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  1. Weather Magick

    I agree with Walker wholeheartedly, on the point that really Josh is bringing the name of Dao practices into disrepute. Without a solid foundational knowledge, he is selling himself as someone who has knowledge. If he believes that Kongming is teaching him, there is a well established system and way that a person has to go through to establish this connection without doubt. Kong ming does not appear in the register of Immortals. The system is not an easy option and you can't buy it and it involves true faith and sincerity. It means kneeling down, being really humble, and begging your heart out perhaps every day for over an hour to try and get the Immortal master to come. One may do this for over a year, before the Immortal master comes. Or you may be like me, do it in twenty minutes. It has to be done in a temple that has been blessed or in the presence of another shaman. Once the Immortal master has come you are left in no doubt as your body is taken over by a force that is beyond your comprehension. I have taught many to try and they have not been successful. It is a very difficult thing and the Immortal masters are not that easy to persuade to be your teacher perhaps for a whole lifetime. Even though I could draw the fa fu etc. The Immortal master would not teach me martial art. I would stand arms up for over an hour, facing the east, begging, but they would not come. After two years of going this, one day the Immortal master came and he said, I'm going to teach you my Tai Ji. From there I went on to learn 13 different styles of martial arts. I think if Josh wants to carry on doing vids etc, he needs to make it clear that what he's doing is for entertainment value only. Then he will not be misleading people into thinking that he knows what he is doing. I don't think it's fine but is acceptable.
  2. Weather Magick

    Gosh wish I had a family with lots of dosh, I wouldn't have to keep working my backside off just to pay the bills!
  3. Weather Magick

    Depends on what side of the fence you stand? At the moment I see visions of many Indian gurus, a lot of them frauds, enjoying driving around in Rolls Royces, tucking away millions under their beds while sometimes pleading poverty, while many of their followers live in terrible poverty. etc etc etc........... Most hermits live in caves or huts, have little or no compassion for anyone else, have very few possessions, some have no clothes at all. When I was in Asia I came across a hermits cave up in the mountains, it was just below a temple devoted to Quan Yin on a shear face. There was no room to park a Jag. Josh really has no choice but to be honest about his love of cars etc. Most people would brand him immediately as a fraud, (as they did), so he has in fact preempted that by coming out as being honest about his love of material possessions and this makes it somehow ok? Bill Porter wrote a book (Road to Heaven) about finding "hermits" in the mountains in China. I honestly don't think even stretching good humility and compassion, can we call Josh a 'hermit'. I think part of the problem is that he is fully attached mentally and physically to the material world and even when he says he lets go of ego in ceremonies he is just fooling himself. He is attached to the idea of ceremony and being dressed like being in a theatre performing Shakespeare. He appears to me to be a rich kid indulging himself in all that he wants and his passions and he makes excuses for himself for his lacking and by this, hopes to make an impact as a hermit on us the GP. Unfortunately he does remind me of a better version of Mak Jo Si without the swearing and the pretending that he knows something. My advice would be to leave all his material trappings and shave off his hair and spend a few years in a Buddhist monastery in somewhere like Thailand. He will then understand the nature of being poor and how many of his fellow humans even in the west struggle for survival on Boris Johnson's 'Universal Credit' and the reliance on food banks from churches etc.How people with no home live terrible lives on the streets. This will help him understand what the word compassion really means. It will help him to understand not being attached to the self and putting others first before his own needs. There can be no lame, even if honest excuses there.
  4. Weather Magick

    If you can and want to, tell me Josh, how did you get your money?
  5. Weather Magick

    Yes most ancient Chinese forms were focused on battlefield craft and when studying a weapon for instance like a sword, one has to be able to use both arms in the same way..... if your right arm is injured you then must use the left. The form I am practicing in the vid is the Monkey God's cudgel form. There are three forms and all are quite acrobatic and long. The cudgel I'm using is quite heavy, being made out of a very strong hardwood and about 45mm in diameter. In the training we learn to use a stainless steel cudgel weighing about 40-50lbs, and do the forms with this. My one I used to practice with, is a scaffold pipe filled with lead. There is a great difference between cudgel and staff techniques and then spear. With a heavy and unbending cudgel, force and movement must be generated by technique and 'Jin'. Spear neads flexibility and really only one end is usually employed. Staff is thinner and longer and has some flex in it, comparatively.
  6. Weather Magick

    If you want to learn 'magic' one has to be given 'fa' by an Immortal from a temple where it is safe to beg them to learn. It is safe there because the idols of the Immortals are usually blessed and 'open eye'. 'Fa' directly translated to English means to 'send out' to 'issue'. To the Chinese it means 'Divine energy'. Depending on the sect, a novice shaman once accepted has to spend over a year begging for the Immortal master to draw the 'Fa fu and Fa Shui' these the novice shaman takes internally, until his/hers body has been filled with energy of the Divine Master. Some sects have five amulets. Some sects do not do this and the shaman relies on calling down the Immortal master to do whatever is needed. Some sects like mine, we are given the 'fa' and if we are lucky we are taught how to cultivate it. But being given power means that one has to be pure and use the power wisely and appropriately. We don't need to call down the Immortal spirit to draw holy water or amulets. In an emergency we can do it ourselves and help whoever needs it. Mao Shan sect are renowned for their powerful abilities, but we do not use the power to show off, do tricks and harm others or other life. It is not intended for this, it is intended for self growth, to help other people and to become pure and lead us eventually to spiritual Immortality.
  7. Weather Magick

    This why once you have been accepted by an immortal master another shaman goes into a trance and blesses you. Those marks put on your body protect you from any spirit that may come and interfere. The 'fa' that the immortal masters gives to you can be used to destroy bad spirits, heal and all sorts of things.
  8. Weather Magick

    The other reason why you may pick the leg up is to avoid a trip; there are many low spinning front and reverse spinning trip techniques, involving using the foot as a hook.
  9. Weather Magick

    Yes quite simple answers really, when generating force and speed from a low point, in this case the end of the cudgel, to bring the leg up at the same time adds to the generating force and the leg protects the lower groin and other leg. When doing this it is a specific strike, short and quick. This is why the foot is pointed down also. If a kick or weapon was to strike from below and catch a foot that was vertical, it can knock you over, for it has a surface to strike. When doing this one has developed the ability to stand on one leg and be almost immovable. Here I was just doing some bits of forms Most of the forms I learned are very long; 180 moves. Some quite exhausting.
  10. Weather Magick

    I don't mean to be horrible, but I thought as much. I have been a traditional Dao shaman for nearly forty years. I was accepted by the immortals masters in a temple in Malaysia and have practiced under their tutelage since. One thing that separates me from others is the fact that I am physically possessed by the spirit master who has taught me all sorts of things including award winning martial arts. Now if you really want to alter the weather and I have, you have to have real contact with the Immortals in heaven otherwise both the weather and the immortals will ignore you. Your altar should face the East, that is the Dao heaven, the south is Quan Yin and the west is Buddha. In this video, you will see the inside of a small temple of the sect, me practicing martial arts back in the 90's and me begging the immortal master to come and draw the traditional Fa Fu and Fa Shui. I am actually wearing a robe of the sect. I have worn it three times in forty years!
  11. Weather Magick

    So what is your lineage, your pai, your teachers?
  12. Weather Magick

    Hey you're not in league with Mr Tin Yat of Cananda? Most genuine Daoists and shamans wear jeans and a t shirt; The forces or heaven and earth don't give a monkeys what you wear, it's about the power one possesses. The more powerful the Daoist the less likely he or she will need silly hats, robes and paraphernalia.
  13. Weather Magick

    Hey I missed out on this please tell me what happened to the jeff thread!
  14. Daoist associations?

    If we look at the nature of spirituality, there are so many differing ways to look at things and many different teachings. Where people are in their lives tends to lead them on a certain path and perspective. People particularly like to take from one tradition and then from another. This they feel makes their learning more whole. One might say as you have, that this is an open minded path and a path that leads to greater understanding. What I say is, it all depends on what those teachings are saying. Many teachings are misleading, and those that are involved in them are completely unaware. What ever you follow, It works for you because you hold that perspective and you are at that point in your life. But a complete teaching like Lei Erh's verses requires a fundamental change in perspective and a perspective that holds onto nothing. It is complete and the traditional aim of Dao followers was to attain Immortality. Now, the DDJ teaches you that and how you can obtain it. I've have never said you are a fool that's your own slant and the way you interpret my words. Don't go down the same path as many here, who tend to invent things because of their own differing perspectives. The DDJ may not do it for you, that's certainly fine by me. no words or persuasions on my part would be able to reach you and is a waste of time in so far as you are not on that wave length to appreciate its real value as an instruction manual on many ways. That is why it is so complete above all other writings IMO. I might add, if you belong to a Dao sect, they normally have evenings/times where people can come and discuss the verses of Lei Erh, linking the words with self cultivation practices and perspectives, for it from those words that such practices have emerged. Although certain teachers teach practices many don't actually know the origin of those practices and to a certain extent why one really does them. Many have been changed and the slant changed by particular teachers.
  15. Daoist associations?

    It's funny how people in general don't read properly and put their own slant on things. It is so common. One needs realisation before it is possible to have understanding, or visa versa. One needs to practice techniques to both understand and have realisation. Whether you think the DDJ, as many do in the west, is a dry old book of philosophy is entirely your own perspective and your level of understanding and if you are content with that, then that's fine. One must remember that Lei Erh spent most of his young life in the mountains under the guidance of many great cultivators, shamans and masters. His words are therefore of great importance and the secrets they hold offer to the true cultivator, true realisation; Immortality. Anyone who is a cultivator of self leading to the Dao, would miss the greatest manual on cultivation they could possibly read. That's where those two words come in again. I have studied the DDJ for nearly forty years and been given formal tuition in its understanding for almost as long. It is the root and foundation for true cultivators of the Dao.