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  1. Women and Buddhahood

    Care to explain using something I have said as a direct example?
  2. Women and Buddhahood

    Care to explain directly? I have no idea what your talking about. Please use actual examples to explain.
  3. Women and Buddhahood

    Spiritual realization and total enlightenment are not the same thing.
  4. Women and Buddhahood

    The 'self' that makes decisions daily is not the self that can decide to override their own makeup. Those arent the types of decisions you have ever made Again I also make decisions daily, or so it appears, but I can't decide to have a baby. It appears you really think there is a self that decides and can override even its own existence. Like a flame that wants to burn hotter than the type of fuel (conditions) will permit, just because it feels like it should be able to despite the conditions. Even though it is not cloudy, can it still rain?
  5. Women and Buddhahood

    The need for peer reviewed research to show that woman think for themselves is absolutely necessary because there is so much research already so uggesting that they don't. So it's actually logical, and critical thinking that makes a statement like that, not mysogony. Are you a person who believes in indipendently existing selves and self governing organisms? If you are, than maybe arguing in the Buddhist discussion forum I s not the right place for your views. It f you are not, then why is it so hard to understand that when a being is hardwired to behave a certain way and to have certain tendencies influencing every aspect of their being that they are not capable of over riding those tendencies? If there were those kinds of selves I would say that and all sorts of other impossible things were possible, but there are not those types of selves, that is not the kind of universe this is. Everything in this reality is dependent upon other things, conditioned in their arising, dependent in their origination. If a being is wired to go up, it will not go down on purpose. This is not using facts to prop up my predetermined bias, the opposite is true in fact. This is a conclusion I have come to after believing the opposite for years. I always figured that if men and women were equal why shouldn't a woman be allowed to do what Buddha did? But being equal does not mean being the same, the fact that men can't have babies is another case of that, and it's not a matter of being "allowed" just like men not having babies is not because they are being discriminated against. It's not because we are not allowed to, it's because we are different. And as you pointed out there are the facts, and it is those facts that caused me to see things differently, which is more realistically.
  6. Women and Buddhahood

    Then we are discussing different things.
  7. Women and Buddhahood

  8. Women and Buddhahood

    And presenting controversial facts is not an example of trolling, but calling that trolling is an example of cognitive dissonance.
  9. Women and Buddhahood

    Provide an example or you're the one trolling
  10. Women and Buddhahood

    There are many qualified teachers who are women.
  11. Women and Buddhahood

    Are you comparing these peoe to Buddha and Laotzi?
  12. Women and Buddhahood

    No, what I presented was not polarized. Due to a baseless ideology held, people were polarized when presented with controversial facts. No, I'm not playing the victim. I'm just pointing out that no one has presented any facts, charts or links supporting their arguments but they ha e only attacked my character for holding an evidence based view as opposed to an ideology that is not based on facts. I am the one sticking to facts, and the one encouraging others to do so too.
  13. Women and Buddhahood

    That would be pretty predictable coming from an ideolog. It's quite common for ideologs to become aggitated and go rage when they've been confronted with data that is contrary to their ideology even when it is sensible information and nothing more than data and charts like I provided. So if you do become unkind it will not only do nothing for your argument, it will just be more support that my own observations are correct which are that the claims against what I've presented are coming from an ideology not from facts or even evidence, and that there is no facts or evidence that you could provide to support the IDEA that men and women have the exact same utility and no differences, significant or otherwise. I will also point out that I have been kind in all my words and interactions in this thread and that I have done or said nothing that should warrant unkind behavior from others in return.
  14. Women and Buddhahood

    The research I'm referring to is recent, but at any rate, I think the fact that you are mentioning paradigms is actually more indicative of where you are standing, not where I am. I'm not saying that women are of lesser value then men, and you could not really derive that that is my belief from anything I've said or any of the data I've provided. The reason you guys are projecting that on to me is you have an ideology that you believe in and you believe that this ideology some how makes you a more advanced human than me, hence the remark about old paradigms. So instead of me providing more data and logical statements about my belief how about you can tell me how the reality is that there is no differences between men and women? I've provided charts, and can easily provide links to research on the differences between men and women, so now you provide charts and links to research that supports the idea that there are absolutely no differences between men and women, and provide charts and links to research that suggests that anything a woman can do including birthing a child so can a man, and charts and research that shows that any thing a man can do a woman can also do. Also please provide research and charts showing how there are no differences between men and womens brains, cognitive ability and intellegence. So please, be a spokesperson for the new paradigm and show me that there are no differences. Don't just try to convince me that your ideology is right because it is advanced, SHOW ME. You guys have a habit of making lofty proclamations and when some provides evidence of the contrary you try to shame them into seeing things your way by using terms like " parardigm" or if you can't see that then you are dense" Show me, don't shame me. It does not speak well of you, your argument or appearently the new paradigm just to try to make people you don't agree with look stupid with out ever providing support for your argument. So how about evidence that there are no differences and men and women have the exact same uitility?
  15. Women and Buddhahood

    "If you understand what you have read" is not a derogatory statement, but you are excused from the conversation and I will not be offended by you proclaiming my lack of value.