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  1. Water fasting

    I've found this website very useful as a fasting resource. http://www.allaboutfasting.com/
  2. Banned from the Bible

    Glad I'm not alone. I've got two translations of the texts attributed to the Desert Fathers and get so much out of them. I try to read a little every day There's a lot in it about opening the heart, living in silence, not paying much attention to the slideshow of spiritual progress, killing the ego, strengthening the will/submission to God's, emptying the mind, etc. Thank you also for the links. It has brought this to my attention http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prayer_of_the_Heart. May peace be with you James
  3. Vegetarianism

    Not much truth to it in my eyes. Body temperature depends largely on metabolism, although I'm sure can be effected by diet, exercise is generally considered the main contributor. Women generally run colder than men, and most vegetarians tend to be female - perhaps this is how this information was spread? About 98% of my diet is vegetarian - have meat once a week at most. Run hot most of the time Happier and healthier too...
  4. Nature works in cycles. As sinfest said, we may think that we are divorced from it - yet will still live by the sun and the seasons. We stare in wonder at the stars above and picnic in the shade of trees. Where to go from here? For an individual who wants to re-connect, simple things like spending more time outdoors and looking after plants are a good start. If you want to learn survival skills or how to grow plants there are plenty of courses to go to. Maybe have a look into the transition towns movement, or permaculture.
  5. Be well guys

    Less time spent reading and writing means more time spent living and breathing. It's been a pleasure, Cameron, although I have mostly been in the 'background' I have read much of what you have written. You've grown wiser. Long may it continue. *bow* James
  6. how you Deal with Karma ?

    The way I understand it is that karma is as simple as "you get what you give", "what comes around goes around", "every action has a reaction" etc. So if you have karma that allows you to suffer and you no longer want to suffer, then start taking others out of suffering. Give, be generous, love, sacrifice, be kind, considerate, charitable... Of course, you could carry on suffering but that is quite likely to be less pleasant. If you're really 'good' then you can escape the cycle altogether. All of the above is easier to say than to do. It requires you to investigate your habits, to understand them, to eliminate/circumvent them. As you're alive and need to spend your time doing something - perhaps this is the best possible option? Love, James
  7. Do Ya'll guys drink?

    Including moderation
  8. Simon Das silat seminar intensives

    Best advertised here?
  9. Who eats least and endures cold?

    There are a select few muslims who have been fasting (i.e. not eating or drinking between sunrise and sunset, and consuming very moderate amount at all other times) for years without fail. Names escape me at the moment. I would imagine bodily-efficiency-through-cultivation and the quality of the food are of great importance.
  10. The trickery of demons

    Is it not the case that some demons can think of themselves as separate from 'One-ness'/God and want themselves to be worshipped or listened to? I do not think all demons are helpful as you say they are. Although I do agree that we can help them to evolve. It is reasonable to assume that they lie to their get own way, particularly so if they are in more unforgiving dimensions where hate, anger, selfishness, pain etc. are more commonplace.
  11. do dragons exist?

    I would imagine that they do exist. Perhaps not in the physical sense as the desk and computer in front of me, but certainly in the conceptual. And who knows what other realms they may appear in... My understanding is that the slaying of the dragon is a representation of overcoming one's animal nature. The slaying is usually done with a sword or spear, representing a fortified spinal column through the transmutation of sexual energies. I went to Victor Hugo's house in Guernsey a couple of years back and the whole house seemed to me to be a representation of his spiritual path. You start at the bottom, where it's dark and full of his ego's creations. To cut a long story short, as you go up the various floors the house becomes brighter, along with increased religious/spiritual adornments. The upper most room is very modest and the brightest and most open in the whole house. On the walls by the window there's two pictures: one of a knight slaying a dragon and the other of the knight being rewarded by a lady in white with a drop of glowing liquid. Interesting stuff
  12. If my understanding is correct, by perverts you mean those who leech off others for their energy - in particular, perhaps, sexual (untransmuted) energy. Transmutation is difficult at the best of times and sexual desire is often seen as a great, yet fundamental obstacle. I would be very grateful if you could help give pointers to overcoming lust/perversion/fornication so that both I and others may benefit. With gratitude, James
  13. TTB Song project

    googled or good ol' dropbox @
  14. I too would side with ignorance. It's often coupled with arrogance