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  1. Is it true you pay a doctor to keep you healthy in China?

    The united states has a healthcare crisis. looking at alternatives that work in other countries is worthwhile. We basically work for the government we pay taxes spending or making money. Money represents people and natural resources of a country. If the people are not healthy, cant afford the inflated doctor bills by the hand holding of insurance companies I would think this would not be in the best interest of the government. Without healthy people to work and harvest the resources is loss of funds. China's population dwarfs the west. The net worth of alibaba the chinese amazon we would need to combine the net worth of ebay amazon and apple to get close to that number. Any industry sales in china dwarfs the west total sales (US medicine is a business) just by population alone. China is extremely affordable to live in so the issue of healthcare is a non issue compared to the US. In other countries free healthcare is in the interest of the governments for good reasons.
  2. Taoism and Hedonism

    Self indulgence is that mastery of oneself? Indulgence alone means excess. hedonism leaves the center, the middle way leading one on a journey of the extremes of up down, in out, left right, pleasure pain and so on they are all connected and related. The tao fuses them all together from one's center. If one wishes to go to an extreme its opposite partner will introduce itself into our lives. To know when one has enough. Imagine being satisfied and complete without desire. The material life is not true gold. the material life has needs to attend to and is important but temporary. All forms shift and change, there and not there. The spiritual life is true gold, it is a treasure, the perspective exposes the true value of things. If a person is all ready spiritually wealthy they do not need to go to extremes to have wealth. Hedonism and pleasure seeking is the spirit searching the endless search, just got to tie that thing up. Just sit in the center and have it all just come to you with no need to chase after anything, What we desire is already full with nothing to seek. Possessing internal satisfaction, satisfaction is no longer needed. The upside is that things will attract to us and the way will open up, unobstructed and free. We know just what to do.
  3. Mair 14:2

    Being humane is not always humane. Say a kid kills people in a school "it" receives the death sentence for the crime this is a humane act. To protect a healthy society from people that harm it is a noble cause. Being human means divine when a human is no longer divine by their own actions they are no longer human. We could talk about non humans incapable of humaneness. Humaneness is a word with out gender, race or species but is built off of the word human which is species specific. Heading north you turn you back on the south Heading south you turn your back on the north insert any yin yang relationship good bad whatever. I read it as master chuang saying humanness is not ultimite it is limited in scope. Those with true humanness quickly discard it. They are so spiritually wealthy they have no need for humanness. Mostly I think the passage is an argument directed at the different schools of thought like saying true humanness is always humane. true kindness is always kind that is only partial understanding which dependis on the self to evaluate what's in it for me.
  4. What do you sleep on?

    Don't judge me I sleep on a stearns and fosters organic pillow top mattress. In China I sleep on a hard as rock mattress with pillows that feel like they are made out of small rocks sleep great never sore how weird is that.
  5. KF shoes

    I have bought things from china on ebay delivery time varies, especially around chinese new year add other 15 days to get out of customs. US 9 eu 43 should fit. The mind blowing thing is that in china you can by those shoes for around $5 US. Some items that seem very inexpensive on ebay from China take a look at the shipping charge because that is were they get the amount of money you would expect to spend. Like the shoes BTW
  6. The true path of the warrior wizard

    To defeat self is definitely wizard level. Wood has fire inside it. If wood catches on fire the wood soon becomes dead ash, the flame extinguished. The unconquered self will burn up the body like fire on wood. True light does not depend on the body ( or wood) to burn because the source has no form or substance it does not run out or die. This light was before the body began to begin. This light does not burn up things like a body, unlike the fire of self. Self does not want the light to take back its proper position. Self needs a body to burn or it is not a self. Self has to remain seperate, have its own identity that is different and not related to all things or again it is just not itself any more. This is a sad story for self at the end of this story no one gets out alive. The other story is that there is nothing to die.
  7. Hard and soft meet, train soft to hard or hard to soft depends on a person's interest. I was taught traditional in actual temples. When I began training it was basic training, hard work, physically demanding. no one just started Tai Chi one had to have kung fu skill first. Tai Chi being a high level of fighting skills in china it was reserved for high level fighters Flower fist and brocade leg is a term used for those who practice Tai Chi Chuan and have no Kung Fu. This just doesn't make sense because it is opposite of traditional methods of training so this does not happen.
  8. Favorite Daoist Quote

    Once I walked through the gateless gate, the homeland of nothing whatsoever, The formless realm, the beginning and end of what is. Like a well never run dry, time has no effect, the laws of yin and yang do not apply, there is nothing to stick to. Then I wake up a butterfly thinking to myself seriously a freking butterfly I was a human just a minute ago. All this dust, I see my chair turn to dust in just a few thousand years but for now this chair works just fine. More like the tree it left behind.
  9. ZZ is top. The first posture taught. Something so simple, all gates open, meridians cleaned, body is relaxed and conditioned at the same time who would have ever thought. Travel the world, learn many things. The thing not forgot is how it all begins. With a strong foundation heaven is reached while standing on earth. (or post) For those too impatient to wait for heaven here is the thing..... practice everyday
  10. Tao that can be spoken?

    The Tao that can be spoken is the great mother that provides and nourishes all forms, the named. Not biased by race, species and mental contrivance. Regular humans are lost and forget their own divine origin. this and that, good and bad all born from ignorance and self interest this is not the way. The nameless will settle the dust
  11. Mair 13:6

    The way is not above or below anything even that which is regarded as good character or the worst of humanity the ultimate man in this sense is not controlled or conditioned by knowing the way. living in the world but not stained by suchness. What is beyond the myriad things in the world is source of creation the birth and death solving methods. The hermit is the super hero of ancient China who renounces the seduction of the natural and man made world. If one lives in society and carries over the lesson of the hermit their life will be rich in what is truly theirs. So even the seduction of great friends and music is only a guest in his life, not the source of creativity and boundless state of being. If one finds himself rich or poor in life knowing the way is like having a priceless treasure that is never exhausted. All the wealth and beauty of this world is only a cheap imitation of the real thing that is form and no form. My teacher talked about nature. He said some look at the world and the natural beauty and proclaim look how amazing this all is. Their energy leakes and is taken from them. The person who steals from nature is whatever he sees and that energetic value of thing will fill the store house with great treasures. So it is a matter of spending or saving and seduction just because it sounds fun and enjoyable..
  12. Is enlightenment really desirable?

    To quite the heart is enlightenment. Moreover one will be warding off calamities and eliminating disasters. When one has demonstrated this first phase, one must seek the refuge of the Heart. When one’s body and heart aren’t aligned, danger develops and one is unable to find deliverance. Like the wind or sea, the deep waters of an ocean flood, the fury of a blowing gale, and the billowing tidal waves, it is a great struggle to escape this turmoil. If one wishes to find refuge in the heart, they must know the heart, and it is the most benevolent and long enduring thing. 贪生好色,犯法遭殃;饿鬼畜生,癃残疾病,水火刀兵,瘟蝗劫苦,山崩地震,星殒日食,海啸河奔,妖邪鬼
  13. simplify

    falcon head
  14. simplify

    over easy
  15. The Heart or the Mind?

    How many times are you breathing in one day? How many times is your heart beating in one day? Have you ever counted your breaths or your heartbeat? Gather your heart-mind in the number. Tie up the thoughts on the number. One must command the thoughts not to disperse, the intent not to be disorderly. The heart-mind and the intent depend on each other and move in unison. The sun rises and the moon descends. This is the heart monkey locked up in prison and the mind horse tied up tightly. The ancient people said: “The True Intent comes and goes, ceaselessly flowing and cycling. The sun rises and the moon sets un-interrupted and un-forcefully. Knowing and not safeguarding is Gong. Spirit and breath are inter-dependent. The breath and the thoughts are unified. The intent must not be intermittent. One must neither get attached to thoughts, nor through non-action falling into emptiness; a state where nothing is being left. Going past and beyond the centre is incorrect. Going left or right of the center is wrong.