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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, How wonderful to find this online community! I have been learning Daojiao Lishi Quanfa for over 18 years now and have been coaching a class in Salford, Greater Manchester, UK for around 8 of those years. It is an ancient art and science that teaches the cultivation of Qi/Chi. Lishi (It's shortened name) is made up of two main arts; the Yin Arts and the Yin Plus Arts. The Yin Arts consist of slow, soft movements and exercises to nourish and cultivate the chi energy of the body. The Yin Plus Arts use the overflow of Qi developed in the Yin arts in a faster, more dynamic way. During the classes students are introduced to a wide range of exercises that make up Lishi. including Li style Daoist Taijiquan (Tai Chi) forms including the Square Yard and Flying Hands. Kai Men, a system of Daoist Yoga to open up your energy channels. Dao Yin, breathing exercises and callisthenics for good health. Qi Gong where students will learn how to use and direct their intrinsic energy and Feng Shou (Hand of the Wind) Kung Fu, a dynamic soft system of self-defence I found out about a temple in Salford known as the Tian Cheng Heavenly City temple recently and asked them if we could set up an interview. Though not a traditional Daoist temple, there were definitely strong influences from Daoism and I was interested in whether we had common themes to our journey. Daoists all over China and the World start their journey to find The Way or the Path through their own medium. I’ve heard of Taoists using music to find Dao, Calligraphy to find Dao, physical practice as we do in Lishi to find Dao and religious practice. When I heard of The Tian Cheng Heavenly City Temple that had opened in Salford, Greater Manchester, I felt compelled to meet them and discover if there were similarities and common themes to our journeys in search of The Way or The Tao. They were extremely gracious in hosting me. The conversation we had was fascinating with two of their senior representatives. They agreed to allow us to film the interview so that we could share it widely. If you’re interested in searching for Dao through a physical ancient whole body system that is accessible for anyone, old or young, big or small please visit to find your nearest class. Or come and visit my class in Salford, Greater Manchester if you're ever about If the interview/conversation sounds like something you'd like to see, let me know and when it has been edited I can post out a link for you to all see, Thanks again Wan-Ley
  2. Hey guys I'm going to be interviewing my xingyi and bagua sifu soon and wanted to know what you guys were curious about. Lloyd is a classmate of Ben Hill Bey and trained with Kenny Gong in New York. He is certified to teach the system by Tom Morrissey who lives here in Phoenix. Lloyd has also spent extensive time with the Diné people also known as Navajo and speaks their language. I'll be spending the day with him this upcoming weekend and will have a lot of time. Fire away guys!
  3. Many here may remember sifu Lin Aiwei. I had the good fortune to participate on a round table interview with him. Some of the info is basic, because it was meant as an introduction to cultivation, but there are also many pearls of wisdom interlaced throughout. Also,I am not great at public speaking so please forgive me for all the "ahhs" and "umms" lol. MP3: http://www.mediafire...743qokblgdfdllk