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  1. What happens to suicides?

    Let me put it this way, if you feel this is bad, then what awaits you after suicide will be worse the soul must go through a process of purification, which detaches and cleanses it from all things "earthly"....if you try to escape the things you want, rather than face'll be made face them without any prospect of ever achieving them. We'll not enter into discussions regards the kama locas and whatnot (for now, at least). But i will leave you with this (and it is a most accurate description) from the movie "Jacobs ladder" along with a corresponding piece of art by Matthias Grunewald which depicts the process "If you're afraid of dying, and you're holdin' on, you'll see devils tearin' your life away. But if you've made your peace, then the devils are really angels, freein' you from the world" FYI nobody who has made peace with the world and themselves commits suicide...its simply not natural My advice would be to remember that the meaning of life is very has been splattered across the faces of every race and every person since the inception of man. The meaning of life is simply, to learn. By trying to escape learning whatever it is you are meant to will inevitably find yourself further back along the "wheel of learning" So long story short, don't do it...and stop measuring your self worth against societal expectations of successful...its not good for you. Also, chin up and head high!
  2. Could anyone elaborate a bit on this?, im curious to hear others thoughts.....
  3. Shhh!!! that word is forbidden around here "He who must not be named"
  4. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Earlier you werent aware of "anyone" now you aren't aware of anyone of those being real people, despite these people all having cross references to back up who they are...moving the goalposts, false accusations, appeals to authority...its literally pathetic at this stage. Give it a break They aren't all liars, its that simple, Ive been saying it since the start and ill continue to, you're about neck deep in your own BS now You 've spent 50 years of your life on a practice, which you could have achieved more in 1 year of ANY DECENT SYSTEM...yet here you are berating practitioners who have clearly experienced more than you. Comical at best, but sad nonetheless There is countless testimony on here relating to the man in have nothing You are wasting my time and everyone else's because you cannot accept what John Chang can do, and you cannot accept what SOTG can do.... So the problem is not JC, nor SOTG, nor Kostas, Jim, mjjbecker, nor anyone who's experienced anything from their interactions with these people...The problem is you Please refrain from further engagement with me unless you can provide any evidence relating to the men in question to prove your claim....Find me any tests done on either, or find me testimony from those who have been in their presence and debunked them...otherwise you've got nothing I couldn't have put it any event im done engaging after that last post...he has his instructions, and im no longer playing into logical fallacy bingo with him But did you study daoism for 50 years?
  5. Who is Loneman Pai?

    There's 5 people on this site alone I could tag off the top of my head, and im a newbie on here You are wrong.....DEAL WITH IT
  6. Who is Loneman Pai?

    @mjjbecker Let me quote him, when he was asked who he was to speak on Mopai "Someone who went to Indonesia, visited John Chang, ate at his table, observed him treating people and felt his qi. Someone who was at his home when he spoke with the keris, and watched them move. Someone who was tested in his home and also when he visited Athens. Someone who watched him push a chopstick through a table and summon a spirit. Someone who was briefly a student of the school and who respects that the school is closed and wishes to be left in peace." @DentyDao Too long to Sean Denty, hes met Chang, alone with other masters @someone else Has met and been tested by John Chang in Athens @tongkosong Student of Mopai @Neikung Student of Mopai
  7. Not Mistranslating the Bible

    If a person wishes to understand the bible then this might be a helpful text.There's a terrible amount of misinformation surrounding it, and it is very very far from what it appears to be.
  8. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Actually no, let me be VERY SPECIFIC HERE What you have seen is a man who claims to be healing people, which is supported by testimony from all the patients that seen him. What you choose to interpret it as has no basis and no foundation...the fact that you choose to ignore people who have both been treated by and trained by John Chang is due to your inherent inability to comprehend things which you do not understand nor have experienced So ill give you a challenge You find me a person who has paid to see john chang perform as a "street magician" and made any attempt to test that theory. I'll find you both past students and people who have been treated by him, and can attest to his abilities. We will see who can find what I can find a few alone on this for you however..... try not to engage me unless you can do so, because I'm fed up of replying to nonsense only to be met by it time and time again And to your claim you can demonstrate "things" and are hoping to do so, be my guest, Im ready and willing to do all the testing and to ensure they anonymity you so claim to want. And that's a genuine offer Also, id go find new appears you've spent a vast portion of your life knocking on the door to something you've never been given access....a terrible waste. Oh well,
  9. Who is Loneman Pai?

    This Please stop appealing to study....Taosim is basically inherited and somewhat plagirized ideas from older traditions...anyone who has studied anyone of them will not only understand the concepts, but probably understand them better Your argument is both a logical fallacy and ridiculous.... I highly doubt there's anything scientific going on there, just take a look at the logical fallacies, appeals to authority, and deliberate tunnel scientist I know displays those tendencies Also elaborate on "information" if you would, I'm curious to hear your take if possible Also related to alchemical thinking, yes, I am of the mindset that everything has an underlying substance, all of the texts are very clear about this I've been saying that for 10 odd pages now, and it's funny to try debunking JC or SOTG when you havent even experienced anything close to what they are capable of...comical really We've already addressed this above, so unless I need to repeat myself, your argument is invalid And he wont, because he cannot. That would require dropping his belief system. Like John Chang you mean, all those healings etc...yes sounds about right...
  10. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Hermeticism is and has been my area for some time...much taoist teachings are easily understood from it..but we, and let me make this clear ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT PHILOSOPHY. This is a discussion pertaining to Qi, or more specifically the manifestation of Yin and Yang Qi You can study whatever you makes ZERO DIFFERENCE...that's the equivalent of saying, I studied a near death experience, therefore I know what it is etc...Sam Parnia has tried that, and been made look stupid on several occasions Every esoteric teaching from every location talks about Qi ( or whatever label you want) as exactly what you think it is not...either they are all wrong or you are.....and I am pretty certain it's you. Read the bolded part 100 time over, then another 100, then another 100 Until you start to get it Kosta Danoas echoed similar things a long time ago "Last year john wanted to show me what the yang was like. It was night. He had just finished playing Ping-Pong with Johann, as they do every evening Sifu took the Ping-Pong ball in his left hand and held it in the center of his palm He opened his hands and held his right palm about two feet away. Suddenly the ball pulsed with a bluish-violet light in made a noise, too, sort of like a canary singing. Bluish white sparks flew from the ball toward his right palm, they were like miniature lightning bolts. He kept it up for a few seconds and then handed me the ball. It wasn't overly hot, but it was warm. I did my usual thing and cut it in half on the spot, which pissed off everybody because it was the last ball in the house and they wanted to continue their game. But I had to make sure that there wasn't any circuitry inside the ball.,' "Big trouble in Little China 'Handoko said, referring to a similar scene in the opening sequence of the film by John Carpenter. "Yeah," l nodded, but my mind was elsewhere. I was thinking, as I had the evening of that particular demonstration, of Wilhelm Reicht's work in the 1940s and 1950s. Reich had stipulated that the particles of the unknown lifeforce he had discovered, which he had called the orgone bions, were blue. This was almost the same color the yang ch'i had become before rny very eyes when my teacher bad contained it by force of will. And ch'i was, essentially, lifeforce. There were reasons why this particular demonstration was the most important of all that I had seen, It defined the nature of the yang ch,i. First of all, the Ping-Pong ball's surface was made of solid nonporous plastic, while the ball itself was hollow I had immediately asked John if he could duplicate the demonstration with a solid-rubber ball, and he had replied in the negative, the ball had to be hollow for this particular test to work. His statement implied that what I had witnessed was not a surface phenomenon. Rather, the energy had been transferred inside the ball, where it had shone much like a common lightbulb. On the scale of molecular physics, this also meant that the energy John called the yang ch'i was neither a particle nor a wave, but both. I was convinced that this demonstration indicated that the yang energy was a solar phenomenon,just as the Chinese classic stipulated. Wilhelm Reich had died in federal prison in 1957 following a witch hunt by the U.S. government during which his work and notes were seized- Had he discovered the yang ch'i and been persecuted by the powers that be, who didn't want such knowledge to become common?" Really couldn't care less if you believe it or not, it's not like you've provided anything of substance to date, except as Starjumper pointed out poor detective work, coupled with tunnel vision I might add 50 years of practice? I do wonder indeed, what it is you were practicing and learning.
  11. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    Looking forward to a purchasing a copy!
  12. Who is Loneman Pai?

    I originally thought this too, but I am unsure now energy is required to apply force which then initiates movement If qi is movement, as per the suggestion, then where is the force that initiates it? and what about the energy required to to apply that force? that model just doesn't make any sense to me
  13. Seeking Info

    Ok firstly you need to understand that the bible has been edited, and many of the concepts in it misunderstood. It has been used as a tool by political forces, and as such, has become an instrument of inducing fear into others...but this is not it's intention, that is merely what certain authorities do Regards things like homosexuality, it cannot be in line with those teachings, and here,s why. Sex is the means through which people procreate, it is not a means to satisfy desire. Because it is against the doctrine to have sex without the possibility of procreation, then homosexual sex serves no purpose in the christian view. On top of this there are esoteric underpinnings related to the polarities of male and female ( yin/yang, electric/magnetic) etc. If we go back the belief is that humans were originally androgynous, and reproduced asexually before the fall ( See the work of Franz von Baader). This is a very complex topic in and of itself Biblical commandments are to be strived towards, it is a given than people will break some of them, the point is to try not to. As earlier mentioned to be in harmony with them is to " walk the path " The standards on morality and obedience are not simply a product of parenting nor law enforcement, they are conditioned over time.Why is it you think this has such a profound impact on parenting and policing? There are laws yes, and certain ideas children need to be taught, but what exactly is this line crossed that you are implying? Also, religion does not enable or facilitate wars, I am really tired of hearing that same old story. People create wars, based on divergence of opinion, and if religion didn't exist, they would just find something else to fight about. People use that as a scapegoat, but any observant person can see it is just that. I would reiterate my earlier point, do not hate Christians for merely believing in something they are told to. There was a point in our life where you took these things without question too I'm sure, try to consider that.
  14. Who is Loneman Pai?

    I'm afraid you are the only one here doing that #1 You've repeatedly labelled JC, SOTG and anyone else who has been mentioned that can do "paranormal" things a fraud, despite having no actual evidence of it #2 You've literally backed yourself into several corners throughout this thread, and every time you do, you just ignore the posts like they never existed. #3 You claim to have over 50 years experience, yet you show understanding and outlook of a beginner based on the tunnel vision displayed. Are all the others being dishonest, or are you? I know which is more likely #4 The double standards, hypocrisy and appeals to authority are literally indicative that you do not actually know what you are talking about. The list could go on and on.... I hope you do stop at this stage, because unlike every other thread you where you actually post almost near passive aggressive comments pertaining to things you don't agree with, someone actually called you on it this time. And the results are as such For someone with 50 years of experience, the lack of respect you show for other people who are serious, devoted practitioners is somewhat surprising.