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  1. hey why was tulku banneD?

  2. ~~~~~~~ Mod Message ~~~~~~~~~ Hopefully as a final say on the matter and as a general warning: in most cases it is not acceptable to accuse other members of being lesser practitioners or non practitioners just because they hold a slightly different view from yourself. There are thousands of different Buddhist secs still debating to this day the subtleties of what is the correct Buddhist view so I don't think anyone here is qualified to have the final say on the matter. You can say the idea or concept is non Buddhist but leave the labeling and categorisation of the person out of it. Also debate is encouraged but if you are going to accuse someone of something like hypocrisy or double standards you have to be specific about how they are being that way otherwise it will look like a general insult or harassment. Mods do not have the will or patience to trawl back through multiple threads to find out where such accusations come from, if you want to continue such debate in the same way a way do it by pm. ~~~~~~~~ Mod Out ~~~~~~~~~~
  3. Magnetism or Electricity

    You guys have already been asked. What's the attachment to getting the last word in?
  4. Shoes without rubber soles? (grounding)

    You guys done derailing this thread? Please dont feed the trolls.
  5. Jim McMillan has passed away

    Granted. Mo Pai argument threads are destined for the pit. As should any of these uriniating up a wall type postings worrying about who studied with whom and who said what about whomever. Please stay on topic, there are too many threads here that are devolving into trolling matches, we're going to start clamping down on stuff like this in the interests of keeping threads on topic for good discussion (the reason we all come here in the first place.) This is not Bullshido here and there should not be arguments about whose master is better than whom or "who has the REAL story" or anything of the like.
  6. Magnetism or Electricity

    Let's keep this thread on topic and avoid the back and forth barbs, please.
  7. Discuss beds with me

    Moved this to off-topic.
  8. Please keep to the original topic. And please keep the discussions respectful even if there is disagreement. You can review the Forum ToS below in the quote box. If you need further explanation you can see Sean's (site owner) thread titled Insult Policy Reminder Posts with a threatening tone - whether explicit or implied - are against the ToS. - S.B / Mod team
  9. Bum Creations

    *Warning* No insults. Keep it kind, people. - Trunk
  10. Beginner's [REAL] Magick: Instruction Q&A

    ~~~ Moderation Action ~~~ TempleTao has been temporarily suspended for offensive language. Theurgy also temp suspended for goading. This is a warning: Please, everyone chill. Speak with civility. - Trunk ~~~ /out ~~~
  11. Are you proud of your nationality?

    Moved into "Off Topic". (Interesting question, though. ) /mod squad out
  12. [Please help] Serious Sexual Exhaustion

    Tulku isnt on the same IP as AdamB, there is an alternative username here at the same IP address as AdamB, due to the nature of this topic we arent going to share the details of the other username.
  13. Censorship in the pain thread...

    Moderation action, quoted from original thread (below). - Trunk - Trunk
  14. ............

    Ok, well, okee-dokey. I'm here to moderate and, yes, this is our new snappy "Moderator Team" member that we'll be using at least occasionally. I like it. Makes it super clear that it's moderation. Regarding this thread specifically, right now. 1. This thread, thus far, is declared "a draw" as far as moderation issues go. All parties argued vigorously, so what do you expect other than vigorous arguement? That means everything to 'here' is a non-mod issue. Hence forth in this thread or anywhere, if there are personal attacks/insults, use the 'report' button. 3. I will go through the thread and "approve" (unhide) all of the posts that we hid while considering this matter. Thanks for your patience. 4. Ya Mu, if you would like a Personal Practice forum, please contact any of the moderators. You would have more control in that context (as does anyone in their own PPF). We could then copy this thread into your subforum and you could modify it as you like, there. The original would stay here as-is. Some notes about TTBs environment in general, quoted for emphasis. - Trunk
  15. Censorship in the pain thread...

    1. All posts in the Pain thread are still there. They are just set to invisible at the moment while the issue is being reviewed. 2. Paid members are not given higher status over non-paid members. - SereneBlue