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  1. 7 Precious Metals

    Awesome! Where can I get some bismuth for my son who loves melting stuff with a propane torch? I was reading this article just yesterday, bismuth is apparently the easiest metal to turn into gold
  2. Emotions are the path

    @Apech, you’ve asserted multiple times that emotions are the path, and you’ve held on to this assertion in a way that makes me wonder what has informed your view, why are you asserting this as a fundamental truism?
  3. Emotions are the path

    In non-technical language another piece of the puzzle was given to me from a friend who had a dream for me - in her dream she was a messenger who had to deliver a letter to me - and in short her dream was about passing three tests. The first was a test of courage, I had to ‘use my strength’ to face what I most feared In the world, the second was a requirement to ‘climb the mountain’ which to me in retrospect was surmounting a multitude of emotional issues, and the third test was to ‘not respond’, in full I was informed that to pass this test I had to “Do not speak, do not move, do not look to the left or the right, do not respond”. This is a non-emotional test, and only to be done after the first two had been completed. ‘Do not respond’ sounds more ‘spiritual’, more in line with Buddhism or Daoism, but in this message to me it was the third test, there was a definite order in which to do things. This all boils down in my mind to 1. Face the fear in the gut, 2. Attend to the feelings in the heart, and 3. Get out of the way and allow the subtle body system to do its thing, don’t be distracted by Siddhi’s, and don’t engage in the dynamics of the two polarised side channels. It’s doing the third test at the beginning where I think things can go wrong.
  4. Emotions are the path

    Rudra granthi seems the most about attachment to me and the least about emotion, associated as it is with attachment to siddhis, psychic phenomena and the concept of ourselves as individuals. I like this more emotional perspective on the first two though: “The first, Brahma granthi knot of creation, prevents the energy of kundalini shakti, the great creative power, from being released and traveling on to swadhisthana. This knot creates fears around safety and security and ‘propagation of the species’. Vishnu granthi ‘knots’ the shakti energy flowing from manipura chakra causing you to feel less powerful than you are in reality. This insecurity is felt in anahata chakra and hinders its full expression of true love.“ I‘m not restricting myself to one traditions concepts, I was just saying how it seems to me. Perhaps I’m more aligned in my thinking with Buddhist Tantra and Yoga which asserts “the channels (rtsa) are tunnels for circulation of the subtle winds (rlung) and consciousness (sems).“
  5. Emotions are the path

    Coincidentally I posted these verses today that refer to both Shen Ming arriving and cleansing the heart-mind.
  6. I’ve added a third translation, this one from Stuart Alve Olson. By always thinking and guarding the Jade Chamber, one’s bright spirits [Shen Ming] will arrive. By always thinking of T’ai Ts’ang, the Great Warehouse, one will be free from hunger and thirst. By commanding the six Tings, the goddesses will come to pay respect. By blocking off the routes for the essence, one will live long. The main chamber is where the spirits reside. One should bathe and groom oneself and be careful not to get dirty. - Huang Frequently store the attained bright light to the jade room. Meditate periodically on the stomach area (Great Granary) to eliminate hunger and thirst. Once Qi starts flowing, all six Jade girls will be also present. Close your essence gate to achieve longevity. Straighten the room in the middle so spirit would live within. Cleanse the heart-mind [Xin] so it would be inclined to self-healing rather than self-intoxicating. - Archangelis and Lanying Eternally preserve the Spiritual Illumination penetrating the Jade Chamber. When meditating on the Great Granary (the stomach) there will be no more hunger and thirst. When this is accomplished there will be a visitation from all Six Jade Maidens. Close off the Child at the Essence Gate to acquire the medicine for longevity In front of the Foremost Chamber Hall is where the spirits reside. Cleanse the mind to self-heal rather than wither from impurity. - Olson
  7. I have read that the External Yellow Court Scripture is considered to be the first internal alchemy text, and that almost all Taoist internal alchemy texts have been modelled on it. I have access to two different translations, one by Jane Huang (actually her father’s translation) in The Primordial Breath: An Ancient Chinese Way of Prolonging Life through Breath Control Volume 2 and one by Imios Archangelis and Miaoyu Lanying in Jade Writing, available online Here. The external Yellow Court scripture is assumed to be written by a scholar, as it uses strictly seven words per line, no mean feat apparently in Chinese. It is divided into three chapters, I will follow Huang’s paragraphs. This is an open study, all comments and alternative translations are welcome. Chapter 1.1 太上黃庭外景玉經上 太上閑居作七言, 解說身形及諸神, 上有黃庭下關元, 後有幽闕前命門。 呼吸廬間入丹田, 玉池清水灌靈根, 審能修之 可長存。 T’ai Shang, the Supreme Superior [Lao Tzu , N.T.], in leisure living, composed the [following] seven-word verses to explain the body and the spirits. Up above, there is the Yellow Court and down below there is Kuan Yuan, the Primordial Pass. In the rear is You Ch’ueh, the Dark Mysterious Gate Towers [the kidneys, N.T.], and in the front, there is Ming Men, the Gate of Life. Inhalations and exhalations are done through the Hut and enter into Tan T’ien, the Elixir Field. The clean and clear water of Yu Ch’ih, the Jade pond, is to irrigate Ling Ken, the Miraculous Root. Whoever can carefully nourish that may enjoy long life. - Huang High Sovereign, residing in peace, wrote a seven-word scripture, to tell the secrets how to enhance the individual form and spirit. Yellow Court is located above, Original Pass is located below. Quiet Watchtower is behind, Life Gate is at the front. Let your breath precipitate between three joined Dan Tian, and clear waters of Jade Pool irrigate Spirit Root. Practice constantly, to achieve longevity. - Archangelis and Lanying
  8. Emotions are the path

    Regarding how dealing with emotions results in spiritual growth, it’s complex and I don’t have all the answers, but some parts of it I understand. Stored emotional and mental ‘complexes’ (to borrow a useful term from psychoanalysis) exist in each dantian which is somewhat equivalent to saying there are three granthis or knots (in the same positions as the dantians) in the human body. The granthis are considered to be energetic or psychic blocks that prevent Prana from rising up through Sushumna Nadi, so this is the problem, and emotional work untangles these knots one by one, starting from the lower dantian. Yoga mentions Prana as rising up through Sushumna Nadi, I can’t help thinking consciousness rides on this Prana, by which I mean to say to my understanding consciousness also rises over time from the lower dantian until it reaches the 7th chakra. Where the 7th chakra is, is disputable. The ‘immortal foetus’ is not so difficult to birth in the lower dantian once emotional work is started, to me it is a spontaneous and early event in the lower dantian, but nurturing this subtle matter and raising it are hard and not possible I think without guidance. edit to add: Mixing traditions outrageously it’s like resting awareness on the sacral chakra and feeling the feeling there, which simply responds by birthing the subtle level of yin and yang in the beginning of internal work. The sacral chakra or second chakra is located two inches below the navel, and is represented by the color orange. This chakra governs emotions, creativity, sensitivity, sexuality, intimacy, emotional well-being, and self-expression, and is associated with the element of water.
  9. Emotions are the path

    Vibrant and still at the same time - perhaps Qi singing through the channels while we remain peaceful and unperturbed emotionally and mentally.
  10. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    I looked up just now at the news which is on in the background, and I saw footage of a women’s rally and a woman holding up a placard on which was written “VIVA LA VULVA”. Well, it made me laugh.
  11. Emotions are the path

    I probably should have responded to LL’s post, where he posits stillness as the end result of feeling emotions. You had responded to his post, so I responded to yours without thinking it through. In terms like stillness or emptiness I don’t get a sense of the vibrancy that I feel is part of the end result.
  12. Emotions are the path

    Hmm, what about Ananda from the phrase ‘Sat-Chit-Ananda’. From yogapedia: Ananda: bliss, a state of pure happiness, joy and sensual pleasure And from a Chinese perspective there is Shen Ming: There is a term in Chinese Medicine for when your eyes are shining brilliantly – we call it Shen Ming (神 明), and it often translated as ‘the radiance of the spirits.’ Shen Ming is a concept that appears throughout Chinese Medicine and philosophy that refers to the luminosity and radiance of our true Self. When you see someone whose eyes are shining brilliantly, like they are awake and filled with bliss, that is Shen Ming. We see it very often in babies, who for the most part don’t have much in the way of their pure joy in life.
  13. An opinion or observation of madness

    If five posts in a row might be considered spamming, what might seven posts in a row be considered?
  14. Emotions are the path

    In sources related to the early Way of the Celestial Masters a rite called heqi is described which aims to create a perfected being: “On the left the Supreme, on the right the Mysterious-Old, and the Most High: These three pneumas are born together within our bodies and inchoately become one. This is named Peach Vigor (Taokang)... The yang pneuma turns to the left, yin pneuma proceeds to the right... He [Peach Vigor] stands precisely in the gate of destiny (mingmen).“ Again there is one on the left and one on the right, and a third Higher One which suggests to me in the middle and above the two on each side, not so different to many of the pics you’ve been posting. Together these three are the just formed or rudimentary immortal foetus, born in the mingmen which is at navel height towards the spine, thus starting the journey in the lower dantian. I see this as a description of a subtle energy event, it seems the immortal foetus is more substantial than ‘spirit’, that it has subtle substance, and that it has the capacity to develop.
  15. Emotions are the path

    I’m curious, is shedding everything and becoming light a similar goal to creating and nurturing the ‘immortal foetus’, or is it something completely different?
  16. Emotions are the path

    It’s always worth checking, it’s an easy trap to fall into. I am truly glad to hear that you don’t do this. No! In following what has been presented to me, my goals have concomitantly adapted and morphed out of sight!
  17. Emotions are the path

    My motivation was the desire to feel ‘happy’ which I would recognise now as a desire to feel content. But where you made a vow and decided to adopt a code I worked on expelling what was making me unhappy. Do you agree with this (below) from Welwood, the originator of the term ‘spiritual bypassing’? Have you genuinely considered whether you are using your adopted codes to bypass your emotions?
  18. Emotions are the path

    “Your mind has its own ideas of what you think you need, but it's rarely correct”. I fully agree, but if I am guided by my dreams am I ‘picking the trauma to be worked with’? There is a grand design in dream work, it requires only that we follow it and work with what is presented to us at any point in time. FWIW I rarely have any dreams now anyway, it seems that what needed to be released has been. My subtle energy body now develops in its own predetermined way, I merely follow its progress, and occasionally do what is required to enable its unfolding. I don’t feel I am violating underlying Daoist principles.
  19. Emotions are the path

    In my view unfelt emotions are split-off baggage, welcoming them when they arise in ‘the work’ and feeling them is respecting their emotional nature. When they are felt they have delivered their message and are then released. I did work with emotions within a system, it wasn’t random emotions arising and random feeling, I worked with a deliberate method that involved remembering and analysing a dream to understand it intellectually, and then letting go of the mental side and purely feeling the feeling. There is a certain equanimity required when feeling the feeling, especially because most stored feelings are the hard to feel ones, equanimity is needed to allow them to be felt, but I think your idea of equanimity might be a bit more austere, somehow allow an emotion but don’t actually connect to it in some way. This quite frankly confuses me. I agree with you that there is Qi work to be done and that it is valuable, but for me Qi work achieves different outcomes, it clears channels that have nothing to do with emotions, for example channels down the arms which can then carry Qi ‘current’. I think there is an institutional fear of emotions that has also become part of the spiritual belief set, something along the lines of a patriarchal perspective that has dominated for the last couple of Millenia at least. I think things are changing now though, emotions and their value are being re-evaluated in the last 100 years or so.
  20. Emotions are the path

    Seeing the emotional ‘system’ as a channel that is blocked informs my perspective which cannot then be otherwise, ie., a blocked channel is not exactly a choice, and the consequences of a blocked emotional channel is inertia, and this outcome is certainly not a choice. My perspective rests on my personal understanding of the energetic subtle body’s design, and my solution tackles the energy blocks directly by releasing unfelt emotions by allowing them to be felt. The alternative, attempting to solve emotional problems via a mentally chosen filter, in this case the spiritually accepted filters of compassion or oneness or non-judgement or [insert own], from my perspective seems to solve some of the emotional unease, and it can make you feel more successful in your spiritual endeavours, but these spiritual filters require these choices to be deliberately and repeatedly made on the mental level. Perhaps this spiritual filter might become the dominant mental state, and to yourself and all those around you even, you can appear to have achieved a spiritualised outlook, but it isn’t ultimately authentic. Ultimately, these filters cannot remove the root emotional causes, so to me you’ve just learned an alternative mental strategy, one more in line with spiritual aspirations, but you can never let your guard down, you will still always have to catch yourself doing the wrong thing and correct it, no matter how rarely that is. Spiritual bypassing involves imposing on oneself higher truths that lie far beyond one’s immediate existential condition... Spiritual teachers often exhort us to be loving and compassionate, or to give up selfishness and aggression, but how can we do this if our habitual tendencies arise out of a whole system of psychological dynamics that we have never clearly seen or faced, much less worked with? -John Welwood
  21. Emotions are the path

    I don’t think we do cling to negative emotional states, this sort of state that you are referring to - things like depression or harmful habits - is the consequence of not being able to feel the original ‘bad’ or ‘hard to feel’ feeling. Feelings like shame, sadness, anxiety, things we’d prefer not to feel, are pushed away and split off, which works in the short term but in the longer term creates a lack of emotional energy flow. So then we’re left trying to deal with this state of non-flow, which we try to mitigate by harmful habits to reduce the painful awareness of an overwhelming amount of backlog, or we find we are depressed and stuck in the non-flow with no hope of escape. The solution for me was to regain a split off feeling, one feeling at a time, and allow myself to feel it, which was invariably unpleasant, but reducing the load of ‘bad’ feelings did lead over time to emotional energy being able to flow freely again. So now, for instance, if I’m feeling anxious, there tends to be a reason, for example a job interview, and I consciously allow myself to feel my very reasonable anxiety, and after the event there is no extra split off baggage, I remain up to date and able to experience the next emotion that appears. Yes emotions are like waves, never ending, but they add a lot of flavour to our lives, even the hard to feel ones, and in general emotions contribute an entire half of our conscious makeup. In my previously posted sword picture, the black snake represents the emotional channel, it is inconceivable to me that this channel could be left unflowing, because it feeds the other channel, the white snake which represents ‘mental’, in a never ending loop. At least to my perspective, it is these looping and integrated channels that when flowing freely allow the central channel to be ‘nourished’ and filled.
  22. Emotions are the path

    My friend said they were called the ‘swords of truth’, so yes I would agree swords signify mental, our ability to cut through to the truth, and I gather from another ‘seer’s’ information that emotions are processed in a semi-circular bowl, which is very close to your goblet image. I’ve never come across any information that puts the two together like in your pictures though.
  23. Emotions are the path

    Yes indeed I have my own personal version of this, a friend of mine ‘saw’ a small sword come out of each one of my eyes maybe 30 years ago when I was questioning her intently about something, and she described them to me in detail. I painted this picture at the time, the most relevant part was the hilt of the swords, the swords themselves were fully golden but I didn’t bother painting the full thing. I gather, having shown it to a couple of people, that it looks a bit phallic, but hopefully you can get over that
  24. Emotions are the path

    I see differences - the two side channels are opposites, polarised, male/female, I see them as yin and yang, while the central channel is ‘neutral’ - a different dynamic to the Jing, Qi and Shen of the dantians. I suspect the Christian Trinity is equally dissimilar though I haven’t thought much about it.
  25. Emotions are the path

    I like that as a trinity, but I also really resonate with the concepts of the 3 dantians and the three main subtle channels. Despite the significance my linked article refers to as the three I personally think of the three flowers up on top as the fulfilment of the potential of the three channels.