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  1. The Cucumber Sage

    "Allow him sixteen hours of sleep daily and provide him with lots of pickled cucumbers and Wu-Ming will always be happy. Expect nothing of him and you will be happy."
  2. Are Dreams Perception?

    I believe dreams were the key to the rise of non-duality, an understanding that perception doesn't necessarily equate to reality and that reality may be something greater than what our physical senses can perceive. To say that dreams are not perception is like saying there is no sound because you are deaf and can not hear it. If you're deaf that may be true for you, but the majority will tell you otherwise, just as the dreamer will tell you that while they were dreaming it was quite real, even if it was all but a dream. In the end perception is the key, when we can escape perception and live in the moment, then the necessity of perception as a means to understand what is, is left behind and we can finally become free. Eternity exists within each moment.
  3. Beautiful

    One man's beauty is another man's ugliness, literally. Worrying about subjective qualities isn't necessarily a good thing. For a long time I've lived by the rule, does it harm me? Does it harm someone else? Then what's the harm in it? Live and let live. Don't covet thy neighbor's wife and all that. In the end we will find that purity is an illusion and beauty never lasts, so stay with the baggage wagon and don't worry so much about the party happening somewhere else.
  4. What does everyone practice :)

    When I was young(er) I was quick to tell everyone what I was. As I got older I realized that most people wouldn't understand anyway or they would judge me based on their misconceptions, so I've learned to be what I am and leave my personal beliefs and practices to myself. As far as the (relative) safety of this forum goes, I would say I'm an open minded person who practices Taoism, Vedanta, and Buddhism to varying degrees. I pick and choose, because I can and no one can stop me.
  5. This world is not real

    This is it in a nutshell, we are all the universe, but only in the sense that the bacteria in our stomach that we use to help digest food is also us. We are tiny, minuscule, but arguably a necessary part of the universe, because without one of us, the universe (everything) would not not exist anymore. To say that we do not have free will is something we can't answer, because if it was true, how would we ever know?
  6. Genetically we find that the Indians in Northern India are genetically descended from Middle Easterners, whereas the Indians in Southern India (and Sri Lanka) are a distinct people. So there could be an argument for an invasion, but it would also have to define what constitutes an invasion of India since the southern half of India apparently escaped it. However keep in mind a united India was only a recent idea and historically it was separated into many different kingdoms.
  7. To answer your question, no. And you will die trying.
  8. Alan Watts

    His "The Book:On the Taboo of Knowing Who You Are" is one of my favorite books period. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about Vedanta.
  9. The Perils of Meditation

    Enlightenment doesn't free one from the obligations of daily living. A schizophrenic who achieves enlightenment is still a schizophrenic. I've met many schizophrenics who are wonderful loving, wise, and knowledgeable individuals. I had a lengthy conversation about Vedanta with a schizophrenic friend and their reply, as if it was a matter of fact, was, "Well that makes sense, doesn't it?" No argument, no questions about self or the id and ego. We stigmatize people without knowing them and in the end it causes us to forget that each of us is each of us, and one is all and all is one.
  10. Ignorance is not bliss

    Chapter 19 DROP wisdom, abandon cleverness, And the people will be benefited a hundredfold. Drop humanity, abandon justice, And the people will return to their natural affections. Drop shrewdness, abandon sharpness, And robbers and thieves will cease to be. These three are the criss-cross of Tao, And are not sufficient in themselves. Therefore, they should be subordinated To a Higher principle: See the Simple and embrace the Primal, Diminish the self and curb the desires! Tao Te Ching- Tr. John C. H. Wu
  11. The ethics of revenge

    Anger is the most insidious of emotions. It causes us the most grief and causes others the most pain. It is only when we understand the nature of anger, to protect us, that we can use it appropriately. One should never act in anger, rather they should use it as a sign that they have become emotionally invested in what's happening and need to take time to reflect, so that they do not act rashly. If you can do this, then revenge is never needed.
  12. Recovering from trauma isn't like building a chair, what I mean, is that people recover in different ways, or fail to recover in different ways. The important thing is to seek help if the trauma is causing you distress. Talking about it can help a lot, but having a professional who can guide you through the healing process can go a long way towards recovering from it.
  13. The ethics of revenge

    First, Taoism is not a warrior tradition, it's a tradition warriors have followed. Taoism is a philosophy that, like many religions is oftentimes used to justify people's actions. Nowhere in the Tao Te Ching does it encourage revenge, in fact it does the opposite. It says, essentially, that one should strive to live a life that is in harmony with others and that, if you're succeeding at this, then there should never be the need for revenge, murder, or defending one's self.
  14. The ethics of revenge

    Most people will tell you that revenge does not make you feel better, rather just empty in the end. The subjective qualities of revenge have more to do with the practicalities of it, than the morality of it. Most people have wanted revenge at some point in their life, the reason many stop using it as a means of dealing with their emotions, is because of the repercussions that follow. Whether it's being spanked because you tripped someone who pushed you, or going to jail because you tried to run over your boyfriend or girlfriend. Those who don't learn these rules oftentimes lack the ability to, due to serious personality disorders.
  15. Ignorance is not bliss

    Lao Tzu would disagree I think. Knowledge does not bring happiness, in most cases. The less you know, the happier you will be. This is why a child can be in the middle of war zone and be thrilled with finding a red ball, they don't know of death or hardship yet, only the red ball and how much fun they can have with it. Three days later, in the same war zone, that child can find that ball, but because of the experiences they've had, they find no joy, it is only a ball, nothing more. Ignorance breeds possibilities that knowledge does not.