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  1. The Chinese Communist Revolution

    Bound to be beautiful: The bizarre practice of foot-binding was once a symbol of beauty in China Foot-binding – a widespread custom in China which lasted for over 1,000 years – from the 10th to 20th century, is considered by many to be one of the most dangerous fashion trends in history. For centuries, tiny, curved feet were a symbol of beauty in the Chinese culture, and the bizarre tradition of foot-binding was passed from mother to daughter, generation to generation, The fashion trend was soon adopted by upper-class women in the south of China and eventually, it spread to the north of the country. While at the beginning it was considered a symbol of high social status and wealth, eventually it spread to all women, regardless their social position. Neck rings seem like another fashion trend that seems bizarre we seem to be a lot more tame with modern fashion and we can by boots that look like hoofs
  2. Sexual Jing: Is It Really Limited (?)

    Below is a blog from my freind Master Chen that may be helpful please notice that sex is not mentioned. the classics to do not mention sex because sex energy is not jing. The classics us sexual relationship as metaphor to give birth to our true self, the divine immortal that is always with us, the super being that is inside of us all. Sexual energy comes from the post heaven mind, it is mind driven. It is a major error to think sexual energy is jing, Now here is the simplified blog enjoy. Health and rejuvenation depend on increasing the quality and quantity of Jing and Qi. What methods can you use? The first method is seated meditation. This is the method of stillness. The next method is slow Tai Chi in which you focus on the waist. All action starts from the waist (the Dan Tian). Then breathe. Use the breath to cooperate mind and action, to gain cooperation of tiger and dragon. Tai Chi has 8 different actions and 5 postures. This is the method of motion. Dao Yin is the third way to collect Jing. Dao Yin is between stillness and motion. It includes the 12, 16 and 8 pieces brocade. It includes Qi Gong – Qi Gong is Dao Yin. Qi Gong is supporting exercise. In order to collect Qi, the meridians must be smooth and unblocked. Qi Gong smoothes the meridians. When the Qi transmuted from meditation and Tai Chi, then we need the channels to transport the Qi. When the organs are healthy, at the end of the day, they give back left over Yuan Qi and Yuan Jing. This goes back to the Dan Tian. Diet and nutrition are also important. Better health is achieved if you are 80% vegetarian, and 20% non-vegetarian. At first, when you are rebuilding your foundation, you should have meat. If you are a healer or body worker you should continue at least 20% meat until you are ready to give up your practice. It is best to eat fresh, organic foods and to avoid preserved and deep fried foods. Avoid lead and mercury tainted foods, avoid super heated oils, and avoid pickled foods. When you practice these the body will initially become very sensitive to its intake. You will feel it if you bring in polluted foods. Yang quality of food is preferred. The Solar Diet is the best to keep Yang at an optimum level. If you must eat meat, eat good quality meat. Venison, buffalo and elk are very good. Never eat beef, dog, goose, or Koi carp – they are associated to the four basic virtues: filial piety, kindness, loyalty and devotion. Humans must learn from these animals and keep this kind of quality. You must cultivate virtue; must engage in virtue.
  3. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    The happiest people I have ever met have no hospitals, no roads, no police, no fire department, no indoor plumbing, no electricity and no phones among other things developed countries are all about. Some would consider these people very poor but on the contrary they are very rich in spirit and the community is beautiful and happy with no crime. I have lived in a closed society not damaged by capitalist mentality and consumerism. The people have no use for what is for sale instead they provide for themselves, food, tools, clothes and shelter. Governments hate this ability of the people and need to make people dependent on a government for survival. Nature provides us with everything we need.
  4. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    It's just a jump to the left and a step to the right, put your hands on your hips.
  5. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    If we teach non virtuous people we will have bad karma that would ruin our own lives, it against the rules of transmission. If we teach kindness, forgiveness, compassion then we have someone to teach. True virtue is not virtuous it happens with out thought or agenda it is just who we are without convention, true virtue. When we see creepy, gregarious and non-virtuous Daoist practitioners they obviously have no real skill and not able to be given transmission. Traditional lineages weed out the garden fast so those types of people can not be taught.
  6. Proposed simplification of forums

    I am surprised there is not a martial art section...Tao of the fist. After all this is the broadsword (Dao) Bums. Sword play anyone? I enjoy walking on the seven stars as the fairy points the way. More Pie being mentioned is hilarious. Summer on TDB gotta love it. Conflict and struggle reign supreme at least nature is not conflicted or struggling itself over change.
  7. Open Invitation

    That was zen this is Tao I have the present for everyone for this event, it is always with you. How do you like the present? Day and night is at the same time it does not matter where we are standing. We cannot have light without others in the dark and we can not have dark without others in the light. Our light is always shining in this present event day and night. I like this event thanks for the invite!
  8. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    The original human nature is kindness. Chinese spirituality talks of a physical being rather than an intellectual one. It literally refers to the Spirit in you and cultivating the physical health to the optimum level to nourish the invisible spiritual being. How do you sense and communicate with your own spirit? We may not be able to because our material life can block out our power to do so. Alchemy opens the door for communication and lets it fly out. It improves our compassion, forgiveness and mercy. There is an invisible super being inside us. Alchemy supplies nutrition to our spirits. Initially there are no visual signs but if we keep it up then the changes will show up. Never stop practicing. All this talk of yuan chi is missing the point of it all. compassion forgiveness mercy being a better person overall, In and beyond this physical plane, pure energy with and without form. These are some words from my teacher of the Dragon Gate long Men Pei of Mount Wudang. You have struck gold and silver is not good enough. Rara remember what you have learned on Wudang and do not deviate or let others mislead you. You are the best!
  9. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    All things in balance and harmony, the center of the compass, no movement the body is dead. So the marionette is dead or is it moved by spirit that benefits all things. No polarity is the center of the compass, we move from the center and the world is illuminated without beginning or end. Extreme shifts in polarity is called an unbalanced person or un- grounded or spacey person.
  10. No more right-wing bullshit.

    There are many forums for political discussions. Politics are not my interest on TDB and I do not want politics at all on this site IMO also IMO politics are for bottom feeders my life is way above agenda pre conceived thought control and the rest that goes along with it.
  11. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    Who is moving this Chi? If you or me are moving this chi others and self are harmed. If spirit / Shen is moving this Chi all things are benefited. We should know what is holding the strings of our marionette bodies. The internal government must be in order.
  12. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    Chi is the steam coming of the cooked rice. Fire can transform food and more. If the water is on top of the fire we can cook rice but we need to put a lid on it and control the fire, a low slow burn. There is no difference in alchemy the principle of fire and water remains the same... The song remains the same. If we can cook rice we can increase our chi.
  13. No more right-wing bullshit.

    It seems the rules and guidelines of this site are non political. Radical right wing bullshit extremist is not the way. The way of nature at extremes will revert back in the opposite direction to maintain balance. We are restoring balance. Look past the words. Using political terms is targeted at all the political bullshit on this site. There are many forums for political discussions. Politics are not my interest on TDB and I do not want politics at all on this site IMO Humanity's needs are the same in every country of this world.
  14. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    We are all born with vitality, energy and spirit. Post heaven Chi can damage these three treasures. post heaven chi comes form the social constructs, environment, diet, stress, thoughts all these can damage the three treasures. Stress is the major cause of Jing loss. Jing is not sexual energy we have jing before we have a body and after we have a body. The reversal is going back through the gate of life become a child again. The physical training increases the quality and quantity of the three treasures, guard them and keep them safe. Neidan training is the life and death solving methods. Developing our self awareness of how our body works. Knowing what dies and what is immortal. Many people put a lot of effort into what dies. Stillness training of Neidan is not for everyone. Sitting in solitude and fasting for many days at a time. Having an authentic master who has verified all the steps and dissolved all barriers is the only way to learn neidan. Just like if one wants to be a chef or any trade one must be taught by someone skilled and apply all the skills for themselves before becoming a master of the trade. Everything written is pointing at something only we can enter the gate for ourselves. Then the words become nonsense and useless because really we are all pointing at something beyond words and beyond this physical realm.
  15. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Sorry about the rant Marblhead just told me to sit down and shut up!