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  1. Forum member "spotless". Missing messages.

    Question for you all to consider: How does the De of Daoism and alchemical traditions differ from that of the spontaneous perfected conduct present in Mahayana and Confucianism?
  2. Forum member "spotless". Missing messages.

    This is the entire point of Daoist scripture talking about spiritual and heavenly Immortals: they completely transcend flesh and its natural instincts. It's also well known and publicized that certain stages of Daoist alchemy lead to the complete elimination of sexual urges, hunger, and sleep. There are even more changes and respective correlations in the physical body, but these are among the unmistakable signs that the adept goes through. Saintliness simply is the outside manifesting function of how persistently the person cultivates De and wishes to attain the Dao. The Mahayana Buddhist and Confucian world views simply are more concerned about realizing the natural spontaneous conduct, i.e. Ren or true human nature in its unhindered and non-neurotic scale, first before getting to the alchemical track, if at all.
  3. Yan Xin qigong student and family goals

    Hi Himazusea and welcome to the realm of Bums! Please enjoy your stay! I hope you are on the right track to healing and successful family growth.
  4. Forum member "spotless". Missing messages.

    Just to make this clear once and for all. I got the impression that you could exchange Sai Baba for Jesus Christ and retain the same meaning for what you meant to say: declaring oneself an opulent divine presence to whom everything is permitted. Am I also right in guessing that your original intent was completely neutral and not taking any stance in regards to abuse allegations? Many religious freaks have in fact declared themselves to be Jesus and done plenty of abuse under that pretext. It seems to me that there was an issue of not stepping back for a while and asking in a friendly manner what was the motivation for bringing up Sai Baba instead of knee-jerking into a presumed counter-offensive. It's just happens to be that Sai Baba has been scandalized and publicly scrutinized because he was a modern era spiritual teacher with a big following.
  5. Paging @freeform. Maybe he would know some pointers?
  6. You could contact Michael Lomax of Stillness-Movement Neigong. They can do some treatment also remotely and it might help her condition. Unfortunately, I don't know how to deal with Qi deviations and experts on that topic are rare. I wish good luck to you all on getting the patient recover back to normal health.
  7. The Joy of Being

    Oh, the joy of being a simple minded idiot! Aaaah! The enlightened master Dudjom Lingpa produced a writing called "The Foolish Dharma of an Idiot Clothed in Mud and Feathers". Might be to your liking!
  8. Forum member "spotless". Missing messages.

    I don't think you are reading what freeform wrote in good faith. He never claimed to provide anything but anecdotal insight. If you consider these "easy google searches" and their results relevant for your point, then all means present them. The burden of proof is on you, not him. It's not very interesting to read statements that come across mixed with entitlement and belittlement. Charity work is nice, but so far I personally haven't seen people with entirely selfless and wise motives. At least in the West philanthropy oriented people mainly seem to seek emotional satisfaction and not selfless wisdom in action.
  9. How to sustain my True Mind?

    The words "get back into experience" suggest that you might not be having the correct view. The True Mind is not a state that you either get or not. It's just the natural way your mind actually functions. It's very difficult to correctly grasp the True Mind, Shunyata, the natural state of mind, view of ati, etc. on your own through wisdom texts. It's a good to have skepticism about your own insight, but I'm not calling it useless either to investigate. My opinion is that the best way to get into to the True Mind these days is to become familiar with Dzogchen Atiyoga or Trekchö teachings. There are both Bön and Vajrayana teachings on this topic.
  10. Ask him! You might get really good and practical advice from him if you chat with him or take a formal diagnosis route. It's what you got right now, so aren't you interested in giving it a go? You probably don't need anything else on top of Fragrant and distant healings if you want to have those for supplement. More important for you in Chinese Medicine terms is to stop worrying. Don't have any anxiety, it upsets stomach. Relax.
  11. This reminds me that Sifu John Dolic lives in Australia. He doesn't do distant healing, but offers remote teaching and diagnosis according to Classical Chinese Medicine (not the diluted modern TCM). For example, Fragrant Qigong is a simple to learn and very powerful style even for beginners. Disclaimer: I call Dolic my Sifu and practice some styles he teaches.
  12. The important part of the Stillness-Movement practice is that the teacher gives a remote dantian empowerment which gives a fast track start to your practice. All the essentials can be learned and practiced remotely, so it's not just the clinical distant healing that could work in healing you. You should ask the style teachers and learn more about this style whether it is something you would want to try seriously.
  13. Hi Fido! My recommendation is that you contact Michael Lomax or his students. They also do effective distant healing, but the main point is that they have a relatively simple system to learn and practice. Hopefully you will find healing and get your life back to track!
  14. Ausar and his presence isn't welcome to this board after all the shit he caused. What do you think you are doing?
  15. What the fuck? Why the hell are you offering material from a banned scam artist?