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  2. Synchronicity and the flow of time

    the guy in this scenario was delusional and turning his gifts into an ego thing i was not negating the reality of such things, but the capabilities of the intellect to comprehend it deeper levels of reality can only be navigated or understood from within those levels, and the intellect is not this is my current understanding anyway
  3. Strong chi - effect on others

    That is possible. But, usually such things are more about what they feel. Like the energy “hits” some issue that causes anger or fear from some memory, and then they associate that uncomfortable feeling with the person that they subconsciously feel originated it in some way. Like a feeling you get from someone.
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  5. Strong chi - effect on others

    They might poke your belly
  6. Strong chi - effect on others

    Definitely had that happen to me. And I've had that happen to me but I didn't hate, more like my shyness/arrogance came up and I was dealing with it than hating it for coming up. My question is a bit like that... But, the people who hate on others for lighting them up... is it a condition like being severely hunched back or having extreme twitches from alcohol addiction? As in people develop to learn to hate energy/power when they don't have a foundation build up. But not every normal/weak person develops the bad habit of hating what they lack. Would you say it is like that?
  7. Living Anandamayi Ma Disciples

    It changes with your mind. More scattered your mind, more you expend your chi. More still your mind, more focused your chi becomes. Think of it like light through a prism becomes scattered, and light in form of a laser, concentrated and focused to a powerful point. I’m not sure what dipa ma is. But if I understand what you’re asking, Your mind is either still or not. On one end is stillness of the mind, and the other end is scattered mind with thoughts flying through it all the time. I think it’s best to start another topic if you have other questions wrt mind and Qi. The OP was about Anandamayi Ma.
  8. Lol, but if you look at the loonnggg, cyclic game...sweet, virtuous, & nurturing Eve/Madonna/Mary Ann wasn't the only aspect of the whole female archetype...there was also Lilith/Ginger. The Lilith persona has just been coming out of the closet and gaining a lot more steam lately...
  9. Living Anandamayi Ma Disciples

    So this makes chi change? Why only dipa ma is like this? Is it like a spectrum of this stilling effect? If so what is on the ends of the spectrum? If I am going off topic or nagging you bro, ignore me and I leave it :D. EDIT: Ooops dipa ma is a different person :p. I noticed similar calming effect from dipa ma as well. :1
  10. Tantra...

    Like what Apech said. This quote goes with this:
  11. Road Trip

    Great trip. Thanks for sharing. Motorcycle ideal vehicle for such a road. That case when the bigger the car, the bigger the problem
  12. Living in the Anthropocene Age

    I think this is true. Those who pursue big profits will never stop this process on their own. There is many processes in their hands, and most likely they will go to the end? and will not stop. It is necessary to get change the consciousness of many people , then the value system has changed, new people should be carried away for their ideas got the masses, and then it will be possible to rebuild the world. But this seems to me almost impossible. Usually big changes occur after major disasters, when the old is destroyed to the ground and appear the possibility to build a new one. It seems to me that the most realistic scenario for the return of humanity to nature is a huge planetary catastrophe. After which everything will be destroyed, and the land will be devastated. Nature will slowly recover and the surviving people will be able to start building a new world. Humanity will be forced to return to nature. Perhaps we, as humanity, are going back to nature in such a paradoxical way - bringing the world closer to a catastrophe, bringing everything to the limit, beyond which there will be drastic changes and everything will turn 180 degrees! After all, according to Taoism, this is the law of our world - the limit of yang gives rise to yin and vice versa.
  13. Haiku Chain

    What is beyond words And cannot be named or told That is the question
  14. Living Anandamayi Ma Disciples

    Why don’t you try? Effects will be permanent after you learn how to meditate properly.
  15. Living Anandamayi Ma Disciples

    Your chi is just the active aspect of your awareness. By resting as awareness, your mind will become stilled. If your mind is stilled, then your chi will be focused. Her presence makes it easier to still the mind, resting as awareness. That is meditation. Just be, as awareness.
  16. Synchronicity and the flow of time

    Love Arnie !!!! It's nice to see the contrast with the anaemic self hating climate robots and the red blooded male. Funny thing is lots of the things Arnie says are true !!!! The thing about what-is-called-today-science-but-has-nothing-to-do-with-science ... is that one day on Ted talks they will announce they finally understand everything, and everyone will clap and cheer like at a SpaceX launch. And then they will go home. And nothing will have changed. Nothing even began to change. Stupid !
  17. What are you watching on Youtube?

    The only place on tv that i've seen this report covered. Wonder how long it will take them to censor the youtube clip?
  18. Synchronicity and the flow of time

    Stick to your intuition. It is very much real and it's the universe helping/connecting with you. Don't look at it as a matter of numbers or circumstances that suddenly happen. Those numbers are indicators from the universe or your higher self indicating to you whether to trust your feelings/thoughts or to avoid them in those moments. The synchronicity that happens outside is just a way for your physical body/mind to understand that something inside you is real and already knows the answers. When you are wondering or asking a question about something important. Check the time. You might find that at the time you've thought about an answer, there will be a synchronicity in numbers indicating to trust that answer. When you're hurting or are asking for help. You'll find some synchronicity happen and it can be an indicator that you will have help, and it will be okay. Everything i'm telling you is because i've experienced them in the most real physical, undeniable way. And only through trusting some and failing to trust so much more that i've realized it is really there to guide us if we can utilize it correctly. Try to not look for it, and just let it happen. That also means don't try to avoid it, if that makes sense. And constantly keep your perspective/mind in check during these occasions to make sure you're not just forcefully creating it all the time.
  19. Please do yourself a favor and get a massage gun. I got this one yesterday, and it's unknotted knots i've had for the past 15 years.
  20. Synchronicity and the flow of time

    what happens when a conservative hangs out with enough open minds: Not really off topic - synchronicity is to some as absurd as climate change is to them as well. Arnold use to epitomize the Hummer driver - now he converts hummers to electric. He continues to change and grow - in the video he plays the complete opposite of where he stands on the issues.
  21. Living Anandamayi Ma Disciples

    I noticed a similar subtle feeling from awaken in the past
  22. When does one "become" a taoist?

    Thank you for your reply! I can see what you mean, and it makes perfect sense to me.
  23. When does one "become" a taoist?

    Hi Raindancer In reply to your question, I would say that you could even be a Daoist without being aware of it. Just to illustrate, a pronouncedly Daoist forum member (who is sadly no longer with us) had a strong perception of me as a Daoist as well, while others prefer to see me as a Hermetist - and to myself, I simply am what I am. And I definitely don't agree that not having any wishes is a requirement for calling yourself a Daoist. Wishes are natural - as a matter of fact, a being that wouldn't desire anything also wouldn't survive very long. And the central tenet of Daoism (at least the way I understand it) is being in accordance with nature in general, and with your own in particular.
  24. Synchronicity and the flow of time

    That sounds amazing @Spotless ! i'm sure this goes without saying, but enjoy yourself. there will be without a doubt plenty to learn, and unlearn respectively. I wish I knew more about physics and it's overlap with various practices within daoism /other traditions, but i'd most likely end up using it as some kind of intellectual ammunition to convince people I'm not completely woowoo My spidey senses do however tingle when I read certain things about physics, even when I don't understand them intellectually.. Hard to explain. I am still fairly young and have time aplenty to learn more. There is just so much I don't know!
  25. When does one "become" a taoist?

    Thank you for all the advice once again! Looking closer at what I have to choose from in this city, there only seems to be one active teacher that teach Tai Chi (a type called 13 form), which he teach alongside Qigong, he seems to have learnt both from Mantac Chia and his students. Maybe it would be alright for now? (or rather, the autumn season, there's nothing now) Me moving won't happen until 2020 or 2021, and I'm not yet sure which city I'll be close to, but when I am sure, I'll make sure to ask here if anyone knows any good teacher to turn to! I've never heard of Bagua before, and I can't seem to find any teachers on that when I search on google.
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