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  1. No more right-wing bullshit.

    I've spent the better part of 3 years upholding and enforcing the egalitarian principles of this forum and defending the thing you, @sean set into motion years ago. I left the day you chose to show how little respect you have for the team who kept this place afloat by closing reports and refusing to answer questions. I've come back here to inform you that I believed in what you had going here. I loved that it was a diverse community awash with different view, people and practices. Sad you've chosen this path and shat on those who had real faith in you and TDB as a whole. It's really sad... See ya bums.
  2. Is rigpa really that simple?

    He git trolled so hard and embarrassed himself so in the sexcapades thread that he left.
  3. What happens to suicides?

    I'd like to tell you a story and I hope you take it to heart... On February 25, 2019 I received a phone call that changed me, my life and my entire family. My sister committed suicide. It has been the most devastating loss in my 48 years on this planet. You see, from her journal I found that she felt insignificant, invisible, and helpless. She was very ill for many years and these feelings built a wall around the person we, her family and friends, thought she was. She told no one and sought no help. Even though you may not realize it I hear you screaming for help. I hear you saying you really do not want to die, that you just want what you believe will make you happy. Please try to find one thing each day to live for and to love even if it is just to see the moon one more night. I am begging you to live because you matter and you are worthy! You matter and are worthy in ways to others that you can not fathom right now! The devastation of suicide reaches far outside the circle of family and friends around you. It touches the lives of strangers, their children, their animals, their world is rocked too. Suicide is like an earthquake, only the aftershocks are felt for years not mere days. The pain is far reaching and the suffering is intense. I wrote this shortly after my sister took her life. This is a glimpse of what happens after suicide. Please talk to someone. I will listen and talk with you. I will do everything I can to keep you on this earth so that you can find some happiness and a will to live because people do love you. Please, please, please!
  4. Better question would be... Would you know a Buddha if you met one?
  5. Trump talk

    MOD TEAM NOTICE a post has been hidden for editing after the system word filter removed of a derogatory term. the member edited the post with an alternate spelling. this will not be tolerated, posts will be hidden and action could ensue should members persist.
  6. Synchronicity and the flow of time

    You aren't alone. It's happened to may people for different reasons. Be sure to care for yourself and not allow yourself to get caught up in it.
  7. Tantra...

    Was hopeful this would be a fruitful discussion, however, folks seem intent on petty bickering to "clarify" their position so as to make sure they are rightfully heard. The lesson here could be tantric for some if indulging the ego is as pleasurable for them as it is maddening for me. It's been fun, but not real fun. Peace, out.
  8. Not Mistranslating the Bible

    I'd call it trolling.
  9. Tantra...

    For me there has to be some form of trust or even what some might call healthy curiosity for even a "taste". In my experience absolutely for all of the above. The greater the trust which allows for greater openness, the more powerful.
  10. Tantra...

    Thank you. It just seems so odd coming from people who know Jeff and are no stranger to his "tradition". It feels off to me, like there is something more than flavor, cultural or otherwise, and lineage at play. Why the need to try to force him to define what he does as anything? As some kind of lineage or self-taught tradition? Support does not tell a person with whom they should and should not share their practice, support does not tell another there is a problem with them sharing. It feels like some kind of trap and anything but encouragement, but that's just me. This wreaks of, "say this Jeff so I can go back and dig up quotes and call you out". ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Tantra...

    Seems to be some sort of underlying, for lack of a better term, conflict going on in this topic that makes it rather confusing and hard to follow. Has me scratching my head wondering WFT is really being discussed here, because it seems to be more about Jeff and his "tradition" and tone than tantra.
  12. Travels in the False World

    You speak of ego, yet no mention of how much ego it takes to judge others from just a momentary glimpse at their lives. On what authority do you have to assign child abuse, drunkenness and depression to these people? I am genuinely curious.
  13. Not Mistranslating the Bible

    Ummm... No, not the same at all. Beautiful like a rainbow is nice and all, however, we're dealing with something entirely different when it comes to posts like that. Please stick to the topic. Porn, the female anatomy and racial slurs have no place here.
  14. Tantra...

    I don't believe anyone is suggesting that merely erasing the chalkboard or data from a hard drive "cures" or erases all. How productive is it to go back after erasing or overwriting with forensics or a microscope, even metaphorically, to see if it's still there? If you're looking for something you will surely find what you're looking for and the erasing and overwriting process starts anew. Cultivation (erasing and overwriting) in every form of practice is an endless, continual process.