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  1. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    SOTG is a decent, knowledgeable guy...spent years giving away material for free I was on both of his forums and to be totally honest hes never been anything but helpful and eager to offer advice..Im currently studying so cannot afford his website, but being honest its cheap given that he literally cooks most of his students with transmissions're way out of line here Also I would not recommend getting on that groups bad side.... They are a decent bunch and never bother fact ive found them all to be some nice tips on fasting before I left and still use them today
  2. On Mo Pai

    What exactly constitutes a Daoist system in your opinion? Also, I didnt explicitly refer to it as one, I was actually contrasting it with them rather. And i certainly dont intend on flogging any dead horses, but discussion around past evidence and contrasting with more current publicly available recent knowledge is ok, isnt it? I have no idea if it is indonesian, he did state his master brought it from china so...that would remain an unanswered question They are actually the same thing, they exist on opposite ends of the same continuum in my opinion....pure would be the if we quantified it, 0 being Pure Yin and 100 being Pure Yang On an electromagnetic spectrum, we could call one pure magnetism, the other pure electric On a light spectrum, pure red to pure blue (yet still on the one continuum) From a temporal perspective (Past to future, yet time itself is the continuum) The point is I was making was that the cultivation was of extremities..its nothing to do with separation As a quantified example cultivation of Pure Yin (0) and Pure Yang (100) as opposed to Distorted Yin (33) and Distorted Yang (66)...Please note im not suggesting those latter figures accurate, they are merely just an example
  3. On Mo Pai

    Something that has been bugging me for some time now is the divergence between Mo Pai and other practices, namely that in the former the energy they seem to discuss seems to be in some ways at odds. Upon researching and cross comparing texts I have come to a conclusion in my mind at least to suggest (1) Mo Pai cultivates the pure forms of Yin and Yang qi, whereas most systems work with the distorted ones...what i mean by this is the that most systems cultivate Yin & Yang Qi in the following manner By contrast, Mo Pai seems to cultivate the following Now this is only an assumption, but it is one I base on the following (1) Chang stating he had no idea when Kosta presented him with the former symbol (2) Damo mitchell has repeatedly that when pure Yang Qi (heaven Qi) is accessed , the laogong light up and you will enter a period where you lose sensation, similar to what Mo Pai level 1 and 2 symptoms is supposed to be) (3) Chang stating about sending the ball of pure yang down to the perineum corresponds with Damo, where he stated that pure yang will attract pure Yin. Thus by sending down the pure yang, you are allowing the proportionate amount of yin to gather. Also because the yang sits at the perineum, which is the entry point, it further prevents any distortion (4) Damo confirms basically everything Chang stated as true, including the cords of the LDT Now im not at all suggesting im right, but is it merely over-analysis, or does anyone else see discrepancies in MP and other systems?
  4. Internal Alchemy - Where and How to start?

    I absolutely agree with infolad, Damo is a wealth of knowledge...his new text on neigong is very impressive also. Just to add to that This is a school in the NL, who have links to a "lineage holder in Beijing" As per the website The Qianfeng Daoist Pre Heaven school of Internal Elixer Cultivation (道家千峰先天派) is founded by Daoist Immortal Zhao Bi Chen (1860-1942) the have a direct link to the lineage of the Author of Taoist Yoga: Alchemy & Immortality. In other words Lu Kuan Yu, was a student of the current masters grandfather I cannot account for its legitimacy, but on the surface it appears interesting
  5. Greetings

    Many thanks Fa Xin, I will look around SonOfTheGods. He used to be an active member here to I believe? He had the Loneman Pai Forum, and the Mercury Fire Blood & Honey. I believe he's made them both nonfunctional, and started charging members to use the new forum (hes providing extra content and personal instruction). Helpful guy & super knowledgeable, just beyond my means at the moment as im taking a masters student loans are abundant
  6. Greetings

    Hello All, Glad to be here, and thanks for having me. I would love to learn about internal alchemy, neigong and energetic practices. I was previously a member of SOTG forums, but left when they became paid ( I had to return to university, so income is low until the summer comes round). I was also lurking for a while on here, reading a lot of Drew's posts (very interesting!) Was originally drawn to these areas of interest via John Chang's infamous videos, however, I have seen from scrolling thousands of websites, his only reachable students are #1 dead and #2 happily removed from the school, and the whole "western more pie" have reduced any interest in that particular area to ridicule in most corners of the web (shame, as Chang himself was quite the spectacle). Have since become interested in all things esoteric and occult, and love to research the topic I hope to discuss topics and learn, possibly make contacts!