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  1. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 64

    Yes I did, Li Erh was invited to come by me to teach me his teachings back in 1985/6. When he came we looked at a lot of different translations, some bits were ok, like the Feng/English, but many were not and he taught me what it should be. You will see that the emphasis is totally changed, giving a different meaning. By 1987 I had written all 81 chapters down. I then had to wait another five years before it was published.
  2. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 50

    His grandfather has merged with the energies of the environment not just qi!
  3. John Chang - Jesus

  4. John Chang - Jesus

  5. John Chang - Jesus

  6. John Chang - Jesus

  7. Climate Change

    Where I live it is very clear and clean in terms of air pollution and apart from when the tourist come, pollution is not a problem. Since lockdown, the light is so crystal clear, everything seems to dazzle and it's almost too strong to cope with on sunny days. We have got used to a certain level of air pollution and when it is lowered we notice the difference. Shame we can't keep it like that, my solar off grid system has been generating huge amounts of electricity for a domestic set up.
  8. John Chang - Jesus

  9. John Chang - Jesus

  10. John Chang - Jesus

  11. 'Wafu' Spirit Healing

  12. Hi Folks I thought some of you might appreciate some of my paintings I did back in 2003/4, plus one of my guitar compositions made up on the spot. Hope you enjoy
  13. Weather Magick

    This thread is typical of a Dao Bum thread. Someone can bring up a serious, perhaps contentious subject, everyone thinks they are experts (but they are not). The consensus start to pick on one person or other and it all goes downhill pretty quickly with name calling and insults, digs, etc. etc. Such a waste of time. Personally I have left the Dao Bums many times due to the quality of the posts that are written on here. There is no moderation; we have gone from a dictatorship to a free for all. Personally I get very discourage posting anything on here at all.
  14. Weather Magick

    Why would I want to read the words of Prof Johnson? Don't I have a real Divine master who teaches me what is the way? True Magic comes from true enlightenment and from the power given by Immortals. It is a power one can feel flowing through the body, it can be let out (fa) to do all sorts of things. One does not need any sort of dress to feel and to use this power.