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  1. Climate Change

    Remember the Bible is just a fictitious work used to control wealth, power and people.
  2. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Actually, some time past I had said to Dawei I was getting fed up with the general tone of the site. My thread about climate change is still going on, I think on its 39th page and it was hijacked by the right wingers/Trumpsters who denied that it even existed. In the end I pulled out of the thread. The last straw was Kar3n, who basically has never really gelled with me and started being dismissive. I thought it was time to defend myself and I looked up all her posts on this site and another. She did not like being shown up and suspended me for three days. I think if you throw stones from a green house you must be able to take it back otherwise don't throw stones in the first place. It highlights very much that if you are in a position of power, one has to be very careful of how one conducts oneself; we all fail in some ways especially to others who have differing perspectives. It is this differing perspectives that cause such agitation between people. What I don't find very useful is the silly, stupid inane comments that are intended to dismiss others as being of little value. This is where the site falls down big time. We've probably all done it!
  3. Proposed simplification of forums

    In simplifying the site, one must remember that Daoists are unique among all belief systems. Although we see even Daoist sects in China integrating Jesus and God, these are just poor teachings and bastardized beliefs trying to attract more followers. and don't represent the proper teachings of Daoism. It is unique in the fact that it names no one god as the creator, it sees gods as being created by the Dao, and not the other way round. It acknowledges that all life is capable of becoming a god or Immortal and this path is open to anyone and any other life form. It is classless and sees all life equally. Equally there are no rules other than those of nature. There are no 'ten commandments' etc. So I think the site should revolve around Daoism and not just a category stuck somewhere.
  4. Proposed simplification of forums

    This is not true. This is taking one particular view that of one God creator. Daoists do not hold this point of view and never have!
  5. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Do you know I was given three days suspension for looking up a mods posts (which are all open to the public and for complaining to them about trying to humiliate me and my title by taking the micky. I reported it and no one ever got back to me. After that I had enough.
  6. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Well what do expect? When things have gone to one extreme the other extreme has to come out to negate it. The worlds history is full of such happenings. Wait a while and things will come to a balance.
  7. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Trump admin. has decided to use cyanide bombs to kill wildlife again!
  8. No more right-wing bullshit.

    I am sorry this is nonsense. To be a Dao follower one actually doesn't even need to know that Dao exists one would simply be following a natural path of wisdom and equally there doesn't need to be Temples or people needing to wear robes. That's the whole point of Dao. I've been a Holyman for 35 years, but I never wear robes, only on three very special occasions have I.
  9. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    Oh yes, its very long winded and is almost as bad as 'war and peace'. I was using this as an example of how politicians use labels wrongly and to wrongly influence and scare the voting public. Rewilding is great, trouble is with my country, the government wants to and is building millions of houses to prop up the economy making more money for the super rich, trouble is no ordinary people can afford them and soon there will be nowhere to put them anyway.
  10. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    Most politicians have never read Marx and so right wing parties band it about calling their opposition "Marxist", just to try and slur them in front of the public. The public have very little experience of any proper socialist regime that has not been corrupted. So they are scared. Socialist parties like the Labour party lose many votes because of this, but in 1945 when the Labour party came into power such enormous strides were taken to level out social injustice and bring healthcare, education and welfare to all and to make sure all essential services were under the control of the government. Now with a succession of Tory governments these have been broken down sold to private enterprise where those that now run essential services like water etc. make huge profits and pay out share holders. Of course the service is now far more expensive for the ordinary person. Many parts of the NHS have been sold off to private enterprise who charge far more for supplying their service, which exhausts the budget. The main Tory policy is to get rid of the NHS and make people pay for their healthcare directly and many of the extreme right wing want to open the work houses for the poor, I am in little doubt about this. What I think is let people make lots of money, but lets tax them properly and that money go back into society to help others who were not so fortunate. This seems to me spiritually and morally fair and it produces an economic growth that is not limited to the super rich.
  11. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    Capitalism is like this example: Jeff Fairburn the former CEO of Persimmon Homes gave himself a £75 million bonus, but it was discovered that many of his staff were so poorly paid that they had to rely on Universal Credit to survive. Example 2; 600 of the richest aristocrats in the UK doubled their wealth in ten years while 4 million people needed to use food banks. An example of right wing policies: The Uk government cut welfare benefits by £42 billion, gave the Monarch more millions of tax payers money, while homelessness increased at a staggering rate.
  12. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Nothing to do with authority...understanding.
  13. No more right-wing bullshit.

    If you don't have the proper understanding of the text you are simply spreading your own take which becomes lies. Rant all you like, a true understanding can only come from someone who has been exclusively trained. The DDJ is not philosophy, it is mostly a book of deep self cultivation on many levels that will see those who are wise enough to realize immortality. I find myself hitting my head against a wall!!
  14. No more right-wing bullshit.

    And where were those principles found?...............The Bible, so are you telling me that when the preacher preached to folk he didn't quote from the Bible? People were also forced to believe. There is a whole terrible history about missionaries and what they did to people to get them to believe in the Bible, lets not go down that route.
  15. No more right-wing bullshit.

    The trouble is that in most temples they don't teach the DDJ or study Chuang Tzu etc, they simply follow alot of rituals or become shamans as myself and learn Daoist practices from Immortals. The problem remains with western people who take on the teachings and practices of a belief system like Daoism is there are really not many proper Daoists to learn from. So this is where a book full of incredible teachings, becomes a dry old book of philosophy, because its totally misunderstood. This is what needs to change. To identify as a Daoist, people need to be brought up in a Daoist family, where the teachings of Dao are the binding principles or as you say follow a Daoist master for many years. The western world has been swamped by Christianity and the Bible and it is very aggressive in its conversion of others, either peacefully or violently. Daoist are not like this and do not force others to believe in what they believe. I have helped many people who are of other faiths, but I think that if people want to learn something right and pure of corruption, then a site must solely deal with the belief system that it is intended for. Otherwise we get a whole chasm of people who think they are experts in Buddhism, (Buddha of course never wrote a single word) Daoism, Christianity etc. etc. and so we see inane comments by many on this site purely from mish-mash and ego. My last few pennies