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  1. Loving Women vs Lusting "After" Women

    If you truly love a woman wouldn’t you give up the woman you love if she comes across a better man who can give more happiness to her?
  2. Excerpt from The Gods of Light Book “If their new found light is to have any meaning for them, they must be challenged in such a way that they must seek the manner in which they should use it in their lives. We must place ourselves into their lives. We must become the hidden and the seen. In this way we can teach them and guide them.” “I see. We must become both the cloud, the rain, and the ocean.” “If they seek us, they will gradually find their own divine sparks. The sparks become the rain and eventually, their own currents lead them higher into the flow of divinity.” “I see. And if they refuse or squander their light, that same current will carry them back into the fields of suffering until they make better choices.” “Or not.” In that moment, reincarnation was created and all the denizens of the lower races were given an amazing power, the divine power of choice. Ra and Thoth continue to take many forms even unto this day. They guide the lower races into the light of divinity and in this way, they have helped to create many gods and goddesses. The following tools are invocatory reliefs. They were given to us by Ra himself. They allow us to make choices that will lead us to his light that is hidden within this world and beyond. Each tool is a reminder for the love he has for us and for the light that we can choose to guide us toward the divinity that has been planted within each of us.
  3. On the fourth day of creation, God made two lights in the sky. One to rule the hours of the day and another to rule the hours of the night. Each of these lights were created in the visage of two different types of Gods, the gods of the greater light(The Gods of Light), and the gods of the lesser light (the gods of darkness). Most people die in their sleep at night. Most suicides happen at night. Most murders, rapes, and assaults happen at night, largely due to the efforts of the gods of the lesser light. These gods thrive on the energy of human fear, anxiety, and hate. They are the sworn enemies of the gods of the greater light. The create the very fabric of darkness that we call the night.
  4. I am surprised that at this time and age people are still using western science to disprove magicks and the occult. Don’t you all know that western science is all but a sham designed to prevent humanity from tapping into their spiritual potential to become super human immortals.
  5. A Message for Heartbreak

    Yes Thank you GSMaster for your divine truths. I shall pray constantly to your avatars for more instructions.
  6. A Message for Heartbreak

  7. A Message for Heartbreak

    Pray to you? Or pray to others? How should I pray?
  8. A Message for Heartbreak

    So what are the divine truths? State them in this thread for my teachings and understanding if you are so kind to reveal them.
  9. Do you realize that there is an active disinformation campaign conducted in English for dunno what reason to discredit the existences of aliens gods goddesses buddhas bodhisattvas archangels in this world? I keep stressing the point that if all these other-dimensional beings are fake, then why are there so many temples worshipping these higher celestial beings in the eastern hemisphere?
  10. The Portal - - Dimensional portals exist all around us. - There are a number of large areas across the world known to be energetic hotspots – from ancient megaliths to Ley Lines, these areas are often alleged to produce hyper-dimensional gateways. - Typically, portal areas have some type of electromagnetic significance and are located near large deposits of quartz or other minerals with piezoelectric properties. - Historically, God has used portals in the events of man and continues to do so today. - When we sing the verse in Psalm 24:7 about the gates or ancient doors we have no idea what we are singing about but it sounds good to our ears. Oh saints of God, I hope that somehow I may be able to reveal the beauty of what God is saying to us through this verse. - - - Ancient gates or doors are portals of access established by God from the third heaven to earth. They are unobstructed by demonic interference in which angels travel from heaven and back again while provisions are delivered, transportation, translation and revelation are given to man. - - - There are many accounts of portals in holy books. Dimensional portals connect the known worlds and are a fixed part of our reality.
  11. The perfect weapon

    If it is a hoax then why and how are hospitals over the world overflowing with covid victims?
  12. Say Something Nice About Someone Chain!

    I didn’t know kfc nuggets came from chicken rumps...