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Found 4 results

  1. I've been reading about the fact that practitioners in the art of Dao like to have their hair long. And some. In a knot up top. Somehow all of this related to the pineal gland, as it is an extra storage of energy they say. Has anyone here manipulated their hair, and found that it activated the pineal gland. Squeezing the hairs on the top of my head have given me somewhat results but I'm not sure, I think I'd like a second opinion on that. Squeezing seems to be important. My hairs are naturally in a spider hairstyle that I maintain without training. Don't ask me how. It just stays that way. And the more I go along my practice; the more it stays that way. Morning nighttime - it stays that way. So it is easy for me to grab it and squeeze it. You could say. They are like antennas. But that hang about. Waiting around, like a spider's legs. Perhaps Wicca style. But I'm not sure.
  2. Natural (non toxic) Cosmetics

    I consider good manners and impeccable hygiene essential to a cordial daily life. I'm having trouble finding good products for men that have a good natural impact on my body. Let's just say as I have meditated I have also slowly become more sensitive to the chemicals I have put in and on my body. Anything that goes on my skin eventually absorbs and becomes part of me so I don't want any hazardous chemicals. Does anyone know anything about this? There is the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic Ingredient Database that rates the chemicals used in every day products according to safety for your body. Please women feel free to post your personal selections as well, it may help us all out.
  3. So I keep seeing posts on here about hair, sanitation, etc. Based on some people's vulgar attraction to spamming I can not yet comment on those forums because I haven't been with the site long enough. I do feel that I have information on the topic of sanitation that many of you will find useful. I hope that my knowledge treats you well My hair is quite long and anyone with long hair knows it is difficult to keep it from getting oily and smelly while also not showering. The reason I am against showering is two-fold. Firstly there are toxins in the water that you wash with (fluoride, chlorine, etc.) and these toxins can be readily absorbed via the skin, especially when you heat this infectious water. These specific chemicals work to detach us from our body and to calcify our entire lymphatic system that needs to be soft and malleable in order to function correctly. Toothpaste also contains these dangerous chemicals and many more. I have found that through unwavering concentration it is possible to reflect such toxins from being able to pass the skin barrier however this is both annoying and taxing. Secondly is the use of soaps. Soaps, shampoo and the like almost always contain dangerous forms of petrochemicals. These not only work towards inhibiting your natural static charge at the skin surface, but they also work toward a deeper form of destruction that only the companies that create them begin to understand. In order to overcome these things I recommend two very basic and very cheap ingredients that will turn your entire life around. First is a switch to drinking and washing only with bottled spring water. This water has memory, life and a staggeringly healthy mineral content as long as it is fresh. Check the production date, if more than a couple of months ago then too much plastic has probably leached into the water and I would recommend a different choice of water. The second ingredient is baking soda. This wonderful creation can do just about anything the body needs when it comes to sanitation. Rinsing with it and brushing your teeth with it will not only clean and strengthen the teeth, it will allow the teeth to regain their own natural vigor and become much stronger and filled with life than fluoride could ever hope to accomplish. A light dusting of baking soda over your arm pits, crotch, ass, feet, shoulders in the morning will draw out your odors and also remove them. This will also gradually decrease your odorous nature as time passes. Also works with halitosis(bad breath). Next is the hair. Sprinkling baking soda on the hair and scalp and massaging it through it will neutralize the oil and make it light and fluffy as well as taking out the odor. You can then go forth to rinse off your body with the spring water whilst standing in the tub/shower or you can simply go about your day dry and smelling fresh. Too much water on the skin can cause an imbalance toward the cold and dry washing too much can bring too much heat if you are not skilled enough to correct these things with power of mind. There is one more wonderous thing baking soda can do. When combined with molasses (1 tbsp. baking soda, 1 tbsp. molasses, splash of water) and taken as a shot(drink not needle haha) for 4 to 7 continuous days you can readily cleanse your system of any and all parasites (save tapeworms which require silver water enemas for those of you with stunted legs and backs). It turns your entire system alkaline which most things of mal intent can not live within. It is a bit rough to swallow but once down you will feel its effects almost immediately. Thank you all for reading. I hope that peace and bliss find you. Amitabha
  4. Dear Ones, I come from the West and we have no clue about haircare. Yes we don't. So we were raised with products that only mask our unhealthy lifestyle which automatically affects our hair. Since I choose to let my own hair grow longer than usual, how do I best take care of it? I am looking for the most basic of all information, nothing fancy. Simplicity what any monk used in the wilderness. This includes substances when washing (if any at all), drying and combing. Is there any record of substances used while washing the hair? Is hair getting dried by the wind or a towel or similar tool being used? Does one comb his hair? And if I have forgotten anything important, please let me know. Feel free to share any information you have. Kind regards.