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  1. Best Online Neigong Training? (Non-Religious)

    Shuigong aka Sleeping Qigong is the most complete Daoist alchemy training that I have found. Very accessible style and John Dolic is an awesome teacher. Sifu Dolic readily teaches through Skype and gives excellent practice notes to students.
  2. Say Something Nice About Someone Chain!

    @Earl Grey He embodies the early 90s nerd culture to the fullest positive degree. @liminal_luke His behavior portrays the cool gay uncle type I wish everyone knew in their life: Nothing dramatic or flamboyant flashy, but lots of common sense and good heart.
  3. It is regrettably seldom discussed that there are many types of psychic absorption or trance. Some of them definitely are impure and thus allow uninvited spiritual entities to attach into the mind that is left weak and exposed. Getting one's mind into a random trance state is a sign of deviation and nothing else (see the first video). Please note that this is exactly the same reason why anyone shouldn't be doing spiritual practices with drugs or alcohol: they make the mind unstable and spirit energetically weak. The exception is when doing cathartic rituals with psychoactive substances, e.g. ayahuasca, under a traditional and grounding supervision. A crash course into Buddhism: Everything is mind. Frequencies of energy are entanglements to Six Lokas and Three Realms. A crash course into Daoism from Buddhist point of view: Pure and safe cultivation in the Daoist sense is only accomplished in the Form and Formless realms, but in practice Form realm is preferred because it gives tangible bliss and purifies the body. The connection between From realms and the three Dantians has been expounded by Master Nan Huai Jin and his student William Bodri in case you need to discover more. Correct instructions need to be followed, so that the proper Dhyana absorption is developed. Other trance realms are in the desire realm, hence automatically tainted with desires and emotional flotsam. In Qigong practices the danger is most pertinent in Spontaneous Qigong because this genre is not readily quiescent, may introduce wild emotions, requires adhering to exact instructions, and teacher's vigilant guidance. Artificial and forced stillness is another sure way to deviation when trying to train the mind. Incorrect psychic absorptions induce deviations in person's energetic wiring, but few are wise enough to realize their mistakes. People chase after energetic sensations and quick shortcut empowerments unaware that these might be signs of short-circuit surging and not correct natural function at all. In the field of psychic powers it's obvious that many people, who dabble while relying on their own prejudiced and warped intuition, exercise spiritual cultivation, but it's the impure spirit of ego and desires. Such deviation attracts codependent relationships with entities that may consciously promise or often unaware to the practitioner provide an easy access to supramundane knowledge and power. (I wish to comment that this is the original reason why both the Western Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church have waged spiritual warfare against occult practitioners and pagans, although these days much has been said in the defense of the wrongfully persecuted innocents.) A sensible reader might now ask what is the entity business exactly about. Think of a prison. You are bound there within the walls. There are dangerous competing gangs who have antisocial members and individualistic tough guys no one dares to challenge, and the both types are suffering from suppressed desires because they have to spend time imprisoned where their freedom and options are limited. Sometimes a new unaware guy goes through the prison system. There on the food line one of these gang recruiters or unassociated tough guys comes to them and says to them bluntly: Either become my prison prison bitch/punk and receive my protection or the other prisoners will kill you. Next thing you see the new guy dressed on stilt heels, wearing ripped jean shorts and busty tank top, and brandishing a full set of lipstick, mascara, long fake eye lashes, and dyed blonde hair. What prison does to some people is that they discover enjoying being the punk and surviving in that harsh environment in that fashion, so they keep following and justifying the lifestyle. The tragedy part is they remain unaware that they only were originally passing through and do not belong to the prison like the real inmates who scared and lured them into remaining. When the next new guy comes through, the self-realized busty blonde walks to welcome him and chirps: "Hey honey! You better become Bubba's bitch or you end up in the ditch. Want me to welcome you with a hug?" Don't become anyone's punk or bitch. You are worth more. Strive to realize independence, freedom, and clarity. Don't expect too much, but be humble and skeptical of both yourself and others.
  4. Balance test in Zhan Zhuang (站樁)

    I feel you don't know the difference between practicing Tai Chi, playing Tai Chi, and funnily goofing around trying to mimic Tai Chi forms. Your artistic interpretation of Tai Chi forms certainly passes the circus standards of Clown Gong. Welcome aboard, bro! PS. Your weapon form would look more harmonious with a banana or cream pie in your hand.
  5. Balance test in Zhan Zhuang (站樁)

    Ah, the classic A/S/L questionnaire has begun to take foot. Stated like a true PUA.
  6. Dragon Sickness

    It's been a while since I watched the entire series, but I believe one crucially important warning was omitted: Do not mix or combine practices! With mixing you are going against the instructions of two teachings at the same time. Only masters can safely figure what is compatible and what not. Some of the qigong or meditation practices are powerful, but also very sensitive in that they conflict with a lot of other ways to train. For example, Fragrant Qigong will cause sickness if you practice any abnormal breathing methods within a few days before or after it. That's just how it is.
  7. So you are claiming boldly now that you have no care for developing an energy deviation despite the fact that mixing is likely to cause it? Please read the thread I linked above and watch the videos. I sincerely hope you learn caution and get wiser before you end up causing serious hurt to yourself.
  8. That will probably give you a massive energy deviation. Mixing systems is stupid unless you are a master with full understanding. Breath sequencing often requires particular fixed forms, or otherwise the results are compromised.
  9. You are swayed by rumors. How are another's words any substitute for your own direct experience? Anyway. There are other meditation systems that also use that type of breath sequencing, and they are as a matter of fact powerful. One of the systems is called Flying Phoenix and it can be learned through inexpensive DVDs, since you stress economic perspective.
  10. Your treasure is where your heart is. Kriya yoga is your sweet heart. That's why you are interested in it, courting it, and asking advice about how to be good to it. If you value something, then better be prepared to invest into that relationship. My advice, take it or leave it.
  11. Purpose of QiGong

    Excuse me Sir. Are you perhaps attempting some self-identifying meta narration in which you directly mirror and expose your own understanding?
  12. Daoist associations?

    This certainly doesn't answer my question, but it does highlight how a spiritual disconnection is apparent. The immortals and enlightened masters are here, now and always. Anyone can search their own heart for that connection and pray for their blessings. Whether any answers are directly intelligible is a matter of spiritual maturity and sincerity. It's not unprecedented (in any true spiritual lineage) that lineage founders act as guardians and arrive every once in a while to instruct faithful disciples. Same goes for sanctioning the altering of regulations if it needs to be done to accommodate changing times. One prominent example of the latter is Tibetan Bön Buddhism. Their dzogchen teachings were previously transmitted only in secret and kept hidden, but lineage guardians came to the dreams of the head monk and told that the teachings would perish if not opened up to everyone. This level of heart-to-heart communication is what happens in living traditions.
  13. Daoist associations?

    Oh, come on. I first presented you a simple question which doesn't require an essay answer. Just tell me your honest and raw opinion. You don't have to quote sources or bother with logical structure if you feel overwhelmed by such. Are you a grown man? "Sticks and stones, etc." Just ignore the verbal banter and focus on what matters. Walker is hardly a bully. He is a principled and reasonable person, and that I respect. Don't become a worm when others give opposition.
  14. Daoist associations?

    So what do you figure your Quanzhen lineage founders feeling about her altering the standard of celibacy and relaxing the priestly vows? This is the beef of Walker's argument as I have understood it. Why do you try to address some tangential issues about mundane authority instead of discussing what the enlightened lineage masters have established?
  15. If you want to take your sweetheart to a free romantic dinner, there is always dumpster diving option available for a free range gourmet course. She'll love it how dedicated and frugal you are.