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  1. @DSCB57 Thank you for being forgiving. You clearly have a kind heart of shining gold. The situation with ausar was bad enough, but I must confess that I made it worse by having my own bad trait surface. I have had an issue with mixing my feelings of right and wrong with judgemental reactivity and self-righteous indignation. It's a perfect recipe for confrontations. What remains of even good causes if they become clouded by selfish concerns to straighten other people's act? Absolutely nothing good. I must apologize again for tempting you to an unnecessary quarrel.
  2. I apologize for trolling you a little. This was poor conduct unbecoming of me. There certainly was no real ill-intent or aiming to sully your reputation or pseudonym, but it seems you took it very hard on yourself. I am sorry if you felt bullied. There is much that could be said about respect and disrespect around GM Doo Wai and his teachings. I can only look into my own involvement and apologize for being involved with a judgemental attitude and thus fueling the fires of confusion.
  3. IMA and Awakening

    Thanks dwai. I would like to apologize because I now realize I was being in a too annoyed state of mind to write meaningful replies in this topic.
  4. Thank you everyone for your contributions. I took a wrong turn when I wanted to rein in the collective discussion and got annoyed for what I perceived as a departure from the original spirit of my inquiry.
  5. My Kundalini/Shaktipat Initiation

    I would like to apologize for my excessively accusing tone when I over one year ago presented some unfavorable articles about teacher called Guru Siyag. I don't know what is the truth of the matter nor how honest the linked articles actually are, but I should have been more careful and polite when presenting my concerns.
  6. Pure Land

    Lucky you! To anyone seriously interested in Buddha dharma or any other sacred tradition with relics, do yourself a huge favor and go acquire a relic to bless your household and neighborhood. This is my own wording of the topic. You may safely consider it flawed. When death comes to sentient beings, they get to stay in a transitional dream-like existence called bardo or limbo for a while. If they have self-delusions or karma left, they will receive vivid images of six lokas (hell, pretas, animals, humans, demigods, and gods) and be in particular tempted by copulating images of different beings after which entry to a womb is often followed. This uncontrolled transmigration continues death after death with increasing karmic retributions for engaging in self-cherishing actions. Such is samsara. The six lokas are the Desire Realm. Above that the Buddhist cosmology says is the Form Realm with different types of heavens. There beings do not suffer or experience any desire nor birth through womb. Most of these heavens will gift beings with a limited lifetime however, and some heavens even experience some type of cosmic cataclysms that periodically end their existence. The exception is the Pure Lands where the power of the Buddhas anchors their inhabitants unless they consciously seek to be reborn elsewhere. It's a technical, but highly relevant point that all these Form Realm heavens can be accessed and experienced during one's mortal life through dhyana-samadhi states which are types of meditative absorption or concentration. There are many ways to reach these absorptions like anapanasati taught by the Syakamuni Buddha or various Pure Land devotional methods such as chanting holy names (Buddha or his/her heaven). Entry into any of these Form Realms requires cultivation merit (which is alchemy of light very generally) which either stabilizes your concentration during bardo or creates an attuning to some Pure Land, so that you receive visions of Buddhas helping you and showing their Pure Lands into which you can enter then. It has also been said that the extremely virtuous go to these pure heavens straight without any bardo, and that the extremely sinful go to hell straight without any chance of higher rebirth during bardo.
  7. Pure Land

    Pure Lands come in two varieties: first when realizing the emptiness of dharmakaya and second later when the light body is realized. The immediate physical presence of all Buddhas is Pure Land because their presence is beautifying all creation. This can also be felt in their relics which have a real purifying power. So far I understand that the effective difference between the two varieties is that the light body realization establishes a heavenly paradise in the Form Realm Pure Lands in which sentient beings can continue to cultivate in safety and under guidance without falling back to samsara. Each of these heavenly Pure Lands is different and unique to each Buddha.
  8. The exchange of sexual energy between an individual and his or her partner also releases "core karma." All core karma relates to sex, birth, and death, and is released through shaking. As the cores of both energy bodies shake during orgasm, karma is exchanged between the lovers. As this karmic energy is transferred, the lovers become imprinted with each other's karmic patterning. This is one reason why casual sex is considered to be energetically and spiritually dangerous. — Jerry Alan Johnson, Daoist Magical Transformation Skills, p. 153, The Temple of the Celestial Cloud, 2006. I found this a genuinely insightful paragraph as it lends a strong ethical argument in favor of monogamous marriage and marital faithfulness. Please feel free to discuss the topic any further from a point of view you may like to present.
  9. Yes I read. Do you wish to elaborate now how did you practice your FP meditations? I didn't put any words into your mouth. But this praise did come out of your own mouth: Which way the wind blows today, I wonder? My congratulations for mastering both energy and anecdotal claims unlike anyone else. A rare accomplishment, but I now see why you are so attracted to Ausar. Maybe Sunn Ye Gung fits you better than Flying Phoenix. Not every style of practice fits everyone. It is a high level cultivation system. Your lack of results only speaks for your practice alone. The DVDs are clearly made for beginners. In contrast, Sifu Terry has repeatedly offered to impart advanced teachings in person when the student is ready after mastering the basic material. Gaining enlightenment and liberation are the highest imaginable goals. Sifu Terry and my other teachers have always spoken that finding a correct yogic practice is only one part of the required work. The role of proper personal counsel by an advanced or even an enlightened master can never be replaced. Dhyana-samadhis, which are greatly facilitated by the unique Flying Phoenix system, are in fact complete Buddhist correspondences to the three Daoist dantians and their alchemical function. Hence the FP meditations are not lacking in terms of any spiritual or alchemical cultivation. Sure I can. Sifu Terry and Grandmaster Doo Wai are in perfect polar opposition to the deception and darkness of Ausar. Right, but did you know that you are writing to an adolescent ignoramus with a highly cultivated ego and anecdotal self-centered opinions? I agree: your relation to dictionary is lacking. Clairvoyance literally means "clear seeing." It seems you have confused the word clairvoyance with mediumship or channeling. It's true that clarvoyance can be accomplished through various means including channeling, but this has been the first time when someone has claimed to me that clairvoyance has anything particular to do with channeling low-level astral entities or dabbling like that. You should be fully aware of the distinction between being a skilled master of an art, be it carpentry or kungfu, and a fully realized master. There is the specific mastery of skill and then being enlightened. These terms are often called siddha (accomplishment) and mahasiddha (great accomplishment) in Sanskrit, but you probably already knew this. Why are you so easily confused then? My usage of the term was absolutely clear in the context it was provided. Ausar can be a powerful lesson, no doubt. Hardly. Nothing I have written was meant to be baiting, insulting, or dealing with your character, although I can agree that calling you "my young padawan" was sarcastic and out of place in contrast to the rest of my text. I can apologize if your sensibilities have been hurt. I don't claim to understand and probably would have no idea either. I see. You seemingly didn't pay attention in the Flying Phoenix thread, but I already disclosed that your darshan master Ausar had creatively fabricated a price explanation video to one of his expensive scams, which was called "Blue Buddha Ascending to Heaven". The article in question is now removed because the scam was detected, but it can still be reached through Google cache and the video itself is visible here. The video has GMDW talking about monetary value, but it has been completely divorced from its original context which is the Chi Materialization art. What do you have to say for that deception and trying to cover it up when it blew? There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of minor mystics offering some sorts of energy transmission via Youtube. I can believe that your benefactor can do something similar, so that few unfortunate and gullible people are falling for the trick. My advice has always been to verify the source of blessings and only get transmissions from fully realized masters, unless you want to be branded with samsaric energies. I have made no judgement or disparaging remarks other than the padawan bit. There is an inward and outward dimension to terms master, guru, and sifu. The inward meaning can only be known through love, and the elaborate scenarios that you talk about relate only to the outward accomplishments where love is not present. Interesting monology, but not relevant to true sifus who are not teacher-fathers by title only. For having nothing to sell, you peddle many wares. Pure nihilistic trolling at its finest. Such disrespect and you are probably still completely oblivious to it. Are you for real saying that a Kungfu grandmaster in good health would be "struggling to keep moving and maintain consciousness"? Do you realize how absurd things you are saying and projecting out? I am posting here Sifu Terry's generous advice again: Sifu Terry gave you here the only correct advice. The purpose of all yogic training is to permanently elevate your awareness and consciousness, not to shut it out. To do otherwise is a deviant path, which is what all my Buddhist teachers have directly either stated to me or would agree with no question. I am very sorry for your misfortune and poor health. Since you mention spinal problems, it's my sincere recommendation that you seek the face-to-face help of Stillness-Movement teacher Michael Lomax (Ya Mu on TDB): He has much experience in treating spinal diseases and may be able to give you some degree of permanent improvement. Read his or Brion's (kempomaster) accounts on this forum how effective their treatments can be. Good luck to you with everything.
  10. What energies are there?

    Speaking from a Buddhist point of view, I would say that the most important distinction is karmic and non-karmic energy, or impure and pure energy. Pure energies never store karmic traces, but not all of its varieties are particularly efficient for cleansing karma (self-clinging and dualistic delusions). My knowledge is still incomplete, but my current understanding is that energies of dhyana-samadhis or Form Realm Heavens are pure and the actual source of all alchemy. Also, I am suspecting that there is a profound connection with the three lowest dhyanas and the three dantians of human body, which is implicitly presented in the writings of Nan Huai-Jin. Investigating this matter is difficult because scholarly learning is often deficient or misleading without correct experience.
  11. I forgot address this earlier. The demonstration speed is for the sake of learning. If he moved slower, it would be bad for establishing muscle memory. Maybe I recall this wrong, but Sifu Terry has also stated that the FP energy can move advanced practitioners a bit faster and still impart same effects. If you had reached a very high level in any internal art, then you would certainly experience that bliss ceases intoxicating you after enough karmic purity is reached. Therefore a master wouldn't react to bliss like a beginner would.
  12. So how did you practice then for two years if you didn't progress much? I assume that you are speaking from your own experience. This is very ironic considering the next quoted paragraph which has a flavor of malcontent criticism. You basically admit that Sifu Terry is providing an excellent pedagogical approach to learning the Flying Phoenix and other White Tiger internal arts. Any good qigong or martial arts teacher will emphasize the importance of learning the correct form first. Sifu Terry's DVDs are for beginners, hence they need to focus on correct form to get the optimal energy cultivation to start with. There would be no need to make a point about wuwei and letting the energy take the lead at this stage because it would just complicate learning and possibly create misleading impressions how to practice in the beginning. You may already well know that many people, especially the Westerners, like to take shortcuts and cut around corners. Teaching it like Sifu Terry has done is pedagogically sound because keeping it simple keeps discipline easy. As for the Taijiquan flavor of FP forms, I think you are reading too much into this. Round and smooth movement is not the exclusive property of Taijiquan, but it certainly makes it easier to learn and practice the external forms. So correct me if I am wrong here. You condemn Sifu Terry's fascination and high-spirited elaboration of Western mystical traditions as occultism, which by definition means secret doctrines and teachings, but on the other keep on insisting that GMDW has been with-holding secrets from his former students that are now going to be spilled out for everyone with enough ca$h by your new mystical infatuation, the supposed Kriyayoga master Ausar. Occultism here and there. Is this not glaring hypocrisy? I have met many people who can actually see energy and have had this ability since birth. Are you sure you are not here projecting your own prejudices about medical clairvoyants? Complete hyperbole without any evidence, and there is actually proof for the opposite. As you have followed the FPCK thread for years, you should be well aware that Sifu Terry, for example, is an initiated Daoist Priest and a skilled master in the Tao Tan Pai tradition long before learning from GMDW. Master Share K. Lew, the late head of Tao Tan Pai, was also in very good terms with GMDW and hence there has been no mistake nor misjudgement about the high qualification and attainment Sifu Terry already had before learning from GMDW. So if you can't have, then no one else may have either? Excellent work, my young padawan. Such honorable conduct as yours will surely cherish and enrich any self-respecting family and their inherited arts. There has been no drama other than your persistent self-aggrandizing confusion and persecution complex. I think no one has anything against you, even though your manners have been very poor. Let me get this straight. Are you accusing that Sifu Terry is or has been trying to force GMDW to present inauthentic certifications and lie to Youtube watchers? Would you like to talk more about your feelings and your opinion of the proper place of everyone? This is the wisest and a genuinely useful bit in your recent writings. Maybe you should read it again and examine throughout how it relates to your own conduct and discipline? This is not universally true. I know for certain that there are Buddhist tantras and dzogchen meditation that have very low demands on physical capacity or health. Very profound, you are on the trace. The last line especially is crucially important. Sifus always look to reach dedicated and enthusiastic students who are trustworthy, loyal, and morally cultivated people. Such students will cherish and conserve all the teachings without complaint and will not ask when and what to receive because such is the love for their Sifu and the tradition. You know the best.
  13. Breathing Percentages

    Hello. Don't worry about the accuracy. The more you do it, the more familiar you will become with your own body and its breathing capacity. Sifu Terry has provided some scheduling suggestion for beginners. You can follow that or move forward on your own when you feel good. Flying Phoenix practice has cumulative benefits: the more you do in one session, the better. Separating exercises throughout the day lessens this cumulative effect a bit, but it shouldn't matter. Enjoy! Doing the entire 1st DVD in one go would be superb. Doing three different Monk Serves Wine meditations in one sitting would be another great idea. Please enjoy your practice.
  14. Blue Light

    Hello Sulo Eno. Any energetic practice, or even getting better health through other means, will sooner or later produce phosphenes. Even if you prayed to God fervently, it would happen. This is due to your optical nerves being stimulated and cleansed by energy. Whether or not this will be regular depends on your condition, and the strength and nature of your chosen practice. All genuine spiritual traditions will tell you to dismiss these as unnecessary and possibly distracting phenomena. Just do your practice and enjoy the good health and wellbeing. In my humble opinion all energetic training at least borders on metaphysical. It's a matter of your conscience and carefully informed choice whether you agree any such training is for you. If you are looking for very beneficial practices with no conscious energy cultivation that are instead based on materialistic Western science, then you could try looking into David Berceli's TRE (Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercise). It works really well. Seeing blue light internally is an advanced mark of Flying Phoenix practice. Visible blue aura would be even more so. I have read that Flying Phoenix energy is particularly slow to dissipate, but blue light shouldn't appear spontaneously if you didn't practice.
  15. IMA and Awakening

    I didn't imply any exclusivity. Chinese IMA was an excellent reference point in this context because of its history and wide spread, and this latter especially lends to the fact that budō inherited a lot from the Chinese fighting tradition and the Chinese cultural transmission of Tang dynasty, including Chan Buddhism. To add relevance, my teacher can see people's bhumi accomplishments directly through photographs. It kind of helps that many past Chinese masters have had themselves photographed in their old age at the peak of their spiritual development. I find this a very romantic view. Such romanticism was also what I was criticizing about. If you wished to train directly the non-dual mind, then why would you compromise it by going through another gate first? Cooking can be a gate, gardening (tree gong) can be a gate, and carpentry can be a gate. Even martial arts can be a gate, but is there anything inherently superior in that in comparison to the former three suggestions? Or you can go directly to the non-dual and forget about needless gates and their side paths. It's cost effective to turn everything outside of direct cultivation to support the cultivation project, but it's still the most cost effective approach to do direct cultivation instead of framing it into another context. Nothing else comes even close. My comments and inquiries about the two non-dualities were very specific and certainly not trivial. To give an example, in mind's non-duality even dzogchen masters have difficulty separating between alaya-consciousness and the actual open awareness, which is where most get stuck. It's okay if you don't want to discuss these advanced topics and then dismiss my line of thought with a silly non-sequitur and ad hominem combination, but this could have been a place to start mapping the actual science of awakening(s) and why IMA are supposed to be either good or bad at them. It could have been interesting to have that conversation.