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  1. You can purchase anything on the internet.
  2. Affirmative
  3. It is about your word choices, Wells. You sound like a misogynist using the term broads (generally derogatory) to describe human beings of the female persuasion. Further, if you would stay on topic, no one, mod or not, would be lead to believe such things about you. This has nothing to do with being a mod. Just because I am a moderator does not take away my right to say what I want to say, nor does it implore me to look at posts in any manner so as to please another, to save their image of themselves or their feelings. I call it like I see it and that, sir, will never change.
  4. That is so rude on so many levels!
  5. You've had multiple free passes, AKA warnings. You are about to use them all up. Swinging the ban hammer is a result of childishness in most cases, whether kids are involved or not. Stop banging on the door where the ban hammer is stored and you'll not have to worry about getting hit with it or who is swinging it.
  6. Thank you for the edit. Just so we are clear, you ever coming back is not of concern to me. On the other hand, how you act and treat others is of great concern. You know the rules here, they are not difficult... Anyway, thanks again.
  7. This is a privately owned forum. You agreed to the terms of service when you joined the forum. Freedom of speech does not imply there are not consequences for your "speech" if you violate ToS. Your post will now be hidden. See you in 3 days...
  8. Tsk, tsk, @allinone. Why can't you just take the warning and move on? Is it really worthy of such a vile and juvenile response? Please remove the video. It violates the terms of service. Failure to do so will result in the post being hidden and a suspension. The clock is ticking...
  9. Yes, I know you can and will handle him. But... We have some pretty easy to follow rules here and it is part of my job to remind folks about them when they forget.
  10. Plentiful
  11. The idea will be that if you keep posting in this vein you will be suspended and if you do not recover from your trolling, insulting ways, your membership will meet an untimely death, sooner rather than later. It does not take a lot of effort to be kind. Try it, you might like it.
  12. Popcorn
  13. Hostess Ding Dong
  14. Charlie