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  1. All areas of the forum have moderation, some more stringent than others. A PPD is a personal practice discussion. It is a dedicated forum created for members to discuss their practices or whatever they choose. It is moderated by the member. Staff only steps in when asked or in the case of forbidden content. Yes, but only in a PPD. Staff recommends hiding if any reports are to be made on the posts. No post, no report. https://www.thedaobums.com/topic/35280-moderating-your-own-ppd/ https://www.thedaobums.com/topic/38370-personal-practice-discussion-thread-request/ I said nothing about deleting the videos. I said, the topic may be moved to off grid depending on the content. Please bear in mind that just because it is suitable for UK or American TV does not, by default, make it suitable for TDB public sub-forums. There really is no need to be nasty. I am trying to help you. I said nothing of deleting your own content; I was speaking of other's posts you feel to be trolling. Should you decide to delete your own content, that can be done by editing or hiding them. No, that is just ridiculous. You can ignore those whom you believe to be trolls and you will not longer see their posts. Don't get nasty. Calm down; please stop shouting. This is the internet and really nothing to get so upset over.
  2. Deleted

    This is the original topic. According to the moderation history it was titled first. It was a rather nice video something to do with love, IIRC. The only edits made to this topic have been made by rideforever.
  3. Man, you need to lighten up. This is off topic, the rabbot hole where conversations meander and then find their way back on topic, eventually. You can't prevent anyone from posting in topics outside of a PPD, even then they can post, but you have to hide or delete their comments. I have not watched your new videos yet; depending on their content this topic might end up in off grid.
  4. Deleted

    It was posted in off-grid but moved to General discussion. I'm going to write up a post in forum and tech support so that folks know what to post where; maybe it will keep me from having to move so many topics.
  5. how to translate 丹道 into English?

    From my understanding... Trajectory- simply stated is a path an object or person follows
  6. They have never had admin privileges. There have been other times that people have not been able to be ignored with no explaination. It just happens.
  7. I've no clue. Could be a system glitch. You can try again later.
  8. I moved it, because it is not practice or system related. Please be advised that it can still find its way into off-grid or the pit. The subject matter is borderline appropriate for the rabbit hole but I thought would give it a shot and see how it evolves.
  9. It would makes sense. Without women are there any civilizations? They are the incubators of life. Banned together in a dying civilization women could decide who breeds with whom, or not at all. I would agree it could be a contributing factor. Could possibly keep folks suppressed without the opportunity to realize their full potential lending to feelings of inadequacy, exacerbating mental illness and imaginable increased crime rates.
  10. Meh, I do not much care. I disagree with the sentiment of the video and have zero desire to dig for some deeper meaning. Cheap labor drives wages down thereby de-stablizing the economy making it almost impossible to earn a living wage especially for those who do manual labor. Depends on the women. I chose my husband based on his kindness, fluency in sarcasm and how he treated his family and me. I got lucky because he was/is strong and handsome too. Placing all women in the same basket based on their gender is an error. I certainly did. I married my husband for his loving heart and gentle nature, not his financial stability or ability to beat someone's ass if the need arose. Appearance plays a role, sure. I'd have not given him a moment of my time had he been dirty and smelly. If a man can not take care of and nurture himself, he surely would be lacking in the capacity to do the same for other. When I met my husband I did not want children, so I was not interested in breeding to produce offspring, it was purely for pleasure, mine and his. Nah, I will pass. What a person chooses for themselves in a mate is their business, critiquing and questioning based on gender is beyond the scope of how I choose to spend my time. Frankly, it is none of anyone's business and just plain rude.
  11. I watched this video here in December of '16, someone called it food for thought, and I still think it is shit. I had this to say at the time and do not recon I will ever see it any differently...
  12. Haiku Chain

    Where are you my love? Hot, golden, salted french fries Spicy ketchup too
  13. Well, I don't know that I would use the descriptors that you have, but it is a tricky situation. Try to get them out of the house and out in nature so they balance naturally without out you getting in trouble.
  14. Breathing Techniques

    There are systems and practices that incorporate breathing techniques for different results. Ever hear of pranamaya, Win Hof or embryonic breathing?