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  1. haha! I did not have permission to view the women's sanctuary either, even with mod and admin permission sets, so I was not seeing the link you posted. All fixed now though.
  2. No, I do not think you made a mistake. Emptycup did not have access to Nuwa. All good.
  3. BES, what are you trying to share? It is something on the bums? @emptycup, I have given you access to the women's forum, Nuwa.
  4. There is nothing to do. Owner permissions are on longer available on the forums.
  5. Well, my name is Karen and that spelling was already in use as an avatar on TDB, so I chose a 3 as a substitute for the e. Three has a significance in many systems of practice and religons. It is a worthy and interesting google search.
  6. There is not really a guide per se, but I'm happy to help. You can search forum and tech support or make a new thread there and I will answer your questions or you can message me for help. Kar3n TDB Mod Team
  7. Edit the first post of the topic and you will be able to edit the title.
  8. WayofChi is currently dealing with a hurricane, so I will answer for him this time. A PPD is a personal practice discussion, kind of like a journal. WayofChi PPD
  9. Welcome back.
  10. It is curious that one of the highest immortal masters in the heavens would need or condone a human student defending his good name and reputation if "followers of the Dao don't make a show." This thread is turning into a show, and not a good one. It might be worth asking yourselves if devaluing another Daoist practioner, no matter the school or master, is what a follower of the Dao should be wasting his time and energy on.
  11. Hot dog
  12. Beer
  13. How long are you holding your breath?
  14. Augustine (100%) Kant (82%) Aquinas (74%) Plato (40%) Aristotle (32%) Hume (19%) Nietzsche (8%) Protagoras (0%) Sextus Empiricus (0%)
  15. How did you gather that? By osmosis? The second turn? Can you elaborate on that? Who are these females? I am not seeing any in this conversation who are against discipline or cultivation.