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  1. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    OK This is my last post on TDB's anyone who does wish to contact me can get me at flowing-hands@hotmail.com Siddhi have nothing to do with Daoism. It is an Indian word which is used to describe certain psychic phenomenon and trickery used in tantric practices. What is religion used for and why do people use illusionists tricks too fool others? Simple answers one can see all over the world to have power/position/control of others and people are very gullible. Video's of Peter Popoff are very up front rogues, but some are more insidious and subtle manipulation. It maybe as simple as making money. Organised religions use it whether it was done by some sage in the past or adepts do it now to get more people to believe in what they believe. Here on TDB's we have thousands of posts about a so called master who can set fire to things; look at the interest everyone had in him. He was very successful in creating a hum about his persona. Such a trick is easily replicated by ordinary people. I am a wu, a shaman or holyman, we don't do tricks, we are not concerned with the fooling of others, nor are we concerned with power over others or taking money. Our job as described is to communicate with the spirit world. That world is not there for anyone to use and abuse that power. Thats why it is not accessible very easily or to anyone. What we are taught and the power we are given is not easily accessible to anyone either. Spiritual power as described in Chuang Tzu and Lao Tzu's writings is what we use to communicate and heal. Lao Tzu was a great cultivator, but he was an incredibly wise man who sought no fame, or fortune from his deep knowledge. He made no cheap display of his power. He believed that people should not be governed by religion but should live simply according to the Dao. For the obvious reason I have just given. How many people do you know that has been part of a cult and been abused by people in it? I have known many and its usually about power, sex and money. One can go to SE Asia and see so called folk religions peddling spirit trickery for money. It may come under the banner of Daoism but most of it is a mish mash of all religions and practices borrowed from each other. That's why many people who have very little knowledge on here talk about siddhi's instead of Fa practices.
  2. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    All over the world spirits of various levels have taught shamans for thousands of years. They have never hurt me, but when a very strong energy touches you it can be painful. It teaches you to know their potential and reinforces ones great respect for the power they posses and for who they are.
  3. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    This is very silly for someone who claims they are tapping into the deity power. An Immortal can come and move at minus a millions volts. They can come at 12v , they can come at a trillion trillion volts. They can change their form from energy to matter and so be any living thing. When they come to a human to teach they come at an appropriate voltage enough to throw you around and move you at will without burning your insides up. They will sometimes send an emissary, and not the real Immortal. My experience has taught me that when they come in person you know, the energy is very strong and sometimes has burnt me and is very painful, especially when they enter ones entire body. Once they have left and whatever the reason for their coming is over, one feels very exhausted by the sheer strength of how they move you and their energy, even though they have entered inside you at virtually no volts. An Immortal can pass through the sun as if it was not there. They can create universes and life forms from their own energy. but they are completely governed by non action and so they never interfere. The earth may be drawn so close to the sun that everything in the world is burnt to a crisp; they won't interfere. They are beyond making value judgments.
  4. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    I thought you might say that. The thing that came into my head for no reason was opendao. Perhaps it is just that you have a similar way of writing to him who was on here some years ago. Let me tell you something which not many people really understand. A human's power even at the highest level of cultivation is like one cell compared to an Immortals which is equivalent to all the oceans and beyond in the world. Ok so if one wants to tap into that source, one has to make oneself a very humble, straightforward and honest person, one has to beg for them in name to come physically not mentally. They will never come to you mentally. You see, many on here don't realize this, the door is closed, shut tight, you cannot get in, if you think you've got in its all in your mind fooling you. You may kneel before the heavens for years begging them to come and 'catch' a spirit master. But if they don't want to, then they will not come, nor by any means can you tap into any of them. The oldest Immortals live amongst the stars, (outside the heavenly collective) even as a blessed Holyman who has access to the Immortals, I still cannot get many of them to come to me. They have moved on to another level of existence and certainly have no concern about a small planet light years away, let alone answer the call of a shaman.
  5. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    I'm sure you've been on here before under another name?
  6. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    Right, so no teacher of any sort, sorry your concept of qi is flawed.
  7. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    This is why I'm leaving, the BS on this site is getting worse and worse and worse I think you are very self opinionated behind your monkey mask and yet what have you offered to show us that you actually know anything other than subtle attacking other people, just cleverly keeping yourself from suspension? You appear to me to know very little other than your own over inflated ego tells you how wonderful you are and how not so wonderful others are in your self proclaimed opinion. Most people will say who their teacher is, so tell us we can examine your credentials.
  8. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    I'm finished here really, Its not a Dao forum. Many proper Daoist pop their heads in and disappear quite quickly, they don't have the stamina that the few here have to keep going. I go in the DDJ section and stimulate some thought I hope, but really the amount of people that post on this section is very little. There is no sections put specifically for Dao practices for people to post in like martial art, qigong, Daoist rituals and rites, Dao medicine and healing, Daoist magic, meduimship etc. Immortals their history, Daoist novels and characters.All very important aspects of being a Daoist and not just the western view of a dry old philosophy that is used by many here to enhance their own belief systems. Perhaps the person who owns this site could take notice. Really the site needs to rename itself and call itself just another spiritual forum, where Dao is given a small corner to be discussed. Probably a more honest realization. Dao practices are unique amongst belief systems, but they are being infiltrated by other systems and religions. I can't believe the amount of video's about Daoism on Youtube that are made by Christians, explaining how a single God and Jesus come into Daoism. Its all an insidious way to convert people and total lies.
  9. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    What a wonderful use of words you have, is English your first language? "you ain't that important", and its up to our dear mods as to whether they think you are personally attacking, not you.
  10. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    Trouble is that God doesn't give a damn , (he's too busy practicing Wu wei), for we are all born sinful according to the Bible, so we might as well get on with it and have a jolly good time and rip each other off and enjoy the fruits of our sin ! No I won't mention the snake and the apple I promise!!!
  11. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    I think if one was very ill and looking for hope to solve that illness or problem and one gave their last $1,000 to a fraudster as above and one found that actually they'd been had, one would feel rather disparaged themselves don't you think? I once was nearly killed, I spent two months in a hospital in one position. I had to learn to walk again and by the time I had got home I then suffered PTSS to add to my trauma. I had little money and If I had believed in God and gave my last money to a fraudster in hope that I would feel better, that would have been an even worse disaster. What makes this sicker than big business ripping workers off etc is that this man is preying on the most vulnerable and those who mostly can ill afford to add to his $23 million profit he made in one year alone. Better to know what the world is like and what people do than bury one's head in the sand or be ripped off in the name of God, or in the name of anything else!
  12. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    And a little more for your delectation
  13. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    Here's Peter Popoff, exposed time and time again on his many, many scams!
  14. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    And now for a little light music
  15. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    This of course could also be perceived as a personal attack!