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  1. I'll be in Portland until Wednesday and regularly push. Im moving to big island for a season to train. David 503-964-7606

  2. Blind Visionaries

    each one hungry for the truth

    we eat together



  3. Tai chi friends

  4. Same shit differnt bahg
  5. The Flyers

    Careful while you wait under that shady tree. They arnt as creative as us, it's just that we're terrestrially planted ...
  6. Qi Condensing

    Condensation breathing is the primAry breath in my Wei Dan practice. Inhale silent Hen tongue flaps to roof mouth fill lungs slowly bottom to top exhale aspirated Haa tongue opens completely empty lower Dan tien inhale/relax lower abdomen/ silent hen silmutaneously this creates a vacuum pump by completely relaxing the trunk at the onset of the inhale (the relaxation of the compression doing the work) and also completely relaxing at the peak of the inhale the work being down by the compression of the expanded upper cavity. This way the tongue alone acts as the active bridge for circulation unnessecary tension being isolated to the single movement of the tongue and accomplishing the maximum cardio pulminary effect. I was taught this as the primary breathing method for cultivation in a variety of static and moving forms. It was called Condensation breathing and can also be performed in reverse for a tonic effect.
  7. The So-called "Tree of Life" has been debunked

    No one has cut down that majestic tree. I was just there last week and the lights are working just fine and the garland is a nice touch. It's not everyday u attract interdimensional attention. Timeless Lovers Create Facebook: spectrum Midas vidavlan
  8. The So-called "Tree of Life" has been debunked

    The Tree is Alive and Well Live to Love Love to Live
  9. Tantra, Cultivating sexual energy

    Who what when where why Fuck (plow) it who gives a fuck(plow) what the fuck(plow) when do u fuck(plow) where do u fuck(plow) why do u fuck(plow) love to fuck(plow), fuck(plow) to love? The lost sword...If you turn a sword upside down isn't it a plow?
  10. good Breath wor. Is like sex with the earth . There isn't any practice that Will remove you from the human condition. Where ever you go there you are.
  11. Gravity is a scam!

    Angles push down and into yet when conceded push out and away consider the coinciding phenomenon on and around earth grid vortices Weather warriors
  12. Suppression and Repression of Sexuality

    Face the tree, hug the tree, climb the tree, dance in out up and down the tree... You are free to do this. Grow. Bloom. Fruit. Observing breaths and movements of trees are for me. Alignment is not rigid, relaxed mobility shapes inself to the wave at hand.
  13. Energy Vortexes on the Earth?

    It's important for people to understand th3 interactivity w consciousness. Do not underestimate the influence of seeking...
  14. Energy Vortexes on the Earth?

    upward flowing vortices and or downward flowing often paired