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  1. Anti Lord of Death steel underpants sale !

    I forgot to mention that the trees are standing dead trees. Not so impressive now. This is not an anti buddhist agenda just a warning for buddhist Do not screw off, the time is now while trees are still standing. My sword hand will not be held back.
  2. Anti Lord of Death steel underpants sale !

    Everyone loves a sale. Can I buy more than one or is it only one per customer? Could you give some more information about this lord of death? Just wondering if is the same entity that is very afraid of me because I am Deathless. Also interested in the Aussie steel can I get a blade forged I might have some old sword fittings? Currently with this sword I have thrust-ed through so many trees that the blade is getting stressed out.
  3. Buddhist Practices vs Taoist Practices

    Being from the complete reality school the three teaching are as one. The main drive of Chinese Buddhism is Taoist in origin. Taoist never had a written system like Buddhism so the structure of a formal religion written and not only passed on orally was exciting. A lot of classics we have now are do to the influence of a structured system but still very much Taoist. Chan Buddhism or Zen in japan is even more connected to Taoist thought. As the teachings left the origin and traveled to other countries and cultures it became embedded with local flavor. If it ended up in a all male situation the female alchemy was dropped or alchemy in general was not taught at all. It is fun to play with the flower and appreciate its beauty but even better are the seeds they have all the information on becoming a flower.
  4. Lineages- old and new

    My linage is a new one only 700 years unbroken. When a practitioner becomes more realized the ancient text become very clear they are describing experience and the underling building blocks of the universe. It is like the first time we read the DDJ and when we read it again many years later we have a better understanding exceptionally when the principles are learned physically. The communication of body and mind is feeling not word format. When philosophy does not have any applications it is just mind clutter and worthless. How do we apply what is true into everyday activities when self and art becomes one. we realize the same principles apply to every field and skill set. I am not going to build someone a house I have zero hours in house building. I could build a crude structure for survival based on the WAY things work.
  5. The Complete System

    In the garden of eden. The dude was a little drunk writing the song so when he told the band about the new song he was writing his speech was a bit slurred. They decided to keep Gadda da vida as the title, because it is funny. Drunken kung fu covers this song on day one with an amazing teacher that no one would dare challenge because skill is obvious.
  6. The Complete System

    There are no complete systems only complete people. The recipe maybe 1000 of years old but 1000 years of development is still not enough. Dead arts are complete, living arts are never completed there is a sky above the sky meaning that attainment does not end so can never be completed unless someone is satisfied with small accomplishments and walks away.
  7. Observe nature and how the elements interact. black blue is water in five elements but I am talking about building a fire and hinting about yin and yang using colors, polar complete opposites. There are interactions of the five elements the creative and destructive arrangements. Each element contains all the others like seeing includes all other senses or colors are all colors but mostly themselves.
  8. There is fire inside wood. Red is most energetic color of burning wood, black is the least energetic, ashes. Red and black are polar complete colors. purple is the extreme color of fire reverting quickly to black This is an excellent thread with great information. For health research/ learn and practice 5 element qigong
  9. shadow people- do they have to be negative ?

    With good energetic's death will be afraid of you. Imagine that, cast out the shadows they are attracted by the light but very afraid of being dissolved. Shine your light on them and see how fast they disperse.
  10. Semen Yang Energy and oral transfer.

    No she will swallow your baby.
  11. Does that include sex and politics seems to be hot topics on Dao Bums lately. Any thing to to with Taoist practice is refreshing.
  12. Exactly my other eye has some serious moon power, I will leave that alone for now.
  13. Is the sun upside down in Australia? My body loves vitamin D from sun light. Watching the sunrise and sunsets are very romantic it fills my heart with joy. I also like to take long strolls along the beach but I live in the north, it is f-ing cold and snowy and I am land locked, no ocean for hundreds of miles so I gaze at the sun. BTW it is called sun gazing not sun staring. My question is do I need to do a head stand in Australia to gaze at the sun so the energy is not upside down in my retina or is it right side up being upside down. I plan to destroy physical matter that controls my emotions by looking at things with the power of the sun that I now have in one eye. .No need to mention it is summer and beautiful in Australia right now. I get it and do not need to hear about it.
  14. jing is a non physical energy with no location. jing, chi and shen are one energy. When the three treasures separate there are problems. Using the temporary body (semen specifically) to reach the eternal is bad medicine Jing is not sexual energy that is 5% of the equation it is also blood, sweat and tears, saliva, liquid manifestations of the something eternal..A physical substance is not jing it is only a manifestation of Jing. When jing is strong chi has a better quality and quantity. Chi animates the body if spirit moves chi all dis- ease vanishes to dust. The ability to reproduce our actions waking up, going to sleep, washing the dishes, paying bills, definitely take out the garbage and that includes mind trash everyday. We will do these activities way more then having sex for the rest of our lives. Chi is moving up and down always headaches are the manifestation of energy flowing poorly down the descending channel. Retain means to block this is an error. The blockage is now apparent. We should cycle through all emotions in a day. When we hold on to one emotion that is something to correct right off.
  15. This is great advise from rainbowvein Once we have made an energetic connection with another, the mind can easily connect with that energy with any thought of that person. I know the difficulty in breaking these connections. In time, with a refocused mind, one can be free. Energy seals, If we can remain empty so there is nothing to hit is the key. Abandon all thoughts of this person negative or positive to not give it any energy. If the attacks continue use emptiness, it is not you, lead that energy to emptiness. When his energy hits this space it will amplify as it travels back to him with no resistance or thoughts of your own. Even the energy of this thread is an attraction, it will keep you connected, cut the root. To not mess with your own karma and destiny do not identify yourself as doing something about it, remove the target, lead the negative energy to emptiness and let it ground out. Good luck, the situation is changing.
  16. your favourite verse and Why?

    I would have to agree that the first verse sets the groundwork for everything that follows. The Tao Te Ching covers all three primes at same time an incredible treasure to say the least. If you think you know it you do not. If you think you can name it you can not The nameless (Wu Ming) is the mother of all things and that includes you. You are not an orphan she will always provide and nourish you so be respectful, you can not repay her. If you can name something that is not all of it. You are missing the subtle, the fine, the unseen world around you and before you were born. Without desire you are completed, all thing are done with no effort. With desire you are involved in the world of shapes and forms and miss out on the grand design. Basically looking to small and narrow looking for profit and advantage just not being a complete person. If you decide to be a complete person you will vanish into the infinite, you become part of the great mystery. To be named would reduce you into being just a piece in the puzzle again. I love flowing hands translations of the Tao Te ching by the way, very good stuff.
  17. Moon Phase

    If we are interested in the moon cycles we could ask the ocean or a women for clarity. Even ask a clam soak them in water and they can tell you when the tide is out 1000's of miles away from an ocean. ( if we are spoiled enough to have clams in a landlocked environment). Nature is the best teacher obviously the over thinking man continues to get in the way....Good job humans! If we seek clarity with the human mad, I mean human made world that is an adventure of failure. We do love to blame problems on other things instead of facing the cause so that is a great distraction, works every time.
  18. Living in perpetual hell due premature awakening

    To achieve the heavenly one must first master the physical world. Hard physical work is needed. the material life and spiritual life always needs to be in balance Trying to archive great spiritual levels and ignoring the material life has caused a great deal of pain. Abandon all methods and achieve nothing, give it all up. there is nothing to achieve. When the achievement is forced life is a waste land and the spiritual flower dies. Toooo much heavenly energy without its partner earthly energy is a very weak and a sick force, not worth a penny.
  19. Are Zeno's paradoxes solved by modern science?

    The ancient achieved one's realized and asked the same questions as modern science does today. Back in the day there was no difference between science and the great arts. Science will only confirm what the ancients are describing. Our vision is so small that we may forget that all the rules of matter and everything in the universe, vibrations, the spiral, the tree, all forms are physically within our body. the tree of the nervous system the spiral of dna the vibration of life force running through everything connected by an unseen web of dark energy connecting everything. The ancient achieved ones looked inside for answers and discovered the entire universe is in our hand. Modern humans think a lot and have created many problems and try to think how to make everything better. Making better the same problems we have created. Thinking does not make the world a better place. Knowing that everything in the universe is connected knowing that our eye seeing is also the eye of creation seeing. Seeing ourselves in others and all things makes the world a better place. which way are we looking? outside for knowledge or inside for awareness of what already is.
  20. What is the Taoist religion?

    What is dao Xin? The middle path? Zhong – 中 – zhōng 1. center, middle, inside, heart 2. central 3. in the midst, in the process, in the middle, in the course, throughout 4. moderate, medium, intermediary 5. neutral 6. hit (target) 7. attain 8. to hit the mark, to hit the target, to be correct, to be successful Xin – 心 – xīn 1. mind, heart, spirit, soul; thoughts, ideas 2. attention, mind, interest, intention 3. heart, inner feelings, emotion, emotional state 4. wholeheartedness, sincerity, true heart 5. sympathy, heart, consideration, generous disposition 6. meaning, center, core, essence; answer (as to a riddle) 7. heart, mind, core; spirit, vitality; inner strength, marrow Dao – 道 -dào 1. word 2. way, path, road 3. method, way 4. the way Philosophy: The Way As it Is (Tao) / The Suchness Recognizing nature as it is. The way things are…nature has no freedom. It has its own alchemy, its own characteristic. But if you can merge with nature itself, you will be the most free. Concept: There is nothing to learn or to accumulate. If nature has no freedom, there is nothing to add or take away, but only to realize and recognize. If you add or take anything away, you interrupt nature. So, there is nothing to learn. You must be with nature to understand it. Nature is “as such;” the way that it is; the way things are. So the concept is: there is nothing to learn, because it is already there. So how are we going to learn if there is nothing to learn? We learn through recognizing and realizing what is what. You cannot think. You cannot imitate. You cannot train to accumulate. If you perform a movement over and over without the right mindset, what you train will turn into a subconscious reflex (second nature) and become a habit. So you must train total awareness, total consciousness of nature.
  21. What is the Taoist religion?

    Dear flowing hands, Someone asked what is Taoist religion.... well this is how the day starts and how it ends with 8 hours of kung fu, chi gung and meditation in between. Then there are the evening classes for advanced students and performance groups. I am sorry you lose the tao with your kung fu brothers and sisters during morning and evening scriptures. The significance of what appears to be silly hats and superficial ritual is in direct relationship of the highest order. I am sorry you had a bad experience. The rest of my post is relating simple things like kneeling in the riding crane position to help strengthen the knees and increasing the micro circulation of blood you know things of that nature. It also seems you may have a problem with high-dimensional Realized Ones and religion which is totally fine if it is not your thing.
  22. What is the Taoist religion?

    The Daoist Morning Scripture is mostly chanted in the hour of ‘Mao’ (4th Earthly Branch; 5-7am). At this time the Original Yang initiates its rise and Yin Qi has not yet stirred. Food and fluids have not yet entered (the body), while Qi and Blood are not yet in disarray. With a concentrated Spirit (Shen) contemplate the Upright. Through the Morning Scripture one will reach a harmonious and smooth-flowing state of Qi and Blood, consequently the vessels, arteries and veins will connect with the orifices with beneficial effects for the health. The time-period for chanting the Evening Scripture is mainly in the hour of ‘You’ (10th Earthly Branch; 5-7pm). At this time people’s fatigue builds up, Yang Qi wanes, Yin Qi gradually flourishes and Evil Qi drifts and meanders around. Through the Evening Scripture one is able to dispel tiredness, settle restlessness, as well as calm the Ethereal Soul (Hun) and the Corporeal Soul (Po). Furthermore, it is beneficial for the quality of sleep. The vibrational frequencies of the sound waves of the scripture recitation are capable of cleansing our Five Zang-Organs and Six Fu-Viscera, our Qi and Blood, meridians and channels, as well as our cells. It can heighten our energetic fields’ vibrational frequencies. Therefore the masters of the past all placed utmost emphasis on the recitation of the scriptures. When reciting the scriptures, we must take a deep breath, in order to recite and chant the scriptures as long as possible to the best of our ability. It both increases the lung functions and amplifies the lung capacity. Through kneeling during recitation, we are able to temper the post-heavenly formed two kneecaps and to increase the strength of our knees, as well as to foster the robustness of the True Qi of the Gate of Life. Kow-towing and prostrating in reverence enable us to refine the post-heaven cranium’s fontanel and the pineal gland. Moreover it is beneficial to the circulation of Qi and Blood in our body and to opening our wisdom. Wholeheartedly reciting and chanting the scriptures of sagely appellation enable us to obtain the mercy of high-dimensional Realized Ones and sages, eliminating our own body’s karmic afflictions, far distancing ourselves from negative energetic fields.
  23. Neidan ( all experiences and opinions wanted)

    When we suck the bull $hit out of this thread that is high gong. Chasing the bull is a form of distraction. It is just designed to misguide people, If I can't suck a bull then I must be doing something wrong. So if one will not suck a bull and does not WANT to show their skill, hide and safeguard their light then we are getting back to some high gong.
  24. Neidan ( all experiences and opinions wanted)

    From Pg 1 the internal alchemy scriptures can also be categorized according to the three primes. The heavenly prime scriptures deal with the great elixir, the earthly prime scriptures with the spirit elixir, the humanly prime with the golden elixir.
  25. Neidan ( all experiences and opinions wanted)

    That is one of the three primes.