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  1. Salutations

    Hi Newbie Seeking Knowledge (NSK) and welcome to the forum. I have been here a little over a year ... so, also a newbie by any standard ... but I can tell you that you have found a place that has wide and varied points of view and experience. Your questions are a great place to start getting feedback from the forum. In my experience ... It's never too late to get started ... age should not be a factor. TDB is a very eclectic group. There are those that follow particular schools but that's what makes it great. You can hear from a lot of POVs . Religious limitations can be a bit unpredictable. Certainly the Bums are very understanding. What is more likely is that various religions may have issue with study outside of doctrine. I ran into that with some of my more conservative family. I was told that studying Daoism leads you away from Christ. While I don't see that as an issue others did. So, I just keep my studies to myself ... It's my journey. Your learning only gets in the way of other pursuits depending on how you chose to structure you time. Move at your own pace. Let your learning inform your other interests. There are a number of approaches to meditation ... Some very formal and others very casual ... Some not even related to eastern approaches. A good place to start is by just quietly sitting and letting the days cares melt away while you are looking for a fit. Good luck. Hope to be seeing you around.
  2. Qi/Energy Practice Over Years

    Yes, it is ... and must be, of necessity. Everyone must rely on their own experience ... and no two will match. Lonely ... But not sad.
  3. What are you listening to?

    Sunday morning jazz ...
  4. taoist books on working with the mind ?

    Thanks for the great article. I was just about to launch myself on a review of selected Chinese terms, including Xin. Very timely.
  5. taoist books on working with the mind ?

    I think a place for you to get started might be to take a look at the Neiye. There is a thread here on TDB under Daoist Textual Studies. I think there are a lot of esoteric approaches to this subject but the Neiye seems to be foundational. From there you would have laid ground work for other studies. Good luck.
  6. True enough ... and how can you learn your limits without practice in different ways.
  7. Other internal forms can be practiced in this manner. Often times in taiji the starting and stopping is unintentional. It came with learning the form in sections. Logical breakpoints were identified for teaching purposes. My teachers usually started and ended with a complete form, regardless of the ability of the student to keep up. In between, sections of the form were worked on for correction. But by emphasising the full form, the continuity of flow was conveyed. I actually had one instructor tell me that it was important in forms competition to have a slight pause between movements so the judges could assess posture. I did not buy that. I figured if they were judges they would be able to observe correct posture and alignment even while in transition. Still, the advice was helpful in that it helped me me develop a better sense of what competition was all about. I did not compete thereafter. btw ... I did not know there was much interest or practice in LHBF. Interesting to see.
  8. Qi/Energy Practice Over Years

    How so, KS?
  9. Qi/Energy Practice Over Years

    I lay no claim to any particular tradition ... except in my practice of taiji and then I follow the forms as taught by Chen Zhenglei. As for my Daoist views and energy practice, I proceed from the point of view that Daoism cannot be simply a philosophical mental exercise, that there has to be a physical practice in order to appropriately balance the physical, mental and spiritual aspects. Its like a three legged stool. Lose one leg and you're gonna have a problem. My practice tends to be sporadic. I will practice regularly for a while and take a break and then resume again. My practice is a simple ZZ, although I do use visualization in my practice. I did a little Zen Buddhist style study and practice for a few years but did not find it as meaningful and satisfying as Daoist approaches. What would I tell myself as a younger person looking into Daoist related arts? Keep going boy, you're on the right track.
  10. Lie is an awfully strong way to characterise what is going on. It implies understanding and intent ... neither of which I see as present in the common western perception of Yin and Yang. But, still, your point is valid in spite of the pejorative. I am not even sure that thinking of Yin and Yang as complementory is free of the projection of an incorrect understanding. I was guilty for a long time of the same western error in understanding of Yin and Yang. I used to reference them as Yin/Yang but came to understand that such a construct was actually tending to perpetuate the misunderstanding and so I try to avoid it. The moment of reaching a different understanding of Yin and Yang came as I was reading the I Ching, specifically the descriptions of Qian and Kun offered in Alfred Huang's translation and interpretation. That description allow me to think for the first time of Heaven and Earth as independent influences. That line of thinking was easily extended to Yin and Yang. Not sure I am presenting this well but it is the best I can do at this point. Actually, as I read the OP and the explication of music theory, cosmology and energy work, the I Ching also came to mind as an example of models and mappings.
  11. I am not sure what you mean by "Western symmetric logistics math". I have studied some math but I am not making the connection to a notion of symmetric logistics math. Still, I think I sense what you are getting at. We tend to think of Yin and Yang as being in a strict balance quantitatively and without any independent nature of their own ... the notion of degree of freedom comes to mind from my math days but that also is not quite it. So, I agree this is not the correct way to consider Yin and Yang.
  12. Interesting analysis but I wonder what it is that has actually been uncovered. Yin/Yang as a concept is fundamental and, as explained in numerous places, all else derives from them ... all conditions, relationships and interchanges that appear in the world should be explainable in such terms. What makes the analysis fascinating is the elucidation of how this is expressed as a theory of music, as well as cosmology and energetics. It a confirmation of the fundamental principles. I would expect that other such correlations could be found in other complex systems.
  13. What are you listening to?

    Sunday morning jazz ...
  14. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 81

    Yes, indeed. This chapter is very reminiscent of Marblehead. 'Nough said.