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  1. A solo traveller is one who masturbates.
  2. Hi

    Welcome, tombartifacts. It is nice to have you at TDB.
  3. I would say that it is not starvation that causes man to consume himself, but rather over indulgence. The need for more and more because the senses have become dulled. When man (people in general) spends an extraordinary amount of time indulging the senses s/he in effect, loses him/herself, thereby consumed by his/her own actions and distractions. S/He is lost because they believe that more external stimuli will make them whole and satisfied in some way. Wholeness and fulfillment starts and ends with the individual, it is only ourselves that keeps us from realizing it.
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    So happy to have you back!!
  5. Edward, think about it... If there was someone with real power over you do you think they would be allowing you to out them here? Sometimes energy can feel so real. I have had some hellish experiences but I knew it was just how my mind was interpreting energy flows. It is so hard to get past our own thoughts and inturpretations but it is possible. Go outside, change your scenery for a bit, take a bath, do anything but sit and dwell on it. Do something to help dissipate the excess energy. Hell, do push ups until you can't do anymore and then take a nap. I'm sorry you're dealing with this. It will get better.
  6. meat eater to vegetarian

    Legumes and rice are good for feeling full. Google is your friend. https://veganearthandsoul.com/go-vegan-in-30-days/
  7. Summer Salads

    Thank you for your concern and info but I eat far more than just salad and am very healthy. It is all about balance for me.
  8. Summer Salads

    Rainbow Bean Salad 1 can Chickpeas 1 can Black beans 1 can Cannellini beans I can Kidney beans 1 ea Red, yellow and orange pepper Cherry or grape tomatoes Kale or leafy green on your choice Red onion English cucumber Lemon juice Lemon Zest Extra virgin olive oil Salt Pepper Rinse beans and chickpeas, set aside to drain thoroughly. Chop vegetables to your liking, add beans, lemon zest, juice, olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Toss and refrigerate a couple of hours before serving. I do not measure much so feel free to add as much or as little of each ingredient as you like. Adding in herbs or hot peppers for a kick are great additions as well. In the photo below, I roasted the chickpeas with olive oil and a chipolte and garlic seasoning allowing them to cool completely before adding.
  9. Fake "Bob Dobbs"

    Did you do drugs with your friends again?
  10. Fake "Bob Dobbs"

    Nope, no ego here... How long will it take for the straw man's bindings to unravel?
  11. How to deal a relationship

    Communication is not always conversation. I know that some of the best bonding moments I've had with my husband were silent snuggled in his lap on the couch. It can be massage, it can be a reassuring smile or blowing a kiss from across the room, a hug, sharing a fond memory or just a simple wink. Reassurance that you are there, that you are available and tuned in will go a long way for both of you. I do not have the answers I just know what has worked to help me and my husband to heal and to reconnect after my depression.
  12. How to deal a relationship

    Finding the right therapist can be difficult, but once you do they can help. It is important to approach her truths as her own. There is no requirement for you to and vise versa. Finding a middle ground where the two of you can let go of some of your fears, frustration and anger, at each other and yourselves, so that you can discuss her illness and the effects it has on you as individuals and as a couple is not easy, takes courage, compassion and time. An open dialogue without judgement will open doors for both of you and a good therapist, in my opinion, can help the two of you reach that place. Remember you can't fix her or govern her actions. You can only do that for yourself and doing ao will help you both. Eating disorders are terrible and I can not imagine watching someone I love suffer from one. I will remember the two of you in my prayers and wish for your and her healing.
  13. How to deal a relationship

    Communication is key. Learning to talk to and listen to one another without judgement and 100% honesty is vital. Take a look at transactional analysis. The goal is to be the adult, however we all fall into being the critical parent and sometimes even the child from time to time. Being able to identify these states in yourselves will help tremendously. Seek out a therapist that you can see together and separately.
  14. Call 911 or whatever the emergency number is for your country and give them his address. He will get help whether he wants it or not.
  15. The Tao of disappointment

    Note: There is no access to the real teacher. The real teacher no longer teaches.