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  1. I wonder where I can find in this forum more about this commentary or if any English translation. Your input is much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Basic questions

    Thank you for your input. I appreciate it. As for the terms, I have the impression in general terms both are distinct still some still use them interchangeably as the one in Shandong: 仙姑顶的道教观 I have read in English what Luxun said, though I couldn't find the original source in Chinese. Do you where to find that quote? Thanks
  3. Confucious classics translation

    Excellent, I appreciate you sharing. I behind you as I am encountering the same problem, after reading the DDJ, I am continuing the ZZ and then KZ to understand better. Thanks again
  4. Confucious classics translation

    In which those books are excellent study and how it transformed your understanding of Kongzi Dao for you? Any online free PDF to share?
  5. I was wondering how important is this text for those who are studying Dao jia (道家), ru jia ( 儒家 ) or Buddhism and how much is to know to understand better all the three schools of thoughts in China both in the past and today.
  6. Basic questions

    Thanks for the input. I avoid kindle and prefer paper cover books, will save some money to see if the book is worth buying it.
  7. Basic questions

    excellent resources. It seems most of Daoist denominations use the same jargon and similar rites, in this case jiao and zhai?? Thanks
  8. Basic questions

    Thanks, kind of expensive book. Wonder why is so expensive, is the author a true Daoist? or true practitioner?
  9. Basic questions

    Thank you for your response. What do you mean has relevance as much as it always had? If I read some history, all we know is the history of those who were privileged so I am wondering how Daoism was relevant during those days and how they impacted people's lives. In which way is still in Chinese culture aside painting or CTM? I see some concepts they are used so not sure how you quantify a lot? Just curious. Thanks again
  10. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    I still don't understand, the guy say some things that come from some Chinese teachings most likely someone who has some kind of understanding. It is true that he doesn't sound educated but some comments I wonder where does he get it. Just curious.
  11. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    It is true fake has become normal today and is acceptable. What can we do? Feeling sorry about them? It seems those kind of people manage to keep going, take a look of how many times he has changed. Even in the beginning I remember seeing kung fu videos he had and most likely he find resources that maybe educated versions of whatever he presents
  12. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    Just wondering why feeling kind of sorry for him?
  13. Basic questions

    As I am perusing some sites, I found these questions that I would like to know some answers based on your knowledge on Daoism: (2) Why Tai-Sheung Lao-Chun is revered by the Taoists (3) How should we regard the worship of the Taoist Gods? (4) Do you know the Taoist ways in questing for longevity? (5) Do you know what are Chai and Chiao? (6) Do you know the basic features of the canon of the Taoist scriptures? (7) What do you know about the Taoist sects in Hong Kong and their relationship with those in China? (8) Do you know why Taoist monasteries are called Gong and Guan? (9) Do you think Taoist beliefs are of close relevance to our present-day world? (10) Do you think Taoism permeates the Chinese culture? Your input is much appreciated. Thanks
  14. your favourite verse and Why?

    Don't take this personally, it seems that it tells you everything to you but not to me unless I read commentaries and paraphrasing or inventions to make it sound esoteric, mysterious and fantastic.
  15. your favourite verse and Why?

    I don't know what is complete in this verse. For some is not the first verse but #39 the beginning of the second half of the book. If I read the translation and truly if I don't know the commentaries, the last two lines I wouldn't understand a thing especially the path of mystery. What kind of mystery? What kind of path?