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  1. Dancing

    This has been my primary practice for several years.
  2. Picked up this last year. Really tough read. Lot's of 'this is the goal', but very very little guidance or practice on how to get there. The second half of the book is a treatise of the Gospel of Thomas. The author repeats himself to the point of distraction.
  3. Hi Trunk! In Yin Yoga I was taught to use a basic square pranayama breathing pattern. Equal time duration of inhale, hold, exhale, hold. Have used this with all poses in the Yin repertoire.
  4. Been a long time

    So it's been several years at least since I've been here. Seems like I'd check in and the site was down. Found a few of you on Facebook. So much has happened in the meantime. I probably won't post too much, but it's fun to have the site up and read.
  5. Here you go: This is the first book in a set of three. I own all three, invaluable if you are considering the poison plant path. Highly recommend reading all three.
  6. Wayne Dyer has transitioned

    Years ago, before there was any inkling of this path I'm on now, life was pretty difficult. Lots of anxiety, stress etc. Nothing that most of us haven't faced, but it was taking a toll on me. I picked up Your Erroneous Zones at a used book store and read it. Dr. Dwyer's advice was timely and very helpful at that stage in my life. Regardless of how his career evolved, I will always be thankful for Dr. Dwyer. Safe travels towards the light.
  7. Should I poison myself?

    I have read the entire Dale Pendell trilogy. If you are thinking of working with poisonous plants, read them. Then read them again. If you are not contemplating working with poison, read them anyway:)
  8. a blog post about tea and the body

    Thanks for sharing your article.
  9. Exploring Yoga Nidra

    I've been to several yoga nidra classes. Some have been better than others. I've found that the intonation of the voice makes a difference for me. I had downloaded a version that has limited success for me. My house is not ideal these days for deep meditative practice, my high energy dog just doesn't get it. I'll check out the link. Thanks
  10. I retired last year and have been home an awful lot lately. The summers are brutal in Phoenix so I spent most of the time couped up. We also had some remodeling done so I needed to be home, primarily to babysit the dog. I definately felt "down". The chores and projects around the house seemed overwhelming, and to be honest, I haven't really figured out what to do with myself at this new phase of my life. Once the summer heat let up I've been out walking and hiking and things are much better. If you're only getting out once or twice a week, that not nearly enough.
  11. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Very pleased. Some of the most interesting reading I've encountered in a long time.
  12. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    A friend loaned me a box of older Sun Magazines. Been slowly working my way through them. Beyond the night stand... Just finished reading Dale Pendell's Pharmako trilogy.
  13. what do yoga poses do?

    Yin Bernie Clark, the author of the site also has an excellent book that covers all of the subjects that you are asking about.
  14. i will be gone for awhile, perhaps forever

    Father Paul, a great bum:)
  15. Taoism Giveaway