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  1. Imprinting your desire on an atom

    Watch the healing field on amazon prime. The aspect of the discussion is fully covered by quantum physicist,doctors and healers. Stem cell scientist know the environment shapes the cells and observation or distant healing also effects the cell development. The show also discusses DNA and brain connections can be turned on or off at will. The healing field I highly recommend anyone that practices energy arts to watch this show. Great topic, like Einstein, quantum science and the Taoist say the un-manifest is primal of all creation not the other way around. Unfortunately western science in the beginning thought that the physical forms were the key. Modern science like epi genetics and Quantum physics paint a whole new reality just as the ancient sages describe. The magic is not gone. Bad programming like allopathic medicine, Darwin and newton views are about to be replaced.
  2. I would not worry about reincarnation if one chooses to do immortality training, life and death solving methods. Also no need to worry about enlightenment. If interested in enlightenment or reincarnation a buddhist based practice would be a better suit to wear. If interested in immortality training one must have a teacher that has verified the methods and one must have the destiny, the bones of an immortal. This practice is not for everyone and words are not helpful. Endless words are a sign of non attainment and lead to confusion. wizard points the way
  3. PSA- Frying pans and shrinkage

    Large trucks and sport cars are also known to make men's penises smaller as well. Cold swimming pools are a disaster for men. The Greeks and their statues reflect how a small penis is admirable...more than likely there wisdom and art had Chinese influence. Hot steamy Environments like living in Africa has the effect of making very large penises. Non stick pans scares men out of the kitchen encouraging gender bias as acceptable. Kar3n you are a very naughty girl.... AND showing me pictures of more than one pie at a time is hitting below the belt. Your husband must be a lucky guy.
  4. LMP, SonOfTheGods, Mercury Fire Blood and Honey

    Please do not talk about pie,I beg you. I know it is way fun when you know someone's weakness and mess with them BUT ...really!
  5. LMP, SonOfTheGods, Mercury Fire Blood and Honey

    Lone men pie I guess imitation is flattering for my lineage Longman Pie that has been authenticated since antiquity. At first I thought the abbreviation of theirs was LIMP so I had a good laugh. Can not comment about LIMP I know nothing of it. Had fun reading some post on here keep up the good work
  6. That is funny. I was being sarcastic. Thank you for the LOL
  7. love this! What may be more important for us not in the game is that we have a job and pay taxes. actually I know it is important because there are laws to make sure that the government gets our money when we make money and spend money. Now that is a great system and I am glad people believe in the system and make a difference.
  8. Political conversations are like conversations about sports. When a person is not an athlete they could still work in the sports industry. Anyone can be a politician that has been proven by the current US president.There are no requirements in politics to make the team or not. People love to be spectators because they have no responsibility. If someone does not vote there is nothing wrong with that. if voting could change the system the system would be changed. If someone votes there is nothing wrong with that they believe they make a difference and we get to keep the system because it appears to be working.
  9. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    The I ching, Tao Te Ching, Taoist classics The book of balance and harmony, Understanding reality. Off the record Taoist scripture un published and some manuals of dragon gate long men pei for my eyes only, wrapped in yellow silk.
  10. what is human?

    The heart (xin) is the symbolic center of the human being. It is the residence of spirit (shen) and corresponds to the Northern Dipper in heaven. But just like Unity takes multiple forms in the cosmos, so does the center of the human being reappear in multiple locations. The most important ones are the three ☞ Cinnabar Fields (dantian, immaterial loci in the regions of the brain, the heart, and the abdomen) and the five viscera (wuzang, namely liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys). The three Cinnabar Fields and the five viscera respectively represent the vertical and horizontal dimensions of the cosmos within the human an individual's body is also the body of the world. The world inside one's body, the world on earth, and the world of the heavenly realms are all interconnected. What happens in one affects the others, and one can effect change in one by acting in another. Thus the purpose of existence, for everyone, is to improve oneself — physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually — for the benefit of all. There are correlations or correspondences between every level of existence. This includes all life forms and life without forms,shapes, color, gender, species or any scientific classification. The scientific classification can be the problem it is a form of racism and superiority that has nothing to do with our true selves.
  11. I descend to walk among mortals

    Mortals have a lot of mental and physical diseases not to mention the disrespect for their own environment and relationships with each other. It is funny at first then it wares off real quick. I would suggest a quick visit and then go back home.
  12. simplify


    All of our organs have consciousness and are cross trained to know each other's jobs, completely interlinked by by the one energy that animates our body. There our countless stories of organ donation where the patient takes on the characteristics of the doner. Some stories are much more positive like jogging or a physical discipline inherited. These stories only validated the formless energetic realm that we all live in and that the medical community has ignored since the conception of trained western doctors rather than the intuitive medicine kings of energetic medicine . The true healers have been made illegal to practice healing. The shift has already began as more research and quantum physics validates the practices of these ancient chinese energy arts for healing and cure of the incurable afflictions that humans manifest.
  14. Sounds like you are in the......" friend zone" at least you can give her good advice on the super hot guys she meets. The Stockholm syndrome came to mind but holding her hostage is very bad advice. Friends with benefits will take a bottle of tequila. Tequila has been lowering woman's standers for a 100 years. Good luck with that or ditch her for a romantic relationship with a different woman and let it all go.
  15. Shil Lum Temple located in the Fukien Province was a southern Shaolin temple the 18 palms are shaolin in nature. Shaolin monks relocated to Fukien they wanted to overthrow the government so politics is not a good thing for monks to get involved with in this case. Doo Tin Yin, at that time, was the sole holder of the Doo family's healing art, Doo Tin Yin sought refuge at a taoist temple on O’mie Mountain after the destruction of Shil Lum and to avoid death. The Five That Escaped Shil Lum. Fung Do Duk - developed White Tiger Kung Fu. Bak Mei - developed White Eye Brow Kung Fu. Jee Shin Shim Shee - kept the Northern Shil Lum Kung Fu Traditions. Mew Hing - developed 108 Dragon Palms Kung Fu. Ng Mui - developed Plum Flower Fist Kung Fu. In the 1970's Grandmaster Doo Wai decided to make his family inherited White Tiger Kung Fu art available to the public Lacey has been dis invowed from the lineage because of his internet selling scheme. The current white tiger forms seem to be influenced by hsing I Chuan one form of internal martial arts but definitely shaolin in nature. 18 daoist palms seems like a misnomer I can see some influence of time spent with Taoist monks at some point in time long ago, maybe. white tiger kung fu is amazing that it survived to this day.