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  2. Strong chi - effect on others

    The sense of "lacking" is of interest here, and I'd question the awareness of a "radiant being" who left those around them feeling lacking. Do you mean personally lacking, as in they don't measure up, or lacking like co-dependence, and unable to function without the "other" person?
  3. Synchronicity and the flow of time

    Have you also read Ken Wilber's A Brief History of Everything? Some say Wilber share some very similar philosophical views with Capra, and perhaps was influenced by him to some degree. When I read Capra being mentioned, I thought of Wilber, then of wondering if you have perhaps read some of Wilber's works too.
  4. Contradiction ?

    love to me is a word what the word tries to represent is beyond words seems this word attempts to describe a complex of human feelings that are equal parts inspiring, addictive and potentially obsessive and even violence inducing. truly a contradiction seems love
  5. Synchronicity and the flow of time

    hmm... I meant to type it, but perhaps 'turning the senses inward' ?
  6. Synchronicity and the flow of time

    The above quote regarding the Souce was a bit constrained: ”by dampening the senses” Was this a typo or did you mean to say it that way? 😎
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  8. Tantra...

    In his introduction to Dr Nida Chenagtsang's book Karmamudra: The Yoga of Bliss, Ben Joffe wrote, "As a Highest Yoga Tantra practice, Karmamudra is linked with the so-called ‘Perfection’ or ‘Completion Stage’ (Dzogrim) in Tibetan Buddhism. This stage of practice involves working with the energies and architecture of the subtle body and with highly refined states of awareness in very advanced ways. It is thus regarded as one of the highest echelons of esoteric Buddhism and has traditionally been off-limits for all but the most well-trained and elite practitioners. As Dr Nida mentions in his foreword, over the centuries secrecy has helped to ensure that extremely powerful but easily misunderstood and misapplied Tantric Buddhist practices have been practiced and preserved safely and correctly, and have maintained their integrity." This would explain the limits of my knowledge on this subject since im still miles off from being a well-trained practitioner of authentic yoga tantra. As a result, I feel inadequate to even consider opening my options to other forms of esoterica that places emphasis on subjects that Im not yet confident about even in my own tradition, one which I've been trying to keep pace with for a number of years now. I realize there are some who strongly favour mixing inner knowledge from Daoism, Hindu Tantra, Patanjali's Eight Limbed Yoga, Kabbala, Sufism, Jainism, and a whole plethora of other secretive practices made accessible in this modern era, and feel the urge and have the gumption to match their appetite for such pan-tradition esoterica - this sounds quite fascinating, even adventurous, but I'd rather refrain from such urges. Maybe Im just too much of an old-school traditionalist, or over cautious, or both. Anyways, I digress.
  9. Should I or shouldn't I ?

    Thats British Engineering ! Unfortunately, the new REs are Indian engineering ... or I should say Indian ingineering . Issues NEW owners have - that is , a new bike from the factory ; the fork sleeve alignment and travel, - rubs mudguard or scratches on tube (mudguard not placed in locating recess properly ) the Auto de-comp spring tension, - noisy tap tap tap - weak return spring the air filter box design, - lets in dust and water - a killer on an engine - last year we lost a MF 154-4 (tractor - expensive ! ) due to dust and stuff getting past air filters. the swing arm design, handling issues, pulls to the side, or chain tensioner isnt placed at equal positions on either side he oval box locking mechanism, - locks great ! .... permanently . the break peddle at cornering, - scrapes on road and pushes up on your foot and releases back break ! the main stand angle, - wears, bike sits too far forward on stand and is hard to get off stand missing lembda, - cheap EI , rough running, mixture probs Vibes at high er speed - needs new cam plate inside (an Aussie invention ! ) - seems not that complicated to fit . Bad finish , early rust - paint job incomplete (near joints ) clutch burns out - from ‘backfire starting ? fuel leaks - o ring from lines and sensors battery acid burns on side covers ( cheap battery, no overflow hose, acid spills out when loading and unloading new bikes side boxes dont open fuel consumption is LOW ( as odometer inaccurate ) Most experts agree many are not engineering problems but finish and assembly problems . Its interesting to read Indians experience - there a service includes 'wash and clean' , apparently they always do that, but not the work you have asked for them to do Another guy complained that he had to wait in the customer service centre lounge . "Only two hours Sir . " " Oh good, I will go and attend to some business and be back then . " " No Sir you must have misunderstood me .... you MUST wait in the customer service lounge while we service your motorcycle. " "What ? ! " " if you do not wait, we will not service it, and if you leave we will stop servicing it ! " Whaaaat ? ! They have some guy checking on the room ? " Sanjeev ! Customer for bike job number 18 has just left the waiting area ! Stop work on number 18 and wheel it out into the street ! " Crazy Indians ! .... and I am thinking of buying a bike made by them ! ?????? Been raining constant for 3 days - not good for test drive - eased off a little this morning so I am off down the coast to the dealers < fingers crossed >
  10. Tantra...

    Is that a vital part of your practice, being able to "see" energy? I believe the mind has potential to access rituals that will yield siddhis if that is what one desires, but its not something that Im particularly concerned about. Supposedly, within the 8 classifications of siddhis (common to Buddhist esoterica, which is somewhat different to KS esoterica) I'd imagine that exposure to learning how to map out or "scan" a person's energetic field will be a basic but essential skill to develop. Its just a speculation though.
  11. Tantra...

    Their form would be more fluid without the anchor of a phys. bod.
  12. Contradiction ?

  13. Contradiction ?

    what is love?
  14. Contradiction ?

    Yes ~ when it comes to love. LOVE.
  15. Contradiction ?

    hmm... is sharing needed? not sure. it seems there can be no giving without receiving buying only occurs with selling break a stick in two and you don't have two tops of sticks. there are no waves comprised of only crests and no valleys always up with down rise with fall what is shared? what is sharable?
  16. Contradiction ?

    Hi Creighton, Entirely internal process ~ when I am ONE with/unto myself... experiencing ONEness... thus no sharing needed? - Anand
  17. Is the earth hollow?

    Gravity: certainly not the cumbersome box of notions that physics currently presents us with... sheesh. Much less their utter preposterous notions of the particle/wave duality nonsense... Bloody priests of the Modern Scientific Church of Atomism/Materialism. oops... is my neo-platonist showing...? back in the hat you go!
  18. What did you buy recently that does the job !

    That massage gun reminds me of perhaps the most valuable purchase ever... learning Qi Gong. My wife no longer needs to massage the knots out of my body. After years of Qi Gong every day, there are no knots. Knots no longer form. I worked in construction for 20ish years, though semi retired now. I wake each morning rested and without pain. All the old nagging injuries from martial arts days and crazy rock climbing days have healed. Occasional tweaks are soon liquidated with gentle breathing and motion. That's nothing compared to the growing contentment and quiet of the mind that also arose with continued practice. Qi Gong for vitality, flexibility, durability and endurance. Qi Gong to Thrive!
  19. Tantra...

    I found this interesting from the Norbu quote on Dzogchen Teachings. Any thoughts on a person being only energy or mind and being able to see them?
  20. Strong chi - effect on others

    Yes, there are many different levels of manifesting. It the discussion above, it is implied that someone is just naturally radiating energy (like some gurus do). The other persons response would seem to always be a reflection from with in, but I am not sure I understand what you mean by “our reflection from without”? Could you give me an example? If there is no “I”, there is as you suggested no position to assert. And hence, there would never be any aversion for the person of no I. But, a “no I” person will naturally radiate to people around them, and that radiation can cause irritation/aversion in the people around them, as the radiating “hit” their issues and fears causing a reaction.
  21. When does one "become" a taoist?

    Alright, no worries!
  22. When does one "become" a taoist?

    It turns out I did delete that post about Moretalk. Sorry to everyone about the false alarm.
  23. Tantra...

    In my previous post I was going to talk about this but deleted it. Learning to reside in the energy of an upset, is the same type of residing. Residing doesn't change, it just get's deeper. I believe what he is saying is much like what I was saying here.
  24. When does one "become" a taoist?

    Thank you for letting me know, it is getting rather late here so I was planning to look for it tomorrow. Oh, that would be very nice of you to do! I'll keep an eye out for your thread.
  25. When does one "become" a taoist?

    I was just looking for examples in the Taoism section and find there aren't too many, maybe more of them are in the General Discussion method. Since I can't find my thread on Moretalk Chia, you should know that people frequently come on this forum reporting serious health problems from doing his stuff, and I saw one of those disasters in person. You have inspired me to put together a thread of what I consider good chi kung examples. I'll put them in my personal section so they can be shared on the forum.
  26. When does one "become" a taoist?

    Alright! Thank you for all your help! I'll do just that.
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