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  1. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    For what I can see, Earl Grey is being completely transparent with his motivations and consistently showing care for others with good ethics. Then why should it be forbidden or discouraged to call shit as shit? There are people posting here that actively try to turn the forum into a fucking pigsty. How much oinking and pigshit do we need before we realize that we are not pig farmers and we don't want keep shoveling pig shit in perpetuity? Hey buddy. You seem to have a problem with not having money to buy this forum and not being able to force More Pie discussions to go according to your loony tunes. I have no doubts that you secretly wished to gag everyone not giving flowery praise of your activities and enthusiastic More Pie hobbyism. Nice having your hypocricy and double standards here. Oink, oink!
  2. My New Book- S.U.G.A.R.

    Hi Ion! Thank you for sharing. I am pleased to learn that you have overcome great obstacles in your life and are now reaching to people with the spirit of compassion. Your book does seem very good based on the intro chapter and the table of contents. I really wish I had time to read and review it.
  3. Storing Solar Energy in the Lower Dantian

    A shameless sales pitch follows: I have both the Qigong Empowerment book and a Solar Qigong practice manual for sale. Buy now, hot stuff! As I had reviewed the book in the other thread, Qigong Empowerment might not be a trustworthy book for learning safely. If the errors that I had already pointed out are of any indication of the authors' understanding and teaching skill, then the solar gazing practice might be corrupt or carelessly leaving out details that are essential for the proper Dzogchen Longde teaching. In particular, I am quite sure that the book didn't introduce the nature of mind in any meaningful manner, which is neglecting an absolute ground requirement for any meaningful practice of Dzogchen, but the closest semantic resemblance offered might have been 'void' that doesn't fit the bill in any case.
  4. Play Don't Shit Your Pants on Newgrounds. The game was recently rumored to be added to Daozang because of its realistic take on internal cultivation principles. The adepts of internal arts will find the technical requirements of not shitting your pants to be in line with transforming shit into gold via internal alchemy. The self-initiates will on the other hand then think themselves as ready for taking on immortality head on after they finish the game, even when they had failed to have a shit in technically correct manner for half a dozen times at least. These are the people who think the Dao can be appropriated by being very clever. In a similar vein there are incredibly irresponsible people in this neighborhood advocating self-initiation, reckless experimentation which endangers health, learning from failed disciples who become ruthless wannabes, and all-around egoistic chest beating as if they have now become the dude among the bums. Such people haven't learned to take a shit and are thus full of it. My review for the game: 8 out of Eight Immortals rolling on the floor, laughing at people who expect the Dao to babysit them or change their diapers instead of growing up and acting responsibly.
  5. I am desperately needing more money to purchase Mo Pai level 3 instructions that were offered to me. Therefore I will have to sell all my other wares in order to chase that pie in the sky. Serious offers only. PayPal preferred, but I can also barter for cool stuff like Thomas Cleary's translations, quality I Ching and Fengshui books, rare Pokémon cards, and advanced Mo Pai instructions. Qigong Empowerment, book by Master Shou-Yu Liang and Mr Wen-Ching Wu All sorts of cool named stuff in this book. However, I really am wondering about some of the claims and instructions given regarding the so-called Tantric Qigong. 1. Dzogchen is not tantra. 2. The Great Perfection (i.e. Dzogchen) is not accomplished by drawing energy dots from the sky into one's crown. 3. Visualizing oneself as a (fierce) yidam/deity is a no-no. I am not entirely sure why, but this is what the actual Buddhist teachers insist requiring an initiation. Summary: the author presents some hilarious and baffling statements regarding basic Vajrayana Buddhist concepts. I didn't consult other segments of the book to comment on further oddities. I cannot guarantee that practicing this book will not give you the same supposed health benefits as inferior, less than 3rd, level More Pie teachings whose author Jim McMillan died of prostrate cancer. Taoist Feces Exercise, DVD by Xuan Tongzi The truth is that I only bought this DVD for giggles and to see what is here. Now I am more giggly about Mo Pai teachings, so this one has to go to the loo. There's a fairly standard set of daoyin exercises presented here. I remember neck exercises and variations of Taiji cloud hands done in bow stance. Unfortunately viewing the DVD wasn't enough, and I still felt shit inside. I cannot guarantee that practicing this DVD will not make your turds pretzel shaped. Liangong, book + DVD set by Gerald A. Sharp I really liked this practice, and I gave it a go for few weeks. Simple and efficient daoyin inspired qigong that has a unique take on posture improvement via lifting the sternum in nearly all of the exercises. It's just too bad this wasn't the true Mo Pai teaching I was looking for. More stuff to be added later, please check back!
  6. combating addiction to porn

    The issue with porn may be because you have a poor relationship with the women of your life. Your mother, grandmothers, and sisters. Examine yourself how you have treated them. Going to them, sincerely prostrating and offering them your apologies for any grievance you might have given them is a wonderful way to ease your soul. For your info, I too have apologized to both my own mother and grandmother for having viewed porn despite the fact that they had taught me morals for not to indulge with licentious behavior. Appreciate the women of your life!
  7. combating addiction to porn

    Stop playing with energy! This especially is relevant since you confess feeling weak from malpractice no less and you don't even know what you are trying to accomplish. There are many opinions about masturbation. Most seem to encourage it in moderation because it may have good health effects for the prostrate for example. Porn is almost always bad for men's psychology. It encourages toxic masculinity of entitlement and objectification that degrades the feminine. Women are worth a lot more than what porn reduces them to.
  8. Help interpret a word from a dream

    Retrodactyl might mean opposable thumb because it operates backwards to other fingers. What do you think?
  9. Help interpret a word from a dream

    A far fetched idea... you dreamed about life as an actual cat like Zhuangzi dreamed of a butterfly.
  10. Help interpret a word from a dream

    Alright, I just wanted to throw these if there was some uncommon definitions or uses coming up. Since you are formulating your thoughts in such a manner, then I must pose you the following questions: What did our phylogenetic ancestors have before they had fingers? How did fingers come to be? Happy hunting, cat.
  11. Help interpret a word from a dream

    Wikipedia: Retro Dactyl Wiktionary: Retro Dactyl
  12. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    I don't know, but you seem to worship John and Jim to the point of going from cute schoolboy crush turned into alarming obsession... There's nothing inherently wrong with being gay or even gay for JC, but why are YOU now making a big deal about being straight? But then you all seem homophobic for having to defend your sexuality immediately and acting like it's an insult. Is assuming you would grind your girlfriend an insult when it's insulting to assume that "normal" is straight? It appears you are homophobes, racists, misogynists, ableists, and more...
  13. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    I know what is up. MM is grinding here for experience points (XP) because he thinks grinding will eventually make him level up to More Pie level 3. Grinding is usually frowned upon as poor conduct, especially on public servers. Wouldn't it just be much better for everyone if he kept grinding his boyfriend instead of this forum?
  14. The Buddhist tradition singularly concerns itself with wisdom and its development. Awareness (as one's true self) over ignorance, rejecting both clinging and aversion to experiences. All authentic spiritual currents also point out the necessity for transcendental wisdom and not just chasing around phenomena, but not with the same depth, clarity, and emphasis. Predominately Theistic religions and technical alchemical traditions exist to give a way of self-realization for those who can't grasp wisdom teachings directly.
  15. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    More Pie cabal is the only constant in all these controversies. Even though circumstances change, it is the WMP presence and their behavior which stink like a honeywagon trailerpark. No wonder that other forums than bums find them repulsive!