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  1. Hi, First of all I am thinking that this specific topic must be removed or renamed.It is at least macabre to ask in such a brut way if another human being is alive or not. Second , in my personal strictly opinion,YES there is a connection between Level 2 (compression ), and prostate problems. I have stopped Level 2 by myself due to first signs of annoying symptoms during compression. Is it a spirit behind it? Not at all as J.C, has given his permission to continue with the level. Is it wrong way of practice? Not at all as the exercise was given on person by J.C. Is it imbalanced Yin and Yang? Maybe but not so much. I do know only a person that had not problem with the Level2, but it is a well balanced person ,dedicated with pure heart ,that is fasting and avoiding negative thoughts or temptation of lust ,in other words he is not only practicing physically but he is also in peace of mind. We tend to forget that we have to approach similar teachings as a whole and we are separating mind and body. In every inner system we have to purify ourselves, get rid of our ego and become nothing. To practise having in mind that you need few more months of a specific training and then you will become something is hubris . I ve dedicated my self to level 1 only and I am happy ...
  2. IS Martial arts still Martial arts

    You may have a look in " you tube" , "A lesson with Kostas Part 1/2". Kostas was always trying to make this clear,that is a different thing to practice an art as a sport or athlem and different thing to practice a martial art. These two videos are an introduction to "Pammachon" Sorry no Mo Pai stuff there, but people with experience will understand that there is not only a body movement. Enjoy...
  3. Is this Mo Pai Level 1 ?

    I am not quite sure that I understood the metaphor ,but years ago before the age of Facebook and You Tube,thinks were simpler. I am not blaming the tool,but the usage of it. This video,supposedly was from a student of Jim that uploaded it. If Jim had respect for his former Si Fu ,he had to demand to delete it. But this video is there for a purpose..... It is pity that J.C was always speaking respectfully for Jim ,but Jim didn't respect him.. Anyway ,it would be easier to write down that I am going to meditate,but I will finish my day with a Scotch. Cheers Brothers
  4. Is this Mo Pai Level 1 ?

    This is the test for Level 2. Not everyone that has videos with level 2 or 3 post them on you tube. Also there is no proove that he passed level 2 in this video.It's just a routine check of hundred of them that was taking place every year... As someone else wrote,it would be moral to sell it as " Jim's view on Mo Pai" than Mo Pai.
  5. The importance of the heart

    There is a school in the Greek-Orthodox Christian tradition that the monks are focusing in the heart. Of course the point of view is completely dogmatic,but the results,after many of years of pure life,fasting and pray is similar with what a yogi can describe opening of the heart chakra. they work only with heart and their goal is to succed the " Kathodos tou Nou stin Kardia",meaning the "Descend of the Mind in the Heart" As they can achieve remarkable feats,we can say that you can do it only focusing in the heart,but it takes many many years... The rest is deep Theology and religion,but I can say you can do it,ignoring the other chakras.
  6. In the Ascetic life of Greek Orthodox Monks,one virtue that you have to cultivate is "apatheia",meaning 'No Passion". Its the abillity to accept anything against your "I",that also in Taoism must not exist.I exist as a unit but I am a member of ALL. The reason that you want to say the last world is because of your ego.,(our Ego).It is the need that we have in every day life to proove that we know better so we are better from the others.Unfortunatelly in the society that we leave we must have a stong ego to survive.But this survivall has to do with us as unit. I beleive that admitting that you have this "problem"you have already half solve it. You dont know how many "enlighted"people are out there that they want to have the last world.
  7. Mopai Training with jim mcmillan

    Josama your last paragraph proves that is a "scam" because except John Chang no one can teach you level 4 It has nothing to do with the how strong is your chi but if you have tha ability to move further. The new leader of the system was level 3 twelve years ago and he is still level 3. Do you think that a level 3 Chinese that speeks only Chinese will teach any Lin how to become level 4 (Lin is still level 2),and then this person will teach it to you....?
  8. Mopai Training with jim mcmillan

    The thread has as title "learning mo pai with Jim mc Millan" The problem is to define what is mo pai? It is only the nei Kung practice or includes seeds of the way of life behind it? Does it mean Ive learned mo pai if I am level 2 or 3 or I have to wait for the funny think to begin after level 4? From the three "available" to teach in west , Costa is out of the loop, Lin is a Chinese that no one in Indonesia know him as Lin,that means that he is training with differend name there and starts a business with different name in U.S. Jim can take you up to level 2 and if he found already a way to continue with a similar system,it is a is similar and not a mo pai way. Is Jim a genuine instructor as it concerns his abilities ? Yes no one doubt that he maybe has finished level 2. Is Jim a mo pai instructor? Not any more for the moment that he closed the door behind it. Can I learn mo pai from the Chinese new leader? Try,the last information is that he accepts only Chinese as students . Is this a dead end? It depends on what you want. Level one is nothing, you will never become an immortal practicing it but a lot of funny thinks happening during it's achievement that proves to me at least that this system has some power. Level two is something more funny thinks happening there and some not so funny thinks either. So instead of asking about Training with Jim mc millan in a forum why you don't contact him and start training.....
  9. John Chang video

    As it concerns the story "paper on fire",I have to remind you that Danaos,in his first book "Magus Of Java",had pointed out that he was aware of the possibility of fraud,such as phosphor hidden in paper.It was very amusing for me to see in differend forums that a lot of people suddenly after so many years discover this possibility. I will share with you an old story that happened more than ten years ago. We were seating in John's leaving room,Sifu was wearing his ceremony Kung Fu uniform,t shirt ,shorts and flip flops,watching football on t.v. For many hours we were talking with other students and after some hour the conversation turned to the fire ability stuff . Then Sifu ,turned to us,it was late at night,and asked us if we want to see it again? He picked up a tissue from a box in front of us,put it in an ashtray on the table and tensed hia palm over it. After a while steam started to rise from the ashtray and a small flame for a short period. He stopped the tension over the paper and the fire stopped after a while. The hlf ignited tissue smoked for a while. He was looking disappointed,he said smthng like "no power, no power," and went back to his football Match. The rest of us we were ready to kneel and thank him for the out of blue demonstration but he was back on his t.v Of course the scepticals will say that he had a piece of phosphor in his shorts,or the tissue that was on the table available to everyone was trapped with smthng,or I was on drugs. No matter what....this man has the power. Tnx.
  10. Chen - I would like to speak with you about Mo Pai level one. Much thanks in advance. You can email me through my profile:

  11. jing

    Hi everyone,it's a beutifful day here in Greece today,I hope the sun is shinning also for our fellow Tao bum . I have no clue about ejaculation in other taoist systems. My answer is based in my restricted Knowledge in Mo Pai system, assuming the MoonLiLitte ,suspects that he is suffering smtng that happened after ejaculation ,practicing("focusing" was his term),Level 1 Mo Pai. You have to understand that Mo Pai,was,is?,a non explanatory system. You are givven an exercise with do and dont and then ,they expect from you to practise.That's all. The exact mechanism of how each exercise works is not explained, for either secrecy or ignorance. The system ,after the very common in other systems level one,makes a completely turn and in level 2 becomes a Moist and not a clasic Taoist system. In Level 1 if we suppose that the dan tien is an open bucket,every time that we ejaculate is like covering the opening with the lid so the yang energy that we are trying to gather with meditation finds a sealed bucket and it's wasting outside .It is a waste of time and effort.Thats all. In level 2 a differend procuder is taking place.Every time that you ejaculate you are destroying temporaly the "foundation",upon is placed the dan tien.The world "foundation" may take a lot of explainations as it is a translation of Chinese to Indonesian to English to Greek.Then you need 72 hours to reconstruct this "foundation".(Testilles full of sperm). The instruction is."In level 2 of Mo Pai dont practice for 72 hours after ejaculation otherwise your Dan Tien will be teared." What is the exact meaning and the mechanism behind it ,I am unaware and I dont care. The fact is that the deaths of heart attacks or brain strokes,in level 2 have nothing to do with the "teared" Dan tien. They have to do with the pressure that you phycical body suffers due to the nature of the breathing. In this case MooNiNitte,mentioned that he was practising level one of Mo Pai,with no guidance,left alone when he had a probem and never mentioned if he was doing any combination of other systems. There is avery interesting article of Dervenis,the last one in the Pammachon Blog,about "moderation"in generall Please check it, it would be usefull as academic and not only, knowledge. If you are 21 years old and you are spending 8 hours in meditation instead of drinking your cofee with your friends there is a sign of a wish to become immortal with the lack of knowledge behind it. If you are thinking that is the goal of your life go to a monastery.Youmay find enlightment there. Doing experiments ,because some idiots told you that this is the way to immortallity ,well....
  12. Is pre cum okay during sexual retention?

    Live your life first of all....don't destroy a moment of your life because of the retention story.It sounds pervert but women do want to cum.In the past I lost girlfriends , because I was practicing and being negative in physical contact or stopping before ejaculation. Now if you are talking about tantric sex and bla bla bla I don't know. In my system precum or inner orgasm without ejaculation is a don't.But I was practicing with program and a goal. I don't think that there are out there to many women willing to help you with your decision.maybe they will pretend in the beginning that they do understand and how important is the retention for you ....but finally they will slip away. From the other hand you may achieve anything in this world but you have to pay for the cost... Except if you are following a specific school and a certain program ,enjoy your weekend with your girlfriend.
  13. About chakras

    You just have to google " scientific prove of chakras" Yes you may only imagine that there are chakras if you are willing to play tricks with your mind. From my experience I can tell you that Dan Tien is there waiting for you to discover it via practice .....
  14. I have to admit as I said in previous posts that I am troubled by all these attacks on Kostas.I really don't see why since the man hasn't involved himself with the mo pai for over a decade and doesn't seem to care.Maybe that's why all the attacks? Because he doesn't care? It may looks out of date,but after I spoke with Kostas on the phone the other day,he asked me to pass on the following: " Please leave Kostas out of the Mo Pai public picture.He has no interest and wishes anyone who is in a position to develop and spread positive teachings around the world,the best luck as long he doesn't mention Kostas. On the other hand ,if these people persist in using his name or refencing his work in their commercial interest ,( for example to sell a book), he wants them to know that none of his books are self published.Should Kostas think he is being defamed,he will simply inform his publisher. The person in question will then face a lawsuit by a multi-million dollar publishing company- without Kostas lifting his finger or spending one cent. He would also like everyone to know that,should he become angry,that the TERMS and LITERRY entities " John Chang"," Mo Pai", etc.are,at this minute,Kostas intellectual property. Claimants to the contrary will have to prove the opposite in "THE EYES OF THE LAW" and good luck with that.You may think you will make some quick money and wind up losing everything you own in the process . Kostas has no inerest in the MoPai as an institution.He was a student of the former Headmaster and respects his teacher greatly.Once they parted ways,he simply stopped being involved and separated himself from the school.He never fought Nei Kung publicly or commercially and has no wish to.People now want to capitalize on the Magus Of Java literary success and this is unacceptable .If you want to make money from the school please don't mention either Kostas's books or himself.Otherwise you will be forced to explain yourselves in court with your personal finances on one side and Inner Tradition on the other"._
  15. Normal Breathing vs. Reverse Breathing

    Southern Mantis Storing energy in Dan Tien as you mentioned a la Mo pai,and having sex or ejaculating has nothing to do with "tearing" the Dan Tien.. The 72 hours has to do with level 2 and not the preliminary stage of level one.although I am familiar with one case of a practinare that was peing blood because he was practicing reverse breathing with tension if you are practicing correct the exercise there is no fear. From your previous posts I understood that you are mixing's not for me to say but as a friendly advice mixing " mo pai " tehnics with others it doesn't sound good to me. Not that I want to create a scary atmosphere ,but some systems are not compatible with the mo pai technics. Both embryonic and reverse breathing are accepted in meditation but it's up to school that you are following.