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  1. Students of Jerry Alan Johnson

    Being a traditional shaman of 37 years My Masters have taught me, one of which is Li Eh (Lao Zi). There are many sources to Dao thinking and practices, all you appear to know is the commonly translated ones. Proper Dao teachings come from proper Dao Masters, who have spent years in learning from theirs teachers or like me have learned spiritually. Chan Buddhism is the Chinese version which incorporates common cultural views that are common in Dao. A bit like when Christians came to other countries they would look for the local holy places and then use certain imagery and build a church on those holy places that the natives used before and incorporate some ceremonies. Then there are those that would starve people, imprison them and murder them if they didn't go to church and believe in Jesus and One God. Without spending hours I do believe there are references about God's love and jesus's. ? So says the one with the authoritative knowledge to judge?????
  2. Students of Jerry Alan Johnson

    Buddhism is based on what? The Buddha never wrote anything down. Jesus, he never wrote anything down either, his apostles wrote everything as hearsay and what they originally wrote has been changed through history to bring them all to the same conclusion. So we have two major religions that are based on hearsay/Chinese whispers and all peoples believe sadly that what is written is true, just like Harry Potter is of course. If you are going to tell me that what is written are the exact words of Jesus, you must be completely delusional. So the great perversion of human kind began. The teachings of Dao hold no moralistic values of right and wrong of good and bad all that is manifest is of its own true nature. There is no compassion nor evil, there is no rules or codes that one should live by, only by one's own understandings of the way one can live one's life. This of course can be different to each individual. There is no love of one God nor of any God, There is no love of other people, but simply being and alive within the environment. There is no similarity between Buddhism and Dao, although many on here only know the letter of both and of Christianity and so they pick and choose from what is written by one religion to another to suit their needs and really never come to any understanding of anything in depth. Dao is unique amongst understandings, it is a living, breathing, entity and way we all live that one simply can't change, shackle it down to one thing or another, although it is used by many but not understood by most. It needs no words, nor teachings, it needs no master or head of the religion and most of all it needs no followers or intellectuals trying to work it out and saying it's one thing or another. If you think you know it and by your own words you imply that you think there are resemblances to Buddhism, then you don't know it at all.
  3. Students of Jerry Alan Johnson

    There is something fundamentally wrong with Jerry Johnson, he is a Jesus lover. As we know Jesus never wrote a word down and it's all here say. It is quite common now for sects of Daoism to incorporate Jesus and God into what they believe in. Youtube is full of pseudo Daoists and Christian sects trying to melt the two together. They are fundamentally completely different world views and anyone who is a Christian trying to incorporate Daoism into their beliefs should be avoided and any pseudo Daoists who claim to 'have Jesus in their heart' should also be avoided. Any real cultivator of Dao will have the Dao in their heart (Dao Xin) and certainly not Jesus.
  4. Energy rich guy seeking advice on choosing a method

    Why are you asking for help when you seem very convinced about what you are doing and and why you are doing it and who you are? Seems a bit stupid don't you think?! Sounds to me like you've worked it all out, but want to argue with others about the advice they dish out freely, to convince yourself of what you are doing is valid! My advice is don't ask if you can't stand the answers, it's as easy as that. If you want a Parrot go to the pet shop, it will repeat all the answers you ask it to.
  5. Energy rich guy seeking advice on choosing a method

    I think you've got to ask yourself why you want to do this? When you know this then you can decide in which way and which teacher to seek. Random sittings and inconsistent technique and breathings will produce some odd sensations in the mind and the body. My advice is to stop what you are doing and find a competent teacher for your chosen path (quite a difficult thing in itself). Most energetic and physical blockages manifest from deep seated patterns of behavior, body posture, unfulfilled emotional and psychological manifestations; locked in the mind and tissues, they can remain part of the tissues for the rest of one's life, although one may feel they have been resolved. Sometimes the best one can do is just make sure one establishes a good sense of self worth and confidence. The years of gut wrenching self torture to resolve problems may bring more unhappiness in trying to solve them, than the original problem. It is a very tricky path to follow and no one person has all the answers. Spirit interference can also cause many so called mental confusions and more serious physical and mental problems. Many who are unaware that they are opening themselves up by certain practices do not realise that this can be what they are inviting into themselves, unwittingly.
  6. Here is a little video you can enjoy. All these demonstrated are tricks. Enjoy!
  7. Climate Change

    Remember the Bible is just a fictitious work used to control wealth, power and people.
  8. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Actually, some time past I had said to Dawei I was getting fed up with the general tone of the site. My thread about climate change is still going on, I think on its 39th page and it was hijacked by the right wingers/Trumpsters who denied that it even existed. In the end I pulled out of the thread. The last straw was Kar3n, who basically has never really gelled with me and started being dismissive. I thought it was time to defend myself and I looked up all her posts on this site and another. She did not like being shown up and suspended me for three days. I think if you throw stones from a green house you must be able to take it back otherwise don't throw stones in the first place. It highlights very much that if you are in a position of power, one has to be very careful of how one conducts oneself; we all fail in some ways especially to others who have differing perspectives. It is this differing perspectives that cause such agitation between people. What I don't find very useful is the silly, stupid inane comments that are intended to dismiss others as being of little value. This is where the site falls down big time. We've probably all done it!
  9. Proposed simplification of forums

    In simplifying the site, one must remember that Daoists are unique among all belief systems. Although we see even Daoist sects in China integrating Jesus and God, these are just poor teachings and bastardized beliefs trying to attract more followers. and don't represent the proper teachings of Daoism. It is unique in the fact that it names no one god as the creator, it sees gods as being created by the Dao, and not the other way round. It acknowledges that all life is capable of becoming a god or Immortal and this path is open to anyone and any other life form. It is classless and sees all life equally. Equally there are no rules other than those of nature. There are no 'ten commandments' etc. So I think the site should revolve around Daoism and not just a category stuck somewhere.
  10. Proposed simplification of forums

    This is not true. This is taking one particular view that of one God creator. Daoists do not hold this point of view and never have!
  11. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Do you know I was given three days suspension for looking up a mods posts (which are all open to the public and for complaining to them about trying to humiliate me and my title by taking the micky. I reported it and no one ever got back to me. After that I had enough.
  12. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Well what do expect? When things have gone to one extreme the other extreme has to come out to negate it. The worlds history is full of such happenings. Wait a while and things will come to a balance.
  13. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Trump admin. has decided to use cyanide bombs to kill wildlife again!
  14. No more right-wing bullshit.

    I am sorry this is nonsense. To be a Dao follower one actually doesn't even need to know that Dao exists one would simply be following a natural path of wisdom and equally there doesn't need to be Temples or people needing to wear robes. That's the whole point of Dao. I've been a Holyman for 35 years, but I never wear robes, only on three very special occasions have I.