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  1. One lst thing before I go. When awaken uses her own words they are very negitive. She is reflection her inner self onto others. These are her personal problems that she is dealing with and must go through and ovecome...... hopefully that is.
  2. I am out for a while. This whole Copy and paste the classics whith no discussion about it seems very odd to me. I can read the classics all by my self but that is not why I am here..
  3. The reason why a person who only has qi in his lower abdomen can't understand the WuZenPian. This explains a lot besides being something that is not alive on this planet. It is simply not possible. One could also consider that chi does not have a physical location. The three treasures is what everyone is born with. which we can consider being energy or chi of pre body. What makes the body (vitality). What moves the body (chi). What controls the movement and stillness of the body (spirit). Again with two parts of the whole, is it the original spirit or acquired spirit that is moving this body around? One could also deduct that the many facets of chi are actual one energy. Governing and conception vessels are called two but in reality they are one, they depend on each other to exist hence being alive. The material life is first and foremost. Taking care of our temporary body, making ends meet and so on being active in the world. Then we also live with our formless self that transcends the laws of yin and yang, physical reality. Back to the three treasures we are all born with it is not a special or a unique situation to one individual. All people have this. It does not need to be complicated with sun and moon or rabbit marrow and a black liver these are technical terms to only point at something. In themselves the terms are not important. They are pointing words of what is beyond words The wordless teaching using words see how that is funny. IMO seriousness stagnates energy.
  4. I have no problem with awaken posting. The thing is our first conversation well not conversation but reply from her on Wu Wei She was threatened by my knowledge of the principle and application. Awaken was belligerent and insulting immediately. My skill level is OK of wudang complete reality, dragon gate, long men pie, professionally trained for years ( I am not telling how many decades) to pass on these arts. Dao bums is entertainment to me. I like to read and post only when I have a positive contribution or its funny then I will definitely post. My first attempt of furthering a topic with Awaken showed me what she is hiding and perpetrating a dead art. So I have no care, I careless of what ever she does here. My intention was positive feedback, conversation, maybe a kung fu sister and we could have a great time talking about what we are passionate about... But that is not going to happen.
  5. For memory I was taught by a Taoist priest that when you lay in bed before sleep to memorize what you did during the day backwards starting at the moment of night back to the morning and rising. This lays a foundation that can be applied to ones intention of using memory as a tool.
  6. The first person to become hostile towards others is.....The award goes to....Awaken. Congratulations Awaken, your ignorance is a very long list. It must be lonely to be the only one posting in your own thread. When questions, new insights, a growing living art is ignored this only leads to a dead art. Redundancy of classical terms with no application is just mind clutter and useless information IMO.
  7. In another thread awaken said this about me just having a conversation,,,,, "This person has no pre-heaven Qi at all, but is talking about it, which is very inappropriate behavior So I don't want to talk to blind people like this" says awaken Just physically speaking of pre heaven Chi (Jing ) a person would have no fusion of parents to be born. meaning some one was dead before living. A major misunderstanding of terms. I will not even get into the non physical aspects of pre heaven chi at the moment Anyone alive has pre heaven Jing. It is obvious of the arrogance and ignorance of awakens understanding of basic terms More insults follow just " trying" to having a conversation. A red flag is being raised, Buyer beware.
  8. Happy Solstice wherever you are

    Happy birthday! Mister solstice.
  9. My first School was the Wha Lum Tam Tui Temple, northern Chinese praying mantis I was lucky at a young age to learn a true kung fu style. Then my journey led me to Tai Chi Chuan family styles before entering the gate of Wudang kung fu. The fruits produced has enhanced my life greatly as well.
  10. This is funny because I can not ask awaken. I am on ignore which is a good thing. Does she have any physical education? The reason I ask is that she generally disregards chi gung or martial arts. On Wudang internal alchemy is only taught after a high standard of physical ability dissolving illness and quantity and quality of chi. Than one can sit in the cave to cultivate. My suspicion is her wearing out the meditation mat with nothing to show in the real world. Could be wrong
  11. I agree that the way awaken conducts herself shows a very limited capacity of engaging with others. Reciting the classics is good information but the level of her understanding and interaction with others is shallow. What she is hiding is fear of an imaginary sense of authority of a topic. IMO all topics should be discussed to have a broader spectrum of others perceptions. This is doing the real work and applying into the real world. When someone shuts out the ability to have a discussion the information is a closed system. Dead arts copies from the past. living arts are alive in ourselves to be passed down. Obviously everyone else is wrong and have misunderstandings because after all it is a closed system. Some may know my linage but it is open. If your school says sun and moon and someone's school says fire and water we know from experience that it is the same thing after all.
  12. Do you practice Baguazhang ? The art has so much depth and wonderful.
  13. Pre Heaven generally presents a polar view that brings Heaven and Earth meet together on the horizon creating a continuous line and a broken line, thereby giving birth to Yin and Yang; Fire rises to Heaven while Water falls to Earth. (Sometimes Fire and Water are referred to as the Sun and the Moon respectively.) Thunder and sudden movement stirs the Winds of spring. Lake is concave in the Earth's crust while Mountain elevates from the Earth . The Post Heaven symbol, or Cyclical View places the basic eight symbols in a circle with their corresponding properties aligned with the seasons. Most significant to the Post-Heaven symbol is the replacement of Heaven in the Pre-Heaven with with Fire (Sun and Summer), and the replacement of Earth in the Pre-Heaven with Water (Moon and Winter).
  14. There is dark within light and light within the darkness, the mountain has dark and light they can not be separated they are one. yin and yang are one. one can not exist with out the other.
  15. Seeing with out seeing is truly seeing. seeing the unseen is great. Color is a metaphor a referenced to something do not look for actual colors you can see. color is also a vibration as is sound.