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I'm hoping to get members to write up the systems and books they respect.  Name..what they like about them.. short personal experience.. kind of thing.  Preferably keeping it short.  


Others can give short critiques, but I'd rather not get bogged down into long arguments.  Accept that not everything works for everyone and let this thread be a resource for people looking for ideas to try.  


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My library on related topics is sizeable and growing, but my main practice follows Damo Mitchell "A Comprehensive Guide to Daoist Nei Gong" and "White Moon on the Mountain Top".  Also working through his very generous YouTube output.

Especially strong insight gained from


Scott Meredith,  "5 G Tai Chi"


Tom Bisio "Daoist Sleeping Meditation "


William Burt " Tai Chi ; Moving at the Speed of Truth"

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Highly recommend Damo Mitchell's Internal Arts Academy, which has several offerings:

  • Develops students through the Nei Gong process from absolute beginner all the way to the beginning of Nei Dan (so far).  The books mentioned by Sketch provide some theoretical foundation for this course
  • Teaches Yang style Taiji including all the internal mechanics required to develop Nei Jin (which is also offered as a separate course)
  • Bagua taught with emphasis on Nei Gong aspects
  • 5+ supplementary courses covering topics like foundational qigong, a Bagua-inspired Dao Yin set, a method to experience your entire energy system, and a few others I'm forgetting 
  • A pretty large (50-100+ hour) library of lectures from past workshops or just a range of specific topics he recorded for this purpose 
  • Damos teaching style is consistent with his free offerings - comprehensive, nuanced, and with an undertone of humor throughout
  • Hes also very responsive on the group Facebook forum, and has a core group of senior students who also are very helpful 


I also want to reccomend Adam Mizner's two offerings from his Heaven Man Earth school: Discover Taiji and Discover Mind.

  • Discover Taiji is a five year program that takes a total beginner all the way through the Yang 37 and Yang 108 forms progressively, eventually adding partner drills and (I'm told) a sword form at the end
  • Discover Mind is Adams meditation offering - beginning again with the absolute basics of sitting still it's ten modules are designed to develop the student to the point of being able to 'Absorb into the essence of mind' which I believe (but haven't got there yet) includes detailed instructions on attaining Samadhi
  • Adams teaching style is VERY direct.  He says everything he needs to say and nothing more, and believes those who improve the quickest are the same ones who followed the instructions the closest.  Judging from some of the attainments of his closest students, it seems his instructions are very effective
  • Hes also very active on the group Facebook forum


Both systems require hard work, dedication, and the ability to listen and follow instructions closely, and the payoff from either will come quite quickly for someone with these qualities.


Edit: if that's too long I can cut it down, no problem

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