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  1. Sexually satisfying your female partner

    It may seems so but I am more trying to find some truth about all this. I am well aware of he Catholic POV and I find it has some consistency but it isn't very popular, to say the least, and it is demanding. What I like about the Catholic POV is the idea of the spousal dimension of one's body which means that one is meeting another one by giving one's body to the other which may lead to communion and to the experience of becoming one flesh. I think that, in one way or another, this is what people experience or try to experience. Of course, it would mean that sex isn't some individual event nor has an individual value at all. I wasn't thinking about babies at first, KuroShiro mentioned it.
  2. Sexually satisfying your female partner

    It is very real indeed. I noticed, as you perhaps may, though that most people use contraceptives, which means that they don't recognize babies as a necessary dimension of sexual intercourse. So either, people have lost one of the fundamental meaning (didn't say having babies was the only one) of sex, either they refuse it for something else that may be a kind of deceit. Edit: Not sure that we really create humans- at least not yet.
  3. Deleted

    Sorry to see you leaving TDB. Hope you will come back someday.
  4. Thinking of doing a DNA Kit analysis

    Is there anything running behind the scenes of TDB that you won't tell us about, dawei ?
  5. Thinking of doing a DNA Kit analysis

    Although I too am curious about my ancestors, I would think twice before giving my DNA to any company, whatever their privacy policy may be at the time I use their service. Just saying..
  6. Sexually satisfying your female partner

    Yes, it would be interesting to grasp and express this world of difference in an articulate manner. It seems to me that in our times most are quite confused about why it matters that sex should be with someone else, and why it is more important than just having sex and attaining its obvious outcome. I am not sure that, in the end, Daoism has a really convincing view on that because it looks like sex is always subordinate to some individual quest for health, immortality and so; which is another way to say that one's partner is only a useful mean to an end.
  7. Sexually satisfying your female partner

    What seems interesting in this video is not the information, which can be found in most self/sex development guides, but the obvious fact that neither women nor men really need each other to satisfy themselves: ladies can produce, at will, their own g-spotted orgasms and it is well known that most men can have their orgasm at hand. One's partner only seems to be an accidental cause of one's sexual enjoyment. It might encourage reflections about whether there is a real purpose in sexual activity between two people, or if it is all and just about giving emotional bonding (which could/should be distinguished from love in a spiritual sense ?) an excuse and a ground to display, in an illusionary mode. This had been, at least for me, a long standing question, which I believe is linked to our individualist/technical/goal-oriented/modern times. I share it for the sake of making a post today.
  8. Does replenishing Jing make a man more attractive?

    In some respect a wife can be more draining than sex though. (This is a lowly tribute to Marblehead's posts which I am missing)
  9. Tien Tao Chi kung

    It can still be found on the web as far as I know, but I am not sure it is worth the trouble.
  10. change name request

    So, can I have my name changed back into 'bubbles' then ? I actually miss it. Thanks
  11. change name request

    Hello, I would like to have my name changed into XP . Many thanks !
  12. LHBF somewhat deceased thread

    Hi rideforever, I have several DVDs from Master Liu Xiaoling and specifically the one on Liu He Ba Fa. IMO, it is more a DVD for a demonstration of the form although Master Liu Xiaoling is breaking the form in several parts on the DVD. But it is obviously a very subtle art and I doubt one can even get the basics of it unless one has already a background of years of Chinese Internal Martial Arts. On the other hand, I find his DVD on Xingyiquan very good. Of course, you can't really learn with a DVD, but you can get some taste of basic xingyiquan footwork and drills. I am not sure he is still teaching. But I am a fan of his Xingyiquan. To me it is a special area of expertise of his. As far as Liu He Ba Fa goes, don't be surprise to come across very different forms of it. There are a lot of styles. I don't have the DVD by Terry Dunn so I can't comment on it, although, his Chi Kung DVDs are very good.
  13. Staff addition and update

    Just checking in after some break from the TDB. Thank you Kar3n for your time as a mod here but above all, thank you for being the loving person you are. I can't say more.
  14. Exorcism

    I know next to nothing about exorcism but I have read somewhere that proper Taijiquan was considered by Taoists as a legit ritual of exorcism. It is probably not helping at all, but I thought, that as far as energetics are involved, it was worth mentioning. You have in it the self-help part, the energetics part but to do it properly you still need a lot of the background part.