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well I think about having my thighs to bear my weight. But right now my chi is really messed up so Im not sure if thats correct(should be, I think)

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Yep. Pretend you are being suspended by a string whilst walking. Simple and beautifully effective. This alone does wonders for posture and balance.


Also, you may want to play with keeping all your weight on your back foot until your front foot has gained a stable rooting... You'll learn this when you walk in the form, if yours has it.


Oh, and be mindful of your body. A few tips: be mindful of how your body moves, how it absorbs the impact of the pavement, how your upperbody responds to your lowerbody movements, how relaxed you are...


That should keep you busy :D



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And easy? :D

There are certain styles that can be done

but with out training it's easy to just start with ...




See how far that can bring you.

It's amazing all the depth and texture you'll discover

Stuff that's always there if one just pays attention!


To start just stand.

Sounds So simple!!!

Then the HARD part ...

Da Da Da DAAA!



Before you start feel where your at.

What ever sensation come to you,

be it weight in your feet

a soft breeze caressing your cheek

that piece of (?) celery stuck in your teeth from lunch!

LOL, sorry, couldn't resist.

This is about feeling not judging

It is what it is and that's all.


Then just shift your weight(FEEL)

Slowly lift your foot (FEEL)

Put your heel down (FEEL)

Let your foot flatten (FEEL)

Slowly put some weight into that foot

and shift (FEEL)

on and on.


And continue on like that

U can lift your foot and take a step

or change your mind and go someplace else.

You need No room to practice this and no time limit!

can do it fast or slow

though you may fine you feel more/deeper

the slower you go


Don't just feel your feet though that's great too!

Move you toes.




Right now.

Move your toes.

You KNOW HOW MANY things take place when you do that???

Check it out!



You don't even need Toes to practice things like this!

No matter how much mobility one has

you can still work with deepening your experience of feelings.


There are "systems" of Tai chi walking

but this is a great place to start.


Oh also, anything can be Qi Gong ... if your breathing.

(Know some might disagree but ...)


Have fun pranaman !


Every time you step you can feel deeper

and find so much magic (ie. unknown reality?) hiding deep within!







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Those are excellent tips!


Also bring your attention to your vision, don't turn inward so you're barely aware of your surroundings, don't be over focused and try to hold things in place, simply be aware of your surroundings and see everything slide by as you move.

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Yeah, I like this topic! :D


So, how about with jogging? Has anyone applied these type of principals to jogging?

In Spring Forest system something is mentioned about it in the book. Something about holding the hands or arms and making a tai chi symbol or something but I did not quite understand it. :blink:


Anyone have any good suggestions? I would love to hear them. :)

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I do some 'taichi' walking.

I don't follow any sort of method. I just 'do it'. I root myself into the ground with my feet. my dan tien. sometimes my whole body. and I walk. every step is a movement of the cog. sometimes I use my arms and legs to develop that external qi-field. (but usually not.)


It's a really good way to walk around. :mellow: sometimes when I just stand there, with my knees slightly bent, and straight, (as if I am pulling my hips open with my legs,) and stand rooted.. my legs and dan tien termble with energy. it's good.


I don't thin kthat to do tai chi, you necessarily have to follow specific movement patterns. once you learn how to 'tap' into energy, you just do it.

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I had a long walk home today and I was thinking about this thread. I believe I missed out the most obvious and beneficial advice I can give on the subject.


Belly breathing.


Good, relaxed belly breathing helps with rooting and opening the hips. It also allows the shocks of making contact with the ground ripple through your body easier. Keeping your mind in your dan tien also greatly improves balance, and from my experience circulation of blood and chi too.


Most humble,


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Seems like your asking the right questions. Turning the waterwheels. Keep it up.



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