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  1. Key 'Stats' for Cultivators

    Everyone is different. Stick to the classics as freeform suggest. You are the possibility and only you know if it is positive or negative to ones own life. Stats maybe good for the OP (your own progress) but will stagnate and create obstacles for others to achieve growth.
  2. Maybe I can help..... Buddhism, life is suffering, You get to be reincarnated if you screw everything up, no creation story so a God is necessary even if you steal it from a foreigner source. The best possible outcome is that you become Taoist. Life is heath, wealth and happiness, don't be lazy and reach heaven when you are alive. We all come from no thing and return. At the same time we never left anywhere. The best part, no speculation or made up stories that keep you a mortal until you die. Now that is liberating. IMO this is completely biased even if it is the same story being told Buddhist or Taoist
  3. Retrograde orgasm (Mature conversation)

    I find the humor with the tag line mature conversation. So I was celibate for 13 years and then I turned 14. My girl friend wouldn't stroke it so I had to. I contracted my pc and went into retrograde but thankfully I did not contract something I would need to see a doctor about, you know the itching and burning feeling. It is a long story on the internet with strangers but spoiler alert Romeo dies in the end. Feel free to fill in the middle of the story being without a partner. Who knows the happy ending could change.
  4. Who or what is answering?

    To me the I ching describes how energy works so a given situation has a direction which can change. The power is listening to the stingless sound of energy in our daily lives. Manifesting reality we do all the time the i ching allows us to be warned and change course or set the course and excel with the least amount of resistance to obtain our goals. There is an amazing amount of good advice with each situation described in the I ching. High gong benefits humanity
  5. The one undivided energy, spirit, light, lots of names for the nameless that we are born with. The acquired spirit after birth which is a fake identity and not the boss takes over power divides this one energy and mind becomes divided giving us a warped view of ultimate reality. The fake identity does not want to lose power. Alchemy reverses this. proper order is original sprit is the host, acquired spirit is the guest. Most forget and do not know they have an original spirit before they were born.
  6. The unborn sprit resides in us not built. The alchemy is to remember our true self and reconnect after having a body. We come from no thing and return to no thing, omni presence. There is no specific point or place to return to so called "after death". Without a physical body there is no reference point to location, inside or outside. The subtle spiritual body is formless with no shape, color or form. Being alive we have never left or gone anywhere.
  7. Is life long celibacy even possible ???

    The bed chamber is internal without location the meeting of yin and yang to give birth to higher being, well being. One can become monk or priest and have a family no problem. Mind can have many obstacles that we fabricate to prevent our journey to be better people. So we can see no sex can be just as damaging as too much sex. celibacy is a natural occurrence not mind driven. I was celibate for 13 years then I turned 14
  8. Let's Talk!

    Traditional Taoist Wudang Kung fu the source of knowledge for herbs, acupuncture, acupressure, Chi Gung, feng shui and more My passion is neidan, sword and boxing. Dragon gate long men pei (school)
  9. Let's Talk!

    Talk is cheap..... oh ya this is a discussion forum. I like your interest welcome to TDB. I look forward to talking a lot about these subjects with you.
  10. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Now this made me laugh today, the one liner that slayed me is "Japanophile " seriously
  11. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    I never knew what camel toe meant until I saw this picture. I thought it had something to do with cats but Now I get it. Thank you.
  12. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    A 10 year old girl told me this joke today. we trade jokes often. made me laugh A little girl had a cat that died. She pleaded with her mom that she wanted another one. The mom said to her "what in the world are you going to do with two dead cats?"
  13. tai chi that allows you to see into the astral

    After eating bacon shift your head, tilt backwards so you can see the sky. Tai chi has may names for this movement But if you see things with your eyes that ordinary people do not see it would be better to enroll in an insane asylum to get the help you need. Basic Tai Chi Chuan rule of thumb is "seeing without seeing is truly seeing." When you break the principles and guidelines one is instantly lost and will become sick that no medicine can cure.
  14. I seek power

    For ultimate power I do 5 pushups a day. I run a 1/2 mile every day! Even when my body is sore and my mind gives up I keep on going! After meditating for a few seconds and my body is sore and my mind is distracted I never give up! I push on and meditate the other second no matter what! Also become vegan is important one will become exhausted more quickly but never give up! keep on going! the struggle is real. Also after these incredible hard and exhausting work out techniques it is important to sit on the couch, watch shows about other peoples lives and play video games for at least 12 hours a day...with sleep of course. Good luck!
  15. Secrecy

    Wow I just read the disclaimer in the fist post of luxin. My concern is definitely gone because if anyone has a 6800 year old soul so does everyone else. I was stupid to fall for the TRAP.