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  1. Does anyone know where I can find the 180 Precepts of Lord Lao. I have tried an online search and have come empty. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. The Ego and Thought

    I will suggest the exact opposite.....when we are born there is NO ego....ego is conditioning/biases/habitual patterned responses......these are a result of time and experience. A newborn baby has none of these. Therefor IMO a newborn babe has no ego.....not until it starts to have experiences and develope memory. I also don't agree that a baby expects to have it's needs met. It's physical body requires it, and the baby suffers if that doesn't happen....but I HIGHLY doubt that an infant EXPECTS it's needs to be met....not at first anyways. Just my opinion. Thanks for the conversation. Love, Carson P.S. Sorry about the colors, but the quotes aren't working for me right now for some reason. I agree with you Carson. When we are born we are our True or Natural Self. We are free of expectations, ego, and material attachments. It is only with outside 'noise' and distractions that we begin to lose our True Self. Over time we are more and more affected.
  3. Role of Virtue

    The Tao speaks of the five Virtues as being Benevolence Wisdom Trust Righteousness Propriety
  4. Looking for a statue of Lao Tzu

    Can anyone suggest a website where I can pourchase a statue of Lao Tzu for a table/desk? Thanks, Tom
  5. Faith in Tao?

    Cultivating is about not be attached to results. I have been looking for a job since January and was quite successful in not attaching the results of interviews, submitted resumes, etc. I finally found employment and it happened from me mentioning it to someone (a Manager) in conversation 1-2 months before they offered me a job interview. I didn't have an attachment because I had done nothing more than asking if they were hiring during a conversation. If I start wishing, expecting, etc, I am setting myself up for disappointment and am definitely not cultivating the Tao.
  6. **COMING SOON** New Online Taoist Learning Centre

    Looking forward to it. Thanks. Tom
  7. David Carradine found dead in Bangkok

    This is sad news. I just completed downloading Season 2 of the Kung Fu Series yesterday and am half way through the Season 3 download. The messages from the episodes are much more meaningful for me today than they were in the early seventies. He will live on in spirit. Tom
  8. What are good movies to watch in (Zen, Buddhism or Tao)?

    I picked up Season One of the old TV Series Kung Fu. It has been a while. I found the shows had a deeper meaning for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will be purchasing Seasons teo and Three soon. Tom
  9. Vegetarian pork steamed buns, black vinegar (for soups), Sticky rice, yellow mangoes, miso soup
  10. Taoist Theory and Practice of Internal Alchemy

    Thanks LoneHaven.
  11. Taoist Theory and Practice of Internal Alchemy

    "I have attached three things in my various posts. 1. Taoist Theory and Practice of Internal Alchemy Document. 2. Heart Mind Fasting Meditation 3. Eight Steps of the Silk Brocades. With these three documents, one can have all the tools needed to reach a high enough level in the practice on their own. Often it is best to practice on your own, where you are, and not worry about finding a teacher. As you practice these methods and make some progress and internal growth, you will naturally find a teacher to guide you further". ******************************************************************************* I missed the two attachments for "Heart Mind Fasting Meditation" and "Eight Steps of the Silk Brocades". Would you mind passing these on one more time. Please continue with your posts. You have much to share. I also agree with some of the posts moving away from the Path by insulting each other. I, unfortunately took part in some of it and have taken a vow to not participate in these exchanges. Thank you for your guidance.
  12. Do not mix up these 2 "tao"

    Being "confused" is much different from your former comment saying that they were saying that I kuan Dao was Taoism. You make some pretty strong comments. You are losing respect.
  13. Do not mix up these 2 "tao"

    I have some concerns about Mak Tin Si also. I have only been studying Taoism for the last 15 years but I see some misinformation and posts that contradict the following of Taoism and of a "Taoist Priest". Being judgmental, calling people profane names (Bastards), defending oneself, and lashing out at people is not what is taught in Taoism. If you believe you are right there is no need to defend yourself according to Taoist teachings. Stating that I Kuan Tao is "a banned religion in Taiwan" is not correct. It is currently the third largest religion (800,000) behind Buddhism and Taoism in Taiwan. I Kuan Tao does not state, nor believe, that they are Taoists. Following the Tao does make one a Taoist. By the way, I do not follow I Kuan Tao. Making statements such as these, being judgmental, flaming people, and calling people bastards is definitely not the way of a Taoist Priest. At least not in anything that I have read/heard/followed. If you want to have a positive influence on this forum you may want to rethink your approach.
  14. Is a Guru/Master/etc needed?

    I read/studied Taoism for 15years and felt that I was missing something important. I wandered into a Master in the last year who is now my Teacher. What I now know is that the Teacher will appear in their time. I have progressed since then. There were so many things that I was unaware of. "If you are sincere in seeking this knowledge, you must look for a teacher and humbly ask your teacher to show you the opening of the Mysterious Gate. From then on, if your actions follow the Tao, you will progress. Eva Wong, Cultivating Stillness
  15. Hua Hu Ching

    Let me see if I can find something on old age and loss of memory.