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  1. Normal Breathing vs. Reverse Breathing

    dont believe anything you ever read in wang lipings 'biography'. do this: read the Dao De Jing, and then cmopare the wisdom of Lao Tzu with the lipings 'masters' yeah big difference isnt there? You know, in my experience, a deep breath is a deep breath. Also, I think controlling your breathing is counter-productive-- the breath isnt meant to be controlled. if it becomes deep, it is as a -side effect- and not because you made it happen. If you control it, its not natural. read the Secret of the Golden Flower for its comment on it. it says DON'T control your breathing. I dont think the 'dan tien' is real either. dont worry about it. I think sifu Rel is delusional. in my experience the only real development you can hope for, lies in building up your electromagnetic field via qigong practice. like embracing the tree. experiment with embracing the tree (dont make the practice sucky and painful, put your arms down when you are tired,) for several hours every day. that is the only thing that is going to bring you real benefit. not any of these primitive daoist mystical lies about breathing and dan tiens and whatever. me.
  2. I banned for bad-mouthing frauds and liars. I think the last incident, I was upset that someone was spreading a gross misinterpretation of The Secret of the Golden Flower. Apparantly they were building a cult around their ignorance. hrm... I am mostly worried about young people wondering these forums, like I did when I was a teenager. I wasted so much time following dead-end allies, such as mantak chia and micheal winn. Their fusion of the 5 elements, for example. Even the microcosmic orbit. It was years of dedicated practice to absolute bullshit. If I had been practicing kunlun or just zhan zhuang instead, I would have been a grandmaster, I was so dedicated. I practiced all day long. it was all I did. (ps so fuck you two very much, winn and chia.) Also, obsessing about semen retention was a big deal for me. At 18, I just could not keep myself from jerking off every 1-2 weeks, at which point I had to 'start over'. Semen retention was a big fad which, now I think, was a big lie that really had a negative impact on my 'spiritual' development. If only someone like me had been around to assure my younger self that masturbating on a regular basis was ok so I think that this 'rationalist' element is important to have on a forum like this.
  3. Scientific Approach to Practice

    Kempomaster, that is great. You sound very sane, and I believe you. I am open to the possibility of close-distance healing, but the possibility of long-distance healing is baffling. I wonder how it is possible. The only way I can imagine that can convey energy through the space-time continuum , involves quantum entanglement, or... primordial nothingness. Could consciousness stem from this primordial nothingness, and then have the potential to reach back through primordial nothingness to another point in space-time? ...yes... actually I do believe this is possible. Hey, do you think I can heal hypertopic scars on face with qigong, or does the body consider them already 'healed' up? A chinese dermatologist really fucked up my face with a laser, and now I am left with ypertropic scars all over my face. I am getting back into qigong again hoping that they will heal... I hope so =\ ...besides... kempo, what do you feel like you 'do' when you do distance healing? Is it just an intent..? can you describe how exactly you do it, (or how you think you do it?)
  4. Kempomaster

    pssssssss this is an open forum, intended for open discussion. I don't think it is right to feel like you can restrict somebody else's freedom to interject their point of view for the sake of advertisement. If you just wanted to make an advertisement, then I think you can purchase ad space with the forum.
  5. Kempomaster

    p.s., if you ever ask yourself whether or not you should believe someone, see if they are selling anything.
  6. Kempomaster

    Rainbow-- why do I think that the original poster is either lying or deluded? --because 'distance healing' is impossible. It only works for 'eager' people. Do you want to argue that it is possible? Then ask the original poster and her friends to take their practice to the next level: take it to a local university and have a few undergraduate students chronicle the phenomena in an objective manner. ie: 1) have the patients diagnosed by an objective third party, to asses their initial conditions 2) record the details of the 'distance healing sessions' in an objective manner 3) interview the patients and catalogue their experiences during and after the healing sessions 4) MAKE IT A DOUBLE-BLIND STUDY SO YOU CAN FIGURE OUT WHO THE 'EAGER' PEOPLE ARE 5) have the patients re-diagnosed by an objective third party, to asses possible improvement ---viola!-- then you have a scientific case-by-case analysis of 'distance healing' recorded in an objective manner. IF the results are real, then they should show up in the study. I don't think objectivity in this case can affect the 'healing powers' being demonstrated. Until you have a legitimate, responsible, trustworthy third-person entity with a very detailed study I can read, I am not going to believe that some random person is performing miracles. I think it is much more likely that the original poster, her 'clients', and her spiritual master are all too eager to believe that what they are doing is actually real. I have met alot -- ALOT -- of deluded people in my time. ....... Have you ever heard about the christians who enjoy getting drunk on whiskey, get into trances, talk in tongues, and enjoy snake-handling? -- do you think that they are genuinely in touch with god, or do you think that they are just a bunch of crazy people??????? think about it . there are alot of people around here with this 'crazy christian' mentality .
  7. Scientific Approach to Practice

    hahaha I know what the observer effect is, dawei-- but I hardly think it is a correct conclusion to assume that 'consciousness' is affecting the electrons. In the first place, when their movements are analyzed, *machines*(like cameras,) do all the observing-- and then the human being analyzes the results spit out by the machines. so, there is no *direct* relationship between the change in electron behavior and the conscious, human observer. Who knows what it is, it may be consciousness after-all, it is too early to tell. And even if it is 'consciousness', there is the really difficult question of HOW consciousness (especially through so indirect a relationship,) affect electrons in just such a way far out. actually, personally, I think it has to do with the recording devices. I think that as the movement of the electrons are recorded by these machines, that the machines are actually affecting them in a way we don't understand yet.
  8. Because it's mostly lies.
  9. I thought I would follow up on the post about scientific development-- for the fellows who believe that rationality is not important in your spiritual practice, how do you keep from getting scammed by all the fakes, liars, cheats out there who want to make money off of your devotion? For example, Micheal Winn. He is a liar and a fraud. He speaks to atlanteans. But he has made money selling his snake-oil to people like... a younger version of myself. I remember an administrator here was once selling I Ching readings through the forum. This is a desipicable use of the forum. How do you protect yourselves? ...or are you all simply going to allow yourselves to be cheated, and your spirituality stunted by these awful, (or at least deluded,) people? I remember I was actually banned from this forum for denouncing people who claimed to do miracles. and there were alot of them. (In fact they were the moderators, too, so they banned me.)
  10. Kempomaster

    I think you're either lying, or you're deluded.
  11. Scientific Approach to Practice

    Steve, taiji, neigong, qigong forms -- they all ahd to be *developed*, right..? How did the Daoists develop and refine these systems...? Knowledge is power in any circumstance. And, if we could possibly figure out what exactly is really happening when we practice any of these forms, then there is the potential for further development, as we have the freedom to refine the practice. It would be a mistake to divorce the rational mind from EM-practice.
  12. Anybody care to comment on my metaphysic?

    how do you waste money on hash?
  13. Scientific Approach to Practice

    "Saying we dont know what magnetism is would be like saying we have no idea what makes a gyroscope stand up when spun" >_< If you care to explain the means by which magnetic fields interact with other phenomena, please do let me know JoeBlast jlbwhvw elvh avhsnv perhaps you can point out the force carrier vlawbvWNEVUIEWNVIWUENVILWN maybe you can help me to see how it is distinguishable from gravity filufhiUNFVBIUB mmmmmm..... if there is a magnetic FIELD, and there is an accompanying particle for every field (per wave-particle duality,) then is there a corresponding particle for magnetism? jankjv ew you know, its not just magnetism, either. perhaps you can explain to me the nature of Space? lahbvvvvvvfiufeb !!!!!!
  14. Hi from Beijing

    wow, what are you doing in wudaokou? yeah, I guess we could meet for tea or something. Do you like hash?
  15. Anybody care to comment on my metaphysic?

    well, I came back to the USA to finish my degree, and now I am studying again at Renmin university in beijing. On the one hand, I think I am a genius and am hoping to get my theory of gravity published. (...) on the other hand, my life sucks ass. I'm about out of money. In a couple months, I might be homeless.