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  1. I believe that assertion is correct, sir! I can think of 6 of you off the top of my head.
  2. Contact Lisa. She is about as clean and nature loving as they come, really cool woman and an accomplished artist and goldsmith. If she is not taking commissioned pieces or what you are looking for is not her genre, I am sure she can point you in the right direction. She is highly connected in California and Arizona, as well as internationally. byzantia @ earthlink.net http://www.byzantia.com/
  3. Starjumper or anyone willing to answer, would you say that variations are or can be specific to an individual or to the system itself? Could a slight variation be more beneficial to one practitioner and not another without changing the intended outcome of the movement of a specific system?
  4. MOD TEAM WARNING You should stop the insults before you find yourself unable to troll for the attention you seem to desire so flagrantly.
  5. Familiar
  6. Val, welcome to the bums.
  7. Welcome to the bums, Oven.
  8. Wells, owner permissions no longer apply on the forums. Hiding and deleting others posts is prohibited outside of a PPD.
  9. The rules of this forum were put into place to protect forum members from attacks and insults. I will look at the posts, but last I checked disputing a system or a teacher's methods or lineage is not against forum rules. FYI, not a single report came from dwai, so you might want to rethink your thin-skinned commentary.
  10. Dwai has not been reported for trolling and insulting forum members, you have, numerous times by several in the last hour. Further, if I have to move another of your posts from the TaiChi thread it will only add to your impending suspension should you decide to continue.
  11. ***MOD TEAM WARNING*** Wells, it is neither your place nor it is your right to impose your will or desires on another member of this forum. Dwai is under no obligation to prove anything to you. You are entitled to your opinion, you have expressed it, now move on, stop trolling for someone to argue with and insulting fellow forum members. These are actionable offenses and should you continue you will likely see and interruption in your membership. *********
  12. What you are stating is false. Please refrain from disparaging this forum and its members any further, it is becoming redundant and tiresome. This is the second welcome thread that you are attempting to hijack merely because it mentions MoPai. Please consider this to be formal notice.