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  1. Yes, everything’s helpful thanks ZYD. I read the relevant section from Louis Komjathy, and now I’m Going over the jade writings offering slowly, comparing the direct translation with the author’s translation. I might try and get hold of Jane Huang’s version as well. It’s quite an interesting text. Do you think the external yellow court text came first?
  2. Thanks SirPalomides, I did some googling Including Saso in my search, and I fortuitously stumbled upon this site court external&f=false which seems like an excellent online resource (though not by Saso).
  3. Thanks ZYD, I found quite a few copies of the internal text online, but I’m really keen on finding a copy of the external text, I’ve read the wiki article and tried to research more online but there’s very little available, at least where I’ve been searching. There is a book available by Stuart Olsen but it is quite expensive and I don’t know if it’s worth buying, really until I’ve read the actual text. Edit: even a copy of the Chinese text would be valuable, I’d be happy to painstakingly translate it 🙂
  4. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has a copy of this text, or any information about it - The Exalted One’s External Illumination of the Yellow Court Scripture (太 上 黃 庭 外 景 經, Tai Shang Huang Ting Wai Jing Jing)
  5. How to genuinely repair the damage from past over-excitement of emotions is a primary issue as far as I’m concerned. Normal emotions cannot be maintained by body, breath or mind regulation if the excess from over-excitement of emotions and the damage this has caused has not first been resolved.
  6. Where is Jeff? I would like to contact him

    Yes agreed, and no damage was done in my short time with him, I saw him trying to prise my kundalini open, not managing. I was aware of more energy in my system briefly, before it exited harmlessly out through my arms. Working with him for longer people report increased energy in their system alongside a drugged mental affect.
  7. Where is Jeff? I would like to contact him

    I will trust what I saw, an astral body acting in a sexual manner, and a manipulative energy prising open my kundalini, which may be termed Shaktipat. These ‘powers’ can be quite real, is it really so surprising that people with these particular siddhis exist, and that Jeff might have them? The danger though in my mind, is that he hasn’t been straightforward with what he is doing, even to himself, and in this way has therefore missed his own personal dysfunction that crept in, for instance finding justification for the Busty Blonde and manipulative astral affairs in tantra and KS and the DDJ, while messing with vulnerable people.
  8. Where is Jeff? I would like to contact him

    Is this opinion derived from personal experience with HWMNBN? Not that I disagree with your assessment entirely, I think this is partly true, but I was aware of more than psychological manipulation.
  9. Is Everything Consciousness for a Taoist?

    What I’ve come to after many decades of working at it is that IME there is a part of me that is split off, I’m happy to call it my ‘spirit’ for now, and I want to bring that part back down into me. It seems to me that the Indian gurus and the Buddhists want to project their consciousness out into that split off ‘spirit’ part, and they meditate to effect that. I like the Neiye’s approach - “If one empties one's desires, the spirit will enter and dwell.“ I don’t know if my perspective is Taoist though.
  10. Where is Jeff? I would like to contact him

    There is another maxim - “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” or as John Stuart Mill originally said in 1867 - “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” The only time I’ve ever seen a “light body“ is in relation to Jeff’s energies. I believe to this day that his “light” is indeed astral light, which he is so dismissive of and takes such pains to distance himself from, because he knows from reading the literature that ‘Astral’ is meaningless spiritually. Let’s not forget that his original ‘group merges’ were called “astral parties”. I have it on good authority that entities are indeed part of Jeff’s system, and that once you have welcomed them in they don’t leave, but continue to visit at their whim. People can read a post from Emerald Head and not believe his insistence that entities still harass him, but this is an underlying belief of at least some of the people involved with Jeff, and most certainly not just his detractors. No harm in warning the unwary. If you are made aware of the various Jeff facets - kundalini excitation, entities, astral capability, and belief that you are a god, then good luck to you, go in fully informed and enjoy becoming one of the elect, but don’t expect daobum members to believe you are one of the chosen few.
  11. How to find the lower dan tian ?

    I’m trying to understand all these different qi emissions, what are they for apart from demonstrating some sort of energy is being emitted? Does it have healing capacity, or is it just proof of energy and shock value?
  12. How to find the lower dan tian ?

    Slightly below the navel and not too deep. I found that it appeared when I deliberately set out to get in touch with my emotions, a lot of stifled emotions seem to be held there.
  13. “Trump fans flames of Chinese lab coronavirus theory during daily briefing“