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  1. A weaker body has lesser sexual power than a strong body. Why do cultivators need such a strong body anyway? You ever heard of vegetarian sportsmen? Go google. https://www.google.com.sg/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/01/31/why-nfl-players-and-other-athletes-are-going-vegan.html
  2. Eating Meat Will Increase Lust Which Will Inhibit Celibacy Cultivation. The life force and animal breeding consciousness energies of animals will transfer to humans who are meat eaters and this will in turn pull down the consciousness of any cultivators who wish to remain celibate. Simply put the more meat you eat the hornier you will become. Notice how you walk on the streets you will automatically be drawn towards beautiful faces and sexy bodies? It is the energies I tell you.
  3. I Apologise To The Universe For Not Being Sincere Enough In My Endeavours To Become Enlightened. Over the past week, I have been attacked countless times by “unknown parties” during my meditations and prayers leading to severely lethargic unconcentration lack of focus. During the end of my 2 hours meditation, my kundalini shaking and vulgarities channelling by unknown entities become so severe that I had to scream and beg silently to the Universe Creator for help. That’s when it hit me. I see prayers and meditation as work as a chore as a duty of responsibility. I was really bored with the monotony of long sessions of prayers and meditations so this is why I was attacked. I am simply not Sincere enough in my efforts to reach and communicate and embrace our God the Universe Source Creator. I Sincerely Apologise To You My Father.
  4. My views do not deviate from your views regarding the above points. My name is not Mike btw.
  5. Without Siddhis Powers how can anyone reach Samadhi Enlightenment? I don’t think just Quiet Sitting is going to be enough to reach Samadhi Enlightenment.
  6. That is one of the biggest lies ever fathomed by the powers that be. One needs to develop powers to walk out of the prison to be free. You see there are implants and other highly advanced super technologies inside us and outside us inhibiting our higher motivations blocking our powers forcing us to live in fear instead of in love. Freedom and powers come hand in hand. Without powers like astral travel and higher spiritual senses, how can one ever develop their soul blindfolded? Just literally impossible.
  7. We live in a world where an infinite number of other-dimensional beings are hidden from our mundane eyes.
  8. This prison world in which we humans are living in are run by higher life forms including aliens UFOs immortals gods goddesses Buddhas bodhisattvas archangels even higher dimensional humans and humanoids.. who have high powers and high technology.. Majority of humans wanna waste their time and energy not cultivating their souls to cultivate their powers.. well they will just reincarnate again and again on the lower worlds as prey and food for the dark forces.. If you are a high dimensional human being, you can have the powers to create anything which you want and you can even travel out of the lower worlds to the higher worlds to live with beings of a much higher frequency and much higher vibrations and much higher evolution .. People on high evolutionary dimensions manipulate space time as part of their living their basic skill set.. this is why I say developing siddhis and powers should be the number one agenda on every human bucket list but humans don’t even believe in powers let alone spend time and effort developing them.. sexual energy which are better conserved to practice magick are constantly being wasted .. well this is not my life anymore.. if humans wish to think and act like animals by wasting their life energies sexual energies and the like, how are they gonna join the higher civilisations?
  9. https://www.amazon.com/Extraterrestrials-U-S-Government-Treaty-Agreements-Technology/dp/1434828581 If you know Aliens run your world governments, wouldn't that change your perspective on life?
  10. I don’t think you get my point. The higher dimensional races can only do things which we dream about. Or watch movies about. The purpose of cultivating well it’s not just about powers.. it’s about cultivating your soul as well.. if you can cultivate your soul to get rid of the negative layers of your soul then your powers will manifest.. Material desires like greed and lust are part of the negative layers of the soul which are keeping our powers suppressed.
  11. I have done enough reading and watching to know about higher dimensional races humans aliens gods goddesses Buddhas bodhisattvas archangels or otherwise. I am just writing my thoughts down as a petition to the Universe to renunciate my every false view about this crappy material delusion illusion hologram which I am living in. Like attract like dislike attract dislike.
  12. I want powers and information about the Universe over sex. Yes I am spiritually materialistic but not about sex. I am a higher dimensional god wannabe not a human who desire to constantly eat and procreate like animals.
  13. I am talking about Enlightened Gods and Goddesses on par with Buddha. You think Shiva himself need to reincarnate again?
  14. Sounds more like dark dimensional races to me. Can’t be bothered with Ralis and his bs.
  15. I am a poor guy and I am an ugly guy. I need to work to make money to impress women all of whom look like shit without makeup. What the fcuk for?