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  1. Open and close let's find as many words we can for spit and swallow, yin and yang, ward off, rollback, dragon tiger condense explode.......your turn. America, greece, china, india looking at the surface of each other. All these waves I couldn't see what is under the surface so I stopped the wind and shut off the sun.
  2. Dr Yang Jwing Ming is a treasure for all martial artist. He was a personal friend of one of my teachers and part of the founders that Master Jou Tsung Hwa started Chang Sen Feng Day. I have a great amount respect for Dr Yang. Master Jou,s book Tao of Tai Chi Chuan I would also recommend.
  3. MarĂ­a O. BaumGolden Gate Community Center 4701 Golden Gate Parkway, Naples, Florida (239) 252-4180 I have no idea if this is a good school for what you are looking for. Maybe worth checking out Tai Chi, Chi Gung offered.
  4. Love it.
  5. It maybe that authentic or real humans have no idea they are so and to be labeled by another person as so is a POV by another person not by oneself. I agree obviously the vast portion of humanity are caught in the net of duality but their authenticity evolving remains?
  6. We all see the sun rise and fall like our thoughts. We also see the sun does not rise and fall because we are all spinning. I have seen flat things spin in the wind but that is a bumpy ride and not very efficient movement tossed here and there some thoughts are much like flat earth
  7. point of consciousness between existing and not existing. Dreaming mind and waking mind collaborate the silent ever present awareness is aroused and we join with spirit to re establish unified mind, maybe
  8. makes no difference without sameness to me.
  9. behavior of the instinctual mind is under control of peace, activity unifies with rest, thinking mind collaborates with dreaming mind, biological water balances with sacred water, lustful drives merge with blissful flow, inner drumming practice is about to begin, when the time is right spirit reaches its heavenly home, hun and po are shocked by this drumming, spirit is aroused by the drumming frequency and vibration balancing the entire universe With the nine palaces all located in the head the bright hall or 3rd eye is the first palace 8 to go.
  10. Round objects roll, square object are still. round moon shape, round sun shape,lights of stars, all spinning round and round, wheels spin are they flat and round, is there roundness without flatness. the fact that thing is round or thing is flat it does not change anything as it is, is is no matter how we say it is. so we could say earth is it and it is
  11. I read that scott is saying authentic or the term I use is real person is not a fixed position, ego has no power to accomplish for no gain, their is no end prize. The set up is healthy psychology or balanced minded IMO. being everything but mostly oneself allowing for all with no ideal required. I enjoyed it very much.
  12. I might have this wrong if people are seriously practicing jedi religion in real life that would be very weird.
  13. Luke had a daughter.
  14. Do it ! its fictional with a bases of reality or old stories as fiction. Opportunity knocks might be worth seeing where it goes. Your actual identity can be concealed under contract.
  15. Get over yourself. you are missing the point of the thread It is no mystery to me that people attract things of the same vibration. Feeling is basically the only magic left. We can describe scientifically a snowflake or rainbow but how a person feels seeing such things not so much. The point above is for people this is a good place to start to expand awareness of the magic and mystery, feeling,