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    All of our organs have consciousness and are cross trained to know each other's jobs, completely interlinked by by the one energy that animates our body. There our countless stories of organ donation where the patient takes on the characteristics of the doner. Some stories are much more positive like jogging or a physical discipline inherited. These stories only validated the formless energetic realm that we all live in and that the medical community has ignored since the conception of trained western doctors rather than the intuitive medicine kings of energetic medicine . The true healers have been made illegal to practice healing. The shift has already began as more research and quantum physics validates the practices of these ancient chinese energy arts for healing and cure of the incurable afflictions that humans manifest.
  2. Sounds like you are in the......" friend zone" at least you can give her good advice on the super hot guys she meets. The Stockholm syndrome came to mind but holding her hostage is very bad advice. Friends with benefits will take a bottle of tequila. Tequila has been lowering woman's standers for a 100 years. Good luck with that or ditch her for a romantic relationship with a different woman and let it all go.
  3. Shil Lum Temple located in the Fukien Province was a southern Shaolin temple the 18 palms are shaolin in nature. Shaolin monks relocated to Fukien they wanted to overthrow the government so politics is not a good thing for monks to get involved with in this case. Doo Tin Yin, at that time, was the sole holder of the Doo family's healing art, Doo Tin Yin sought refuge at a taoist temple on O’mie Mountain after the destruction of Shil Lum and to avoid death. The Five That Escaped Shil Lum. Fung Do Duk - developed White Tiger Kung Fu. Bak Mei - developed White Eye Brow Kung Fu. Jee Shin Shim Shee - kept the Northern Shil Lum Kung Fu Traditions. Mew Hing - developed 108 Dragon Palms Kung Fu. Ng Mui - developed Plum Flower Fist Kung Fu. In the 1970's Grandmaster Doo Wai decided to make his family inherited White Tiger Kung Fu art available to the public Lacey has been dis invowed from the lineage because of his internet selling scheme. The current white tiger forms seem to be influenced by hsing I Chuan one form of internal martial arts but definitely shaolin in nature. 18 daoist palms seems like a misnomer I can see some influence of time spent with Taoist monks at some point in time long ago, maybe. white tiger kung fu is amazing that it survived to this day.
  4. Qi/Energy Practice Over Years

    Illness and discomfort should be gone. Endless positive energy that is always refilled no matter how much we use should be the norm. All relationships should be positive and be able to give the gift of uplifting energy to those who are down. In professional work we should be at the top of our game and show others how to exceed. In life and returning to simplicity we have effectiveness with less effort. What is simple for us could be unattainable or hard work for others. To show others the ways of energy healing and give them responsibility for themselves instead of people playing a victim card is important . These things can be passed on in an informal, non teaching way and within the working environment personally without any mention of the discipline we may practice. Give light to others as if they are part of your own family.
  5. Bums I am missing

    marblehead, marblehead, marblehead He is probably here, there and everywhere. I miss him a lot.
  6. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    Setting the foundation is the physical work, countless methods. Without physical conditioning, eliminating illness and uncomfort within one's body there is no way to endure stillness and solitude in nature. LYM ia a true master of the direct method which does not involve methods, the beginning, setting the foundation. once one method is mastered it is forgotten. There are 49 barriers one must pass . If you try to enter a gate and you still have problems like bad character, emotional issues, unresolved matters you can not get through the gate but you can try again. After one has comprehended the methods, the passageway and thoroughfare, return and commence laying a foundation by exercising one’s self. Even people with great destiny and great fortune need 3-5-9 years. Some may even need 30-50 years, some people may even need longer. Some people say ‘in one hundred days one can lay a foundation’, what a joke. It is even better to say seven days is sufficient; this is an example and a process. Anyone saying they can open the small or large cosmic orbit in one hundred days, has lost it. There is no need as the meridian circulation is already unimpeded, otherwise people would be turned into vegetables. The 2nd and 3rd step are easily attained and achieved. This is the healthcare and longevity content on the level of society’s masses. Step 4 and 5 depend on one’s destiny. Of all of the steps, the 1st step is the most difficult. If one does not have the gong-skill of having exercised one’s self to lay a foundation. wishing to ascend to heaven and becoming an immortal, becoming a Buddha, becoming a divine person, it is truly like building a high rise on sand, like filling broth into a bamboo strainer, fools speaking nonsense, Any way, Thank You LYM, I talk too much
  7. It would make a lot more sense when giving God a gender to be a woman that was a major fail. The agenda might have been to take power away from the true goddesses of the times.
  8. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 76

    Men are born soft and supple; dead, they are stiff and hard. Plats are born tender and pliant; dead, they are brittle and dry. Thus whoever is stiff and inflexible is a disciple of death. Whoever is soft and yielding is a disciple of life. The hard and stiff will be broken. The soft and supple will prevail. This translation is from Wudang School It deals with the gate of life and death, turning around to go through the gate of life and how to apply martial skill is evident. Soft and supple is important because there is great strength in softness using the word weakness is misleading.
  9. Call to Vikings!

    I have a jotul as well amazing stoves the one I have has a food smoking tray under the top just like this one. Recently I went to see my oldest son with his brother during the party someone said "so this is what it is like to hang out with vikings" We are all tall and built with long hair and are actual vikings.
  10. Hopefully there is no reason why we fall in love. If there is a reason how could it be true love? Would that not be contrived love that can easily change to hate when our preconceived ideas do not line up with reality. Love grows I fell in love with a 16 year old girl (settle down I was 17) We are more in love today and our relationships is unreplaceable because of countless experiences and children and grandchildren shared together good or bad. The strength we now have and the absolute true love we share will last longer than heaven and earth. Please lose your mind when you experience love. Let it go, let it flow and get out of the way
  11. Modern Taijiquan Sucks!

    Flower fist and brocade legs is a old term for a person that does Tai Chi and does not have kung fu. For those interested in self defense one must practice Nei Jia Quan, Tai Yi, Laing Yi or Shaolin first. All Martial student are trained in Kung Fu first then graduate to Tai Chi Chuan. It is backwards in America and nothing Like Tai Chi Chuan taught in China. This is my own personal experience. Even push hands in america is very watered down and non effective as a fighting skill. Using to much force in american push hands is a cause to get disqualified. Lots of fighting is required to become good at it. Get your bruises in the training hall. Once someone is skilled at fighting the techniques used in Tai Chi Chuan is rightfully deserving of its name Supreme Ultimate Fist or Boxing.
  12. Winter Wetness : Woman Calls For Man

    Same here, not interested to hear about peoples private moments but at least I hope they are not doing it in public although this is a public forum. Private moments shared together or alone in privacy I am all about it. Going around talking or posting about touching yourself seems a bit weird to me. If I shared my intimate experiences I would be banned for being way to provocative, peoples computer screens would just melt, everything would become wet. Just messing with you.
  13. TCM - vegetarianism

    OK I will bite no pun intended. We all go through cycles and seasons of our lives so there is no absolute. On the mountain meat is served 3 days a week lots of little kids working hard that benefit from eating meat and meat is a luxury very special. Older folks mostly vegetarian and if you live at a temple not a school only vegetarian food is served. so there is no real political or moral standard of a chosen diet. I had a funny experience a student talking about the food and said I am vegetarian and the coach replied that is great and then another student said I eat meat and the coach replied that is great. It is all about balance with your body needs and it changes all the time. so that is my vague reply for now. The key is what is paired with your meals be it vegetarian or omnivore diets.
  14. Year of the Pig

    https://youtu.be/WDLI4pQt5pc A friend of mine sent me this link of a cute pig. I sent it to my grand son as well.
  15. Winter Wetness : Woman Calls For Man

    Sexed crazed prevails at TDB perverting and misleading the most natural of processes. I would be ashamed of mincing Taoist terms with perversion. We already have Chia and Healing Dao (the sex schools) to mislead people and keep them in birth and death forever. Oh well rant over BUT poem seems funny if that is the intention nothing to do with actual philosophy but what the hell lets keep it below the belt, so exciting.