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  1. Five Important Themes of the DDJ

    Neidan does not involve loads of rituals etc etc. True neidan involves quiet inward/outward looking, involves the cultivation of energy and of the self.
  2. Five Important Themes of the DDJ

    Yes its difficult to let go of what one is and what one has become. I think you have the wrong idea about neidan by your description.
  3. Five Important Themes of the DDJ

    I think it is very important to throw away ones ideas that the DDJ is only philosophy. We must remember that Li Erh was firstly a Dao cultivator. His understanding of Dao was from personal teachings and experience. So you may not recognise yourself, where in his teachings there are very much references to certain aspects that continue throughout the text, but with his personal teaching I do. The whole verses are about how one (self) perceives the world and the processes that are going on. Time and time again he says to cultivate the Dao through Dao Xin, through the spiritual path, to obtain spiritual power. Like in Xhuang Shi where he talks of the Holyman who uses his spiritual power to make sure the harvests are good and protects animals from sickness. These themes taught by Li Erh are eagerly told and expressed by Xhuang Shi. Li Erh may be succinct in his writings, but true understanding and perception comes form just a few words, which Xhuang Shi expands upon at length. One must remember to get rid of western Christian ideas when reading the DDJ; right/wrong etc. and look at the whole. Male and female are not opposites they are expressions of the Dao and the environment. This expression of the Dao allows many species to continue for an example.
  4. Lineages- old and new

    Old or new traditions really have little effect on awakening and of course it depends on what one's definition of awakening is? It is wholly a pyscho, emotional and physical thing and true awakening can only be experienced in the presence of a true awakened master like an Immortal. For the Immortal will take you beyond normal perception in all senses, open the third eye and then carefully bring you back. Now bringing you back is the important bit for here lies the dangerous bit, where one cannot come back without being damaged. So this is why true enlightenment in a physical body needs the support of an already enlightened master. Would I personally trust any human to this task? No is the answer.
  5. Five Important Themes of the DDJ

    It seems to me that what is lacking is the very thing that you are accusing us/me of being. Accusing me of being a Buddhist because I see the greatest obstacle to being 'realized' is the self. Your analysis of a Daoist is beyond recognition. Why? Because clearly you have never bothered to look at your self honestly and recognized what stops you from being a complete human being. Being able to be at one with the Dao in all its facets, knowing 'how to love the world as your own self', knowing how to surrender yourself humbly and only eat Brussell sprouts. Clearly to me you have a long way to go in your personal growth and knowing your self. Of course learning comes from being open to others, stripping away prejudice and cynicism and so begin to understand about the world and others and so understand something about yourself.
  6. Five Important Themes of the DDJ

    The biggest shame is that you really express very little understanding and yet you spout as though you do and your analysis of the DDJ is so far off, one wonders where you are getting these opinions from? If you can't add anything constructive to the thread and are here just to be a complaining, rude and nonsensical troll, then go somewhere else, you are not adding anything to further understanding.
  7. Five Important Themes of the DDJ

    Perhaps make your criticism constructive without cynicism? Only a suggestion, you find that you are taken more seriously.
  8. Five Important Themes of the DDJ

    This was an excellent thread started by you and we really have not got through it at all, perhaps we can get it going again and if I can find the time, explore with you folks the various aspects; it produces some interesting stuff!
  9. your favourite verse and Why?

    Yes a great verse
  10. your favourite verse and Why?

    Look at the study threads it may enlighten you to understand better.
  11. your favourite verse and Why?

    Its easy really it tells you everything you ever need to know!
  12. your favourite verse and Why?

    My favourite verse is the first verse. The Dao that can be told is not the eternal Dao The name that can be named is not the eternal name The nameless is the Mother of Heaven and Earth The named is the manifestations of the Ten Thousand things Ever desireless one can feel ( heart) the mystery Ever desiring one can see its manifestations One appears as imperceptible, infinity upon infinity Here lies the path of all mystery. It is just so complete
  13. What is the Taoist religion?

    You get me wrong I never have been taught scriptures only the DDJ. The highest order are way past hats and rituals and my masters are 'realized' Immortals. When I first started 36 years ago I did the things you are talking about, Qi gong 5 am in the morning, learn't thirteen different styles of kung Fu etc and did all that stuff. But the path of Li Erh Xian shi's teachings is to do with Dao Xin, (real Mao Shan), and not all that other stuff which is really quite superficial. So when I beg the Immortal master to come and teach me, it is not religion or ritual it is showing respect and practicing part of the Dao Xin practices. The Dao Xin practices are the highest level that anyone can reach and practice and eventually leads to spiritual Immortality. I have a robe, you can see me in it in my video, but I've only wore it twice. Why? Because the highest practices in Dao are beyond all of that. So when you see me practice I'm in jeans with holes in them and paint spattered t-shirts. " I wear rough clothing, but keep my treasure in my heart"
  14. What is the Taoist religion?

    After all these years of learning from the Immortals and practicing some of the stuff your saying, this seems like going backwards. What one is taught, or even believes, is not what one would practice nor believe further down the line. When one is at one with the Dao all this is just superficial and merely words taught by others who believe and make others believe because it is tradition and making what is quite simple into complex religious practice, that misses the mark by miles. large books are written all about this stuff, complex rituals and practices are evolved out of it and so suppression and mystique is formed, like many other major religions, making what is a simple philosophy and practice into a laughing joke. I remember joining some Tao organisation and it was so absurd, they taught that you had to wear the right coloured cap at the right times of the day etc. Mankind and all other life was born of the Dao naked and so were closer to the Dao than any priest pretending to do ritual to utilize this qi and that qi etc. etc. The Immortals follow the Dao, the Dao has no mercy for anyone or anything. Religion and ritual is the beginning of loss of the Dao. People and the world are far better off following the Dao and not religions.
  15. What is the Taoist religion?

    Shame some of what he says is misguided by tradition. When we worship and pray to the Immortals we are not praying to ourselves. We are begging the Immortals to intervene and to teach or help us. He is almost suggesting that Immortals are just symbols, symbols that we are using to utilize for self virtue, ie to self teach. The point of Dao religion is to believe in Immortals as real powerful beings that if we beg, they can come in person and teach us.