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  1. I Ching and the dynamics of complex systems

    Absolutely the point. when mind is unified we can see how complex system is not real.

    Ancient Chinese thinkers such as Zhuang Zhou (c. 369 – 286 BC), a Taoist philosopher, expressed ideas on changing biological species. Taoism explicitly denies the fixity of biological species and Taoist philosophers speculated that species had developed differing attributes in response to differing environments. Taoism regards humans, nature and the heavens as existing in a state of "constant transformation" known as the Tao Humans that live outside may be hairy in cold climates. if they eat a lot of raw plant matter they may have strong molars and big jaw bones. Humans will adapt to their environment. We all share the same building blocks with all living creatures, and inhale a lot of cosmic dust everyday.. The truth of the matter is DRAGONS. In the beginning, there was an enormous egg containing chaos. On the inside the chaos raged on and on- both yin and yang were mixed together. All the opposites were writhing together; male and female, cold and hot, wet and dry, dark and light. Finally the egg burst open, and out leapt the giant dragon Pan-gu. Yin and yang swirled around him and he pushed the two shell halves apart. Thus the opposites were separated and the earth began to take shape. Every day for 18,000 years Pan-gu ( remember this is a dragon ) grew ten feet – thus the sky was raised a little higher every day. Once the sky was 30,000 miles above the ground, Pan-gu stopped and began to hammer out the mountains and fill the valley with water to form great oceans. He created rivers with his fingers and stamped the earth down to create flat lands. He gathered raw light and tossed them into the sky to become stars. After 18,000 years, Pan-gu had grown old and tired. He had made the world with his hands and formed the basic principles of yin and yang. He wanted to lay down and sleep forever. Once he lay down he never rose again. When Pan-gu died, his body formed huge mountains. His skull formed the top of the sky, his hair formed all flowers and plants, his bones turned to jade and pearl and his arms and legs the four directions. His blood became the rivers, his breath turned into the wind and his voice to thunder. One eye became the sun and the other the moon. ( now that is a giant dragon) For many years the world was a very beautiful place but also lonely; there were no people. The half-dragon goddess Nuwa was born after Pan-gu died, from part of the mixture of yin and yang that he had separated. She decided to create humans to have some other beings to talk to and share ideas with, but mostly just to love. Nuwa went down to the edge of the Yellow River where there were vast, soft mud banks. She began forming figures out of clay ( yes just like wonder-woman demi gods and goddesses are shaped from clay). She decided that it would be much more practical for her creations to have legs instead of a dragon tail, thus her humans were not made in her image. ( a woman creates not using her image interesting) No sooner did she set the first little mud man on the ground did he start to jump, and dance and sing. He began to speak. “Look at me!” Nuwa was delighted and began making more and more humans. She made hundreds and hundreds of mud humans, but soon realized that it would take centuries for her to make enough people to fill the vast earth completely. Nuwa grabbed hold of a muddy stick and flung drops of mud across As the sun dried each drop, it became a new man or woman. Some say that these humans were the less intelligent ones ( sorry you are not a demi god). Those formed by Nuwa’s own hands became great leaders. She told them to go and populate the earth.( sex is not an issue it is encouraged) As they grew she loved them and protected them, and was revered as the mother of all humans. (Moms rule) The moral of this story is that we are in fact descendant of dragons and if we are lucky we are hand crafted from clay.

    Yes!! my master always said to stay away from the tigers. As a disciple I walked into town with my master seeing many things that were exciting but when I saw a woman I was most thrilled. I asked my master what that was and he told me it was a tiger and gave me this warning.

    Thank you for clearing that up for me. Some people may have drinking problems but I apparently have a species problem. One minute I am a monkey then I snake creeps down and the next minute I am the white crane spreading its wings so confusing with all these species and I have the energy of all of them.. Steady as a rock and fierce as a tiger....Oh well

    Chinese dragon is composed of 9 animals head camel, scales carp 117 total 81 infused with yang 36 infused with yin, horns stag or deer, eyes rabbit, ears bull, neck snake, belly clam, paws tiger, claws eagle. The number nine is considered lucky in China and Chinese dragons are frequently connected with it. For example, a Chinese dragon is often described in terms of nine attributes and usually has 117 scales—81 (9x9) male and 36 (9x4) female. This is also why there are nine forms of the dragon and the dragon has nine children. The energies that the dragon symbolizes are a very real part of the dynamic interplay of heaven and earth. Chinese evolution has life forms making room for the recent addition of humans like animals getting smaller. Besides the fictional dragon we do have animal decedent of dinosaurs age in a more miniature form. Speculation on my part because I have no interest in the topic of evolution with species changing into a different species like monkeys turning into men but we have men and monkeys living in the same time, tooo weird for me. I do like the Chinese version a bit better.
  6. What is God from a Taoist viewpoint?

    The best gods are the ones with jobs that work together for the sake of all of humanity then we can follow their divine example and advise to learn who we really are. All gods depend on Tao for their existence. One god must be very lonely. Gods live in human time so some lose all their rank if they are not careful.

    The concept of Dragon existed long before the founding of Taoist. Dragon is a conceptual animal representing all the best, of glory, power, fortune etc. It is of God. Chinese ancestors, such as FuXi 伏羲 was supposedly upper part human and bottom part dragon. Chinese considered themselves as the descendants of dragons 龙的传人. Dragons were deified. So, any one who wants to gain support and glory will have stories about how he or she was conceived by dragon-god. 道教和龙_互动百科 According to the old Taoism bamboo text that found from tombs, and oral education passed down by masters , that indicates dragon is a species holds the power of water,air and electricity. They live in water and can float in air and cause electrionic movement. These species live across ocean and sky. In Taoism we recorded that this species is helping the human to become wise.
  8. I Ching and the dynamics of complex systems

    Yes it has been done. The only difference is that the i ching is not a complex system because there is a unifying force which all things become manifest. Everything that makes up no relationships of a complex system is actually possible and addressed in the i ching because it is all related on every level.. Complex systems are systems whose behavior is intrinsically difficult to model due to the dependencies, competitions, relationships, or other types of interactions between their parts or between a given system and its environment. Systems that are "complex" have distinct properties that arise from these relationships, such as nonlinearity, emergence, spontaneous order, adaptation, and feedback loops, among others. Because such systems appear in a wide variety of fields, the commonalities among them have become the topic of their own independent area of research. In many cases it is useful to represent such a system as a network where the nodes represent the components and the links their interactions. From above definition of Complex system we can plainly see that different branches of western medicine, science and all knowledge has no unifying principle.This creates the NEED of things made into independent areas of research / no relationship.
  9. 勞宮 P 8 (Laogong) “Palace of Labor” Laogong, in the center of the palm, must be open and hollow for Qi to spread into the hand and fingers. This means relaxed with no tension. Joint locking is called Chin Na this is used by martial artist.If you lock your own wrist the energy will have a very difficult time just getting chi to the hand let alone beyond physical form. If you tell me what discipline you are practicing I might be more helpful or not. The sensory organs are as follows ...六欲 Six desires arise from the 六感 sensory organs: 眼 eyes, 鼻 nose, 口 mouth (or 身 body), 舌 tongue, 耳 ears, 意 yi and are confined within the gates of 生 birth and 死 death. The six desires are triggered when 神行于体外 the Shen is moving outside the physical body.
  10. What made so many modern people retards ?

    I have been watching a reality TV show called "President Trump" on fox produced by a Russian film co. very funny stuff. When the actor playing president trump is asked about 'The Bachelor' 16 white women compete over 1 white man he says "the woman always like to be grabbed by the pu$$y." The latest episode of president trump with 16 white women is about a want to be supreme court judge named kavanaugh. In the show kavanaugh gets elected and the president says well it is looking good me and Bill Cosby now.
  11. Michael Winn on sungazing.

    Funny thing about sun gazing. It is a normal experience. The not so funny part is when someone forces the thought that it is the end all technique of profound mystery because that is terribly wrong and harmful to others. If someone is an idiot and stares at the full sun they will go blind if not for moment than forever damaging their eyesight. How do we steal from nature vs how does nature steal from us. Best to be the robber in this scenario.
  12. a) that is a good thing a) bad thing, being mouthy could have turned them off and more than personal suffering you could have regret, embarrassment, ridicule, physical injury and all kinds of fun things to go along with your suffering or even worse a threesome. that is a good thing. you will never "have" them bad thing you "have" them. I have no problem with mutual give and take. You may have missed a chance of a lifetime. No one will ever know so it all does not even matter at all, let all your preconceived suffering go.
  13. What made so many modern people retards ?

    I like it. great topic, disconnected from nature. Satisfaction and completeness relies on ones self and others for survival. if all survival needs are found in a grocery store what did you grow?,do you know your farmer? A clothing store what did you make, are they teaching you how to make clothes?, a building company, did you at least help build your house?, Welcome to the machine that provides for you for only 9.99 a minute but that is not all folks it slices, dices and Julian for you. You can feel blank and disconnected inside but there is a great movie about someone else"s life to entertain you for only $125.00 a month, soooo worth it. Now get back to work so I can make money when you make money and when you spend it ...this is awesome, do not ask any questions.
  14. Translated commentaries of the DDJ in English?

    There are a few in English: The Tao Te Ching by Ellen Chen Revealing the Tao Te Ching by Hu Xuezhi (Mt. Wudang Taoist priest) The Complete Works of Lao Tzu by Ni, Hua-Ching Esoteric Tao Teh Ching by Ni, Hua-Ching Lao Tzu: My words are easy to understand by Cheng Man-ching

    If anyone is interested in broom kung fu there are 10,000 steps that need some attention.