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  1. I did laugh out loud! Thank you I needed it! It is important to keep Uranus clean too!
  2. Grilled cheese
  3. Personally, I think you guys take all of everything that has ever been said about energy, qi or chi or whatever the brand of the week is too seriously. Essentially, I disagree with most all of every teaching that says you have to retain qi. Qi is a give-and-take. It is an exchange with the environment with people, with every interaction that we have. Until you know qi, and it's true sense you'll never understand. Qi is not about a man retaining his holy semen nor is it about a woman slaying the Red Dragon. Qi is about balance, balance within, and has nothing to do with the opposite sex. Everything, all peace, all Divine is within. If you find a partner who is with you on that, that, it's a bonus to this lifetime
  4. For centuries those who have suffered are more open. How could they not be? They are completely open to the earth and the for their livelihood. Love, as most people understand it is a lower chakra thing. Lower chakra love is lust, sexual excitement, that enticing thing that makes us feel good on the physical and sometimes an emotional level. An open heart, is well beyond; it is beyond the sexual, it's beyond lust. It is a refined love, that I can not describe. Pure... Purely, for absorbing, rinsing and sending back the engery absorbed. The person themselves, with the Open Heart , may not be "pure", however, if they receive, and connect it can be life changing. I really kind of find it odd that you would mention celebrities like Oprah and Ellen. For someone who talks about being able to see how chakras and stuff are open that you would come here talk about them. I do not see Oprah with an open heart. I'm truly interested in your further comments @dawn90.
  5. I am sorry, and I am not trying to be disrespectful, but I think that's a bunch of bullshit I'm a very blunt and straightforward kind of girl and again I apologize for that. Qi, chi, energy whatever you want to call it, is internal... It is high and and it is low. Did you practice today? Did you have sex? Many people, do not understand that the teachings that they are reading from men who are living in monasteries. These people did not have anything they had no social media they had no television they had no nothing. There is not a way to be uninfluenced by external stimuli. You only need to dive deep within yourself. I will do my very best to help you with that. You can PM me or we can discuss it here.
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  12. Welcome, dharmabum Quite an interesting life you have lead these past few years. Thanks for sharing.
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