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  1. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    The More Pie Creed I believe in More Pie, the internal way, maker of real miracles, of all things academically valid. I believe in Jim McMillan, the only open teacher of the style, transmitter of the lineage past. More Pie from More Pie, ball lightning from ball lightning, true More Pie from true More Pie, taught directly, not appropriated, consubstantial with the true More Pie; through him all gains were made. For us WMPs and for our pursuit he came back from Java, and by the internal training was incarnate of More Pie power, and became the dude. For our sake he served in Vietnam under conscription, he got exposed to Agent Orange and developed prostrate cancer, and died from health complications in accordance to typical medical prognosis. He was glorified by us into heaven and we think we are in the right of our minds. We will come again in glory to judge other internal arts and our trolling will have no end. I believe in the internal training, More Pie, the giver of bragging rights, which proceeds from associating with More Pie and Jim McMillan, which with More Pie and Jim McMillan is proven safe and scientific, which has been objectively observed by random scientists. I believe in one, true, universal and transmitted More Pie tradition. I confess one scientific study to be more than enough evidence even without peer review and I look forward to impressing people on Internet forums and the life of feeling unjustly criticized. Amen.
  2. Eric Isen consultation

    I had the strangest problem for a long time that I was living too much in my head. Not feeling with my heart and not allowing the heart make natural choices nor intuitive discernment. The end result was that I was deferring a portion of my free will and commitments over concerns of "getting everything just right" in some vague intellectually satisfying manner. I was expecting the help of others provide me wisdom, but the real wisdom only started to dawn on me when I accepted my own complete independence: no one can ultimately make the choices for me, but their help can only help me to tune into the meaningful psychological and yogic motivations that I hadn't acknowledged fully yet -- and even then I had to use my heart to affirm confidence and commitment to what I find likeable. Every system is fundamentally good and will bring the results you seek if you persist in correct practice. This much is clear. If you are still hesitating, it means that you either aren't using your heart or haven't found the right thing. Hopefully you will find clarity on your way. There are other sleeping meditation methods than Sleeping Qigong, but that is an excellent system. Generally, sleeping methods are the direct route to most accomplished meditative results and enlightenment. Outside of qigong realm there are also Buddhist (tantric) methods of turning sleep into meditation. Regardless of the tradition, one of the core concepts is that deep yogic sleep requires good health, so it will take commitment and a complete system to get there. Trust only established lineages with deep results! The problem just with all neidan/alchemy flavored styles (like Sleeping Qigong) is that they really recommend committing at least an hour continuous practice each day. Having sleeping practice kind of bypasses time loss concerns, which is something to keep in mind.
  3. Eric Isen consultation

    You might want to consult other people in a separate thread that attracts more attention with more fitting topic name. By the amount of time you are willing to invest, I would say that Fragrant Qigong, Flying Phoenix, and Pangu Mystical Qigong are three good choices. Many people praise Fragrant, but it's very incompatible with other styles. Flying Phoenix would develop your own healing capability as you progress, but you might find some of its stance training a bit demanding to begin with (although there are also sitting practices). Pangu is very easy to practice I have read. All of them can be done within 20-30 minutes, but FP is something that becomes much stronger if you commit more time with it. Fragrant Qigong has guidelines to limit practice duration as not to cause energetic overload, so it's naturally kept short as you might like. Fragrant and Pangu are very simple. Flying Phoenix is a sprawling system with over two dozen meditations. I will mention that there are yogic methods for different hours of the day. Have you heard of sleeping meditation before? Sleeping practices are as healing and relaxing as you might imagine, but they also become very spiritual early on.
  4. Eric Isen consultation

    You didn't ask for opinions, but I hope you don't mind me giving mine anyway. Make a detailed list about when and how you would like to practice, and what kind of outcomes you would like to have. How much you have free time and when and in which circumstances of the day would you practice the best? Would you like relaxed practices or intensive physical routines? Are you seeking for martial, healing, or spiritual development first and foremost? When you reflect on these and present your preferences, then the good people on this forum might be able to give good suggestions if you are still searching for something new.
  5. Eric Isen consultation

    Asking questions with Eric can be interesting, but above all getting clairvoyant answers might not help you as much you hope. Your current wisdom is the limiting factor for how much you will be able to gain benefit from any clairvoyant consultation. Also, any answers will only reflect your current health and karma. You can be as specific as you want: the results will then reflect particular exercises over complete systems or what a school may be able to offer you. You may also ask Eric about your optimal diet and different housing options if you are searching for new apartment, for example. His clairvoyance sees what energetic changes you might face with your life style choices. Overall it's interesting to do self-inquiry with mystic backing, but ask yourself if it's absolutely necessary for your wisdom and wellbeing. It might be more helpful to feel deeply in your heart what you actually like doing and just stick with it.
  6. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    I have never understood why More Pie people are homing into this "objective evidence" argument all the time. I think you might misunderstand what the scientific method is. It's not about some random PhD types witnessing demonstrations in somewhat controlled quasi-laboratory environments and so forth writing about their observations, but a meticulous system of peer review where you face fierce critics and skeptics of all sorts who should be able to conveniently verify your exactly stated falsifiable hypotheses by conducting the same procedure you have described with great detail and care. Why is it done like this? Real science requires controlling and eliminating biases of all type out of which confirmation bias is the most important. Hence the argument about strictly objective observers and observations falls short of modern scientific standards: there is no reliable science without peer review. Moreover, the abundance of pertinent cancer cases lends little credibility to doing further research with More Pie with ethics and safety in mind.
  7. change name request

    @idiot_stimpy Meet you at Thunderdome then. Come defend your honor!
  8. Some more advice needed on practice

    @welkin @Boerewors Hi friends! I saw what was happening around here, so I put the emergency lights and sirens on and peddled here with my car as fast I could. *HONK! HONK!* Hop on! Everyone is welcome aboard the clown car and there is always space for more people. I'll drive us all to safety, outside of mean and disrespectful rebuking. The rude people here don't understand how sad and miserable a clown can actually feel inside. That's why there is only laughter and smiles in where we are heading now. Sure, there is the danger of your face being hit with occasional cream pies thrown by your fellow passengers and then strategic banana peels on the road might make the clown car difficult to maneuver for great comedic effect, but it's a safe ride overall. Plus it's very enlivening and fun! It's safe to be with us clowns because no one would dare to disrespect and mock us for being silly folk, lest the abusers are revealed to be complete and dead serious fools themselves.
  9. change name request

    I wish my user handle to be renamed fool's virtue if it's alright.
  10. @DSCB57 Thank you for being forgiving. You clearly have a kind heart of shining gold. The situation with ausar was bad enough, but I must confess that I made it worse by having my own bad trait surface. I have had an issue with mixing my feelings of right and wrong with judgemental reactivity and self-righteous indignation. It's a perfect recipe for confrontations. What remains of even good causes if they become clouded by selfish concerns to straighten other people's act? Absolutely nothing good. I must apologize again for tempting you to an unnecessary quarrel.
  11. I apologize for trolling you a little. This was poor conduct unbecoming of me. There certainly was no real ill-intent or aiming to sully your reputation or pseudonym, but it seems you took it very hard on yourself. I am sorry if you felt bullied. There is much that could be said about respect and disrespect around GM Doo Wai and his teachings. I can only look into my own involvement and apologize for being involved with a judgemental attitude and thus fueling the fires of confusion.