level and that’s also why some people say some thoughts are just noise, or mental noise. I meant no offense when I called the emoticon silly. As you pointed out I misunderstood what you were implying. What would help was to use your own words so that I could better understand and respond, old friend.
  11. How to become less blind

    I would say we value what we use. There is a nine chamber dantian model that certain well known authors have published. They are probably from the Celestial Masters tradition, and should most likely be filled with small gods, but someone cut that out. This has no place in my practice, so I don't value it. One can place the attention in the lower abdomen, activating the LDT and in time it will radiate heat and light, and be the engine for quite a few processes. I value that. And you can work on other areas in the body, most of which aligned with the central channel, and learn to feel them and appreciate what they do. And yes, those are often hidden behind numerous names, and in my experience are pointless to teach to beginners. You wouldn't believe how long it took me to have use of them (I might be thick though,.... 😁). And the Maiden is one of them.
  12. No, it was a reference to your ''completely wrong'' answer relating to the statement about ''only intent making them effective'' then giving an explanation that the actual sound of the words themselves carry power ... yet ' chanting silently' in the mind has the most power . The silly .... sorry ... MY silly emoticon ... is about ; if they are VIBRATIONAL and the sounds carry power how can the silent form of them be the most powerful ? Not ; that 'chanting in the mind is the same as intent '.
  13. Healing Hands - Maybe?

    Nikkei just translates to a person of Japanese heritage who is not considered Japanese because they were not born and raised in Japan while having ethnic Japanese parents. Even if one were born to Japanese parents and left when a young child for another country to grow up in, usually they wouldn’t be considered Japanese anymore but Nikkei. Working at a Japanese heritage foundation, this was a common issue that is difficult to explain because of cultural values and identity, especially for Asian Americans. If your grandparents came from Japan, your parents were born in your country, and you were too, the term would be Sansei for third generation and the numbers go up each generation.
  14. Because your silly emoticons seem to imply chanting in the mind is the same thing as intent, no, it’s not because intent is what you will and what you have a specific purpose to chant for. Chanting in the mind does not have to require any goals or intentions because you’re just repeating it again and again.
  15. Okay ... pick a card then .... any card . Nope, I am saying ; it might not necessarily look fake , it is faked , and if some one had such real 'chi powers, why can't they come up with a better demonstration of them ? I got one this morning actually . . . an excellent demonstration of chi powers .... on me ! ( ... and I such a bitch ! being all over rationaland critical and all that ) I have never felt 'electrocuted' (more than 'static' ) ... I have felt 'heat' , and being 'levitated' and thrown across the room ., once so far across the room I hit the wall about 2 metres up ... but it was an old 'Ju-jitsu' room at an old school 'Police Boys Club' , with tatame half way up the wall , just as well. I can effect (certain ) physical objects at a distance . .. especially people and other animals . But I have never witnessed a convincing demonstration of , what might be called, 'telekinesis ' . No, nothing to do with 'enlightenment' .
  16. Thankyou

    Welcome 😊
  17. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    I had written: "Embryo in womb experiences and knows. But not Words." And then, after you wrote: "But now that I am out of the womb, I don't know what I don't know." I wrote: "Just like inside the womb" What I mean is that in the womb you have no words to associate to your experiences, but you do have experience and thus also knowledge. I did not ever write that you know "everything" in the womb. All we know is that you didn't really know words at that time. All I wrote was: "Embryo in womb experiences and knows. But not Words." But I didn't say "what" the embryo experiences and knows, just that it does. Now that you are out of womb, you do know words, but you still do not know what you do not know. Just like in the womb. -VonKrankenhaus
  18. Watching The Birds

    I can't help but notice the post before this one. My heart just shed a tear. But isn't his last comment on this thread sort of indicative of his life? He was a warrior for so many years. And then he loved his fish and his quiet, normal life. If there are any desert birders here (low desert) there has been a mysterious bird call coming from a deciduous tree, heavily foliaged possible fruit tree. I did see a small brown bird with a tail that had a bit of pumping action - and I'm not even sure that's the bird I'm hearing. (He could be a migrator through Coachella Valley, CA) But this call is so strange and almost has a booming quality to it, so I can't picture that sound coming out of the little brown bird. It's only one sound, a descending slide, using five consecutive notes. But the descent has a very melodious quality to it and if the bird were trying to talk he might be saying COW - a real roundness to the sound. Maybe middle C down to F. I was thinking maybe a poor will of some sort, but I'm not finding the right sound.
  19. Hello

    Welcome to TDB. Wish you a fun practice.
  20. ?15

    Good luck - he doesnt usually answer or respond, to anything . I've tried ... all sorts of stuff ... but he be like (after his initial post ) one of them 'buskers' ...
  21. ?15

    Try 'joining the dots ' ie, draw a line from 1 - 2 -3 .... back to 1 ... and get a surprise works best with a larger number . like one of Benjamin Franklin's 2 8 ; If we attribute the numbers that make up the mathematical formulas or same totals present to a colour and then rotate them ( many squares which seem different are a 90, 180 or 270 deg. rotation ); and to get the 'bigger picture' ; They also remind me of 'Enochian Squares' In this case ^ this square is elementally related to water and instead of each square relating to a number - as in a magic square - and hence their relationships and patterns making mathematical formulas,, each Enochian square relates to a combination of energies ( Kabbalistic, zodiacal, planetary elemental ) and sounds (via the letters in the middle of the squares ) - and hence their relationships and patterns making a language - to speak to the 'angels' or 'activate these energies by sounds ' ; ' call ' , chanting , mantra , etc . ; - a bit like one's computer keyboard, except each button has a 4- way modulation; and when they all squares fit together ; ( which still isnt complete .... it needs to have this placed within it , the right way ... which I aint gonna show here )
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  24. ?15

    555 ☆ ☆ ☆ 3 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
  25. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    Hi vonkrankenhaus, Per your above input, I responded ~ But now that I am out of the womb, I don't know what I don't know. And you added... I find the above engaging ~ (a) 'in womb' - I apparently knew everything without words? (b) When I am now outside, you are implying that I also know everything without words ~ 'just like inside the womb'? (c) I don't know what I don't know - because of words? Is 'in womb' different from 'just like inside the womb'? I ask because of the italicization. - Anand
  26. Thankyou

    Hey, nice name. Welcome to the forum. Here are a couple of tunes about nowhere:
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