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  1. It is very erotic! but I am cultivating so, you know. I have to recycle that intense sexual energy build up. works out a good 32% of the time. Maybe if I could control myself like 34% of the time then my intense attraction to women will reside like the tide going out or something.
  2. double entendre very nice
  3. Thank you MH. I am not the only one. My psychologist thinks I am crazy she shows me these things and ask me what I see. Seriously is it not obvious. she showed me a picture of boobs and tries to tell me that they are hills. Can you believe this from a so called professional, oh well. How low can you go, how high can you fly
  4. Nice vagina picture above. What does this one look like?
  5. Funny how the celestial masters or 5 pecks of rice cult (JAJ) turns quickly to mo pei. I love comedy, I will be sure to keep an eye on this thread.
  6. I am all bout healthy loving relationships, bring forth new life and the ability to reach mutual goals that can not be defeated when two people unite. sex is healthy. The energetic is a natural occurrence with out manipulation by the mind, not contrived and spontaneous. BUT it has nothing to do with dual cultivation true methods. The bedchamber, room and house is the body where spirit lives.
  7. The bed chamber arts are a crooked side path that do not have anything to do with dual cultivation. The gate of heaven is narrow and one can not enter sideways. The great earth, mountains and river are all familiar; everywhere is one’s home, fields and gardens. One is travelling, enjoying the sights, and sojourning anywhere. At the time of retrieving and entering stabilization after coming back, when the Yang Spirit also takes the material body, the body with form, as its bedchamber, room, and house, then you know there is a true ‘You’ inside this body, and that all the others are fake. People who have strivings, choose war and seek the female cauldron, i.e. the bed chamber arts, do not know the mysterious workings of the female cauldron by borrowing flowers to offer them to the spirits. The two ingredients for duel cultivation are innate nature and life-destiny, the material and immaterial, Spirit and Qi. There is no gain for those people who do not understand, being partial they first lose their own Essence, Qi and Spirit, along with those mad people who are only after profit and utilize the furnace fire of internal alchemy to commit fraud.
  8. And he is not white, although nothing like white washing history
  9. Popeye bible is worth a read for a deeper understanding. Popeye points out the many ancient systems systematical used in creating the bible. He examines how the traditions are bent to serve the porpoise of genocide which in this case is a very noble and holy thing indeed unless you are one of the "others" then it is not a very good thing for humanity
  10. Leonardo da Vinci painting of Jesus Christ commissioned by King Louis XII of France more than 500 years ago, has sold at Christie’s in New York for $450.3m, including auction house premium, shattering the world record for any work of art sold at auction. That happened Wednesday. Thank you for you generous contribution.
  11. I would pay 450 million for the original if I was a private collector.
  12. I found enlightenment in the book section right next to the yoga pants and mats. I do not see why it is that hard to find.I found it and I was not even looking for enlightenment .
  13. scratch
  14. steam