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  1. Been a while... Anyone for a chat?

    pokeitybumpoke edit: actually... it's pretty late, and im exhausted... maybe tomorrow morning after i get off work... some time around 2:30 AM PST.
  2. how soon before the US in same state as Greece?

    All conceptual ideologies are fiction. POINT BLANK. you can create any amount of factual representations of this fictional IDEATION, but it is NOT FACT. Quit polluting your mind and the minds of the planet with this diseased rubbish!!!
  3. Haiku Chain

    unhurried and calm: A fictional messiah; three day death stasis.
  4. What do other countries do better?

    too much too much too much, all too much do we digest the lie that quantitative equates qualitative. "more is better" has always been the accepted lie. Moderation is key. "better" therefore, is a comparison between something that is beneficial to the whole, and something that is detrimental to any part of the whole. Cut out all the detriments-to-the-whole to find "best".
  5. how soon before the US in same state as Greece?

    no, but if i have it, i can GIVE it to you.
  6. Gender Option Change

    i knew i was forgetting SOMEthing!!! thanks, you're right!
  7. The Cool Picture Thread

    To which the crow responded "Who you calling a monkey, ya flamingo?!?"
  8. Cannabis effect on Cultivation; views in CTM

    cannabis is not conductive to violent, high impact, or long enduring practices, except as a supplement between sessions... HOWEVER... There is a "secret" about cannabis that makes it whatever you need it to be: It exaggerates the active mentality of the user. If your mentality is one of focused hard working intent, then smoking before practice would emphasize your very practice: I smoke it before doing warmups, because it helps me unify my mind/body conncetivity. BUT this is also because i INTEND TO unify my mind/body connectivity; THUS cannabis amplifies the mentality that "i will unify my mind and body" and my practice is extremely efficient AND effective. LIKEWISE, however, if your mentality is one of lazy dull-minded, carelessness, cannabis will amplify this mentality and you will be lazier, duller of mind, and far less cautious.
  9. 100 Day Surrender Experiment and Book Giveaway

    been taking on this challenge inconsistently for the last 18 years I'm in. im already a vet
  10. crown projection, phowa, kundalini, mahasamadhi, death, tao

    the crown chakra and "accidents" are mutually exclusive. you cannot "accidentally" kill yourself via crown chakra interactions.
  11. how soon before the US in same state as Greece?

    Debt is fictional. more people are waking up to that fact every day. Soon: No one will ever pay any debts and anyone who wants you to pay them a debt will get shafted. eternally so.
  12. Powering Up Lower Dan Tien

    maintaining all your focus on the LDT area, use ONLY THOSE MUSCLES TO BREATHE. The result is a VERY CONTROLLED inhale, retain, exhale, deprive cycle. Be sure to RELAX and AUTOMATE every couple "reps" of this controlled breathing, just to give your abs a break because if done right, one or two should wear you out big time. OH, i should mention, you are also aiming to breathe very slowly, as if not at all.... and FEEL the Qi fill your LDT, rather than having any intent to inhale oxygen... think of it as drinking Qi with your LDT, but by forced and controlled lower abdominal expansions and contractions.
  13. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "Your funhole's gonna land you in yer gravehole!" ~Rodney "No more GunFu! It's time for- SUPER KING SMASH MASTA KNUCKLES MC JUNK PUNCH! and his twin bro... LUCY..." "which is totally a girl's name so he grew up even meaner than his bro... earning him the nickname: THE WONDEROUS UNCLE THUNDER KNUCKLE MILLIONS KILL-POWER!" ~Rodney "Impossible! He crushed the unstoppable juggernut and Jhonny scrotum seed!! EVEN THE SLANT EYED SERPENTINE CYCLOPS, EMPEROR WANG!" ~Rodney Ala Raven's Dojo
  14. Hot Girls Wanted - Netflix Amateur Porn Documentary

    its cuz they are heavy with female hormones. Check out the transwomen who have been on estrogen for 5+ years. bet you wouldnt be able to tell they were ever men. All's im saying is that porn is harmful to both population (overpopulation) and women. Shemales are "women" in porn for the entertainment of men without the risk of childbirth. kills two birds with one nut. lol
  15. Gender Option Change

    now if we were to get sucked into the whole gender spectrum we'd have to include about 6 different options... Male, female, genderqueer, transgender, hermaphrodite, androgyne, and two spirit... plus "none selected" edit add: androgyne