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Found 3 results

  1. I've been reading about the fact that practitioners in the art of Dao like to have their hair long. And some. In a knot up top. Somehow all of this related to the pineal gland, as it is an extra storage of energy they say. Has anyone here manipulated their hair, and found that it activated the pineal gland. Squeezing the hairs on the top of my head have given me somewhat results but I'm not sure, I think I'd like a second opinion on that. Squeezing seems to be important. My hairs are naturally in a spider hairstyle that I maintain without training. Don't ask me how. It just stays that way. And the more I go along my practice; the more it stays that way. Morning nighttime - it stays that way. So it is easy for me to grab it and squeeze it. You could say. They are like antennas. But that hang about. Waiting around, like a spider's legs. Perhaps Wicca style. But I'm not sure.
  2. Hey guys, A truly beautiful experience happened to me yesterday. I was with a friend. And as we were talking and getting to know each other, I let the idea that I wanted to meditate slide into the conversation. The reason bringing that up wasn't weird was because we were discussing spiritual subjets, and one of those happened to be meditation. So it wasn't outside the theme of the converstation. Anyway, I can drive energy from my head to my toes, I told her. She looked at me puzzled and curious at the same time. I interpreted the silence as an invitation to show her what I was talking about so I reduced the distance between the two of us and sat in front of her, a few centimetres away. I extended my hand. She grabbed it And I said, "I'm going to send you my energy now. You're going to feel electricity (That's the best way I could describe it)." The technique I use to meditate, without going into how I'm able to do it, is to squeeze a part of my brain using my willpower. The effect of this is the same as when you squeeze a sponge and water comes out. Obviously instead of water energy would come out. The way you percieve it is like a rain of white energy that massages your whole body and relaxes you. So I began meditating and she started having all kinds of sensations: crawling sensations on the skin, strange visions about birds and lakes, etc. Another person, on another day, in a whole diferent set of circumstances, told me that she saw a white aura around me and felt electric-like sensations on her face after I had meditated. I have to mentionne that both these individuals are extremely sensitive to energies around them. I doubt "normal" people would've noticed anything. Do any of you have any explanation for all of this? Truly apreciated Regards
  3. Hey everybody, I was just wondering if anyone tried the rasa transmission from Ausar ( because it's among the most powerful transmission I ever received that did something permanent to me and not just healed my body or removed blockages. I was searching for methods to quiet my mind and open me up to the Divine light, one's soul Consciousness. I tried a lot, from Flying Phoenix Qi Gong to Kriya Yoga. Nothing worked as efficiently as the Rasa transmission I received from Ausar. I was genuinely surprised. I felt the top of head opening instantly and saw many lights inside my brain. I was put in the deepest bliss I never could imagine. I tried this on my own with my Qi Gong technique but Ausar explained to me that since his crown chakra is already lit up, it was easy for him to light my crown chakra, like turning on a candle with a hot flame. After the transmission, I always felt the top of my head open and I knew myself as Divine light rather than the physical body. I am so impressed that I wonder if anyone has got a transmission from Ausar. I would love to connect with you and hear your experience. Cheers, Syl