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  1. I had an old down pillow I thought I couldn't sleep without. I kept waking up with tiny scratches on my face and neck. It took months for me to figure out it was the feathers in my pillow. I loved it, but we had to part ways after it made me bleed.

    Neanderthal is a species, not a race.
  3. Desire vs Yearning

    Desire v Yearn de·sire /dəˈzī(ə)r/ noun 1. a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. "a desire to work in the dirt with your bare hands" synonyms: wish, want, aspiration, fancy, inclination, impulse; yearning,longing, craving,hankering, hunger; eagerness,enthusiasm,determination; informalyen, itch,jones yearn /yərn/ verb verb: yearn; 3rd person present: yearns; past tense: yearned; past participle: yearned; gerund or present participle: yearning have an intense feeling of longing for something, typically something that one has lost or been separated from. "she yearned for a glimpse of him" synonyms: long for, pine for, crave, desire, want, wish for, hanker for, covet, lust after/for, pant for, hunger for, burn for, thirst for, ache for, eat one's heart out for, have one's heart set on; More informalhave a yen for, itch for "he yearned for a second chance"
  4. Desire vs Yearning

    You do realize that to yearn is to desire strongly or with intensity don't you? They are synonyms.
  5. Desire vs Yearning

    Not possible.
  6. Desire vs Yearning

    It was a rhetorical question. There is no yearning.

    WTF did I just read?
  8. simplify

  9. Protein shakes. Get yourself a crock pot or and Insta pot for cooking meals you do not have to stand over. There are many recipes on line for cooking meals in both.
  10. Slang terms we can and can't use!

    It that case, this topic might better be served in the rabbit hole or off-grid.
  11. Slang terms we can and can't use!

    Technically, any name calling or the use of derogatory terms to describe another member is against the insult policy and not conducive to civility.
  12. Can We Know Truth?

    Mod Team Warning please get back to the topic. If you are to I can help by shutting the topic down for a while or handing a out vaction pass.
  13. Can We Know Truth?

    Let's get back on topic here- "Can we Know Truth". The topic is not about music or sound, Drew. Make a new thread or go back to one of the many you have already derailed beyond reason.
  14. Even some facts are subjective. To expect or insist that folks take on your view of "facts" or present their view the way you would closes a lot of doors.