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  1. Deleted

    Sorry to see you leaving TDB. Hope you will come back someday.
  2. Thinking of doing a DNA Kit analysis

    Is there anything running behind the scenes of TDB that you won't tell us about, dawei ?
  3. Thinking of doing a DNA Kit analysis

    Although I too am curious about my ancestors, I would think twice before giving my DNA to any company, whatever their privacy policy may be at the time I use their service. Just saying..
  4. Tien Tao Chi kung

    It can still be found on the web as far as I know, but I am not sure it is worth the trouble.
  5. change name request

    So, can I have my name changed back into 'bubbles' then ? I actually miss it. Thanks
  6. change name request

    Hello, I would like to have my name changed into XP . Many thanks !
  7. LHBF somewhat deceased thread

    Hi rideforever, I have several DVDs from Master Liu Xiaoling and specifically the one on Liu He Ba Fa. IMO, it is more a DVD for a demonstration of the form although Master Liu Xiaoling is breaking the form in several parts on the DVD. But it is obviously a very subtle art and I doubt one can even get the basics of it unless one has already a background of years of Chinese Internal Martial Arts. On the other hand, I find his DVD on Xingyiquan very good. Of course, you can't really learn with a DVD, but you can get some taste of basic xingyiquan footwork and drills. I am not sure he is still teaching. But I am a fan of his Xingyiquan. To me it is a special area of expertise of his. As far as Liu He Ba Fa goes, don't be surprise to come across very different forms of it. There are a lot of styles. I don't have the DVD by Terry Dunn so I can't comment on it, although, his Chi Kung DVDs are very good.
  8. Staff addition and update

    Just checking in after some break from the TDB. Thank you Kar3n for your time as a mod here but above all, thank you for being the loving person you are. I can't say more.
  9. Exorcism

    I know next to nothing about exorcism but I have read somewhere that proper Taijiquan was considered by Taoists as a legit ritual of exorcism. It is probably not helping at all, but I thought, that as far as energetics are involved, it was worth mentioning. You have in it the self-help part, the energetics part but to do it properly you still need a lot of the background part.
  10. What are you listening to?

    Old song, new version
  11. "what is against Tao..."

    Why wu wei wouldn't be on topic? Going against the Tao is straying from wu wei. So it can begin from having an ego interfering with what the situation requires in the moment. This is indeed not moralistic: sometimes what is to be done is killing a snake, sometimes not at first sight but when it comes back, somtimes not. It can't be decided upon a rule because it is all immanent to the situation. That's why the real life example Brian gave is excellent. Everything is different, each situation is unique and has to be dealt with according to its internal justice which means finding the equilibrium point (which not static at all). But for that one has to have lost any egotic view. At least that's my understanding. That's also how I understand the advices given in the Huangdi Neijing when it comes to health and longevity. What follows the course of Nature benefits from her. Health is for the body the slowest way to die.
  12. "what is against Tao..."

    It doesn't have to be some idealistic statement. Many things-human deeds- are against the Tao, but they are long-lasting as phenomena and in their effects because there is a lot of people willing to maintain them. Does it contradicts the statement? Not sure, as going against the Tao has some cost. And if you look, the cost has been HUGE.
  13. Using the Yi to lead the Chi

    I do think it is our world as Yi is not an external set of values called morality; Yi is about energetics.This is multi-layered. I always suspected that Qi deviations were not just that. They do have a Yi deviation component. Often, correcting the Yi is enough to heal some Qi deviations. I saw it first hand and I found sometime after this small essay. The immoral has to work harder and for different results.
  14. Using the Yi to lead the Chi

    My limited experience is also that, in order to properly cultivate Qi, one needs morality: the physical basis requires the moral one because it all stems from the heart.
  15. A fresh start

    Go ahead Roger and read carefully what Marblehead wrote: he said in a very simple and clear way what most of us take sometimes a lifetime to understand. This is why cultivation is most needed: to support and nourish this fresh start every single day and dry up the unconscious part of us. It is work, but it is also a love affair with the ultimate potential of women and men.