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  1. DISCORDIANSIM ,any one in ?

    Sounds like TDB. Rinse, wash, repeat...
  2. Haiku Chain

    Where the water's good Light reflects off clam stillness Warm, glowing, peaceful
  3. DDC Chapter 6: 谷神不死是谓玄牝。

    Hello Eric I am looking forward to more of your posts?
  4. Relationship to food

    All of the above, depending on the circumstance, and what I am going to eat. I would also add that food can be healing.
  5. simplify

  6. simplify

  7. simplify

  8. New here

    Welcome to the bums, Chris. There are many of us who have no idea what we are doing here, or how to contribute, but we somehow manage
  9. New to Dao

    Welcome to the bums, Guido
  10. Hello everyone

    Hi Nik, welcome Some community service and metta or bodhicitta meditation might serve you well.
  11. New to group

    Thanks for joining us
  12. Hello i am George

    Welcome to the bums, George
  13. Excuses, excuses...

    You are not the only one. I've gained 4 pounds in a month, committed to losing it and there is butter pecan ice cream in the freezer. Was it as divine as it sounds?