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  1. Martin Luther King Jr

    just finished reading this for the first time, and was reflecting on what we take for granted today.
  2. :-)

    Count me in jeffgrove: $103.20
  3. John Changs 1st Westener Student

    Chinese Indonesian students have also been kicked out of the school. Not just the white boys. Do the ancestors prefer a Chinese torch bearer? So it would seem. Like it or not it is their choice and their decision. It is an interesting topic what would your colour/heritage (race) have to do with the afterlife or the next?
  4. taoists and karma

    Tao gives birth to one One gives birth to two Two gives birth to three Three gives birth to the 10000 things (Emanations?) karma changes the mind stream like ripples on a pond
  5. Walking

    Bare feet on the ground can also make a difference especially for walking energy practices
  6. Chinese Character translations for a book! "You can use the scanner to scan any Chinese text (from books, magazine, letters, etc.) and see them instantly convert into editable Chinese text. And, it can translate the Chinese text into English! - Ad" Search the Internet for Optical Character Recognition Scan the book and use a translator - don't know how ell it will work?
  7. The Red Sun practice

    Thank you Mantra, This sounds very similar to Tummo, forcing the winds into the central channel with vase breath and then the bliss arises. Contracting the mucsles of the lower doors of the body draws the stomach in a little, swallowing and applying the neck lock unites the upper and lower winds at the navel and moves the winds inside the central channel. With tummo an imagined letter Ram (or red hot sun) begins to glow like a red hot furnace and the nadi blazes like a very tiny fire at the nada. Tummo refers to the original red drop. On blazing the tummo fire the pure red drop (and white) drip and fill the central channel and great bliss arises. (Guide to Dakini Land, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso).
  8. KunLun and Dan Tian

    Cool picture towards the bottom too. People popping out of heads or something. Anyone know the general interpretation of it?. Might be the five aspects of the mind Hun, Shen, Yi, Po, Zhi. Hun controls yang spirits in the body, Po controls yin spirits in the body, all are made of qi. Hun is responsible for all formless consciousness, including the three treasures: jing, qi and shen. Po is responsible for all tangible consciousness, including the seven apertures: two eyes, two ears, two nose holes, mouth. Therefore, we call them 3-Hun and 7-Po. As Po manifests, jing appears. Because of jing, Hun manifests. Hun causes the birth of shen, because of shen, consciousness comes forth, because of consciousness the Po is brought forth again. Hun and Po, yang and yin and Five Phases are endless cycles, only the achieved can escape it.
  9. KunLun and Dan Tian

    Like you I am interested in finding the common threads to these Taoist and Buddhist arts. You can check it out at The more I hear about Kunlun the more it sounds like a Ling related art as Yoda pointed out the other day in another thread. cheers Jeff
  10. KunLun and Dan Tian

    I have noticed there is a couple of different styles that use a similar position This is Zhong Yuan Gong taught by Mingtang Xu there are five levels to it.
  11. John Changs 1st Westerner student can be downloaded for free from
  12. Stillness vs Visualization meditation

    There is a place for visualisation and but I think the west puts to much focus on it, usually found in new age, or advanced type meditations. I have heard that visualisation is an advanced technique and if used by the inexperinced can easiler lead down the road of imagined achievements rather then actual progress. Personally I have found it is better to let the feelings arise when they are ready using awareness from stillness type meditations. The more you investigate these new feelings the more different parts of your body "come alive with energy" and you start to relise where certain points on your body are and energy pathways by focussing awareness. Eventually this leads to actual seeing instead of using the imagination in the first place. Getting to attached to new feelings can be just as misleading as visualisations as well.
  13. Xiang Gong

    Hi, The links I posted before are from the same qigong in the pdf. This version was only created in the past 30 - 40 years. I have heard of another Fragrance Qigong set, also known as Wild Goose 9 from the Taoist Kunlun Mountain School, Dayan Wild Goose Qigong. 27th lineage holder Grandmaster Yang Meijun is said to emit 5 types of flower fragrance energy.
  14. Xiang Gong detailed info and movie and history