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  1. Potent Systems

    I have practiced a few systems, but have found LoneMan Pai to be the most potent so far. No initiation required, and you get only what you put in! Transmissions are held quite often but they are always optional. At, there's A LOT of material. Almost every aspect of internal training and physical training is covered. There's also many advanced practitioners who have a ton of knowledge. All the dogma and nonsense has been cut out, so all you get is very efficient techniques that get results fast and safe. Its the most scientific system in existence imo. Everyone that joins is encouraged to keep a log to ensure safety and proper development. Plus, everything has always been and always will be free. Here's one of my threads that may be useful to you: Good luck!
  2. My post on this thread *might* be of use to you Ime, it is a part of the whole process
  3. My discoveries (LoneMan Pai & Xiao Yao Pai)

    Hey Jeff, No, I've never felt FFS take control of my body without permission (such as inviting FFS for Dao Yin Shu). There are moments during the day where I'm 'nudged' to do something one way instead of the other, e.g. looking for family members outside, and accidentally finding them in the most unexpected places. Whether this is FFS or my own intuition, it's hard to tell. Efficiency is what motivates me. XYP states that they connect you to a divine teacher from the start that trains you 1-on-1, which I had experienced the night after initiation. SoTG demonstrated both in video and in private conversations (telling me stuff he couldn't have known) which showed the power he had developed, and then after practicing his methods for a short time (the first session) I was able to see extremely fast results, experiencing things I've heard others talk about reaching after 10 years of practice! IME, LoneMan Pai is like the Jeet Kune Do of neidan; it strips away the dogma and fluff, providing only what works and room for you to make it yours.
  4. My discoveries (LoneMan Pai & Xiao Yao Pai)

    FlowConduit wrote: My response: Not at all. I was spending a lot of time reading, studying and collecting practices, never really happy/satisfied with what I found. FFS just wanted me to get out my head and use what I learnt by training. Now I've stopped searching, just practicing what I have learnt and continue to learn from LoneMan pai. Fufashen seems content since then
  5. My discoveries (LoneMan Pai & Xiao Yao Pai)

    Another way FFS communicates is images. Not so much for your eyes to see, but more like telepathy - direct to your brain (if that makes sense). Here is an example of when it happened to me: After my regular LMP practices, I thought to do the XYP Jing Zuo in bed a little before I went to sleep. Out of nowhere, a very clear image appeared in my mind of a teapot pouring water into a cup that was placed on a tray. It kept on overflowing with water and the teapot wouldn't stop pouring. I played along, incase it was my imagination, I said "alight, my cup is full so I can't take anything else?", for the lulz I then said "how about I get a bigger cup?" Then an image of a huge cup appeared with water being poured into it. The more water that went into the cup, the wider and taller the cup would be. Meaning whatever I gain/learn, I'll never be satisfied, constantly wanting more. "alright.. how about I drink whats in the cup?" meaning, using/applying what I've learnt. The feeling of someone smiling came over me. Like when someone smiles at you and you can't help but smile back at them and feel good. That sort of smile. It was very unusual but really enjoyable. I was a few minutes into the Jing Zuo when it happened, so I was in a completely aware/non-trance state.
  6. My discoveries (LoneMan Pai & Xiao Yao Pai)

    Thanks Effi Unfortunately she hasn't been practicing, so no results to speak of yet.
  7. My discoveries (LoneMan Pai & Xiao Yao Pai)

    Here is one of my experiences of communicating with FFS. I'll use the example I mentioned above of FFS suggesting a LMP technique: After a standing meditation session (I used LMP techniques "Star-God" and "Quantum Cannibal" (it isn't as scary as it sounds lol)), I decided to do Dao Yin Shu. Whilst standing, I invited FFS, placed my hands in prayer position and waited. My pelvis suddenly tilted upwards and my knees bent, it was completely out of my control and a real surprise. I asked if I should go into horse stance, I got no response. Then I asked whether I should go into goat stance, still nothing. Finally, when asked if I should do Star-God position, suddenly a huge power appeared between my palms. Something I hadn't felt before. It was like that magnetic field feeling you'd get between your palms, but on steroids x50. I stayed calm and asked again, just to confirm. The same power field appeared between my palms. This was a confirmation from FFS to continue with the LMP techniques, and it was the first time I made contact in a non-trance state. To say it was incredible would be an understatement
  8. My discoveries (LoneMan Pai & Xiao Yao Pai)

    Apeiron&Peiron posted: My response: Hey Apeiron&Peiron! Interacting with Fu Fa Shen is unusual. I'm naturally skeptical of things, so when I do communicate with it I'm very cautious, so that it isn't my imagination or placebo-effect. There is a huge difference between your body doing movements that can be perceived as Dao Yin Shu & when FFS actually moves you, and between internal dialogue & genuinely speaking to FFS. I'll make a couple posts with my experiences communicating with FFS. As for what you have experienced, there may be two reasons: 1) This is the theory I heard when studying psychology at University (I might be a little off, it's been a while): When your brain processes memories, it takes them from your short-term memory and places it into the long-term. When you remember something, your brain retrieves the memory from the long-term memory and back to the short-term for you to recall. What happens during those deja vu moments is your brain is some-how taking what you see and skipping the short-term memory, placing it directly into the long-term memory, then your brain retrieves it from the long-term memory and back into the short-term, so it feels like you've seen/experienced that exact moment before. Basically, a brain glitch/lag. 2) If you were able to write down what you saw and then it occurs in the future, making the above theory incorrect in this case. Since time is non-linear, and their are many fractured selves on different dimensions/timelines, who may be ahead of you/older or behind you/younger. For you to see something that is year or 15 years ahead of you may mean you are seeing through the eyes of an alternate self, where that time (15years ahead) is current for them. Just theories lol
  9. My discoveries (LoneMan Pai & Xiao Yao Pai)

    From what I can remember from the initiation, the masters response to the question "can two people have the same Fu Fa Shen?" was "No, everyone has their own and cannot share". His response falls perfectly in-line with the LMP view of the higher-self (which is a self on an alternate timeline/dimension who is more advanced along 'the path') At the initiation, Tai Shang Lao Jun doesn't assign a FFS to you, but instead, makes a connection between you and an advanced self from another timeline, to prepare your body(s) for merging. Depending on your level, you can assume the role as the Fu Fa Shen or 'higher-self' to your 'lower-self(s)'. I have experienced this on two different occasions.
  10. My discoveries (LoneMan Pai & Xiao Yao Pai)

    Both have the similar-ish end-goals but their ways towards it differ, making them to be powerful in different ways: LMPs objective is on being the 'focal point' of the fractured selves/bodies, where you cultivate and merge all the fractal selves into this one. I believe XYP has the same aim of merging all fractal selves/bodies into one, but do not put the focus on making this self the focal point. Instead, XYP builds and prepares *this* self to be merged with the other/higher self/focal point.
  11. Decided to post this here, since many can't view the PPD without signing up, and some may find this useful (I hope!) _____________________________ The two schools I have been practicing so far are: LoneMan Pai ( Xaio Yao Pai ( - USA. - Europe) LoneMan Pai is a combination of Eastern Internal Alchemy and Western Magick, where all religious doctrines are stripped away and the info made as scientific as possible. It is the oldest AND most modern system out there. Xiao Yao Pai My experience from practicing the two have led me to believe that they both have common roots and compliment eachother very well (to the point where the FFS suggests techniques from LMP). Tai Shang Lao Jun may have created Xiao Yao Pai and it's practices as an offshoot of an older, Enochian school. I say this based on two things: 1) From experiences not long after being initiated into XYP (prior to practicing LMP), several times I would wake in the middle of the night to see unusual writings engraved with a bright blue energy-like light on the ceiling. I later found this writing to be Enochian, a language I had never heard of until SoTG pointed me in that direction. 2) After learning about the Enochian language from above, I looked up the alphabet and was able to translate the password given at the XYP initiation. This password translation is one of the reasons for the following posts.
  12. What Results Do People Here Have From Training?

    My results have been this: -Haven't been ill (not even the common cold) for a few years. -Seeing energy -The LDT and MDT visibly pulsating (my partner could see and touch them as they pulse on the surface of the skin) -Laogong points go red after good sessions -Visions when i wake up in the night after practicing -Extremely powerful "lucid dreams" (i prefer to call it 'jumping') - Ability to heal, (non-placebo, participants were complete skeptics) - 'seeing' health issues in people -communicating with "higher selves" -Being the "higher self" Will add any others I might've left out
  13. SonOfTheGods, a very VERY advanced practitioner, says that one should refrain from masturbation, but one shouldn't restrict themselves of sex entirely. Having sex every couple weeks is good, especially if both you and your partner cultivate! For more info on LoneMan Pai's view of sex and masturbation, you can make an account and view these two threads: LoneMan Pai™- Sex Life Masturbation Brings Monsters Photos and videos(doesn't require an account): Chi Force Field = Photograph & Video Proof Enjoy
  14. Kundalini energy, how to direct?

    You have to sign up to access them, which takes a minute and is completely free. All that's asked in return is your participation. There's 3 pages of practical info on that thread alone, and a lot more in the winrars(which can be downloaded on the first page at
  15. Kundalini energy, how to direct?

    Kundalini has been heavily discussed in the winrars at Once such thread is Kundalini Happens When Jing is Compromised.