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  1. Contradiction ?

    Having a direction is great. The Tao has a direction Two legs moving in different directions one forward, one back, one back, one forward, contradiction, opposition, conflict but wait there is a direction created by the "one" moving the legs. Do birds wake up and say to themselves I am not going to fly today? It seems by the nature of being a bird it is to fly, So does the Tao not give a shit but also provide, care and nurture all things? Of course any thing else would just be just silly, it is not a thing, Why? because birds fly.
  2. Contradiction ?

    Adapt or suffer. This implies that the art of life is more like navigation than warfare, for what is important is to understand the winds, the tides, the currents, the seasons, and the principles of growth and decay, so that one’s actions may use them and not fight them. Not giving a fuck and true caring are different aspects of one and the same system, and that the disappearance of either one of them would be the disappearance of the system. so the sage cares without caring and is kind without being kind. In the center the two extreme poles are very easy to navigate.
  3. What did you buy recently that does the job !

    I recently bought my first "new" sword. This dao is perfectly balanced with a short blade so easy to wield. The problem is that my wife loves this sword so I guess it is shared. She has her own straight sword from ching era with seven stars on the blade but loves "our" new sword. My straight sword is older then the united states and my primary weapon. The short dao has advantages in small areas and we can work out in the house with it.
  4. Is the earth hollow?

    Man's fascination with penetration could lead to the want and desire of a hollow earth. This is a good reason not to talk with women on important issues like this we could never win the argument. we should legally take women's rights away then men can feel like they win. the women's movement of a wet and rock hard earth is gaining momentum. The beauty of the subject is that yes or no changes absolutely nothing.
  5. simplify

  6. Neiye - Section 1 - The Essential Qi

    I know you guys are having a scholarly discussion on the neiye. My experience can shed light on the text if it is welcomed just let me know if I am distracting the discussion thanks.
  7. Neiye - Section 1 - The Essential Qi

    numen is another name for shen Chang Sen Feng 100 steele 若能养炁忘言守,降伏身心,神归炁穴,意注规中,混融一炁。如鸡抱卵,如龙养珠,念兹在兹,须臾不离,日久功深,自然现出黍米之珠,光耀如日,默化元神,灵明莫测,即此是也。 If one can cultivate the qi of pre-heaven forget speech and guard Oneness, subdue body and mind, the spirit will return to the carven of pre-heaven qi, focus your attention on Gui Zhong (i.e. the Yellow Court), fusing the one qi of pre-heaven. Like a chicken incubating an egg, like a dragon cultivating a pearl, keeping in mind, never leaving for even a moment, as time passes achievement deepens, a pearl the size of a millet will appear naturally, brilliant like the sun, the primordial spirit is silently manifested, the brilliance of the numen cannot be measured, that this is.
  8. Change the world now

    You are already free. A lotus blooms from a muddy pool live in the mud and be a beautiful flower. The steam of the lotus is empty the mud of this world does not stick to it. We can live a higher life and have higher standards than the man made world. If we do not have higher standards we can not attract a better life for ourselves. Material and spiritual life must be in balance first master the physical realm, work hard and get dirty just do not let the dirt stick to you, wash it off, return it to the earth.
  9. Neiye - Section 4: The Sage

    Quality of Jing directly affects quality of Qi. We need to do nothing to have jing and Qi. The quality is affected by post heaven Qi basically lifestyle, environment and thoughts can damage or reduce the quality of jing and qi we are all born with. Knowing mind is the limit of knowledge stop. The original spirit is pure awareness return to awareness and forget knowledge and then there is no limit.
  10. Your Life Has Already Died

    I agree 100% no denial of the manifest and all that life has to offer. Going in reverse or return is the celebration of life.
  11. Your Life Has Already Died

    We never left anywhere when we are born and did not go anywhere when we die. Starts and stops are the fable of the human mind. In this story land I am separated by this birth and death. The story can be dark and depressing or light and everlasting as all moments are one moment BUT the mind will have its own moments conflicted and confused but as the dust settles we find that the negative is a companion of death and the positive is the companion of life. Then two gates mysteriously appear which one would you like to enter? Do you want to move forward and go along with things to the gate of death or turn around and go back through the gate of life? Life will only take a second so we can surf on the top of this rotating planet or be crushed by its own weight with every turn. So when the sun comes up tomorrow just know that the sun never moved,
  12. This needs to be repeated, Great post exorcist 1699. Taoist religion is not what a westerner would consider a religion but with Taoism it contains all religions and surpasses them. If one chooses to become a Taoist priest in a linage the scriptures contain the highest philosophy and methods of becoming an immortal. Internal alchemy, Immortality training outside of the temple is very watered down version and contains errors or is just plain Chi Gung glorified. So if interested in the religious practice which is not separated from philosophy being one in the same one must go to a temple, not a school or going rouge (having no master)

    Right that is my point we can communicate in word form to point at the wordless and we can all get it, it is not difficult. so who is not intelligent to not get the meaning no matter what word we choose to use? Let's talk about language and specifically the alphabet word form, the transmission is lost. Not using symbols or wordless transmission that express something so much deeper and includes its opposite it is a loss of transmission in time because words change meaning. If I call you gay that does not mean that you are happy at this point in time or that the dress I am wearing means something a woman would wear at this point in time. Easily put alphabet word construction is an abstract of reality and words change meaning. The spiritual and material life we all live must be in balance. If the physical and material life is not in order then spiritual pursuits are a waste of time and not important. people that get it backwards are called spacy or ungrounded. The I ching is designed to be understood by people that can not read or write. The literates overlook such simplicity and make it complicated. One solid line WTF does that mean. This is extremely funny to me. Please go on this should be exciting.

    I do not understand what you are saying and what is with the monkey fetish? Going beyond word form is laid out in the Tao Te Ching in what the first sentence? communicating with out words was normal and now travailing around the world with out speaking the language this is highly more effective than using words. The international language is easy Words are a form of deception and only can be communicated by ignoring the opposite of what is being said causing absolutes that do not exist. As For the title of this thread Nothing is absolute.

    I like to have long conversations about no thing because there is nothing for the mind to attach to. With no thing being beyond the laws of yin and yang there is nothing to confirm or deny, no for or against so this helps keep conversations very lively and exciting. Talking and thoughts are in word form so we can see how this thinking mind has made the world the opposite of what all humanity really needs. Arguments allow us to keep the current shape of our societies with the post heaven mind being in charge and easily controlled by other or them.

    It is funny to think something is created and that there is a creator of things. The un-manifest is primal . Something comes from nothing, no thing, no form, shape or color. We are all here in a physical sense and not here at the same time. what is not here in a physical sense so to say is the eternal, everlasting and formless. We all are eternal, immortal and everlasting with and without this body. I apologize if this eliminates fear, worry and countless other conditions for people.
  17. Is being a Daoist for the well off

    This is awesome. If you follow the outside of the wall there is an old walk way and stairs. You pass threw a very old heavenly gate with trees growing out of it, you will pass a cement eight trigram work out spot this is where legend has Cheng three peaks creating Tai Chi Chuan up a bit more and you are at the cave. A monk lives in the cave year round. Behind purple heave in the complex there is parents hall on the right side of the building there is a door in the wall if it is open it is a short cut to the path of the cave. Our schools are totally related we are official kung fu brothers, very cool. Nice you found my school thanks for the picture.
  18. Is being a Daoist for the well off

    At nanyan palace is a tea shop. The tea ceremony is worth the time 30 - 40 minutes. You get to taste the different teas of Wudang and can buy some to bring home. Cheng San Fengs cave is behind purple heaven off the beaten track but someone from your school could go with you to show the way. Thunder god cave is cool you may have already found that. Golden top is awesome I suggest taking the stairs and if you run out of time to get back down there is the cable car opposite side of the valley with buses at the bottom to get you back to dragon gate. Love to hear about your adventure, injuries and soreness is a thing let your teachers know about any injury the have amazing skills herbs and remedies.
  19. Is being a Daoist for the well off

    Rara This is so exciting. I am in Montreal Canada back to the mountain in the fall. I would love to hear about your adventures. Have you been up on the mountain? My school is located down the steps on the other side of the road of Purple heaven Palace. Very excited for you wish I could meet up with you. Long live Wudang Kung Fu!
  20. Neiye - Introduction - Multi-authors

    The emptiness and stillness of all things, Including the heart of this topic the problem is after birth mind- will most take this as their master. only before birth mind- will can penetrate the mystery it has no form, no birth and no death. Only emptiness and stillness combined can open the gate.
  21. Neiye - Introduction - Multi-authors

    The way to eternity discusses this topic as well an excellent work. Here are a few things that may be interesting. Nowadays, most people spare no effort in advocating democracy, yet few people know they are just inwardly the victims under the dictatorship of their yin pre-heaven mind-wills, like a puppet. Your pre-heaven nature is taken captive by your worldly heart while your life force at the mercy of your physical form. All you senses come from yin pre-heaven mind-wills, which occasion your life force to be encumbered with your physical form. On account the heavy encumbrances by your physical form there come the death and birth for your life; on account of slavery in which your pre-heaven nature is taken by your worldly heart there come the comings and goings of pre-heaven nature. Hence you know your physical form and your heart are places in which your life force and pre-heaven nature take residence, respectively. letting your heart follow the example of the heaven you will become emptier and emptier, and letting your physical form follow the example of the earth you will fall deeper and deeper in the depths of stillness. So long have you remained in this state that something divine will arise, which comes from the Mysterious Pass---the very center of the heaven and the earth and in which the Great Unification takes residence. The eight kinds of yin pre-heaven mind-will will dominate over you from your cradle to your grave. As a result, your yang pre-heaven mind-will, coming from infinite emptiness and holding the birth and death of all things at its mercy, will become obscure and be buried in oblivion from time to time. The yang pre-heaven mind-will, in general, hardly presents its existence in man's daily life except when people are having sexual intercourse and climaxing---people will get excited mostly because yang pre-heaven mind-will is stirring.
  22. I read on the internet that solid relationships have really good sex whatever that might be. Each time should be better than the last time. If things get dull and boring people stop exploring each other and seek elsewhere for better or worse.Some relationships fold over the slightest bump in the road or mental clutter of the superficial things. To weather the storms together in a relationship we need a solid foundation based on really good sex that continues to grow. Having a common goal that is beneficial for each other will allow us to even steer off course to a safe harbour until the storm or obstacle is over then get back to course as soon as possible. If you throw the hook or tie up to the dock for a while have some good sex while you wait. Underway to this beautiful life that you both have created have some really good sex and don't forget to eat and wash the dishes it is possible to have sex while doing the dishes as well. The dishes might take more time than usual to finish. Make sure everything is stowed away properly so nothing can let loose during the voyage, no loose strings or issues neglected this causes trouble so be very thorough a beautiful, fulfilled life depends on it. After all the hard work is done have some really good food together...I mean sex.
  23. After Enlightenment - Sainthood, Personality,

    In the zone my self was forgotten only doing what needs to be done. The one doing all this stuff was no where to be found.
  24. After Enlightenment - Sainthood, Personality,

    If there is after enlightenment then one is weak, complacent and a quitter satisfied with superficial accomplishments. If one thinks they are enlightened then they have made a major error, a miscalculation sending one off into the wrong direction.. There is a sky above the sky meaning the work is never done, no beginning, no end, existent, non existent, with form, without form all at this moment and forever.
  25. my wife asked me once if I ever had sex behind her back so I said to her who did you think it was? If reading some slanted view of psychologist makes you sick to your stomach one should realize that what is being said is poison The true master is oneself do not seek truth from outside of yourself. Then one can heal from the poison administered from social mental illness. My challenge is to debunk all that information and have great relationships with women for the rest of your life. This includes all non sexual relationships as well. I have found that women are the greatest gift in life. As far as respect goes if we do not respect ourselves the good and the bad then respecting others is impossible and leads to bad relationships with all things