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  1. your favourite verse and Why?

    Don't take this personally, it seems that it tells you everything to you but not to me unless I read commentaries and paraphrasing or inventions to make it sound esoteric, mysterious and fantastic.
  2. your favourite verse and Why?

    I don't know what is complete in this verse. For some is not the first verse but #39 the beginning of the second half of the book. If I read the translation and truly if I don't know the commentaries, the last two lines I wouldn't understand a thing especially the path of mystery. What kind of mystery? What kind of path?
  3. Chen Tai Chi : How To Learn

    Other Kung Fu styles, especially in the south, use numbers that are part of the Chinese culture or even cosmology or related to Buddhism. That's the reason of my question.
  4. Chen Tai Chi : How To Learn

    Is there a meaning on why 74, 38 in their understanding or just random numbers?
  5. I see that 7) 返樸歸真 (to purity and innocence) is from 战国策齐策四 處下 appears in the DDJ so if I understand correctly, for the last 4 principles it derives from terms used in the DDJ, is that correct?
  6. I found this reference in FB and I was wondering about The eight core Taoist principles in which the last 4 seems to be from different sources but not Daoist texts. Does anyone know if those last four are related to Daoists practice: 5) 知和處下 (Know harmony and be humble); 6) 以柔制剛 (Hold softness to defeat hardness); 7) 返樸歸真 (to purity and innocence) and 8) 順其自然 (Follow the rule of nature). https://steinhardt.nyu.edu/appsych/opus/issues/2013/fall/tsang?fbclid=IwAR1NB_DiFMkYHjTlzfA_bggdxcm5h9aYpGU9f2pVl6nj7TwXKIGkrx2Bf2A Thanks
  7. The Dao De Jing: A Qigong Interpretation?

    so far as I am reading this book, I find the notes and interpretation (certainly based on ancient commentaries) are very helpful and makes the translation much easier to understand. There are some minor typos but overall at this point, I highly recommend it.
  8. The Dao De Jing: A Qigong Interpretation?

    That will be a great idea, why not starting a new discussion to learn more about those general terms and give more real life examples to understand better if someone is interested in learning them
  9. The Dao De Jing: A Qigong Interpretation?

    I wonder what interpretation or commentary is supported to his translation? I read few pages and it seems a good source for a new beginner
  10. Aren't we opportunists

    Water itself is not relevant, what is important is the force behind, the energy to make it calmer, still or violent or aggressive
  11. Aren't we opportunists

    Why looking for opportunities, doesn't that sound much egotistical? Why peaceful and happy? I don't see much peace in life, there is always struggle, some more than other, I eat foods and I can see destruction and nothing peaceful. I am trying to understand as the more I see the more I realize I need to be smarter and take advantage of what I need not necessary follow the rules.
  12. Aren't we opportunists

    I see as you prepare yourself always having an eye of each opportunity and seize it. That's why I see being opportunist as well as predators do. I have noticed that poverty or street smart makes more aware of becoming opportunist. Now what do you mean about working hard, what is working hard, isn't better working smarter than harder more efficient? Even thieves master this one too. Yesterday, i was at the gym taking a shower, I put my shampoo by the shower then went to dry my swimming suit and when I came back a guy was already using my shampoo. He said, he thought nobody was using it. If you go to a third world country you can see how people have to be alert and opportunistic.
  13. Aren't we opportunists

    Could you give me an example of a situation?
  14. I was wondering if we aren't all opportunists in life?? I see many so called successful people being just opportunists and then claim whatever to sustain their success. If you aren't then you become another prey and here it comes the victim. I have noticed that as I was job hunting and I was playing cat and mouse, me being the cat and the job or the interviewer the mouse. And then, what it could be the Daoist perspective on this? Thanks
  15. Robert Peng

    In this article I wonder why they put Lam Saiwing performing the famous form: kungchi fu fuk??