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  1. Constant remembrance or just being?

    In the original, "Je pense, donc je suis"
  2. Agreed. When siddhis appear, especially I think when they were developed in a past life and are not understandable in the context of this life, the mind can use any justification it likes in its effort to make sense of them. Proper guidance or maturity would see the nature of the siddhi in the big picture, and not mistake the siddhi for the end goal.
  3. Xing and Ming cultivation

    The Quanzhen master and founder] Wang Zhe’s own writings refer to two men – one Taoist and one Buddhist – who appear to have given him some guidance... [He] appears to have been particularly familiar with two major Mahayana Buddhist scriptures – the Diamond Sutra and the Heart Sutra. He was probably also familiar with some Chan literature... However, as Hachiya has astutely observed, Wang Zhe did not abide by the thoroughgoing negation and non-assertion of Mahayana Buddhist philosophy. Fond as he was of borrowing Buddhist language to preach detachment from this provisional, fleeting world of samsara, Wang Zhe ardently believed in the eternal, universal Real Nature/Radiant Spirit that is the ground and wellspring of consciousness (spirit, shen, xing), and vitality (qi, ming) within all living beings. This to him was not “empty”(lacking inherent existence); it was fully Real (zhen). From The Teachings and Practices of the Early Quanzhen Taoist Masters by Stephen Eskildsen (pages 6-7)
  4. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    Ask them on their website.
  5. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    For fast service go to their website.
  6. Xing and Ming cultivation

    To me, I guess there is a chain of command, dao -> congenital virtuous nature -> the mind of thoughts and emotions. So to me the bright mirror would be congenital virtuous nature which is a reflection of the dao, and the mind (and heart and ldt) would be where the dust and mud have gotten lodged, eclipsing congenital virtuous nature. I have nothing against the mind, if it’s operating correctly within its systems specifications. Just my thoughts as well 🙂
  7. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Not from any particular view, just from my own, to me being controlled by thoughts, emotions, etc, is to be controlled by what freeform referred to earlier as ‘acquired personal nature’. I agree that this is the case, we are controlled by these things, but I don’t believe there is a need to control this acquired personal nature, or that this is the goal. For me our consciousness is mistakenly identified with acquired personal nature, and needs to somehow get past this and identify with ‘congenital virtuous nature’ which is the sapling or seed hidden within the nature of the door. In this sense, your equation “samsara and nirvana are fundamentally the same” is not true, as acquired personal nature and congenital virtuous nature are not fundamentally the same. @ freeform and @ walker, If this is far different from the daoist view I stand to be corrected 🙂
  8. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    Thankyou link for sharing your understanding of the situation, very much appreciated.
  9. Xing and Ming cultivation

    There is a man who is recorded as doing this, St Seraphim of Sarov (1754 - 1833). His face lit up as bright light according to a witness, he could apparently read peoples minds and ‘knew what was in their hearts’ before they told him, and he is said to have been able to heal miraculously. It’s from another tradition (he was a hermit monk) but these are some of the signs I would look for in anyone who claims they have ‘arrived.’
  10. Xing and Ming cultivation

    isn’t congenital nature the equivalent of the yangshen spirit?
  11. Xing and Ming cultivation

    This is how I see it, yuan qi (formed by bringing yuan Jing up to the heart) needs to be brought up and meet with yuan shen in the udt. The yang shen exists where these two meet in the udt, and is nourished by an endless supply of yuan Jing -> yuan qi which has been established in the two lower dantians. The yang shen is connected to the dao, and develops in accord with the dao once this system is put into motion.
  12. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    No I don’t really believe it, I think I could tell if someone were channeling energy at me, I was more questioning what wizz believes, which might actually be different to what Jeff believes, cos Jeff states repeatedly that he doesn’t channel or project energy. Do his defenders even have his story straight? The issue with knowing anyway but asking permission is a puzzle that I would like Jeff to try and clarify, because as it stands it doesn’t make a lot of sense.
  13. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    Hmmm, I thought it might be a devious way to not own his own shadow, make other people say what he wants them to say, and then accuse them of authoring it. Or tell people what they’re doing to him in some other dimension that they have no way of disproving. Not to deliberately mess with them, only to protect his own ego, and keep his own shadow hidden, in this case deviant sexuality.
  14. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    Jeff channels energy to everyone here on the forum, simply because he accesses the forum? I recall he said he knows the energy of everyone posting on this thread, but it’s all very confusing - why would he need to ask permission to scan someone if he already has access to this information, and why would he channel energy to everyone here when most don’t want anything to do with his energy, and haven’t requested it. Unless the channeling is subconscious, and he has no control over it?
  15. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    How do you distinguish between ‘astral level’ and ‘light level’? I get the sense that on the astral level, you can project an astral body which cannot interact with the physical world, but can interact with the astral level of other people, and nothing actually real exists on this level besides the mind. beyond the astral I like the word causal, on this level what you project can interact with the physical world, you can leave a handprint in a rock, you can appear visibly in front of someone, etc. The realised man in neidan projects multiple selves out into the world. Jesus healed peoples physical form, often at a distance. Jeff of course can’t do any of these things. Show me something along these lines, and I’d believe you or he had really achieved something beyond astral fantasy. the sexual sensation is because the kundalini doesn’t rise above .the lower chakras. If you didn’t get all the sexual stuff that most get, it’s either because it went higher for you initially, or it didn’t get released at all.