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  1. 只用中文的帖

    The Test Of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) is Taiwan's national standardized test designed and developed by the National Taiwan Normal University
  2. Chuang Tzu Chapter 6, Section F

    I stumbled on this line: 假於異物,託於同體,忘其肝膽,遺其耳目,反覆終始,不知端倪,芒然彷徨乎塵垢之外,逍遙乎無為之業 which is translated as Again and again they end and they begin, having no knowledge of first principles. They occupy themselves ignorantly and vaguely with what (they say) lies outside the dust and dirt (of the world), and seek their enjoyment in the business of doing nothing. Legge tumble back to the endless cycle of end and beginning without any awareness of the point between them. Unbounded they toss about beyond the realm of dust, free and easy in the workings of effortless action (wuwei). Eno They end and they begin without knowing either the beginning or the end. Unconsciously, they stroll beyond the dirty world and wander in the realm of nonaction. Fung Yu-lan I got surprised that in another Mair translation he translates it as Karma and says the following in his notes: 21. karma (61). Since karma has long since become a legitimate English word, we may use it here as a precise rendering of a.In deed, yeh is the standard Buddhist Hybrid Chinese translation of Sanskrit karma. Cf. the following note. 22. nonaction (61). On nonaction in the Bhaeavad Gita and its parallels with wuwei in the Tao Te Ching, see the Afterword to my translation of the latter, pp. 14 1-42. I am wondering what is your take in this parallel of terms of Karma and wuwei? and how wuwei should be interpreted in this sentence considering the content of this chapter? Thanks
  3. Spanish Daoist

    How happened that transition from Buddhism to Daoism? What was about the DDJ, Taijiquan or Qigong that sparked your interest?

    Indeed, his presence was constant and opinions were much appreciated. It is amazing how life can be seen as an idea not a reality, it is only we age that we realize more about life and still don't know much living ignorant. It is amazing!!
  5. A.C. Graham

    Have someone read his Zhuangzi translation? Any opinion or help to share reading his translation? I have Mair but I find it a good reading as a past time reading not as a reference translation to understand the original text or how Zhuangzi writings is understood in Chinese culture. Is it really worth to buy it if one is interested in learning more about ZZ philosophy, the meaning of his parables and how is interpreted or taught in the Chinese culture? Thanks
  6. Is there really and equivalent for this word junzi in western languages?
  7. Videos about Zhuangzi Stories

    And what are other people opinion about his interpretation? Is this his own interpretation or is this interpretation based on traditional scholar studies?
  8. desire in Taoism

    so are you saying you are not a parasite, is that what you are saying, if you are not, bravo!! you have crossed the river to Nirvana who's talking about inequality? I thought this thread is about desire, right? And if you are qualifying me by being an ignorant parasite, I grant you that, happy now? Great, it sounds you are educated to name what you want, it is your right and it is your opinion, like I said before everyone has an opinion and opinion is like a b...hole, everyone has one so feel entitled. How great, what is Daoist mentality in your opinion, why don't you give some references in the original text, commentaries, paraphrase and understood by English translations so we can all learn from you?
  9. desire in Taoism

    Yes, I don't pay, I pay what I want to pay and consider fair to pay especially books. And that is my desire so not sure if that fits in the Daoist mentality. Are you exceptionally poor? Are you talking poor as you have been or been in that situation not able to feed or clothe yourself? I don't understand why I need to take things that are freely given. So many seminars I have been where people go to get whatever paper or gadget even though clearly don't need it or when they serve refreshments they gobble as much as they can, just because it was free. And someone said there is no free lunch, if it is free then there a price to pay. A parasite, what is wrong being a parasite, aren't we all parasites? Or are you a special specie of humans that is perfect with no faults? I rather being ignorant so I learn from those who don't point others as ignorant. Maybe we should review some biology 101 classes about parasites not sociology
  10. desire in Taoism

    My desire is that as long as there is no push for the sake of making money then is all fine. YouTube implemented the technology to have larger files and watch long documentaries. In the beginning all was free and little by little they started adding ads and now they are pushing you to subscribe. If it all about money then I don't need to buy, knowledge is not only in the books, it is on your own experience. I guess Buddhists and Daoists say the same thing about knowledge.
  11. desire in Taoism

    Isn't that a culture attitude refusing a payment? It is your desire to help me, isn't it? It should be a mutual thing as all humans do in one way or another. If dedicated their entirely life doing what they wanted, wasn't their choice? Why should someone starve? especially in this time of waste and more choices to get food in industrialized countries. Why should someone pay when most of the masters I have seen, have a job and had secure a job and share their extensive knowledge. In the beginning of the internet, most of everything was free and little by little it monetized their investment and today is all about paying and if not, they will get your information, not only they make you accept their terms they will oblige to push that button to follow you. Is it my desire?
  12. desire in Taoism

  13. Does luck exist?

    Do you remember what it was? Are you also talking about Majosi, the guy nobody likes and considered fake? This question about creating luck has made me ponder, why do we say I am lucky or someone is lucky and all I can think, we look for that balance, a better way that the usual way. And why do we say bad luck? Some people live in misery or we fall in misery because our own mistakes and some will get out of that and get better. Would I prefer living in a car, which I did because my mistakes or living in a house with a garden living comfortably? I would prefer living comfortably with all the necessary items and keep going then I see opportunities arise and new good things happen. Thus, we create our intention and grab what is good for us then we call it luck.
  14. Does luck exist?

    Precisely, we can argue that average or median are inevitable so luck doesn't exist. If you have touched bottom in life for reasons that you created yourself and then things go down hill, then is bad luck, but if you keep doing what should be right for you, assuming you are doing the right thing as not getting worse financially or mentally, then there is a chance that you encounter the right situation and that is where you jump in. It seems that luck could be those unpredictable moments in life that if you are there, you catch it. There should be a reason each culture has luck in their repertoire of beliefs.
  15. Does luck exist?

    I've wondering if luck exists or is it an incident in life weren't aware because we're overwhelmed by the superficialities of life and all the excuses we keep inventing or creating problems without knowing the consequences or how to handle life. Not sure what far east thoughts on luck if luck exists