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  1. Did you know that Birds are not real!? They are advanced government drones watching us< Why? Because we are all so important. The birds are so advanced that they have the ability to eat all our bird seed without the help of squirrels which also are not real Chat Bots rule! The first misdirection of our consciousness with fake knowledge can be reinforced continuously. Spoken in different formats so many times it just seems to be true. The more of the masses we can give fake knowledge to give us the power to use them without effort. TRUST THE MACHINE it is your friend with best intentions for you and your friends. Be like the squirrel become distracted and lose all your focus you don't need to focus because we can tell you what you need to do and no matter what. YOU LOVE IT,,,,, it is who you are,,,,, Y o u a r e w e l co m e. PS. RAVEN’S LIVER AND THE RABBIT’S MARROW (this will be helpful).
  2. Recommendable and not legit systems

    There are many different kinds of jing including leg and foot jing. They can be distinguished into sensing jing and manifested jing. Sensing jing includes passive sensing jing, which are the ability to sense the opponent's power, and active sensing jing, which are the ability to move qi into or out of another person's body. Manifested jing visibly exhibit the use of force and can also be divided into yang jing or offensive jing (gong jing, 攻勁), yin jing or defensive jing (shou jing, 守勁), and neutral jing or neither yin nor yang jing (fei gong fei shou jing, 非攻非守勁). Because offensive jing usually emit force onto the opponent's body, they are also called emitting jing (fa jing, 發勁). Defensive jing usually neutralize the opponent's power and thus are generally called neutralizing jing (hua jing, 化勁). Disturbing or enhancing someone's bio electrical field is validated in my training (Wudang Gung Fu) Sending an actual electrical shock into someone would be a useless skill. IMO
  3. Recommendable and not legit systems

    The human body is a very sensitive information field. It possesses bio-electricity, bio-luminosity, bio-wave, bio-magnetism and bio-heat. At every instant they all are carried out. To the naked eye the human energetic field cannot be seen, but this type of power is immense, just like the gravitational forces of the ten thousand things. There is not a single moment when this type of field is without effects on human life.
  4. Recommendable and not legit systems

    While a TaiJi form stays within the balance of Yin and Yang, the TaiYi form is more about the distinction and therefore the separation of Yin and Yang. The coordination that internalizes and represents this idea and puts it into action is Fa Jin (發勁). Fa Jin is a special movement characterized by explosive and precise striking. Most often these strikes are done to vulnerable and weak points on the opponents body. Proper body mechanics, shift in weight, turning of the waste. Changing distance, timing and the angle with relaxed muscles, explosive power is Fa jing. I am not sure what fake fa jing is? What is with electrical shock? Static electricity creates a shock to another person that must be magical right? The real shock is in the receiving end of Fa jing. It is shocking how debilitating the strike is. How about empty force, Fake hit someone with out touching them wow you made the opponent react and move without touching but lets not get into such a mystical magical power for now.
  5. Micro Qigong?

    Sitting Chi Gung sets contain these exercises as well as self massage and acupressure points as example tracing around the eyes with middle fingers with breathing method (liver meridian). We sit on the ground, crane posture. I looked for any kind of video with these methods. Found none? Found some chair stuff.
  6. Recommendable and not legit systems

    Jing is sexual energy that is missing the other 95% of the equation. A philosophical blunder loved by Chai. Yes sex is exciting and sells. Yes the classics use birth and sex as a metaphor to relate to people. (Metaphor a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.) The stay away list puts Chia in the top ten my list. Mo Pai may be able to actual get the award of worst system ever if there was a Dao Bums award show. On the flip side of negativity that is as addictive as sex. My nomination for the greatest contributor of this century in the internal martial arts category goes to Dr. Yang Jwing Ming.
  7. Mind Body cultivation

    Ok, Sorry I mentioned the S and C word that was very inappropriate.
  8. Mind Body cultivation

    My understanding is that Chan is Chinese Zen is Japanese brought from China. I am from the complete reality school that combines Taoist and Chinese Buddhism. Both are energy arts. Energy arts means the motivation is beyond the physical and contains the physical applications. In the Taoist tradition Shen (Mind/ spirit) is the most important treasure combined with Chi (Energy) and essence, Jing the original battery if you will. Jing techniques are storage rather than depletion and chi techniques are energy building. Buddhist yoga and shaolin is body and mind Techniques. Of course you have a very comprehensive system with Taoist arts.
  9. Types of immortals

    Ghost is a ghost (fictional or metaphorical) Compared to achieving the way, it is honestly laughable. The Tao is where all things come from and return. We all have a way (Tao) in life by following the natural order we can achieve a more harmonious relationship with all things. We might be able to transcend life itself and be living life at the same time. Then what does actually die? Existent and non existent. The true reality is a combination lock use one to unlock the other the two sides of the coin (Yin and Yang), mix well and bake until done.
  10. Types of immortals

    There is no yang without yin. They should be in love with each other.
  11. Types of immortals

    I also much agree. The balance of energies is far more important then extremes. The quote counter balances a mortal's view compared to a true sage. The ordinary person has everything figured out. That is a shame to be in that position IMO
  12. Types of immortals

  13. Types of immortals

    What is a ghost immortal? The ghost immortal is the lowest of the five immortals. It arises from the center of yin. It's spirits image is not bright. The ghost gate has no character, This is the end with nowhere to return to. One who has stopped developing and is lost. A person who practices but didn't know the way at the beginning and wants fast progress. Someone that has developed the yin spirit, and is heled into the spirit of the emotions, not the pure Yang immortality. Because intention and yin spirit, One becomes a ghost. The ghost may be called an immortal, but It is really a ghost. From the ancient to now, many students practice in this way. Compared to achieving the way, it is honestly laughable.
  14. simplify

    Ten Thousand
  15. Wow What a crazy thread, After Moa Zedong died china started to repair what was destroyed with traditional culture, martial arts and religion. Currently the government supports and lays down money on the infrastructure of temples, entertainment with movies, tv shows all celebrating their heritage. Falun gong gets into the mix, they made the worst mistake of all times by being political and suffers their fate. Westerners are the first to rally for Falun gong making it out to be government suppression when in fact it is anti social, tearing families apart, going against the Tao. The cultural revolution was a horrible thing for the Chinese people, Families lost everything to that kind of communist government. The country suffered, dropped out of the stock market and became very poor. After Mao died for the country to get around economic loss they set up regions in China that could legally trade and profit with the rest of the world. The economic, social growth and conditions of current China is staggering, It is projected that China will over take America as the leading financial force on the planet. Look at the charts comparing countries on a time line Nationalist government is a much different system then Mao's communism. The proof is incredible obvious to the entire world.