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  1. Skeleton Meditations

    Alright. You know the best what's good for you.
  2. Skeleton Meditations

    Let's take the pointing finger back to the source and examine carefully: What are the closest flaws in ourselves in comparison to that which we seemingly identify in others? Inspections like this will eventually change our lives. In fact the process could totally destroy what we held as our personal identity. What everyone is after in spiritual development is uncovering one's true self, the reality we are. This is not about any gain or comfort, but loss of self-concern and self-importance until no speck of egoistic selfishness remains. For how much we grasp tight on our selfishness and its concoctions, the discovery and renouncement of those illusions is often painful and unpleasant. Why are we concerned over ethics at all? We want to feel energetically pure and clear. This especially includes conscience which is a very subtle and powerful indication of our internal energetic integrity. Again, I am feeling very grateful that you have much sincere concern over my integrity and well-being and also providing a good opportunity to articulate myself.
  3. Skeleton Meditations

    My poor devil, it's your own feet that you are tripping over and trying to trip simultaneously. I take small mindedness as a compliment from you. What is humility without ability and willingness to withstand humiliation? Nobody else would bother with me? How kind and compassionate of you to bother me then!
  4. Skeleton Meditations

    @rideforever For all your ongoing faff on embodiment, I wish you would embody your true intelligence and wisdom for a change and see the errors of your current conduct.
  5. The perfect weapon

    Now you have certainly turned this discussion into high culture.
  6. Skeleton Meditations

    Everybody, please take notice that rideforever isn't knowledgeable and you should ignore him completely for your own benefit. Taking heed of his instructions is almost certain to lead into problems. @rideforever This time you have really set the limbo bar for new record low. Bodri is a very trustworthy source and he actually studied under a famous enlightened master. He is careful for asserting facts and at most you could have a different opinion against when he offers his. You, on the other hand, are nothing but an armchair philosopher and poor practitioner in comparison. You have no qualifications to comment on what you don't understand. This in particular includes the topical White Skeleton Meditation.
  7. The perfect weapon

    Tonight you will see dreams of leather clad Mel Gibson chasing rolling toilet paper rolls on desolate highways and cussing when few of them unroll completely into soft lines on the scorched hard asphalt.
  8. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Does your mamma know that you have a penchant for fancying how moist other men's crotches might be?
  9. Blessing food and water before consumption

    The meat products you consume used to be some animals' flesh. By blessing the food, you are also benefiting the creatures that hence have contributed to your sustenance. I might add that it's well known that the food we consume endows us its spiritual qualities in subtle energy. This is why eating meat products is also said to involve karmic connections.
  10. A Little Extra Info to New Members

    So, what color of socks is he wearing right now? What is his favorite dish? Is he left or right handed?
  11. Depends what you mean by capitalism. In my opinion what we have running rampant is top-down trickle of cronyism and cleptocracy. Capitalism has performed alright under certain conditions. It wasn't that long ago that public stock exchange companies were required by law that their board of executives have the majority of their salary tied into the public shares of the company, which was a very moderating policy for rational and ethical decision making. Nowadays the executives have very little to lose for having bad and greedy decisions, and in fact may even receive huge inflated bonuses because they artificially stimulate excess shareholder dividends. We also had the antithetical view to the current economical maxim that the business corporation exists only to produce profit for the shareholders. The corporations used to build public parks and it was expected them to have an eye for benefiting the society. Today the situation really is awful in that corporations are still legally presented as persons with all the benefits that come with it and may possess huge lobbying power because of their wealth, but there is next to nothing asked in return for citizen duties and responsibilities. That is awkward and unbalanced in my opinion. Would you agree that these changes I am highlighting could make capitalism work much better for humanity instead of exploitation we see commonly now? Personally, I don't have much faith in any particular type of economical or state governing scheme. It really is about how good people are running the show, which is mostly a function of the society and the people themselves.
  12. Quote: That's a really subtle writing gem.
  13. CDC says coronavirus RNA found in Princess Cruise ship cabins up to 17 days after passengers left I feel that even the strictest hygiene standards may only help slowing the epidemic wave. This type of virulence isn't something we can evade perpetually.
  14. Dharma in the time of COVID

    So... Would you like to play catch if I sling first? 💩