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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys I'm going to be interviewing my xingyi and bagua sifu soon and wanted to know what you guys were curious about. Lloyd is a classmate of Ben Hill Bey and trained with Kenny Gong in New York. He is certified to teach the system by Tom Morrissey who lives here in Phoenix. Lloyd has also spent extensive time with the Diné people also known as Navajo and speaks their language. I'll be spending the day with him this upcoming weekend and will have a lot of time. Fire away guys!
  2. The Internal Styles of kung fu of china. Also known as the subtle styles. Understand that with internal stylists that what you see is what you are suppose to see and it is the unseen that destroys the enemy. Tension is the illusion. Relaxation is the power yin and when done right is invisible to the enemy. All the enemy sees is your tension. Relaxed fluid movement is hard to stop, predict, evade or counter. Because it has no wasted motion. Use tension and relaxation as tools and use them interchangeably. All your enemy sees is your tension which is an illusion that you project on to the enemy so they can lock on to you. When you relax and move with relaxed movement you disappear to them and all they know is the hit. When you relax the blood flows better the mind is clear and your chi field expands. When this chi field expands it bounces off negative energies. So when you do attack all your enemy knows is that got hit with some invisible unstoppable force. Your boxing is to reflect this. In internal martial arts what you see is what you are suppose to see it is the hit that is unseen.
  3. Hi everyone just wanted to let everyone know that we just finished a new translation of: The Study of Xing Yi Quan: Xing Yi Quan Xue by Sun Lutang its 200 pages paperback 6x9 to celebrate finishing this project we have it at a special reduced price on our website the book will also be vailable on Amazona nd on Kindle soon I will update this post with links when it is available I know a lot of people here practice the internal styles of kung fu but for people who don't know: Xing Yi Quan translates as Form and Intention Boxing it is one of the internal styles of Kung Fu (the other internal styles are Tai Chi and Bagua) The basics of the boxing is rooted in Wuji, Taiji, Sa Cai (three powers) and the 5 Elements it also contails 12 animal forms the training is straight forward and liveley the book covers the theory, basics, boxing forms, and 2 man application sets (the five elements paired practice and An Shen Pao (advanced paired set)) Sun Lutang was a very famous practitioner he was the first one to publish books on the interal styles of chinese Kung Fu his Xing Yi book was written in 1915 he mastered all 3 of the internal styles - taiji, bagua, xing yi and was well versed in taoist cultivation which is reflected in his books Cheers Franklin