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  1. Daoist way to leave porn addiction?

    Porn is poison to the mind and perception. Training the mind to percieved women as sex objects while watching other men out perform you. Now days more and more women are watching porn, and statistics show they are getting them selves off watching some pretty sick stuff. Rape fantasy along with other forms of sexual domination are some of the most popular, but you'd also be surprised at how popular beastiality videos are becoming. Weep now for the future. Birth control alone has changed men and womens perception of sexes, the sexual act and what it's universal and primary purpose is to begin with. When you consider that humans are biocultural organisms you can see that the assimilation of birth control has caused what is equal to an evolution of a new species. Women NOT experiencing fertility, NOT ovulating, NOT experiencing periods of gestation and child baring yet parttaking in the sexual act on a regular basis with multiple partners has completely altered everything about them except their physiology. Now they are watching more and more porn, and the type of porn they are watching combined with the unnatural and naive perception formed by taking birth control for years after only menstruating a few times is going to form an entirely different breed of female. And because guys want to get laid they will encourage the formation of these women, the same way women have always encouraged the formation of toxic males in men. Society is done for. I'm sure I'll be called a mysogonist, hate speech for saying porn is bad and for portraying the state of women to be a culturaly caused mess and for not being supportive of how women ended up with women's rights. In defense I don't think the way things were idealized in the 1950s of as better, or even separate from how they are now. We live in a screwed up society so men, women, and other are all screwed . You can't go from sexually repressed to over sexxed, on the pill, hopped up on porn to Tinder as a mating ritual without thoroughly warping the collective psyche of women.
  2. My interpretation of Tao

    So the dao is one distinction, but not the other? It is this and not that? I see...
  3. Super sleep

    A negative ion generator would help to bring the spore count down but very minimally. What you would need to do is to get a few hepafilter air purifiers that are equiped with a negative ion generator. They need to be powerful enough for each room you put them in. Then put two in your bedroom even if one is supposedly strong enough for that ammount of Ft³. Run them 24 hours a day and keep your bedroom door shut with them running constantly. UV lights for sterilization are tiny. They are used to sterilize scalples and things like that. If one was powerful enough to sterilize an entire room I would not advise entering that room while it was on.
  4. MRE information site

    I've had a couple that the peanut M&Ms were a little stale.
  5. ...

    Things and philosophies can definitely be categorized as Buddhist or not Buddhist and they really should be. Buddhism is a precise doctrine. If it is not authentic dependent origination it is NOT Buddha, Buddhist philosophy, Buddhist doctrine or Buddhism. All of Gotamas teaching points, the marks of existence, no self, impermanence, emptiness, and the four noble truths are based on the doctrine of dependent origination. People often have ideas that are in conflict with the core and foundation of what Buddhism is about (dependent origination). When they do and they are trying to pass it off as Buddhism they should be told it is not Buddhism. People pass off new age ideals as Buddhism, but the Buddha said there was many wrong views, & wrong understandings. People like to say that it is not very Buddhist to correct others about such things, they say that all religious philosophies are the same and that it is not very Buddhist to be so unaccepting of other doctrines. They say " who are you to say what is not Buddhist?" But the Buddha himself did not have such a permissive view of things, infact he said there were many wrong views and many wrong understandings. Infact he studied many religions Hindu certainly included and he said they were ALL FALSE PATHS that lead you to no where. He said they were all steeped in ignorance and should be abandoned. Several of the sutras are infact Buddha completely renouncing other religious beliefs. So Buddha was not as open minded about religious views as you would think. Many of the fundamental texts are refutations of FALSE ideologies. Nagarjunas bodies of work which are rightly thought to be the most precise and articulate works expounding Buddha's philosophy thoroughly refutes and rejects many things that people today still try to pass off as Buddhism.
  6. Virapocalypse Day XX

    I have not been to the store since before the lockdown started because I only go once a month. I usually buy 12 gallons of milk at a time to last the month I butchered some chickens a couple of months ago, and had some venison so the freezer was stocked but I am down to just two chickens. I have 22 live chickens so have lots of eggs. My friend just bought two cows so we're getting some really good jersey cow milk which is much creamier than the milk produced by the Holstein cow milk that we get at the store. I live in the wilderness, 1.5 hours drive to the store. Tomorrow I was thinking of going to town to go to the store Might harvest some squirrels for extra meat. Plenty of wild greens and acorns.
  7. Women and Buddhahood

    Care to explain using something I have said as a direct example?
  8. Women and Buddhahood

    Care to explain directly? I have no idea what your talking about. Please use actual examples to explain.
  9. Women and Buddhahood

    Spiritual realization and total enlightenment are not the same thing.
  10. Women and Buddhahood

    The 'self' that makes decisions daily is not the self that can decide to override their own makeup. Those arent the types of decisions you have ever made Again I also make decisions daily, or so it appears, but I can't decide to have a baby. It appears you really think there is a self that decides and can override even its own existence. Like a flame that wants to burn hotter than the type of fuel (conditions) will permit, just because it feels like it should be able to despite the conditions. Even though it is not cloudy, can it still rain?
  11. Women and Buddhahood

    The need for peer reviewed research to show that woman think for themselves is absolutely necessary because there is so much research already so uggesting that they don't. So it's actually logical, and critical thinking that makes a statement like that, not mysogony. Are you a person who believes in indipendently existing selves and self governing organisms? If you are, than maybe arguing in the Buddhist discussion forum I s not the right place for your views. It f you are not, then why is it so hard to understand that when a being is hardwired to behave a certain way and to have certain tendencies influencing every aspect of their being that they are not capable of over riding those tendencies? If there were those kinds of selves I would say that and all sorts of other impossible things were possible, but there are not those types of selves, that is not the kind of universe this is. Everything in this reality is dependent upon other things, conditioned in their arising, dependent in their origination. If a being is wired to go up, it will not go down on purpose. This is not using facts to prop up my predetermined bias, the opposite is true in fact. This is a conclusion I have come to after believing the opposite for years. I always figured that if men and women were equal why shouldn't a woman be allowed to do what Buddha did? But being equal does not mean being the same, the fact that men can't have babies is another case of that, and it's not a matter of being "allowed" just like men not having babies is not because they are being discriminated against. It's not because we are not allowed to, it's because we are different. And as you pointed out there are the facts, and it is those facts that caused me to see things differently, which is more realistically.
  12. Women and Buddhahood

    Then we are discussing different things.
  13. Women and Buddhahood

    And presenting controversial facts is not an example of trolling, but calling that trolling is an example of cognitive dissonance.