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  1. 4 rules of living

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I guess we can bring many chapters that talk about something particular on those made up statements. I find it confusing and misleading. Letting them get credit for something that doesn't validate a way of thinking or cultivating the Dao, is a way for them to make money and be accepted. I think a Daoist would say not to worry. My only concern for someone who's interested in Daoism or the DDJ is to make the study or learning more difficult.
  2. 4 rules of living

    Thanks for sharing, I found the same information, do anyone see anything of those in the DDJ?
  3. 4 rules of living

    I guess bottom line is another made up idea that doesn't exist in the DDJ or just some ideas and they make up whatever people want and as usual, the web is about selling, selling whatever you want
  4. 4 rules of living

    That's not the reason why I posted it, it is to know where did they get that information, which book, is it in the DDJ? Or is it from Chinese sources?
  5. 4 rules of living

    Thanks, not really interested in the video itself but where do they get all that? Where in the book says all that? What part of the DDJ I can find all that?
  6. Describe your ideal life..

    My friend, nobody knows, we never tell the truth not even to ourselves
  7. 4 rules of living

    I was watching this Youtube video and it made me wonder, is this Daoist thinking or are those 4 rules in the book of the elder Lao? If someone knows, could you be kind to give the references, I sincerely appreciate it. Thanks
  8. Describe your ideal life..

    I always wonder why do we have to do as we are told to have a dream, have a job, do like everyone else and at the end, we all end the same way like everyone else. Are we conditioned to do like everyone else, have a job to pay bills and if you make enough money then work, work to pay high mortgages and pretend to live the great life. I always wonder. Last year, I took care of elders, some suffering dementia others different ailments and then did Uber to realize, why all this to end up in a misery life that nobody wants but we won't have control. Pretending living the moment having a blast whether you have money or no money, you pay the price of not taking care of yourself. Where is the ideal life? Does that exist?
  9. The DDJ

    Maybe I wasn't clear, I was talking about Daoist texts where the only I found is 文始真經 - Wen Shi Zhen Jing, all others have a name or surname. The ones you mentioned are later texts or post Hand documents as far as I can understand
  10. The DDJ

    I checked on Wikipedia and found this: The title "Daodejing", with its status as a classic, was only first applied from the reign of Emperor Jing of Han (157-141 BCE) onward.[16] Other titles of the work include the honorific "Sutra (or "Perfect Scripture") of the Way and Its Power" (Daode Zhenjing) and the descriptive "5,000-Character Classic" (Wuqian Wen). Indeed, every time I check a Chinese source (no I am not an expert and don't consider myself expert in reading Classical Chinese or literary Chinese), I don't see the name of scripture in many texts. I can't remember where I read but the reason seems to be because they were in competition of Buddhist scriptures where they have translated scriptures jing in Chinese.
  11. Thanks so much, I appreciate it.
  12. The DDJ

    Do we know why the DDJ has the jing=scripture whereas other books don't have the scripture. Is it a Buddhist competition to use that ending for the book as it seems Chinese talk more more as Laozi for the book. Any ideas or information?
  13. Thanks, and sorry my ignorance what's PPJ in this forum?
  14. I still don't know when Jim died.
  15. Is there an obituary for Jim? I didn't know him and he was very kind when I joined TDB and liked his comments and reflections. Thanks