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  1. Weather Magick

    This thread is typical of a Dao Bum thread. Someone can bring up a serious, perhaps contentious subject, everyone thinks they are experts (but they are not). The consensus start to pick on one person or other and it all goes downhill pretty quickly with name calling and insults, digs, etc. etc. Such a waste of time. Personally I have left the Dao Bums many times due to the quality of the posts that are written on here. There is no moderation; we have gone from a dictatorship to a free for all. Personally I get very discourage posting anything on here at all.
  2. Weather Magick

    Why would I want to read the words of Prof Johnson? Don't I have a real Divine master who teaches me what is the way? True Magic comes from true enlightenment and from the power given by Immortals. It is a power one can feel flowing through the body, it can be let out (fa) to do all sorts of things. One does not need any sort of dress to feel and to use this power.
  3. Weather Magick

    Actually it is what you have in your heart not the robe that you wear. That is what separates the fakes from the real
  4. Weather Magick

    Oh dear.... the words plastic shaman come to mind......mind games being the operative words. Its comical, why look like that? Real shamans you wouldn't recognise them if you met them. They don't look like this.
  5. Weather Magick

  6. What are you listening to?

    Hmmm.... Youtube won't let me me put 'Church' live in Jordan, But chooses this one...odd... either that or TDBS site won't take it! Anyway my favourite song at the present is the live version, very atmospheric with sunset and drone footage. Go to youtube and look up Church by coldplay live in Jordan
  7. Weather Magick

    I think you have the wrong end of sticks and mixing up various knowledges and applying it like jam to everybody's toast! The theory you are expressing is exactly that, just a theory expressed by many. We may share the same energy that connects all living things, but we are all separate energy entities in differing states of well being, in differing states of perception, very different bodies etc. and more importantly differing states of experience and cultivation. The secrets of the universe are exactly that and the way to Immortality is a process and becoming one takes far more self input and knowledge than a shared consciousness. I am in a certain state of cultivation as a shaman, the Immortal Masters have made it to the highest state of cultivation. We may share the same energy in common, but that's where the similarity starts and ends.
  8. Weather Magick

    Firstly I'm not an Immortal. If we first describe what an Immortal is and isn't we have our understanding. In the heavens there are thousands of Immortals. Some as old as the universe itself. The heavens is the sky above us. We cannot see the immortals there as they are just energy, although they sometimes can visit the earth as humans or any other life. They are in the greatest state a living thing can be in. They have transcended the material world and are literally energy. We are as life a mixture of matter and energy, but an Immortal has cultivated so that their energy is much greater than their matter. So when their matter dies, what is left is energy, unrestricted by a body. Now there are all sorts of levels of Immortals. We as ordinary people may have the embryo of an infant Immortal inside us, but it is what we do, what we cultivate etc. depends on what level we get to in the level of the spirit that we have inside us. It may take us a thousand lifetimes to get to being an Immortal. The Immortal is the spirit of a human or animal that has transcended the material world. The Immortal and I are completely separate, just like two humans. But one is in a super powerful pure and cultivated state. The spirit entity is so unbelievably powerful in its ability to move anything if it wants to for instance. An Immortal can move the sun and send it billions of light years away from us. It can do unimaginable things. With such power comes responsibility. That's why it's so difficult to become an Immortal. This is what I know
  9. The perfect weapon

    'The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, the deadliest in history, infected an estimated 500 million people worldwide—about one-third of the planet's population—and killed an estimated 20 million to 50 million victims, including some 675,000 Americans'.12 Oct 2010 This outbreak had no conspiracy theory behind it (not that I know of) and its source was said to have started in the trenches with pig handling. It tended to strike people aged between 20-40 as their immune response was strong so their lungs filled up with water very quickly.
  10. Weather Magick

    Generally speaking, most great spiritual masters had to live lives of poverty, either by circumstance or by just letting go of all they had, to release their minds and hearts of desire and attachment. Most major traditions advocate at least a period of poverty so that attachment is diminished and the mind and heart can therefore concentrate and focus on becoming one with the Dao etc.
  11. Weather Magick

    Yes I agree with you. But will the hurt for Josh Allen come in the form of picking up a dirty spirit that he won't be able to get rid of? Time will tell. As I have said there is a framework that one must go through therefore one is then protected. If he wants to play out his Dao version of Macbeth in his backyard then that's up to him. He has been warned of the dangers. No more needs to be said. I expect he's got bored of this now and really couldn't give a toss what any of us think.
  12. Weather Magick

    Yes and no. If we look around the world at what goes on, millions of people are taken in by charlatans. Peter Popoff is one such charlatan and one would hope that people would be able to discern the false from the real. He's made millions out of his scams, so evidently they cannot!
  13. Weather Magick

    Ah..... but I'm not a fun guy like Josh, where Josh has fancy expensive cars and clothes etc., I spent years having nothing. I think our worlds are at the opposite end of the spectrum.
  14. Weather Magick

    I have some idea and indication by what you write. and what you have written in the past. For example "I will have to simply disagree with this point. Working with energy and spirits is no different than working with one's own mind. There is nothing simple about mind purification or realizing universal wisdom, other than from a theoretical perspective." There is a whole universe of difference. Whether Lord Josh Allen is genuine or fake you have little concern, only that he is "fun". I share Walkers concerns. Walker and I have not had the best responses from each other in the past but I am in agreement with him here. I really have no concern about what you follow or what you think you follow, I only have concern how Dao practices are being taken into disrepute by 'fun' guys like Josh Allen and basically giving people the completely wrong impression about what Dao is about. I say this from my knowledge of the DDJ and the teachings of the Immortal Masters. One might say I was too serious etc. If fun and connection is what you are interested in then its best to keep away from what is potentially a serious subject, don't you think? But we are talking about Dao practices and perspectives, not Bon Po Buddhism, not Osho, Fa lun Gong, Jehovah Witnesses, etc. or fun cults involving money and sex, although I'm sure there are many a Dao sect that could come into this category!!! We are talking about whether the op is suitably trained to call himself a Daoist and do what he does and setting himslef up as an authority. We are considering whether perhaps he is suffering from mental illness, or whether he has got himself a dirty spirit in doing what he has and is now under the power of that spirit. This "fun" guy could be potentially dangerous and inadvertently doing some harm to others. You certainly have given me the impression that you are not very enamored with me over the years, with your "fun" and barbed and cutting digs, but that perspective in judgement is limited by your experience imo. I have never done this to you.
  15. Weather Magick

    I have said many times on this site about how one goes about learning from an Immortal Master. One has to humble oneself, go on bended knees into a blessed temple of the Immortal you would like to learn from. You have to beg with all your heart for them to come to you to draw the Fa Fu, Fa Shui. You could be on your knees for hours and they never come. You could be on your knees every day for the next year and they never come. In my case I was in the Temple for twenty minutes and then my hand began to shake and then move violently and drew the first amulet. Another Chinese medium was in the Temple watching a 'Guai Lo' doing something that most people couldn't do and was amazed. The next amulet was drawn so powerfully the brush flew out of my hand and across the Temple floor. I then begged for the holy water, which I did, I was instructed by the medium how to take the amulets and water. I did not know the names of the Immortal masters only two of them by common names. But I was sincere, humble and that is what counted more than anything else. I then realised that the world was not just material and there was things in it that I really had never known and only heard of. I realised that Gods did really exist. There then is a framework once you have been accepted by the Immortal Master, and not long after I was part of a ceremony that Involved another medium in trance of the Monkey God who baptised myself and others into the faith. I was instructed by another very experienced medium as to what to do and to proceed forward. There are many mind games that people can play with themselves, there are many dirty spirits that can play with people who dabble in this without a real knowledge of what they are doing. It is of no use one doing a ceremony to invoke a spirit if you haven't got the power to do so or the ability to recognise what spirit may come to you. Spirits of the earth are extremely powerful and can easily destroy life. Immortals have unlimited power and when they possess someone they come at a minute fraction of their power otherwise they will literally fry up that person. The Monkey God although is a Buddha was exclusively trained in Daoist arts and martial arts before he turned to Buddhism.