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  1. Mosquitoes, ants?

    The Ten Precepts of Initial Perfection (chuzhen shijie 初真十戒) parallel those found in the early eighth century Chuzhen shijie wen 初真十戒文 (Ten Precepts of Initial Perfection; DZ 180). The text is transmitted to ordinands of the first level of Quanzhen 全真 (Complete Perfection) and represents the school’s most fundamental guidelines and practical precepts. It also includes conduct guidelines for women entitled the Nüzhen jiujie 女真九戒 (Nine Precepts for FemalePerfected).
  2. Spirit and soul in Daoism

    Desmonddf, thank you for your kind response. It makes sense and wonder where those concepts come from? It seems those concepts have been used by Daoists, Confucianists and others
  3. Vegan or vegetarian in Daoism

    thelerner, recently I saw a doc regarding mushrooms and trees. Based on their study they claim they have a very sophisticated way of communication to live together and mushrooms to develop and live in their environment. There is some kind of processing information like we humans do, so shall we say they don't have brains. I have met humans they have brains but for whatever reason they cannot use it for basic purposes, i am not talking about handicapped or mental ill individuals, just normal dudes. The reason of my question is because you see in some monasteries many vegetarian followers and in their religion one of the precepts is not to kill so it made me think, don't we kill plants before we eat them?
  4. Mosquitoes, ants?

    Thelerner, you are very right, none of them but interested reading old scripts and trying to understand how people paraphrase or understand the commentaries of those old texts. The ants, I tried many options and none of the natural wonders didn't work until I found a natural poison where ants will bring to their colony and will die or will move to a different location. In the environment where I live there are plenty areas where they can eat what they need but for whatever reason this year they chose to invade the kitchen and even the house. Fortunately, the solution worked but they still persistent outside damaging some trees. The solution of offering different locations seems a short term solution, still I know they will come back and I can hear them saying: we shall return.
  5. I was wondering if someone can help me to understand where the idea of vegan or vegetarian started in Daoism. It seems the same idea is in Buddhism. If it is about compassion and feelings, don't plants have also compassion and feelings?
  6. Have someone read this?

    The Philosophy of the I Ching 2nd Revised Edition by Carol K. Anthony I am wondering if someone has read this book and if it is an useful reading??
  7. Does someone knows or can explain about the difference between spirit and soul in Daoism? Maybe there is a distinction between the religious or philosophical point of view. Your input shall be appreciated. Thanks
  8. The Dao speaks

    Just found this, it may interest you:
  9. I have noticed reading stories about the Master Lao (laozi) riding an ox or a water buffalo when he left to the Hangu pass. Some images he's riding the water buffalo facing backwards and others facing forward. I wonder why a water buffalo? Is there the position important or does it have a specific hidden meaning?
  10. Your favourite translation?

    Why both? I thought Wilhelm translation was originally written in German?
  11. Chuang Tzu Companions

    I think it is an interesting observation as I can see we can fall short if we talk about translation. There are several stories in Daoism that come from common sayings and then it is understood the way it was expressed in ZZ. It is not a translation but an interpretation then it becomes a translation in the target language, here English language. So it seems to me about the interpretation of those short stories in ZZ that makes more sense, not just how well the story was translated into English. So it is the same for many other Daoists writings where the cultural context is much important than knowing the meaning of each character. The question remains how can you understand ZZ without the cultural and linguistic context other than the English translation?
  12. Verse 204 of the Dhammapada, in a translation by Daw Mya Tin. Thank you and most likely the quote is a misquote, not even Daoist nor from Laozi. It is amazing how much is out there that is always difficult to trust even in respectable forums. Thanks for sharing
  13. Does someone knows where this quote come from?: “Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being is the greatest joy.” Laozi I couldn't find the original in Chinese and don't even know if it is another made up quote??
  14. Mosquitoes, ants?

    Indeed, when the season is over, they don't invade inside of the house even though they are busy in the garden doing their thing, the slave workers while the queen is having a good time, who knows. The reason of my question is because I don't understand the logic of no killing either in Daoism or Buddhism, when sometimes is inevitable if you don't want to be invaded and become a prisoner of your beliefs. So far, I put some left overs in the trash can and immediately they are there so I was able to track their platoons and see where they are coming from. It seems they are well hidden under the basement.
  15. Mosquitoes, ants?

    Veggies aren't part of our cycle of transformation. I wouldn't call that killing. The lawn is like the hair, if I don't trim it, it will go crazy. I tried everything possible for the ants, and nothing worked because I haven't found the colony. It is during summer when they invade wherever possible to find food. We keep the kitchen clean and most of everything now is in the fridge and freezer. Still they send scouts from places I would have never imagined. Now, the invasion is less but one little thing left of food they are there immediately. Still holding for pest control and hopefully when the summer season is over back to normality. If I stop doing anything, they will invade every space. It is a guerrilla war. It seems killing is inevitable.