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  1. Connection between tao and christianity

    Of course you've travelled extensively, met every single person in the world, summed them up with your fantastic knowledge and made this declaration? Shamans are called holymen/women and the term means different things to different cultures. So an Indian Holyman for instance, is the same as a North American Holyman?
  2. Connection between tao and christianity

    You have your own perspectives, where these come from are multiple places. Rarely do perspectives come from a true place. I have tried to tell many on here about the fact that what is commonly held views about religion and how it has spread across the world, like a cancer, or opiate, turning people into unthinking morons to use Zork's favourite word and then altering our view and use of the environment till it cannot stand any more abuse and changing people's minds till they cannot think in any different way. What do I get from you and the others, name calling and you say about me being childish, my god you lot need to look at yourselves, it's like a playground and the dark skinned boy comes to school for the first time, says things from a different world view and you round on him like a bunch of hyenas. This sadly has been the usual way people with a different view or any real knowledge has been treated on TDBs. You have been part of it; a laughing, insulting, dismissive, name calling hyena, along with all the other gang members who see a potential to up their status in the playground. Yes I belong to a sect it's called Mao Shan. It literally means the teachings from the lineage from that range of mountains in China. Most Daoism comes from sects. Anything you may have learn't has originally come from a sect/lineage (pai) of Daoism. It's nothing bad as you make it out to be.Thats speaks volumes to me. Remember you started the insults along with your side kick Zork. I reported you and Zork to the mods and got no response, Sean and the mods seem to be preoccupied with any Nazis on here and not people who use belittling words and insults. So all is fair in love and war. If you want to insult me for having a different opinion and world view then I will insult you back. Why do you think you can get away with it and then I retaliate and you then call me childish etc. doesn't add up does it? Who's being childish in the first place? You, Zork etc. I'm telling you the truth and for that you insult me and my pai. It may not be your truth, but am I insulting you for your perspective? No, I am saying that we cannot believe what is written is the truth and I made examples of Daoist books also. What is so wrong with that, that it offends so many peoples perspectives? Jeff here is so beyond any reasoned argument that he almost has an apperplexy if you suggest anything about Jesus not being the true messiah. Now that's what I call childish. So young hyena, get your own house in order before you start rounding on me, because it seems anything I say you disagree with and you and Zork didn't need to come on this thread, but you thought it would be good to keep on taunting didn't you. I will just make fun of you also, yes in a childish way, because you have left me with no other way to deal with you in a reasonable way.
  3. Connection between tao and christianity

    Putting Li Erh Xian Shi as Allah was a master stroke of your knowledge. If anyone it's going to be, it's Yu wang Da Di. There is supposed to be an insult policy here but the mods have gone on holiday and I thought instead of calling Zork a moron like he likes to do to many others, it would be in keeping with the policy just to slip up on his name. Sorry old fruit, haws actually is the fruit of a hawthorn tree, nothing rude.
  4. Connection between tao and christianity

    I think it's more of a surplus of arrogance
  5. Connection between tao and christianity

    Oh Dork you are so funny
  6. Connection between tao and christianity

    Interesting for someone who is interested in fox spirits along with clever dick, you really are showing what a dick head you really are.
  7. Connection between tao and christianity

    Ok Oil of Bergamot, test your Chinese out, here is my sects prayer, if you can find any hint of respecting jesus, god or any Christian saint, Allah etc.then I'm a monkey from Mars.
  8. Connection between tao and christianity

    Wait. 'oil of bergamot', the diplomat's son has joined the trolls all the way from California where the almond groves are taking up all the water resources from the region. He'll soon ride on a "sanctimonious turd" and land on the beach ready to wow the folks with all his writings. Well, get your clever dick backside off to Malaysia or Taiwan, go to a Daoist temple and find a genuine shaman and ask him to invite the Immortal master to come and then ask all you like. But whatever you do, don't use your clever dick words with the Immortal master. If you look at the prayer I made available for folks on here, which is used in most temples to respect the gods and goddesses in heaven, you will find funnily enough there's no mention of jesus or a single god. I wonder why?!!! Of course Daoist shamanism has been practiced for more than ten thousand years before jesus was ever thought up. Do you not think that such people know what is in the heavens ? Did you see the famous Master Chuang from Taiwan when he carried out the rites and prayers to heaven utter anything about jesus being there? quick and short answer, no.
  9. Connection between tao and christianity

    I'm mystified. I really can't see why you post on here, you really have no knowledge about Dao or its practices, which you admitted to me, but just constantly post criticism of others who for some reason don't fit your brief whatever this is and you try to assume a posturing that makes you look like you are 'so clever', hiding your complete lack behind clever posturing and words. Doesn't cut with me, you still assume the role of a clever dick with no knowledge. Mind you Dork is no better, but his American English is not very sophisticated and in most of his posts he calls people idiots or morons to big it up for himself. Again hiding himself behind his lack. So just because the disciples of Jesus many years later write about Jesus, do we believe these words also? He can't prove it now. Least I can beg the Immortal master to come and possess me and anyone can ask him questions. We cannot ask questions of Jesus or the words that were written many years after his death if he actually existed.
  10. Connection between tao and christianity

    As I have said to you before and it is very plain, this is all hearsay. Did Jesus say this? It's all second hand. Most ancient manuscripts are not written by the people or characters that are supposed to have done or said this. You are believing in this just because you have a psychological need to believe, nothing more, nothing less, otherwise you would admit not only to yourself but to others that you just can't be sure that the words in the bible are true. The same as the DDJ; how far from the original some chapters go from the source. Even then, it depends on your understanding how to interrupt the words of Li Erh. So it is the same for all ancient second hand recording of events and characters. I could quite easily say, being a Daoist that all the events and characters in the Xi Yu Ji are real; some are, but certainly not all. So I wouldn't take this as sacrosanct.
  11. Connection between tao and christianity

    Complete nonsense I'm afraid. Gospel of St Thomas has been rewritten anyway, the original never had anything about Jesus resurrecting.
  12. Connection between tao and christianity

    The trouble with this site is many do not really understand Dao and there is many who believe the words of the Bible as being truth. Of course it is not, it is a second rendition of what someone did or said. When one looks at the world and belief systems, the world was virtually made up of polytheistic understandings. In a tiny corner of the middle east the 'one god' belief system has been established. Yet this one god system has sought in one way or another to destroy other belief systems and spread their second hand teachings to the world branding people as sinful and fearful of the one god. Women have been persecuted and still today under this abhorrent, do not have the same rights as men. Abortion is one hot topic. When I used to teach Trad. Martial arts I have been told to leave the halls if it had any connection with Christianity. Up and down the country Kung Fu teachers were being chucked out of old church halls because they were not Christians and yet I have taught and helped many Christians in my lifetime. What does this say? Take up the watercourse way and kick the one god sinners into touch, for they sin against humanity and all life.
  13. Climate Change

    As I started this thread I think I'll add some facts. The Coca cola company has one of the worst recycling records of any company. Worldwide they own 500 odd drinks companies. They produce 4000 plastic bottles every second and are running down their glass bottles to nearly nothing. 150 billion tyres are needed to be disposed of every year. In places like Cambodia and Thailand 73 million acres of Rainforest are destroyed every year for rubber tree planting. Workers who collect and process the latex mostly live in terrible conditions all to furnish the world with new tyres. Buy retreads is at least some of the answer. Do you know that a large percentage of the charcoal used in Europe comes from tropical rainforests? Ten tones of wood have to be felled and slow burnt to produce one ton of charcoal. Deforestation in places like Nigeria is at a rate of 7.3 million hectares every year just to feed the markets of Europe. Many of these people who are workers chopping down trees and burning live in dire poverty. This is one major contribution to climate change. Why not learn to make your own charcoal or buy some from proper sustained forests. More facts later perhaps
  14. Nei Kung is Bullshit

    There is nothing wrong with your video and the sound is fine. 'Nei Gong', inwardly working is just a general term. There is a term/name that describes a set of staged exercises that people do not know that goes beyond this and these exercises are the ones that take one to power and eventual spiritual Immortality. These are kept secret and are rarely taught, but are not accessible to students until they have gone through years of other spiritual and physical exercises and without this they would be completely useless anyway. My master Li Erh Xian Shi actually refers to them in a subtle way in my DDJ that he taught me. Nice countryside!
  15. Students of Jerry Alan Johnson

    Hey Dork sorry Zork, get a life if you can find one, you might make it out of puppyhood.