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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Dao Bums, My sifu and I are starting a distance learning program for Kenny Gong's xingyibagua. We have in-person practice here in the Southwest USA but would like this art to be available to the world. For some reason most of the senior practitioners in our style have little interest in perpetuating the art and spreading it to a wider audience. Expect in the next month some significant additions to our site and YouTube channel. For now I would like some information from my fellow Bums about your feelings on distance learning.
  2. Hey guys I'm going to be interviewing my xingyi and bagua sifu soon and wanted to know what you guys were curious about. Lloyd is a classmate of Ben Hill Bey and trained with Kenny Gong in New York. He is certified to teach the system by Tom Morrissey who lives here in Phoenix. Lloyd has also spent extensive time with the Diné people also known as Navajo and speaks their language. I'll be spending the day with him this upcoming weekend and will have a lot of time. Fire away guys!