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  1. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Or one could just ban discourse around all topics mentioned (political, gender, sexual orientation).......which would be far more mature and opposed to telling anyone you don't agree with to leave, then making a thread calling out to see who has the same political position or worldview as you Holding such a position is quite honestly hypocritical....and very far removed from anything that anyone "spiritual" would do. I find it sad that someone would say "If you support A then leave"...its literally the equivalent of a child telling another child they don't want to play with them anymore because they like different cartoon characters I think both polarties of left and right are senseless and unnecessary...and if people are going to be conditional with others based on any values or belief (whether that be left or right) I think ill make my presence scarce Please don't think you are contributing to the solution by taking the specific stance you have @sean, actually you are contributing to the problem...
  2. What happens to suicides?

    Let me put it this way, if you feel this is bad, then what awaits you after suicide will be worse the soul must go through a process of purification, which detaches and cleanses it from all things "earthly"....if you try to escape the things you want, rather than face'll be made face them without any prospect of ever achieving them. We'll not enter into discussions regards the kama locas and whatnot (for now, at least). But i will leave you with this (and it is a most accurate description) from the movie "Jacobs ladder" along with a corresponding piece of art by Matthias Grunewald which depicts the process "If you're afraid of dying, and you're holdin' on, you'll see devils tearin' your life away. But if you've made your peace, then the devils are really angels, freein' you from the world" FYI nobody who has made peace with the world and themselves commits suicide...its simply not natural My advice would be to remember that the meaning of life is very has been splattered across the faces of every race and every person since the inception of man. The meaning of life is simply, to learn. By trying to escape learning whatever it is you are meant to will inevitably find yourself further back along the "wheel of learning" So long story short, don't do it...and stop measuring your self worth against societal expectations of successful...its not good for you. Also, chin up and head high!
  3. Could anyone elaborate a bit on this?, im curious to hear others thoughts.....
  4. Shhh!!! that word is forbidden around here "He who must not be named"
  5. The Brexit Thread

    When you speak of globalism you are talking of planning policy on a global basis I assume? I am talking about globalization in the business sense, which refers to the movement of goods, capital, people, technology and knowledge, and more specifically, the degree to which these can move freely Show me where I said it was? The TV has not told me anything, because I don't watch it...I have better things to do with my time But lets take an example.....Imagine a company with a 3.5 or 4 % margin slapped with a 10% tariff....what happens? Bye bye? Imagine how many businesses in the UK are working off of similar models....So Global trade ability in terms of yes/no was never a question, rather the question is how WELL can you do it....especially when you no longer have the foundations much of your businesses depend upon...So if many of the homegrown ones die, and the MNC's pack up because they need those pillars...then what? Brexit is only a bad thing if it's been completely messed up....and to date, that is exactly what has happened. And it has nothing to do with the EU.I t is entirely down to shady UK politics, lies in campaigns and people not really understanding the full effects of what will happen. This is why I specifically said a STAGGERED EXIT would have been ideal, it would have circumvented the issues and facilitated leaving in an orderly fashion My opinion regards whether EU membership was a good or bad thing is entirely absent until now, and if you want it ill be happy to give it to you. And actually, I dont disagree with the point about sovereignty, but rather I think its headed towards a that will try to rival the likes of the USA, India, China etc (but that doesn't take away from the fact that bankers have nothing to do with what I SAID) whether they have relevance or not in the overall context is a different you want to go there? If you want to go down the road of talking about WHAT the EU is and who it consists of... and whether its a good or bad thing, we can, but that really diverges from what I said.
  6. The Brexit Thread

    That's all fine except, I never took the position of supporting the EU whatsoever, not once did I mention it I ONLY stated that you do not undo half a century of globalization overnight, and you don't because businesses become accustomed to it, rely on it and in some cases depend on it. banker control has nothing to do with what I stated, so i'll repeat it again. 1. The UK need either an agreement with the EU (be that temporary or permanent) in order to avoid a huge disruption 2. Triggering Article 50 without having any care for the ramifications or issues arose, not to mention any plan to circumvent these was idiotic....... a nice quote that illustrates this " Those who fail to plan plan to fail" 3. Britain is hopelessly unprepared for Brexit If you (or anyone else) aren't addressing any of those points, then quite frankly, you aren''t addressing what I mentioned Also on the terms of academia convincing folks that global trade is synonymous with banker control, do elaborate please...I'm curious to see where you got that from...Because I've worked in business schools and that's never been something I've seen taught by anyone, nor a position held. Do elaborate, I'm genuinely interested to see where you got that from
  7. The Brexit Thread

    actually no, as i said it was my job...thank you for proving your reading skills are selective yet again Im currently in research, haven't lectured since 2017 by choice....but there's work there for me in that too anytime I so wish (well paid too I might add) ....but im guessing you may not understand the difference or distinction between those? whats with all the personal info digging and failed ad hominems? and why are you quoting a playwright as some kind of authority?
  8. The Brexit Thread

    I am not confusing anything, globalization is a process, which I have repeatedly stated....and the EU is a byproduct of deep globalization on all fronts please stop with the far right conspiracy theory...I'm no more interested in it than I am the far left...either position is one eye open one eye closed look at the actual evidence (all of it) and drop the confirmation bias, and things become clearer instantly and dont expect me to listen to Nigel Farage...he is not a credible source...not now, not ever
  9. The Brexit Thread

    Oh dear, An independent thinker is a person capable of objective analysis and critical thinking...entrepreneurship has nothing to do with that. institutionalization refers to people resort to conform to societal norms, which i am the furthest thing from I present facts based on evidence...unlike you....but ill wait for you to actually present some but do continue with unfounded assumptions, ad hominems, and other logical fallacies
  10. The Brexit Thread

    This is the brexit thread no? what exactly does my nationality have to do with it? No I said it was crazy to trigger article 50 with no plan in place to circumvent the issues that would arise....Like i said " to leave the EU is understandable" Are you genuinely struggling to grasp my point here or what? Globalization is and always will be a double edged it is not a simple yes or no....rather it is a how, where , why, to what degree and it depends Political leanings? again what do mine have to do with it?
  11. The Brexit Thread

    No they arent....hard indicators are things like FDI, Currency rates and Economic growth....people take strong advantage of the benefits system in both the UK and Ireland....there are literally people who make babies to supplement income...or some that depend entirely upon it..rising casual sex, increased alchohol and drug consumption, diminished responsibilities....Childbirth has far too many variable to be an indicator of confidence. The EU can afford to lose 16% of its market a lot more than Britain can afford to lose 39%. that's simple mathematics Nothing happened? The pound has decreased from 1.30 to 1.11...fx rate is the primary measure of confidence...and there has been no confidence in Britain since this farce began in 2016...FDI has fallen to a six year low...Econmic growth is down...and these are before anything ACTUALLY HAPPENED It has also failed to deliver it's agenda on time...TWICE...and nothing else has happened yet because aside from uncertainty and bickering they have done nothing...except fumble and stumble because they were hopelessly and hilariously under-prepared for the ramifications that an immediate no deal would cost...and Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage or Jacob Rees Mogg is not going to change that....because you cannot undo half a century of globalization and economic integration overnight without a major shockwave So you didn't go through a shock (yet)'ve just been warned by about every single expert on the topic that it isn't going to end well for Britain, and all the evidence suggests that's correct Strong position? last I checked it was the UK that wanted the WA reopened, not the EU...doesn't seem very strong to me What exactly is your obsession with entrepreneurs? do you think of them as saviors or something?
  12. The Brexit Thread

    Remainiac? Haha Im not from the UK and couldn't care less if the sea swallows it tomorrow, that'll be the peoples fault Where did I say the UK should remain in the EU....go back and read and get the facts straight please...I am criticizing the method, not the action..perhaps learn to differentiate between the two please see here from an earlier post " I mean no disrespect but ever since Brexit was triggered without any inclination as to the repercussions, I have lost total faith in any UK politics...It was one thing to vote for it...this is understandable....but to trigger it without the slightest idea of the issues it would cause was the most idiotic thing I've seen in politics.....The people shouldn't have allowed that What's even worse...there was plenty of viable options the UK could have taken...such as a staged exit....something like EU - Norway model - separation with agreement over a given period....this would have given ample time to work out the finer points..without having all sorts of chaos in the meantime The politicians there are unfit for parliament" And as for me calling your outlook delusional? No, I didnt say anything about you.... I said the outlook that "Brexit and it will be fine because we are Britan" is delusional..and all the facts support that Im most open to correction, provide me one shred of evidence that any country can undo almost half a century of globalization and economic integration overnight without drastic ramifications
  13. The Brexit Thread

    Sorry but theres a number of holes in that logic. Everything floats well? nothing has changed because Britain are still an EU member firstly...but the evidence suggests it will change. Secondly The UK are taking 16% of the EU exports...the EU is taking 39% of UK exports (that excludes EFTA/EEC) so who is more dependent that who? the EU are hurt without the UK, the UK are crippled without the EU Also, my polish friend just left for home last month, is this what stands for evidence in your opinion? if so get a new standard Prison? what exactly is it you are talking about? Pregancy has nothing to do with it......Why even bring that up? As for happiness...have you seen the latest reports? top 20 are here UK is below several EU countries....even more if you include the EFTA/ to explain that? Afraid? me? I have the right to be in both the UK and EU indefinitely, so I'm not afraid at all...I just call it as I see it Ireland has just a strong relationship with the US compared to Britan, as do many other I don't think you've any edge there Funny, the majority of strategic management literature and courses come out of the US...that's were all the major articles and research comes from.... I thought these great thinkers were your "best buddies"? And FYI im anything but a wine drinker or a coward....I'm actually from a psychology background with a neuroscience I certainly dont regurgitate anything I was thought,.....but facts are facts friend, and just about everything you stated isn't supported by them
  14. The Brexit Thread

    When you have an economy dependent on the free movement of goods, money, people and knowledge, and you take that away...the cogs inside said economy no longer turn correctly, which leads to an innumerable amount of problems...despite the fact that i used to lecture in strategic management ( in a past career) , its not my place to lecture you on this topic, so I will instead suggest reading around the following areas...its simply to vast to condense into a single post.... you can form your own opinion after that Globalization ( specifically integration of economies), Competitive advantage, Internationalization (for future trade), Law of international business transactions (and WTO terms) This is strictly from a business perspective, nothing more or less....I wont venture into the rest as this alone is enough of a deterrent from no deal to anyone who understands these concepts thoroughly....although then again we are talking about a country that's about to elect Boris Johnson as a prime to commit " hara kiri " isn't all that surprising I guess