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  1. Safety and Efficiency of the Daoist Path

    I'm just going to say this outright now and you can make what you will of it, I'm not in any way being smart about this, but i gather from your post that because you do not want a traditional path, you may be seeking accelerated stuff If that is the case then you need to understand how levels of reality work....there are the physical, energetic and spiritual planes of existence.....the traditional path that @freeform is discussing begins with the physical aspect, moves towards the energetic and finally onto the spiritual. This is common in Daoism, but in other traditions it is less adhered too. Bardons system of Hermeticism trains all three simultaneously rather than sequentially, and there are other systems that bypass the entire thing and go straight to the spiritual aspect, which then moves down into energetic and physical work ( Im honestly not over-familiar with the mechanics here, just a basic understanding, but some of it is left hand path like certain tantra, vamamarga and western esoteric sects Based on this, although it would seem i completely disagree with @freeform I do not, there is total accuracy in what is said. Whatever you do, absolutely do not try to do energy work will most likely cause a blockage and these can lead to cancer and strokes, among other things...This is why the Western Mo Pai offshoot is so teacher and no gauge The difference with circumventing the physical/energetic at first and going to the spiritual as per the LHP and some esoteric/Occult sects, is that you will most likely channel and tap into energies and streams of consciousness that will guide you...On that note the school we were talking about in the other thread use the Goetia, among others (You'd see some mentioned in the Bible, like Belial) I agree with a lot of what you said, but i believe a simple exercise routine with moderate amounts of resistance...lets say 2x a week using bodyweight so like press up, pull up, inverted row, split squats and lunges can be beneficial, if stretching is done between sets in addition to the regular stretching and some core work wouldn't prove overly detrimental... A lot of Shaolin Monks do similar training (not precisely) but they do utilize some bodyweight training, and I would say they have pretty well developed qigong bodies (the ones that practice it anyway) I understand the point regards the experiences...but lipings sessions literally have students in excruciating pain by opening up channels and removing some blockages dont they? , at least thats what all the reviews say from what ive seen....of course if they never do anything before or afterwards, it will be of little use...but if they were to actually work the contents of the book im sure they would build a pretty solid practice with some guidance, don't you think?
  2. Safety and Efficiency of the Daoist Path

    Without sounding judgmental, based on the volume of threads you've started, you seem a bit confused..on one hand you are asking about basic safety, and on the next about advanced ill make a suggestion to you If you want to stick to that pathway as listed above, by all means do....but do not expect to be doing any "serious" energy work in the immediate future If you want to "experience things" at an accelerated rate, which is much more efficient in a safe fashion from a Daoist perspective...let me suggest the following. #1 Stretch and do seated stillness meditation everyday #2 Buy Wang Liping's new book, read it and study it #3 Attend his next seminar in chosen Europe the total is around 4k for 10 days He is traditional, and holds lineage to a dragon gate sect, but you will not be subjected to years of training as a prerequisite, and will most like feel strong qi sensations among other things...some have experienced perception of the "ling" strong astral and dream experiences etc etc. He is the only eastern "Master" I would trust without further investigation alongside John Chang, who is inaccessible and possibly deceased, and I've also seen numerous positive reviews from Michael Lomax, and from Kunlun by Max Christensen, so maybe look there too. Im not saying they are the only good masters...not by a long shot....but perhaps the only ones I personally know of who's reputations are strong enough not to warrant too much skepticism (Jenny Lamb too perhaps ). There's probably teachers lurking here behind the scenes too If it is astral projection and paranormal you are after, then Qigong is most certainly a long way away from it...SOTG is the person to talk to to for all things "paranormal"...but be warned it's left hand path stuff intertwined with magick...and quite powerful....I had a my first serious astral experience after just watching a video he put up (I didn't see the warning he'd posted)....and let me be very clear... there was no denying what I experienced that time
  3. This resonated strongly with me.....society has truly lost its way My own interest in the topic stems from awakening to the true nature of reality...and to experience it as it truly is....not to be tricked into the the traps of the five senses, and transform oneself to become the pinnacle of potentiality....I'm fascinated by siddhi, both in understanding their emergence and nature from an investigative perspective...but quite honestly...I don't think seeking them out is a good idea..if they come OK, if not, fantastic too..its merely a side effect of the process On that point, at a group level I believe people fall into two distinct categories...those who seek the process and those who seek the product....imo the latter is at a severe disadvantage before they ever begin....the pursuit of power often ends badly, whereas the pursuit of knowledge rarely does, and power often accompanies it as a bonus
  4. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Id say its more because you are unwilling to acknowledge the inaccuracy of your statement that all his information is in the books....because it clearly is not As for Daoist practices....internal alchemy in not an exclusively Daoist practice....its pretty much global when you consider indigenous peoples and look into the history....and if you'll read into several ancient texts, youll have little problem deciphering things like squeezing the perineum with controlled breathing etc etc...practices are readily available outside of Daoist it is in no way exclusive... And on that note, ive been more eager to hear why you think that than anything else...the very fact I asked over and over is evidence do elaborate so we can move beyond arguing semantics Also as a not think for a moment I have anything against Qi gong...there are systems of it that are in their own right a complete path....and they are very powerful...Ive seen several.. When I mention qi gong...I am exclusively referring to the notion that "introductory exercises are a compulsory prerequisite of spiritual alchemical practice"
  5. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Besides selectively ignoring half my post, including the nonsensical point that it as all available for the price of a few books, I think Bardons books are representative of a system you can purchase in book format...not Damo's And still you've provided ZERO evidence to illustrate that qi gong is a necessary step in the internal arts. Continue dancing around the point instead of getting to it however....its quite amusing I am not saying the only reason to do qi gong is a business decision.....I am saying that #1 it is an unnecessary undertaking if spiritual practice is your goal....still waiting for you to provide a shred of evidence to prove it is not.... The classical teacher nonsense doesn't stand up to scrutiny either......Some of John Chang's students objectively performed a demonstration to illustrate advancement that others who have " built the foundation cannot".... Chang himself practically performed qi gong there...his art was far older and more primitive than a lot of what you see nowadays SOTG has posted innumerable clips of paranormal things occurring and insights....and again no qi gong Also im not trying to elevate anyone, nor am I his student...I simply call it as I see it....and I don't dress it up or avoid critical analysis because of some preconceived bias about what is authentic or " how things should be" Also further to the point.....some people like qi gong and only want to do that...perfect, and certainly has its benefits...and some want to take the slow pathway..again doubt about it.....but for those who don' subject them to it anyway despite not wanting to do it.... and when its clearly not compulsory and serves them no purpose... it is guess what? A business decision primarily Now you're going to argue that he's doing it for safety....So please.....IM BEGGING YOU...provide counter evidence to illustrate it as a necessary step, and show me why it is so me where thousands of esoteric/occult/hermetic practitioners from all corners of the globe who practice internal alchemy have become sick or died because they didn't do the ji ben gong and stand in wuji for two years ?
  6. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Certainly Look at white moon on mountain'll see a similar version of the firing process...SOTG one seems more potent. JAJ also has it under " beating and drumming the qi" in his Nei Gong book and you'll see the some stuff involving visualizations that contrasts nicely. The magick stuff would be a different story altogether then....But much of it is advanced, and not the diluted OTO/Golden dawn stuff you typically see Those two texts would keep you busy for quite some time
  7. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Again wrong, I don't know why you are hellbent on putting words in my mouth I'm saying the model is based upon repeat business...which it is...not the method or the "how". You can only go to level 2 if you have been to at least two level 1 events.... etc etc....each seminar costs $insert amount$...also you will need this book.... plus we have this camp and this extra camp...and so forth On that note, I remember him letting slip that he took one group circle walking at midnight to channel from the spirit realm, can you tell me where the instructions in his books are for that? Not to mention he states theirs plenty of inner door things no you cannot buy it in books....he keeps what i would imagine is a fair portion out of the public domain. Also, I'm pretty certain a large amount of the "classical teachers" didn't charge anything for teaching, so there's that too AND AGAIN, THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH WHAT HE'S DOING.....I cannot stress the point enough...I'm a fan of his work, and enjoy his writing style very much....that however does not prevent me from looking at things from a critical perspective What I said was accurate, there is absolutely no need to teach someone that way...the results of the logs from SOTG forums are proof enough..not to mention the authentic mo pai students (even Jim who got some of the teachings considerably wrong gave impressive displays of inner power that, yet no qi gong practice) People can jump into alchemy without running the ji ben gong for two or three years....if alchemy and spiritual training are what you are after....then you have little business doing simple qi gong....Nobody has died over there on those the safety line doesn't really cut it imo...actually last I remember someone had been cured of type 1 diabetes ( the actual members may have more stories). To give you a better representation....some like their beef cooked rare, others like is slow roasted overnight...Am i suggesting one is superior? no, but one does not need to slow cook beef to eat beef. So basically, I am saying that its totally fine to approach internal alchemy and certain nei gong without doing basic qi gong
  8. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Sorry but no It made no sense to you because you failed to interpret what I said #1 he has a business to run, which requires repeat custom....thats business 101...he does not teach alchemy before Nei gong, and does not teach nei gong until a few years of qi gong are completed....Is that necessary? No....but that is his choice and method and I respect that #2 There is nothing wrong with that #3 OP asked about SOTG, who I spoke about mainly and briefly contrasted with another internal arts teacher #4 Im not saying hes just out to make money, thats a false interpretation based on your perception Try comprehending my words as they are written next time please
  9. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Or because business models like that require retention and repeat custom? Im not saying theres anything wrong with Damo Mitchell, i am a big fan of his books, they are incredibly accessible which is great....and he is very honest from what I can see Im just making a comparison, because the OP asked about him
  10. Who is Loneman Pai?

    That's incredible footage People freak out if they see 1's SOTG swimming in a damn ocean of them Also OP Hes legitimate, I've seen similar (Not the exact same) to his techniques in very expensive neigong, neidan and magick books..these are basic techniques in his system, whereas they would be seen as more advanced in others...hes also streamlined them and stripped down a lot of the "mystique" I know damo mitchell doesnt teach students alchemy for years, yet SOTG basically starts the "firing process" immediately...go figure Also all of his students report the same objective results do happen, and the logs kind of speak for themselves really
  11. Ultimate Inner Alchemy

    No problem, I've read enough of the posts on here to see why there's animosity. Im catching up on circa 15 years worth of threads and trying to assimilate everything that's happened in that regard. Nobody is intending to insult anyone, but to claim I am of some affiliation when I am not is to be ignorant to what I am. Whether it be off the cuff or not is irrelevant. I do not see that as insulting, and if it bothers you I can edit it to say unawareness? That kind of makes the thick skin comment a bit ironic though...
  12. Ultimate Inner Alchemy

    I could literally care less, the only thing I've ever known about any form of "Western Mo Pai" has come from this website. I have no contact, interaction or affiliation with any of those people, and I do not endorse it. You are most welcome to ask them if you wish You clearly have not read this script, and actually, you've failed miserably to interpret anything I've written You may not have been born yesterday, but you'd do well to actually see my point, instead of attaching me , and therefore my beliefs to a splinter group of this website who I most certainly do not affiliate with But do continue to accuse, Its quite a telling sign of ignorance and does reflect how some people can be inhospitable with no reason. I am not great and I do not have a system Do you actually think I disagree with anything you posted about "Western Mo Pai"? I do not...I do not condone partial methods and teachings and never would? I am not great and I have no system. A person on this thread called John Chang a fake and I called them to substantiate the claim, and they failed miserably. THAT IS ALL... I DID THE EXACT SAME THING WHEN SOMEONE CLAIMED SOTG WAS NOT AUTHENTIC...I CALLED THEM ON IT I have no affiliation with them, their ideas, conceptual framework or though process that because John Chang displayed abilities, he is the only one to do so. Quite the opposite in fact. Are you trying to tell me that its a bad thing to identify Chang (Note how I am saying Chang) as authentic?
  13. Ultimate Inner Alchemy

    No, just a person who doesn't like people trying to debunk someone with no evidence
  14. Ultimate Inner Alchemy

    Actually you made a pretty bold claim So now if you want to substantiate must provide something of greater magnitude than what we already have In other words, go find John Chang, test him and come back and prove it was all false Otherwise, you're spouting unsubstantiated nonsense
  15. Ultimate Inner Alchemy

    Umm no? I am talking we, as in the public....thank you for assuming