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  2. The perfect weapon

    you are the one who said it was "per day",. then backtracked and said its for "today". Huge difference. Im done talking to you about it , but continue throwing childish insults around. I was simply trying to understand the context of the chart, since it seemed disingenuous. Bye.
  3. The perfect weapon

    Not my problem you are that much stupid. As is @SirPalomides
  4. The perfect weapon

    LOL. Ok. Random chart guy. You win
  5. The perfect weapon

    Yes it is, there are 3300 deaths reported today from coronavirus, more than from other diseases.
  6. The perfect weapon

    It isnt "fact" . Im not arguing the cases havent jumped. Your original chart made it appear that that many people were dying every day over the lenght of the virus. Since you didnt clarify what it was actually showing, there was confusion.
  7. The perfect weapon

    Angry little man. I'm guessing Belgian or Dutch. It says "per day," not "today," laddie. There's still time to learn the magic of reading.
  8. The perfect weapon

    Yes, as of March 19 it was around 10,000 so there has been a huge jump.
  9. The perfect weapon

    It is not a model it is an actual stats for today. As we are nowhere near peak, the deaths per day will increase further. Dont listen to idiots.
  10. The perfect weapon

    right, so its just a model. He shouldve said so when posting the chart.
  11. The perfect weapon

    As of March 30th the figure of total deaths worldwide is ~37000; however, taking into account the spread of the virus and the exponential growth of cases/ deaths, 3,233 might work out to being a reasonable extrapolation once the virus peaks worldwide. I don't know, I am not a math man meself.
  12. The perfect weapon

    the speed of deaths is accelerating as is the spread of the virus, it adds 70000 people every day now it was less than 70000 people few weeks ago
  13. The perfect weapon Hilarious.
  14. The perfect weapon

    Ok? the virus has been around for four months, at least. how is it killing 3500 people per day when the death total is at 36,000 right now? According to your chart, that total shouldve been achieved in the last ten days. Like I said, doesnt make sense.
  15. The perfect weapon

    its per day, not per year
  16. The perfect weapon

    Im not very good at math but that doesnt seem right, especially since the total death toll worldwide isnt even 40,000 as of now.
  17. The perfect weapon

  18. The perfect weapon

    I will provide a video, where he shows papers and quotes from high level scientist all over the world basically stating if the virus hadnt been brought to anyones attention there would be really nothing out of the ordinary and the overall death totals are actually down compared to even just the last couple of years. Its up to you or whoever to watch it with an open mind, without that theres really no point. I will quote a few of the prominent doctors on the video to give an idea : "If we had not known about a new virus out there, and had not checked individuals with PCR status, the number of deaths due to "influenza tyype illness" would not seem unusual this year. At most, we might have noted that the flu season was a bit worse than average".. This one from the founding director of yale prevention research center: "I am deeply concerned that the social, economic and public health consequences of this near total meltdown of normal life will be long lasting and calamitious, possibly greater than the virus itself...the unemployment, impoverishment, and despair will be public health scourges of the first order" As long as you are just plugged into the medias narrative, thats all you will see. And theyve already put through legislation things inching ever closer to the scenario I laid out. I have no desire to spoon feed anyone about all this, the information is readily available, and not on "conspiracy" sites , either. anyways, heres the video, I suggest watching from minute 59 through an hour and 40 minutes. The media is not your friend, its basically psychological warfare. The fallout from the lockdowns, emotionally/ and fiinancially,(even if it doesnt lead to greater loss of freedom, which I sincerely doubt) will be much worse than the illness. Its crazy, its like most people have no sense of history.
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  20. stuff to do to feel qi better ?

    No exercise tops going for a walk - if anything i was lacking in exercise and just started to do a little more stuff cause i think its suppose to be good to make qi flow better breath better etc Teacher was very credibale also those who said they felt it (some advanced themselves some not) - he teaches zhnieng qigong and is considered a great healer The thing is its a loop if i would feel qi better i would be more motivated to practice and keep a steady practice
  21. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Bezos is a ghoul. I have heard of Amazon workers going on strike too. Power to the workers.
  22. What is Taoism

    Daoism isn't one thing but a convergence of different currents- shamanism, yin-yang five phase philosophy, the philosophy of Laozi and Zhuangzi, and the methods of the fangshi including various magical and alchemical practices. We could argue back and forth about it but, for the sake of having meaningful classification of ideas, I would argue that none of these by themselves are quite Daoist. They became part of Daoism when they converged in different ways in Han dynasty movements like the Celestial Masters, Shang Qing, and Ling Biao. Qigong and martial arts aren't particularly Daoist. That is, there are Daoist forms of them, and their underlying theory/cosmology is mostly or wholly compatible with some form of Daoist cosmology, but just practicing qigong is not inherently Daoist. You could practice some form of qigong regardless of your religious or philosophical outlook.
  23. Whole Foods employees are staging a sickout tomorrow due to lack of safe working conditions and pay. Bezos has stated in the last few weeks that paid sick leave must be shared among workers so it doesn't cost him more money! Fucking Capitalists!
  24. Serge Augier: Daxuan

    Another flash sale at Udemy so now would be a good time to check out Daxuan Daoism. There is a new course: Stress and Emotions: A Daoist Way
  25. What is Taoism

    Yes I know this might seem like a strange question on this forum, but it seems like the concept of Taoism is in China versus the West is very different. As I read the blog posts and watch the youtube videos of most westerners there seems to be the idea that Taoism IS Qigong, or some type of martial art, or some kind of alchemy. On the other hand when I read about how the Chinese practice it it seems to be more of a religion with temples and gods and rituals and incense and texts. I realize this divide isn't exclusive only to Taoism because I know that the Western vs Asian view of the practice of Buddhism it's quite different as well with Westerners tending to view more as a philosophy and Asians tending to approach it more as a religion. A lot of things that I used to assume were Taoist I have come to find did not originate with Taoism, but rather a lot of it is from Chinese folk religion or has been integrated from other systems. Such as many of the gods and goddesses come from Chinese folk religion. The concept of yin and Yang and the five elements come from the naturalistic school. The I-ching predates taoism by quite a bit. So this begs the question. What exactly is Taoism? I think largely part of the ambiguity of how to practice Taoism let me to see more definitive answers and things like Buddhism. so I'm sure I'll get a plethora of the responses but basically what I want to know is what is Taoism and how does one practice Taoism?
  26. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    Blither, blither, blither ... Definition: Blithering Idiot Example: As Nungali, Dumont cast Fabrice Luchini, whose dialectical extravagance and theatrical exuberance lend his character, a blithering sybaritic fop, the pathos of a physical infirmity matched by the physical comedy of the accident-prone.
  27. If thats what it is, wouldn't it yield a better relational understanding to phrase it as the 'I Am Not' consciousness? As in, "I am not my past"? Or, "I am not my baggage"? The I Am paradigm does not align too well with my understanding, therefore my questions could be misconstrued to mean something its not intended to. Im just not confident with the notion that there is a self to find, just as peeling off all the layers of an onion to arrive at its true nature can be quite a shocking process. Its my observation that many who do a lot of work on themselves may experience being let down by their sincere effort and intentions, because ultimately, existence and non-existence, or cause and effect, in itself has the nature of unsatisfactoriness as default.
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