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  1. Rebirth

    It is interesting, my friend, on how weak they were able to teach you on rebirth. It seems that you lack exceptional people in the place where you studied. Makes sense as very few people are able to become it, but for sure Thailand has them. When I mean exceptional people, I mean people with fully open third eye. They can see, hear, and feel spirits clearly. They can see past walls and on the surroundings of the person at the end of the telephone/cellphone line. They can have OBE immediately, etc. Most of all, they know their past lives. Those who came from higher realms, have their their eye open to a very high level. As a Dharma teacher, I can tell you that rebirth is all around us in many different forms. But it requires understanding (lesser lamp) and wisdom (greater lamp) to see them. An example is this: When a thought ends and another one comes, it is rebirth. When a night ends, and you wake up in the morning, it is rebirth. When you have rested and about to beginning a new week's work, it is rebirth....the list goes on...When all the cells in your body are replaced by new ones (it takes 7 years according to science), it is rebirth. When after 70 years you die, and are reborn it is rebirth...and the list goes on...There are difference in duration, but they are essentially the same, if you think them deeply. In nature you can find many examples as well.
  2. Control breath in meditation

    Have the Precepts, Concentration, and Wisdom as your guide. If you are lacking Concentration, starts with the Precepts. Precepts is concentration at the beginning. It is not taught to be observed by many teachers of the past, if you will see in their writings, when teaching Concentration/Meditation but that is because their writings were for their students, or Buddhists. Nowadays, many teachers fail to have this in mind when teaching Concentration/Meditation especially to non - Buddhists. Many dabblers to Concentration/Meditation fail to notice this too. Precepts is the key to success in Concentration/Meditation and throughout the spiritual practice. When it is present, there is nothing to fear in Concentration/Meditation. The foundation is stable, the progress will be natural. If it is absent, on the other hand, there are many bad things that may happen. Also, take precautions when trying practices that you found in books, and the ones found in the internet. Especially if it deals with breath. There are many things that could go wrong. One of them being having wind in different parts of your body. If the wind manages to get into your head, you will have mental disorder. Though they appear interesting, you are harming your self. One example of such practice is how to raise the kundalini. Many of the ways on how to do it as found in books and in the internet is wrong.
  3. Mo Pai and John Chang

    I didn't reply him because he did not even bother to read and understand my post properly. One of the reasons is because of his agitated mind. The thing is it is pretty common for masters to visit other masters to exchange information between each other. And that is what I said exactly. It is common for masters to learn new things from each other in the process. Why should anyone be angry about it? And if I change the word "masters" to "practitioners," it would still be valid.
  4. Mo Pai and John Chang

    Oh no, not those. Sorry for not being specific. I was reffering to the Divine Esoteric as one that involves the names of God, and it is connected to Kabbalah. I have visited the Pranic healing group in Makati a long time ago. Glad, that you are based in Makati, it would be easier to find you :-) Never heard the master that you mentioned. I just saw the clip in your post. Sadly, my fa jin is different from it. I am not a believer of those who fly back with a push, or with a touch, or even with no touching at all. For me it is a demonstration done by others especially when using their students. But I don't want any of my students to have anything to do with it. If anyone of my prospective students can fly back like those, I have to teach him to strengthen his mind and will before anthing else. My fa jin, if I could explain it in one way, has a penetrative destructive force. It is like in one of the demos of fa jin of Master Chen Xiaowang. One who has master it can do it in every moves. I can show it to you when we meet. :-)
  5. People misunderstand the three branches of Buddhism. The thing is they are all equally important. An enlightened person will go through all of them. There are many ways to explain these three. The list could go on and on. Here is one that is practical for all of you. Hinayana - is like the Precepts. Mahayana - is like Concentration or Understanding. Vajrayana - is like Wisdom. For a person to become enlightened, he has to go through with the three. But each one of the three can be said to be complete. Any one of them can be entered and the person will attain enlightenment.
  6. Breath vs Mantra meditation

    Being also a dharma master, I can say that mantra is much easier for you or for everyone else. Breath is naturally more subtle and is more difficult to hold unto by a person as time goes by during meditation. When it comes to mantra, which mantra then? There are many choices. There are many things to consider. My advice is to choose one and stick to it. And if you would ask me how many hours you should chant? I would say, the more hours the better. Mantras have fruits along the way. If you chant them properly, you should obtain them. Unless there is something wrong with your practice.
  7. Mo Pai and John Chang

    Thanks for the info :-). I teach divine esoteric, one which is found only in our own country :-), though I am also a teacher of Kabbalah, especially the theoretical one. My divine teachings are free, but I only teach to those who I think are deserving or those who meet my requirements. I also teach Tai Chi and Chi Kung. In Toronto, I teach it for free at the community centers or the places where it is ok to teach. Whenever I teach them, I always explain the principles behind the movements. I teach them as a martial art as well. But for them to be applied as a self defense, I teach the students the mechanics of Fa Jin. I am a Master of Fa Jin after all. I know a few healers in Manila. But I am located in the province. It will be good to meet you there. I will be there starting this coming September. I will message you during that time :-).
  8. Mo Pai and John Chang

    "Thank you everyone for the replies," this is what I can immediately come up the moment. Specific replies may come later. As anticipated, replies came from different perspectives, with some opposing others. What I can tell though is this. I have already made up my mind. I am still searching for Sifu Chang. But I was looking for him not to be his student, to begin with :-). I just wanted to exchange information from him, as teacher/master to another teacher/master. I can even show him something he had not seen yet. And what I am going to do is natural in my perspective. I have visited much older teachers, and they were still open back then. But of course, there is a proper etiquette in visiting teachers :-).
  9. Mo Pai and John Chang

    Good day Everyone :-) I have been a long time reader of this forum, but it is only lately that I have had the urge to join and participate in the discussions. Since I still can't post replies to other topics, I might as well start my own. Lately, I have reread the threads that talk about mo pai, with one goal in mind, that is to contact the persons who in their posts had suggested that they know the location of Sifu Chang. I was able to find some. The only problem is they haven't been online for a while. Some of them have not logged in for more than a year. And I think they have no plan to do so in the immediate future. Makes sense since the topic of mopai started to become cold a while back. And so now, I am asking the remaining good people here for help. I would like to know the location of Sifu Chang in Indonesia. I have read that it is in Jakarta. If anyone knows the town or the street that he lives, I will greatly appreciate your help. Moreso, if you can tell me his address. To those who don't want to divulge it here, you can message it to me privately. Thank you very much, Tian from the Philippines