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Other Internal Arts Discussion sites

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TheDaoBums supports the idea of a healthy number of Daoist discussion sites; we don't aim to be a monopoly.  Here's a couple of threads on the board that list additional resources beyond TDBs.



This second thread contains an offer (from way back) by Sean to email him... I doubt that he is still receiving/responding to such emails, but the thread as a whole is a valuable list of resources.


This thread is maintained as locked and pinned.

- Trunk

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OK!  This will be a locked, 2-post thread!  :ph34r: 


This 2nd post attempts to list, exclusively, the

internal arts discussion sites

started by TheDaoBums' members!

Woohooo!  Congratulations to any member who starts up a site: TDBs is in support.  :)


If you're a member, or know of one, who has an internal arts discussion site: please contact a staff member with that information and we'll edit this post to include it.  (Also, if you have a site that's listed here and you'd rather not have it listed here: let us know and we'll remove it).  B)



The Immortal Path


@virtue @Earl Grey

Alchemical Garden Forum



Xiao Yao Pai - Spiritual Taoism



Original Dao



The Dao's Net


@Nathan Brine

Cinnabar   (paid site)



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