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  1. I would like to talk about nothing, no thing, sounds like a great conversation to have. What we do is just call it by a different name like emptiness as a topic so people will fill up with their images and thoughts and call it this and that leading the conversation as far away from nothing as possible.
  2. Same here after learning a martial art form my teacher traced a small box on the floor and said now do the form in the box. An amazing thing happens, all movements fire within the body just going through the moves in our mind without moving. Many are familiar with the immortal fetus in Taoist practice. laying the foundation, nurturing, and maturing the formless body.. Keeping the spirit and higher shens inside the physical body is the key. The feeling of completeness arises. all things are done. The spirit normally leaves the body in everyday life this is a problem. the same with attracting lower spirits by not taking care of our physical body causing trouble with our earthly life.
  3. The Illusory BodyThe true Tao is formless, true nature is without body (substance), true law is without comparisons, to not hold onto your physical body is to speak of the Tao, outside of this physical body there is a true body, though normal people take this false body for truth. Greedily covering riches and glory for the sake of this physical body, scheming money and property to support it. Grasping Images The primordial Way gives form to the formless. It is not all this physical body which does work in the world, so where and when does the formless body begin its work? Leaving the body we can no longer discuss the Way. Grasping onto images we neglect truth. The human body is the combination of five illusions. They are externally expressed as eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and mouth and internally as the heart, liver, stomach, lungs, and kidneys. When death comes, they will be reduced to a pile of bones and rotting flesh. If one is too attached to their body during cultivation how can they achieve unity of nature and life? One must know that the body creates much toil in this life. Therefore, to preserve the Golden Elixir of the Way the Taoists cultivate their nature and life, cultivating the inner spirit as well as taking well care of the physical body. Our true spirit, also called dharma body or the yang spirit has no imperfection. Once the Yang spirit is cultivated, one can enter water without drowning, enter fire without burning, endure as long as heaven and earth, and is as illuminated as the sun and moon.
  4. Fake enlightened teachers

    In the USA Vermont on a mountain Lots of snow in the winter. The lr3 is great, it is mostly winter here, mud season lots of dirt roads and off road. We live in a log cabin with 50 acres of land so for that I have a Polaris ranger side by side for my trails and there are hours and hours of trails right from the house. The lr3 has traction control and 4 wheel lockers, air suspension that can raise and lower as well as water tight for river crossings.Our driveway is steep, in winter mode it will not spin the tires. the traction control goes back and fourth to each tire when one slips. The first time up with this vehicle with 12" of snow it basically slow crawled up the driveway, pushing the gas pedal made no difference. if any other car lost momentum it would be stuck. two wheel drive cars forget it no one has made it past the mail box. Then there is plowing for that my dodge power wagon 2006 does the job the lockers have gotten me out of trouble more than once and I always chain up with very aggressive ice chains, oh yea lots of ice last year..
  5. Many French women say "I hold my liqueur.......By the ears"
  6. Fake enlightened teachers

    This might work for Starjumper. I have a land rover lr3 for my extreme driveway, not as extreme as his so the defender might be a better fit.
  7. Hey from the inbetween

    It happened at a time of transition in my life. I made a decision that did not make sense to others which created a lot of stress and uncertainty. The dragons literally flew away with this negative energy then I could see that I was on the right path and that I had made the right decision. The dragons also signify to me the influence my energetic body has with people around me. My energy positive or negative can leave my body and travel great distances, apparently I was not aware of this at the time.
  8. Hey from the inbetween

    Did someone mention Dragons? I have a connection as well and Steve most awesome star jumper they were two black dragons leaving my body left and right, how weird is that. In 1999, the Immortal Master Liu Li Han returned to Wudang and transmitted his knowledge inside the Daoist gate at the Wudang Mountain’s Heavenly Horse Peak (nowadays the Five Immortals Temple, White Horse Mountain). Daoist Arts such as longevity, healing, way of the elixir (inner alchemy), and other were transmitted from the Five Dragons Temple in the Wudang Mountains, therefore the two words « Five Dragons » were added to their names. The representative characteristics of the kung fu forms transmitted by the Immortal Master are: – fist : « Five Dragons Patriarch Lü’s Bagua Zhang (Eight Trigrams Palm)» – sword : « Five Dragons Patriarch Lü’s Seven Stars Sword » – gong : « Five Dragons Pure Yang Body Protection Skill » – longevity : « Five Dragons Skill to Expel Diseases and Prolong Life» and various other methods transmitted one-to-one secretly.
  9. Hi LimA, I would like to respond . Like maybe this way...... Internal Kung Fu uses internal practices to strengthen one’s energetic field and one’s internal “True Qi”. Its principle objective is emptiness, agility, roundness and softness. Wudang is its orthodox and traditional school. It contains profound traditions and philosophies of the Chinese culture. Its doctrine is centered on the blending of ancient Chinese concepts such as Yin-Yang, the Five Elemental Phases, the Book of Changes, the eight trigrams and naturalness with the fist principles and skills, the theories of gong-skill, actual combat and military tactics. The history furthermore places importance on the concept of the universe as a whole, as a holistic body. It moreover regards the concept of the unification of Heaven and Human through great kindness of the Dao and the sublimation of the ten thousand things as its principal purpose. The notion of “the Dao following the natural way” is considered its source. It applies methods to combine movement and stillness, to cultivate both the internal and the external, to unite opposites. Wudang Kung Fu regards the ’Dao’ as its root leading to the specific practicing methods for fist skills. All theories of course must accord with the Dao‘s orbit, its circular movements, its transformations and circulations.
  10. 'sublunary desires' just meaning earthly desires in English. Chan is very infused with Taoism Travailing to japan it became known as Zen. Void is an important teaching. The void also contains.....Cranial Nerves, elephants, some dancing and also dream state stuff that are empty of meaning. What we attach ourselves to becomes full of even more meaning and stuff, it is amazing.
  11. The Practitioner: Buddhist meditation seeks to intentionally ‘empty' (空) the body of sublunary desires to end their suffering. Daoist meditation should be 'void’ (无) where you are not purposefully ridding your mind of thoughts and where you are not purposefully filling your mind of thoughts. Only that when during meditation, let the thoughts come and go as they please. You do not interfere with the natural order of how things are. For example, a tree grows naturally on the side of the road. An action of Void (无), or WuWei, would be to allow the tree to grow. The Master: Emptiness (空) is Nothing. Void (无) is Everything and Nothing. One can only speak of the Void, when one knows that there is something- a sort of reference. Thus, Void (无) is Everything. “Not Nothing has Everything (无无生有)” literally means that. From Nothing, there is something. Emptiness that is empty is not true emptiness
  12. Small and large why not practiced together? Why does one need to master small before large without small there is no large without large there is no small, I do not understand. Do we just choose to be still or just choose to be active why be round and not square or square and not round what fun is that It is not complicated if we do not make it that way. All this chi circulation happens on its own it is not mind driven only mind aware. The true mind can feel positive practice and acquired mind is silenced. No more doubt. When practiced properly it is nothing but a thing and things they are just things fleeting and perishable. Not much to it. to reach the shore leave the boat behind. cryptic sayings leave much to the imagination so imagine your self in the most glorious heaven on earth what feels right.Feeling is the communication of mind and body no words, do not let words get in the way. only you know when you have an itch or dust in your eye so take care and invest time into the eternal. Do not feel discouraged and keep posting. Starjumper said when you get back home you have achieved, sometimes we feel we left somewhere but until we are back home the journey is not over. The homeland of nothing whatsoever, no thing for mind to attach to, there is peace and harmony here, the mind has been pacified. I looked for my mind and found nothing. These things send the divided mind into a loss for words. thoughts are in word form but feeling is much deeper. so what ever you do just make sure it feels right.

    The wind blows outside sending our thoughts this way and that way. Those that can stand in the center during the storm will survive. The still point between Yin and Yang protect this place and all there is is balance and harmony. Mountains crumble, water floods, fire burns,volcanoes erupt, school shootings, president, The news seems to be on an endless repeat. Set the world in order, how is it done, well not from the outside - in, that would be chaos.
  14. Does Calisthenics Build Qi?

    Chi Gung means energy work. The Chinese practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and martial arts training, extends back more than 5,000 years. the ancient Chinese meditative practice xing qi (circulation chi ) and the gymnastic breathing exercise tao yin (guiding and pulling). we start to become aware of the relationship between our consciousness and the chi that gives us physical form and animates us. Through precise conscious movement we move chi through channels in our body (often referred to as acupuncture meridians or Jing Luo) and encourage a more free and fluid flow of this energy through our body. Chi Gung is always practiced in the early morning at the temple.
  15. Taoism and Avoiding Grains

    Grain stands for any type of food products that can be consumed. The Chinese character-pictograph depicts what is ‘edible for humans’. In Taoism abstention from grain is also called ‘rejection of grains’, ‘breaking away from grains, ‘severing from grains, ‘ceasing grains’, ‘cutting grains’ and so on. Even though one does not eat the five grains, one however ingests Chi and energy or power. It is a Taoist belief that abstention from grains is able to kill the ‘three corpses’, the human body’s internal three types of malignant evils, and is able to extinguish the ‘nine worms’, nine types of internal parasitic worms. The phenomena of the ancient Taoist form of ‘abstention from grains’ happens naturally during the cultivation processes of ‘The Ten Months of Nourishing the Embryo, The Three Years of Suckling the Infant and the Nine Years of Facing the Wall’. It is a path a cultivator inevitably has to go through. Nowadays fasting is used in order to regulate the body and mind, and eliminate the body’s waste products. The low-level ‘abstention from food’ in society is for healing and totally different from the Taoist internal alchemy methods of ‘severing form grains’.The length of time that one fasts depends on one’s strength and what one is capable of. One may fast, for example, for three days, five days, seven days and so on. One should undergo a process of adaptation; from easy to hard, proceeding step by step and gradually elevating. According to different physical conditions, one determines whether to choose complete abstention or half-abstention as the fasting method.Some people are allowed to eat some fruits, nuts and honey.